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Turned inside out by grace, Kris spends her life encouraging others to surrender all, that they too might discover the fullest joy of Jesus.

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  1. Roman 8:24-25… God has moved me to wake early and ponder this fear and faith in the early hours of the day. I thumb around blogs on my phone searching… I’m willing to work through my bible study and there it is this “tug of war between fear and faith. I am hopeful, because God always leads me back to the cross. Proverbs 27:19 As water reflects the face, one’s life reflects the heart. I look in the water and I see Jesus…

    • So true, Jen. It is a “tug of war” for me as well, I can move too quickly from walking in faith, to backing up in fear and hiding. This is a daily struggle for me, and oh yes, may we always be looking in the water, and seeing HIS face, love without fear!

  2. Our family is living in a current situation where we MUST choose faith over fear DAILY…but there are moments this mama fails. And their are moments the daddy fails. And praise God…usually, we don’t fail at the same time! My hope rests in the ‘appointed time’ God has promised. Thank you for sharing these timely and (inc)couraging words!

    • This, “My hope rests in the ‘appointed time’ God has promised. ” that’s it, isn’t it, resting and hoping in the promises HE has given us. He does not fail, and even when we do, HE does not. Again and again, that is where I put my hope… saying a little prayer for your family during this season of learning to trust, to hope… He is there in it. 😉

  3. This is a constant tug-of -war of the soul. The first response to fear and then hope comes we we grasp faith instead. Love the way you expressed it in this story.

  4. Great post Kris. I’m with you on this battle! I had written a similar (but different ) post last night…”Slippery Slopes”…I’m slowly learning to not go down the mountain of fear. Not an easy task.

  5. Oh, Kris, voices like yours, reminding and inviting to come along and take that plunge – this is what encourages this heart to hold on to hope, to let love drive out fear, to walk in faith. Thanks for these words today.

    • Jump in, Annie. I know the Father will catch you, and in His arms, you will find such freedom, such love! There is no room for fear when we walk close enough with Him… 😉

  6. Sweet friend, this post is a blessing today. Fear has always tried to pull us down…it seems to be a natural tendency. But hope and complete trust that God will handle it for us is so key. This is a daily struggle for me, to remind myself of His promises. Thank you for painting this literal picture for us. Lovely post, Krissie!

    • Susan, it is a daily, sometimes HOURLY struggle for me! I am so thankful for you, for your words. Praying we overcome it once and for all, eh? By His Strength and For His Glory!

  7. This has been a constant battle for me and has intensified lately. What I am learning is to focus on who God is, instead of on me or my situation. When I meditate on who He says He is, I find much more peace and hope. It hasn’t conquered the fear once-and-for-all, but He gives me the strength and hope to get through each day when I keep my eyes on Him.
    Sometimes I need to just sit before Him, singing praise to Him, and being quiet, to just feel His presence and peace.
    Thank you for your post today. I needed this!

    • Sherry,
      This is the key, “What I am learning is to focus on who God is, instead of on me or my situation.” Just that alone make a huge difference. When we are looking towards Him, we can hope in the courage that he gives, in the strength and love that He provides for us. Thank you for your words, it is a blessed reminder to me!

  8. Wonderful post, Kris! We all struggle with fear. And you are right on with pride suffocating faith! My hope is daily in the cross. Only through Jesus Christ drinking the cup that was given to Him, do I have any hope in this life or beyond. Now to remember and apply that every day in every moment–beautiful reminder here!

  9. With my husband’s job in the Navy, lots of things are changing really fast … we thought we’d have Christmas together with family, now we’re not even sure if we’ll have Christmas with each other … so many things leaving us wondering. Wonder can turn into fear, confusion about His omnipotence.

    Thanks for the reminder … it is valued.

    • Amy, you and I walk this similar path, fear, faith, hope… May we learn to overcome the fear and walk in the Hope that was raised from the grave for us.

  10. Wonderful words, Kris (as always). I needed this reminder – especially today. Isn’t that always how He works? Fear is often so paralyzing, and you’re right…that hope is quenched along with the fear. I’ve found that so many times it takes time for me to even realize what is inhibiting me in a certain area. Almost every time, it’s fear. God’s been talking to me about some specific areas lately, and it’s humbling…but, oh the hope that comes when those fears are exposed! Although this faith walk is a journey, I love that He brings reminders and encouragement through others. You, my friend, are an agent of His hope today…:)

    • Ashlie, fear is paralyzing for me too. It has held me back too many times, and I have to live in constnat reminder that God is sovereign over all, and in Him, my fears are wasted energy, lost opportunities,… So thankful for you, my sweet friend!

  11. Kris – Beautiful, as always. I can’t think of a post you write that I haven’t been able to relate to.

    God has been teaching me so much about the opposition of fear and faith, too. I love this sentence: “Faith cancels out fear. I learned this recently, and God repeats the lesson it seems almost daily for me lately. ” And those Romans 8 verses are some of my favorite.

  12. What does hope look like–a dementia, bed-ridden mother finally dying and going to Heaven. It is having a husband there to console you & be there for you as you grieve the loss.

    Hope is knowing that Jesus cares for us and has plans for us-much better than we could ever imagine. Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you” says the Lord. “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you.” For me that is hope!

    • Beth. Bless you, friend. My prayers are with you. So thankful for the way you see, for the hope you find in the darkend days of this life. The promises of God found in Jeremiah bring me hope and encouragement again and again! Thank you for reminding me…

  13. today was a rough day where i felt hopeless and unable to let go of all my troubles to God. then tonight while chatting with a friend about what it means to surrender to God, i found this ‘old’ post smack dab in the middle of my facebook page b/c i had ‘liked’ it when i first read it on the 18th. i wasn’t looking for it…i don’t know how or when i scrolled to it. God spoke to me today through your post.
    thank you.