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Ann Voskamp is a farmer's wife, the home-educating mama to a half-dozen exuberant kids, and author of One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are, a New York Times 60 week bestseller. Named by Christianity Today as one of 50 women most shaping culture and the...

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  1. thank you, Ann! What a great way (and reminder) to start my day! First in God’s word and then your reflections! I am off to give thanks, now, for this!

  2. Beautiful, Natasha! Joining you in bringing Him the sacrifice of thanksgiving —

    To bring the sacrifice of thanksgiving is to sacrifice your understanding of what is beneficial and thank God for everything because He is benevolent.

    And a sacrifice of thanks lays down our perspective and raises hands in praise anyways – always!

    Raising hands with you to Him this morning, Natasha!

  3. OH, Thank you! I loaned my book to a friend…and have been missing it….don’t want to ask for it back because she needs it……but, oh, how I miss it!!!

    • I just love your beautiful giving heart, Rebecca! “A gift never stops being a gift — it’s always meant to be given.” #1000gifts 🙂

      May God bless you as you count His many blessings, friend!

  4. Ann, God has overhauled my life through your book. I have not finished reading it yet because I keep giving it away (I’m on my 5th copy…). Thank you for this app. I pray over you and your family.. your willingness to so vulnerably share must come some crazy spiritual warfare. Standing with you and loving you, sister.

  5. Thank you for this gentle reminder. I’ve needed to hear this lately. It’s so hard to step back from the rush and the stress sometimes and step fully into gratitude. But what a difference there is when we do. Starting now…

  6. How wonderful, Ann! I am so excited about this. So far, I have been keeping up with my list of gifts in a million places…my journal, twitter, facebook, evernote, etc. This will be a great way to keep it all together AND include pictures.
    What a wonderful way to celebrate Thanksgiving…joining the grateful hearts all over the world in song of praise and thanksgiving to our God. And the cycle of thanksgiving begins all over again.

    • You said it beautifully, Kelli:

      “…joining the grateful hearts all over the world in song of praise and thanksgiving to our God. And the cycle of thanksgiving begins all over again.”

      Yes! Just. that.
      Amen… a thousand amens.

  7. I love One Thousand Gifts and buy them to give away. Was so excited to hear about the app but it’s incompatible with my ipod touch. Is there any way it could be made to work with ipods too?

    • Good morning, Martha!
      Oh, yes! For iPod touch users too! We just have an iPod touch here and it’s working on i0S5.0.1… Let’s see if we can help you out? What iOS are you running? It’s supposed to work for anything running iOS4 and higher… Let me know what operating system you are on and the team at Zondervan will work diligently to help you getting giving all thanks! *Thank you for grace, Martha* *Thank you*

        • My ipod says it is version 4.2.1, is this too old for this app? I get a message that says, “This app is incompatible with this ipod touch?”

          Thank you!

  8. I have your book in my queue, waiting to be read, Ann. I have wanted to join the community of #1000gifts for some time, and I think the new year will finally be the start – I’m working to “wrap things up” as this year ends in order to simplify and refocus in 2012. I cannot wait to add “counting my gifts” to my life of simplicity as I slow down and reflect on all God has blesses me with. Thank you! (P.S. I am VERY excited about the app… Just downloaded!)

    • And tucked away in the pages of #1000gifts for you are these lines, Ashley:

      “Simplicity is ultimately a matter of focus. Eucharisteo, (thanksgiving) eucharisteo. That keeps the focus simple—sacred….

      Contemplative simplicity isn’t a matter of circumstances; it’s a matter of focus.”

      Which will be a grace for your refocusing in 2012! 🙂
      All’s grace,

  9. Ann,
    Thanks so much, I’m downloading the app right now! Stress at work was about to bury me and I needed a break away anyway I could take it! That ended up meaning I needed to schedule my surgery in order to get away! I didn’t care. It was time away from work AND the added bonus of knowing one day soon I would be pain free! So on 11/11/11 I had my surgery to fuse 3 vertebrae in my neck and its been tough to say the least with recovery BUT I’m not at work! I’m settling down and relaxing. AND the pain is going away-the longterm pain i had been dealing with is going away. I will go back refreshed towards the end of December when I head back to the office and I will hopefully be ready to pick up and move forward in my job with a clear mind.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Ann!

    • Oh, Lisa… that sounds so painful. And yet — you beautifully see the gift in it, the gracious hand of God. Your life is a radiant testimony… Praying for you right now as you heal, Lisa…

  10. I can say that God has totally changed me through your book. I plan on giving this to my family this Christmas. My marriage is not good and yet I have managed to hold my head up. My mom doesn’t understand but then I did not grow up in a home that counted thier blessings and learning to has so changed me that I hope this will help her too. Thank=you for the app! I shared it on FB because it has so changed me and I hope to help others with it!

    • Radiant Amy… oh sister.

      You are living it: “He who is grateful for little is given much laughter… and it’s counting the ways He loves, this is what multiplies joy.

      The life that counts blessings discovers its yielding more than it seems.”

      I am praying right now with you…. for the gift of your husband and your mama. That they may know all the ways He loves them, this always what changes us… and you may continue to be a rain of grace in their lives…

    • What a wonderful idea…I will also buy them for Christmas gifts for my adult children and their families. I love this book and it has enabled me to change my stress level, by remembering all that I do have to be thankful for.

  11. Oh Ann…because of your obedience…writing it down…and sharing with others…My thanksgiving holiday started many months ago. I have given away many books …now I will pass on the news there is an app…for me…pen and paper will have to do….
    Blessings to you and your family…

    • beautiful r.e …

      There is a beauty of our thanks in our own hand writing, a legacy. I’m still writing down thanks in my journal too, friend. So grateful for you…

  12. I’m so excited about this app! This will make keeping up with my thanks so much easier. Today, this is what I am thankful for – a reminder for graditute every time I pick up my phone! This book is life changing and I am so thankful for Ann and her willingness to share God’s grace!

    • That’s exactly it, Linda — to have reason to give Him thanks morning, noon and night. Oh, Lord, make us women of prayer, like Daniel who prayed to you three times a day — prayers *of thanksgiving*! All joy in our Lord this morning, Linda!

  13. YEAH!!! Ive been waiting for this app for a very long, long time!!! You rock, Ann Voskamp! Love it so much!!!

    • I’m with you, Daphne — thinking the app’s pretty wonderful too 🙂 Zondervan did beautiful work. I shared the vision with Zondervan back in March and their team worked so hard to make this app and then the joy to just give it away *for free* — makes my heart sing happy! An app for life application that changes our perspective — that might just change our lives! 🙂

  14. This looks like a great App! Something that will definitely help me capture the moments. I wish it was compatible with the iPod Touch, but I’m guessing because of the photo feature, it’s not? But someday when I get an iPhone, I’ll be downloading it. Thanks!

  15. Giving thanks for you, Ann, and for all the women here at in(courage) who have encouraged me daily, have made me see life differently, and have taught me about being grateful to God, even when life is hard and doesn’t seem good, God is good. Thank you for your book 1,000 gifts…It is beautiful, inspiring, encouraging, and obviously written from the heart. Thank you for being real and for faithfully using the gift that God has given you to encourage so many others.
    Truly grateful,

  16. This app is awesome! More thank I could have ever envisioned myself (the ability to do pictures as well?!). I am very excited about using this app to keep track of my gifts. I’ve been writing them here and there but stressing my perfectionism-ways in not wanting to repeat numbers or miss numbers or how do you keep up with them when they are written everywhere? 😀 Love you Ann – thank you for sharing your heart with the world — and thank you Zondervan for getting behind Ann’s vision and creating this program, and giving it away!

  17. How do I even begin with how “counting graces” has changed me? I don’t even remember the first time I did it; I’ve even lost the first notebook where I started. The new one sits beside me with a number saying something in the 1400’s, but there have been even more! Where thanksgiving used to be a blanket to cover all I knew He had done and all I didn’t even notice He had done, counting the gifts has been the opening of the eyes (2 Kings 6:20) to become aware of His presence with me – everywhere! I feel as if I am sitting in the synagogue as Jesus is speaking, 18 “The Spirit of the Lord is on me,
    because he has anointed me
    to proclaim good news to the poor.
    He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners
    and recovery of sight for the blind,
    to set the oppressed free,
    19 to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.”(Luke 4)
    Now that I know that He is with me when the spirits are high and when the debt is high, when the children are a natural joy and when I have to supernaturally enJoy them (and they me), and when there are tears of joy and streams of sorrow…I have no excuse. If there isn’t thanksgiving for all that is grace, then there is the awareness that I have denied His very presence with me…and He is very present! I have read John 15 over and over and always asked God to show me how to dwell…there is prayer, yes, there is reading/memorizing His Word, yes, there is singing His praises…loving through obedience, and in all of these things there is also recognizing Him (giving glory) with me (Immanuel). He is teaching me to abide and dwell as He opens my eyes to how He is abiding and dwelling with me…so I give thanks and the eyes, they open! And all I can say is this, “LORD, You’re beautiful, Your face is all I seek, For when Your eyes are on this child, Your grace abounds to me.”
    (I am very excited about this app! I will sharing and posting it for all…may they all see!)

  18. Ann,
    Last spring I started my list with pen and paper. Somehow in the chaos of summer camps, vacations, play dates – my journal was pushed aside. Recently my 9 year old son (the oldest of 4) out of the blue asked how my “gift list” was going…Let’s just say, the journal is back up on the kitchen counter.
    I am ashamed by the number of times I have let my stress “choke” my children and for what gain? For the next 2 weeks I am going to give thanks “out loud.”
    Your writing is such a blessing. Thank you for helping me go deeper in my relationships but deeping my relationship with the Giver of gifts.
    Peace, Sandy

  19. Someone I know was hurt by something I had done that was meant for good – and she took it in a very unforgiving light. She made some strong statements – against my character, against my children, and more. I had to step back… how to respond.. I asked 3 people if there was validity to what she said – in case there is something there – that I have not seen in myself. No, was their response.

    I apologized to her for her hurt and that I had hurt her – but it didn’t kill what welled up inside me. Then I realized that this too -like my stress can eat me up – be used by the accuser to rob my joy… and what – what really matters in all this -but to offer up Thanksgiving. How do I thank God for such unkind words?

    I can thank Him that it reminds me that I have let people’s opinions be more important than my hurt for a lost world, more important the moving stories I reada bout Ecuador in the last week. That it could fog me up like this…. Thank Him that it reminds me to extend extra strong grace to those around me because we all fail and we all flail and why cast more hurt than we each already all bear. Thank Him because what really matters in life is brought plain before me in this time and what do I really need to focus on, and these little lives in our house, the little feet that run across this place.

    Someday I will be more consistent at this thanksgiving – I want to be – I get busy – I am needed – we try to get school, and chores done, and I forget. Then I pick up my journal and write again, I think it through the day and it goes well. Then I pick up that pill of stress, hurry, agenda, and I forget. When might I not be like the Israelites who forget and forget again – but that I may be like Paul and embrace and live fully – to understand that this is all temporary and because of Him and through Him we can face it with joy. Because that is the only way to find freedom from this weight stress and frustration and peace and grace to extend to others. Someday I can run and not grow weary and soar with eagles rather than trip and stumble because my eyes fall down on the beating waves rather than rise up to the risen Christ!

    I want to thank you, Ann – for all the grace and words that our Father uses your pen to write. I thank you for your transparency because through them I find comradery. The encouragement I receive when I read some of your words, the knowing that I am not alone in many of the same sentiments that are expressed by what you say. Thank you my dearest sister!

    Wendy S.

  20. Oh Ann! I live this app and can’t wait to count again! I’m hoping my one little word for 2012 will be gratitude. I want it to permeate thru my whole being!

  21. Thank you Ann! Jesus looks so wonderful in you! You’re obedience to count your gifts in difficult times has multiplied the fruit in so many lives!! *Thank You* hardly seems enough!
    So Thankful,

  22. How you live what you believe? How you sling babies on hips and food in the kitchen all while giving thanks? You are the most beautiful testimony to the power of gratitude. Thank YOU for the real and the hard and the true. You are a gift to us, you wonderful, ordinary, extraordinary farm hick 🙂

  23. Oh how great! I haven’t been great at jotting my thanks in a notebook – but this, this I think might help me!
    The giving-thanks really has been so life changing, and carried me through 2 hard miscarriages this year. I didn’t want to ever forget – so I tatooed it – eucharisteo – on my finger. Like a string reminder, but one that I can never take off…

  24. Ann — how God works! I had just been giving thanks before I read your post. Trying to have a change in my stressed-out perspective. Just downloaded the 1000 Gifts app. I want to be happier, more thankful, less stressed, and God gives us a way — give thanks.

  25. I am in a season of the most anxiety that I have faced yet in life. For about six weeks I have been plagued with worry because I have invested two years into a relationship that seems to be unraveling. I am a single mom of three and this is the first man I have trusted since my divorce seven years ago. I am finding that I do not fully trust God with my life because of past losses. I got your book a few weeks ago. I cried through the first third and I am trying to give thanks…to find joy. It is hard. I wake every morning with a tight stomach and a hot chest and pray the simple words, “You are my shepherd.” I would appreciate prayers.

    • Oh Laura…….your short sharing shot through my heart! I too, am divorced (2 years now) and have 3 sons. I can’t imagine ever trusting another man and inviting him into my life and heart…….I know it must be painful and scary for you to be experiencing this relationship coming undone. The truth that comes to me as I reflect on your situation is this……..all failed human relationships are ultimately to drive us to the ONE true lover of our hearts. I pray as you grieve…..(and wonder….”exactly what ARE you up to Lord?” ) that you will lean into the ONE who truly is the best lover, friend, companion that we could ever ever have. HE must have someone else for you, or perhaps more healing…..?? Or, if another never comes into your heart again…….Christ will expand HIS amazing faithfulness and love to you. I just know it!
      Don’t listen to the enemy’s lies!!
      Give Jesus your “nothing” and HE will give you HIS “everything”.

  26. Oh Ann, thank you so much for sharing your heart and your thanksgiving to God *on* this Thanksigiving Day! When I read this beautiful post (all your posts are so beautifully, lyrically written), I realized that your thanks has led not just to joy, but to giving. When we are truly grateful, our gratitude cannot not help but overflow in cascade onto others. Thanks and giving–Thanksgiving!–are inextricably intertwined, twin sisters, two-in-one. Ann, you don’t just note thanks and record it, but you live it and give it! Thank you! I started to keep a joy journal years ago when my now 19 y/o daughter was young. It had been difficult to leave a fulfilling career at age 40, and I had been grumbling. God convicted my heart, and led me to find joy in each precious moment with my daughter. I kept track in a journal, and it changed my life, and hers! Rather than be depressed or stressed, I took joy! Rather than rush or yell at her, I took joy! And I have that record of rejoicing recorded as a wellspring of thanksgiving on pages of praise. I’m afraid that I’m a technological dinosaur and don’t “do apps,” but that you would offer this gift warmed my heart, because you are giving your thanks in the most tangible of ways by giving it to others. May God bless you and be in you the true Wellspring of Joy who never stops giving. Jesus is truly our Thanksgiving, and gave His life for us that we might never cease giving Him thanks and giving His thanks to others! Rejoicing with you,
    Lynn Morrissey

  27. I’m afraid there are days when my words aren’t just lightning, but full of the thunder that follows and reverberates when those words strike so close to the vulnerable places in their little hearts. I find it interesting to put off anger and anxiety and to put on gratitude. I think it’s worth a try and now’s a good time to begin the daunting task of writing down the gifts. I have begun the process of purposefully looking for them. I’m thinking the app might be a good way to ease into the process.

  28. Ann,
    You are a phenomenal writer! I love how you write in that you can capture the emotion of a moment so well. I can “feel” what you write and I love that. Thank you for sharing today. I love this post.
    In fact—I would like to share it one my blog with a link back to this page if that is ok with you. I think my family and friends would love to read what you have written. It will also give them a chance to look around (in)courage and hopefully fall in love with the site like I have.
    Once again, thank you for your obedience to Christ. Happy Thanksgiving this week and always! ~Amy

      • In the movie “White Christmas” with Bing Crosby, he and Rosemary Clooney sing the song “Count Your Blessings”…

        “When I’m worried and I can’t sleep
        I count my blessings instead of sheep
        and I fall asleep counting my blessings”

        It is such a sweet song 🙂

  29. Hi Ann,
    Blessings to you and your sweet family.

    I breathe in and breathe out, all in YHWH, the sound of breathing. I love word pictures, and pictures without words, and this has helped me so much in the stressful moments around me and in the stressful moments of my own heart.

    Counting with you,

  30. Ooooo! Squeals of delight here! I’ve got the app downloaded to my iPhone. I love the photo-adding feature. I’ve shared it with family and friends. 🙂

  31. I’m so excited about this. I love my pen and paper journals, but haven’t been good about them for years…something about not having them when I need them..having been making lots of mental notes that stay in my head and haven’t gotten down on paper – yet. I tihnk this will be a great internediate step for me…and make my commute to work much more productive 🙂
    Thank you!

  32. Thank you, Ann. I started writing down my gifts 4-5yrs ago…when you first talked of counting. It has literally changed my life…. my families. So much less stress and so much more of letting God. The way we see things… perspective.

    God is faithful.

    Much love

  33. If I were ‘hooked up’ with a phone that had this I would be as excited as all of you. But until that time, I am very thankful for all that God has allowed me to be able to learn through Ann’s book and through incourage. I have received the book 3 times now…I think God is speaking!!!

  34. Ann,
    Your writing has pierced my soul. I SO identified with your journey. I, too, needed to be saved twice! I am rereading your book outloud to my husband. How I love to read outloud. Have bought 4 copies to give away and have encouraged my friends to read your blog. Thanksgiving does precede the miracle and I don’t know why I didn’t see it before. May God bless your entire family!

  35. Just what i needed to read this morning as the gloomy outdoors tends to make me down but then as a mother to 7 children I know I am blessed and need many days to show gratitude vs attitude to what I have around me!! Thanks for this gift of a new perspective on this new day!! Timing is perfect but it always seems to be when God is in your heart!

  36. Ann, this post is a poignant reminder to give thanks always and a call to celebrate the opportunity. The statistics are fascinating, but one who is practicing thanksgiving in each moment doesn’t need reasons to give thanks–the proof of its power is in the profound change reflected in our transformed lives.
    My daughter with special needs showed me how to live a life of thanksgiving, you put it into words.
    Thank you and God bless. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  37. Oh Ann! I’m so excited to receive this gift! Really needed it this morning when I was rushing the family out the door for a doctor’s appt. and forgot give husband breakfast. We think baby boy has whooping cough, and 3 year old took her sweet time eating breakfast and declared she never wanted to see the doctor ever again. Drama! We’ll be okay though. I’ll quietly count blessings while they go to the doctor and I sit at work. Hope you have a wonderful day.

  38. Hurry. There is no hush in it….it’s all barking and lamenting and discontentment. For me, anyway.

    Yes – I ask the same question: Why do I do this? Why do I do this to my babies? What am I hurrying….for? It’s as if I think “If I speed through this – then my soul will be hushed to the point of enjoyment.” But that is never the case. Hurried moments just lead to more hurried moments. And the stress….remains.

    Oh Lord, yes – let me fully breath in each moment.

    Such life-giving words for me today, Ann. I’m grateful.

    Kate 🙂

  39. Honestly — “Joy is always a function of gratitude — and gratitude is always a function of perspective.” This is so true — sounds trite but I was just struggling to put the fitted sheet on my bed because I have a thick memory foam mattress pad on top of the mattress. I found myself getting frustrated when I heard those words in my heart. What a different feeling when I choose to thank God for the gift of a comfortable bed to rest my head in at the end of the day — rather than being frustrated that the sheets are too hard to get on.

    One Thousand Gifts is a live changer — It is a book that you buy a copy for people in your life rather than giving yours away (which I’ve done and the people I’ve given them to have done :)) It is rich and a book to be savored. I’m excited to start naming my gifts. Ann, thank you for changing lives for the Kingdom.

  40. Sorely needed on this day before long travel for family holiday of thanks and giving. Could not be more perfectly timed, grace-lists traveling in-pocket with me. Thanking you for this, this amazing gift.

  41. This is a beautiful blessing! It’s already on my phone and I’ve shared the link on facebook! Now, I’m just looking all around for gifts to record! And what a perfect place to have our gifts, on the devices that we sometimes use to look away from our current moment. Now our phones will remind us to look up and record the graces!

    Thank you for you beautiful ministry to all of us. I’ve started reading your book for a second time, I long to put on lenses of grace and absorb the moments.

    In Christ, and in Thanks,

  42. Ann, your book, your blog… God brought them into my life at just the right time, literally changing my world. I tell my husband we have lived the same life in different worlds all the time. I am so thankful for your faithfulness to be transparent and honest and vulnerable. Gratitude took me from a world of anxiety and panic attacks, into a joyous wonderful relationship with my God. Needless to say the anxiety withered away. (It does like to show up from time to time, but it never stays.) I am not the most organized person… So my thanks show up in notes, my journal, the pages of my bible, my blog. I wam so excited to have this app, I already downloaded it and beginning again at number 1. One month ago, my daddy died. And I have struggled with the hard Eucharisteo. I sometimes find it hard to see God. But I know He is there. So, I am beginning again at number 1. A new start. Once again. god uses you in my life. Thank you God, for your gracious, Ann, my first entry. Many prayers I pray over you each day, Ann, thank you.

  43. from a fellow speed addict…brilliant! i love this!
    slowing this season….ahhhh…yes…
    i always SAY that i WANT to savor not devour…but i never actually have the discipline and intentionality to follow through. this year already feels different…hallelujah!
    :: less presents and more presence {advent conspiracy style!}
    :: limiting our social engagement through the end of the year
    :: 2 built-in accountability evenings with my gratitude girls! one before thanksgiving and one between thanksgiving and christmas. back porch. giddy girls. glasses of wine. snacks to share. gratitude journals in hand. sharing. crying. laughing. embracing. praying. PRAISING. {all inspired by the book of course!}…can’t wait to share the app with my girls!

  44. Oh Thank you Ann! Thank you so very much!
    Thank you for your willingness to be open and vulnerable. Thank you for allowing God to use you as a conduit of His Grace. His Words through you have changed my life. I struggle with so many of the same things that you do; anxiety, stress, agoraphobia; so I know that stepping out in faith to share must sometimes be a struggle for you. I pray for you and for your family because I believe that your message is one that so many need to hear.
    I will admit that I struggle with stress the most during this time of the year. The commercialism of Thanksgiving and Christmas frustrate me. I want to somehow pull my family away from this press of rushing, press of feeling the need to buy, press of perfectionism. I want to get back to the true meaning and heart of the Season. The greatest Gift of all; Jesus!
    I just wanted to say thank you. I have been sharing your book, blog, (and now this app) with everyone.

  45. Ann,
    You are so precious. Your words flow from the heart. I have been reading your blog for months and it uplifts me each time. I read your book after picking it up at the Day Spring store, where they publish the cards locally. I, too have been keeping a grateful journal, on #663. It has changed my outlook on life. God is so good to us!
    Pop over to my blog when you have time. Ha! Ha!
    It was 40 yrs. ago today that my husband and I had our first date. Friday, we’ll celebrate 39 yrs. of marriage. I am blessed beyond messure!
    Again, thanks for sharing your wonderful words with us.
    Linda from Ark.

  46. This is so true. I read your book after my son died last Christmas and it has really helped to change my attitude and perceptions. Thank you for sharing how thanksgiving can alter our lives so profoundly.

  47. By living ‘THANKS’ I see others more clearly.. I’m still working on the gaining courage to put myself out there when I see others hurting that I don’t know.. That is what this acknowledging of gifts has done in me… Even the love of my life has stepped out of himself to welcome ‘gifts’ I absolutely can’t wait to try put your new app THANK YOU FOR THAT PRECIOUS GIFT!

  48. These past couple of days, I’ve been really stressed over caring for my Alzheimama who’s been especially cranky and combative. But God, rich in mercy, reminded me, “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days, all the days of my life.” This morning I exchanged irritation for gratefulness and my heart will never be the same.

  49. Ann,
    One Thousand Gifts put words to the truth God spoke into my heart through the heartbreak of 5 miscarriages. Praising Him through the pain … not because of what he gave me, or did for me … not for what I have received, but just because He is deserving of praise – period. So often, in our western culture, we equate giving thanks with what we have, but even if all of that is stripped away, and we are left naked and penniless, God is still God … still our Creator … still the great I AM, and still deserves to be thanked and praised. Praising through the pain, in spite of the heartbreak, was the key to finding joy and my place of peace in the midst of my grief.
    I cannot wait to download this app!! It will be a constant and convenient reminder to always give my sacrifice of praise!
    Love and Blessings,

    • Cherie,

      I am sorry for your losses. I now what it’s like to have two miscarriages. I can’t imagine five.
      Good point: even if we are left penniless, God is still God and he deserves to be praised.

  50. Dear Ann.

    Oh how many writings you may receive, question after question and thought. What a beautiful path Father has chiseled for your toes alone. He is so precious to us–I see this in your heart that is displayed so fervently and humbly in your writing.

    I read one post of yours some time ago and it resonated with my spirit. You were young. About to be married. Fearful overwhelmed girl-child who was overcome by fear though a path was set before her to walk on, into marriage, covenant painted to show His love for the bride. Beautiful. It resonates with me as I am about to be married to a young man that seems to be much like your husband in character. I am girl-child fearful. Filled with fears and worries as you described yourself to be. Though through the hard thanks, Christ is building His bridge of trust and fear is dispelling. I feel afraid and I feel sad to leave my Mother alone, as she is a single Mum after a divorce when I was younger….I could share more of my story, though to keep in mind your many letters, I just wonder if maybe the Lord, the sweet Spirit presses firm on your heart to write me to share how you went forward into marriage, though still girl afraid, leaving your mother alone I will be thankful. Though thankful still as I’ve learned even if you are unable, as I respect much your intentionally call to Motherhood well and full with your lovely ones.

    I wait and see if He calls you to write. Please know that the Beloved is doing a work in you that is irrevocable in the realm that can be untouched by Satan. He is surely leading you upon the mountains of spices as the journey of the Song of all Songs bids us come and do with the Shepherd King. May you know Him intimately even this way…

    Perhaps I will hear from you Ann,

    Christ’s peace to you,
    Love kristin

    • Dearest Kristin…

      Your words and prayers and encouragement — a gift. *Thank you*

      Just one step at a time, sister. Trusting the bridge of Christ will hold. That He won’t let you go. That He holds your Mama. One day in front of the other, your ear pressed up agains His heart, His Word, listening to His Way for you.

      You write thoughtfully and with maturity — God’s preparing you and it’s beautiful. And your heart is big enough to always keep loving your mama and in Christ our love isn’t finite but just grows. To keep reaching out to your mama, assuring her that your love for her doesn’t change but deepens. And now she’ll have a son-in-law loving her too…

      I am praying with you right now, Kristin….

      All’s grace,

  51. Her voice was ragged, breathless on the phone. I knew my daughter was, once again, late. She’d deposited her 3 year old at pre-school, and was racing through fog, downpour, and morning rush hour traffic across town to her six year old’s Thanksgiving program.
    “I’m not going to make it on time!” she wailed. When had she ever been on time, since the back to back birth of her boys?
    “Breathe deep”, I told her, “and just imagine Jesus sitting right there next to you in the passenger seat. He’s never late – you can’t make Him late. So you both are perfectly on time together. See! He’s smiling at you!”
    “Fine, Mom”, she whispered. “We are fine.”
    Thank You, God, for the wisdom and knowing faith you give to mothers, even after their children have grown up.

  52. My plan to manage stress this season and every season is to abide ~ right now ~ and every now after that in Jesus. I will do this only by His Holy Spirit. I will do this by acknowledging and resting in what He has finished at the cross. I will do this by acknowledging His all-sufficient grace alone. I will do this by listening for and to His Spirit. I will do this by employing the mind of Christ I have been given. I will do this by giving my heart to Him in prayer again and again and again. I will do this by choosing love ~ to receive His and to give mine. I will do this by giving Him endless thanks.

    May it be, Ann, that I do this with all of my heart to the glory of Jesus.

  53. Passing this along to my friends who have smart phones. Me? Non-smart phone here. Just grateful to have a cell phone that works 🙂

  54. Your words filled with God’s Word these past few years have brought healing, encouragement and timely gentle reminders…more than a thousand gifts to me!
    Thank you for sharing your gift!

  55. Your words filled with God’s Word these past few years have brought healing, encouragement and timely gentle reminders…more than a thousand gifts to me!

  56. In the chair in my friends house I can see your book Ann that I gave her. I told her Jen, this is a slow read….savor every word, she is doing that. She so struggles with worry as we all do so my prayer is she will take to heart the truth of your book. I have encouraged her to look on purpose for things to be thankful for because worry takes no purpose, it randomly since we are born with it incased inside the flesh. Love you post, again how we need to be reminded to be thankful and never need reminders to worry.

  57. Was excited to read of this app and started to download it to my phone. I read the information and want to know why collection of my video and pictures may be taken control of at anytime. Thanks for your help on this.

    • I think this is so that it can share the photos to Facebook or Twitter? When I first declined this, then I couldn’t share? I pray that helps, Sylvia

  58. So very thankful for 1000 gifts!!! Still reading the book and i <3 the app. Thank you Ann for inspiring us all to be closer to the heart of God.

  59. “Nearly half of all children said that how their parents most failed was that they failed to control their own anger. But if they counted their own blessings – they could.” – My chief complaint. :o(

  60. Having a hard time being content right now reading this. I don’t have a fancy phone, an ipod, or even a laptop. Life is very hard right now. Will the mortgage get paid? Will the oil bill get paid before the tank runs out? Will my son be Ok at bootcamp when he leaves in two weeks? Will I be able to buy my kids even one Christmas gift? Will my friend’s husband make it through Thanksgiving? Will our computer be Ok with out MacAfee? We need it for school. Oh dear Lord….thank you that YOU know the answers. Help me to trust.

    • I can relate to Robin’s post above. I loved “One Thousand Gifts”, but resist the practice of putting it on a high-priced, fancy electronic contraption. It seems contradictory. Writing in a journal is so much simpler.

      I don’t even own a cellphone, let alone something which would download an “App”. I don’t even know what an “App” is! I’m amazed at how almost everyone who is writing in owns a contraption which can download something like this.

      It is a generous act to give the “App” away, but I am more impacted-upon by your trips to see the families you are sponsoring through Compassion International. I’m finding it difficult to reconcile your writing about weeping over inexpensive towels in the store because they remind you of how little these families have, and then seeing that you are promoting the use of expensive electronic “toys”.

      I was with you when you encouraged people to keep a gratitude journal. The “App” turns me off. I know I am completely in the minority about this.

      • I humbly hear your heart, Janet. I like gratitude journals and pens too. I’ve been keeping a gratitude in a journal for the last several years, filling up 3 journals. Yes! Simple beauty. Eyes on Jesus.

        I don’t have an iphone or even a cell phone for that matter. And I will continue writing in a simple journal with a paper and pen.

        We simply offered the app for those who already had phones, not that anyone would buy a phone for one free app. We humbly pray this is the case….

        Folks asked if there could be an app and this was a way for folks who already had a mobile device, a cell phone, to keep track of gifts wherever they are. It was an entirely free gift, offered to those who already have invested in a phone.

        Thank you for living out the grace that we have been given… and thank you for graciously hearing my heart, Janet.

        Every blessing in Christ as you continue to see all the ways He loves…

        • Thank you for hearing my heart, Ann.

          I didn’t know that people had requested the App. I think I was concerned that the simplicity of the message of your book would become complicated by “high-technology”.

          I know that your involvement with the poor is real and earnest, and so I was rather disoriented in seeing your name associated with electronic gizmos. Maybe it’s because I live in a big city, and no one seems able to communicate out here without an electronic device.

          I also am extremely moved by your blogs and photos of the families you visit with Compassion International, and after I read these blogs, I deeply examine how I use my financial resources – so I was worried that you were promoting the use of unnecessarily-expensive items. I don’t feel this way anymore, after reading your response.

          I now know that you are trying to accomodate people who find it easier to remember to give thanks with an App, rather than a journal.

          It’s because I value the simplicity of your book and your philosophy of giving thanks so very much that I reacted to the App giveaway.

          Thanks for your gracious response.

  61. Second hand stress can nearly crush them. Wow. I have been working to overcome my outbursts when I’m stressed to the max. This was sobering. Starting now I’ll be putting in the work and praying with thankfulness out loud in those times.

    Thank you.

  62. Thank you so much for this app! I just downloaded it to my phone. I must admit that counting the gifts around me has helped me through the fog of grief that surrounds me since I recently lost my husband. The loss almost swallowed me up. I am so grateful to have this app to help remind me that God’s gifts are in our sorrows as well as our joys. Blessings to you all!

  63. I’m one of those “grateful journalers”. It helps keep me sane and realize what I have and don’t have.

    My stress management therapy is one of a few things: 1) exercising–running/walking weight lifting; 2) journaling my thanks; 3) screaming; and by far the most fun 4) having a pillow fight with hubby!

    Any one of those can easily relieve my stress almost instantly. My stress level has decreased tremendously the last few years. Everyone in family is healthy and mom, God rest her soul, is in Heaven & not down here suffering.

    • Forgive my lack of clarity Gosia …
      Just that sometimes I hurry and rush and speed about — that rushing from one thing to the next, it can seem like an addiction.

      Thank you for grace, friend…

  64. I have never wanted a smartphone more than I’ve wanted one today. That app would fit me perfectly. What a gift! I’ll be sharing the joy by telling my friends about it and will keeping counting my gifts in my now-getting-ragged journal. For it shows my life well. The stains, worn pages… crisp new pages coming soon, reflecting grace.

    Ann, your book has inspired me greatly. It’s the reason I started blogging (just a couple weeks ago) and was the catalyst used to show me I needed to count the gifts I’m freely given. Every day.

    I’m so blessed. I get to see grace on a daily basis!
    To God be the glory. He is worthy. He is worth it. He is all we need.

    Thank you for helping me find my focus, friend.

  65. You change lives, my friend. Your choice to be willing to be humble, to share your own struggles, and to invite others to See…it changes the world.

    I’m so blessed to *know* you, and long to know you more. Can I call you “friend”–your presence through your words is such a gift to my heart.

    Rich blessings, sweet friend.

  66. Thank you, Ann for making Joy so much easier to see and share. Thank you, thank you. I pray your Thanksgiving is not hectic but filled with love and laughter. and again, thank you for calling my attention to the App and then…. giving it free for use. I got the book on the iPhone as well. Now I really will be sharing the gifts that fill my life. Thank you.

  67. one daughter yelling on the phone take my sister soul take my sister soul she was behind her driving when she hit that pole after she got in threw the window to hold her twenty year old sister in heaven already her daddy opens our bedroom door and this homeschool mom cant remember one thing about anything and then the other daughter has a strocke at thirty one it was dark i tried to take my life he brought me back to give thanks THANK YOU FOR HEAVEN thank you ANN

  68. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you… I am going through one of the hardest struggles of my life. My husband is so disillusioned, stressed unforgiving, hopeless and the list goes on. We have two children and I see what the stress we are dealing with does to them. Thank you for giving me perspective and for showing me that I am not alone. Bless you for sharing your heart!!!!

  69. How is changing your perspective changing your life? What’s your plan to manage stress this holiday season? How is giving thanks changing your life?
    Thankfulness releases us from ‘it’s about me.’ Instead of trying to do it all and cook it all, practical gratitude, in this busy season of feasting, can open our hearts to see small, local businesses as a gift, blessing both them, and those we serve around our tables, when we make purchases from them. Perhaps we might find a wonderful bakery/patisserie/delicatessen or florist, and as we make our purchases, bless the one who serves us with expressions of thankfulness to God – for them, tell them a little about our gatherings and how the recipients will be blessed by our purchases, or how we will be blessed by being given the gift of time – this is community relationship building – and at home, less busyness, less stress, less resentment, happier family, happier us, more thankful us and so… thankfulness leads to thankfulness, and thankfulness for the small gifts will free time for thanks for the great Gift.
    Blessings from Judy (a thankful pen and paper girl!)

  70. I am simply grateful to have found this post today. It echoes my thoughts so closely. Gratitude changes so much. It lifts us out of sadness and frustration and enhances our joy, connecting us more closely to God. Love it!

    Thank you for the app., too! 🙂

  71. Ann,

    Thanksgiving….so simple and so hard.. God through your writing has healed me in more ways than I could imagine(our stories of grief so parallel each other) …you put into words what my soul is so often screaming but unable to articulate… In time measured only by God, I found a balm for my weary, battled torn soul and yes I wonder why I couldn’t find it sooner but then would I have had eyes to see and ears to hear? In my pain I doubt that. But it is through our pain that God heals us and isn’t this always how? Only by seeing the gift even the hard gifts in every single second of our lives…do we experience the healing and the grace of God. I suspect that is while every psalm of lament is also fulfilled with praise. Only as you so graciously wrote “Nail pierced grace will never let you go and Christianity is a lifetime of becoming who you really are.” So today of all days my dear sister in Christ whom I have never met…I give thanks for you…and your healing words…We may not meet on this side of heaven…but look for me and save some grace for me….when we do meet..

    Because of nail piereced grace and with a heart full of gratitude,


  72. Oh, Ann, where were you and your life-giving words when my children were small and they breathed in the second-hand stress of my hurry and worry? Thanks be to God, I’m finding healing and grace in numbering the gifts. And, I’m hoping to share some of the lessons I learned the hard way with the younger women in my church. Our women’s class talked about your book this past Sunday; some shared their experiences in numbering the gifts. We talked about practical ways to begin the practice of counting the gifts. Now I can go back this Sunday and tell them, “There’s an app for that!”

    Sadly I don’t have a phone smart enough to handle apps and I’m not in a hurry to replace it (I’m learning, if ever so slowly!) Blessings to you, Ann. You are a gift!

  73. Your book has made such a difference in my life…the struggles and the pain I can look at through new eyes…counting my blessings for all that He has given me. I love how you articulate always what my heart is feeling. Thank you for this app which will make it so much easier to give thanks…Happy Thanksgiving to you and your sweet family Ann.

  74. What if we don’t have an IPHONE? Can this work just on my little old desktop? Can I get something in my inbox each day? With an option to add a ‘thanks’? I’d love that. Let me know how! Thanks.

  75. I don’t have the capabilities for the app but thank you for the offer. If I ever can do it, I will. I read your book about 3 months ago and my blessings are already at 298. And I check in on your blog every day. Your message is so clear to me – give thanks for all and your life will be filled with a joy you never knew. I can truly say that my life changed with your book. Happy Thanksgiving. Diane

  76. precious ann, what a gift it was to meet you in person the other week, to see your cracked ipod that shalom took to the hen house…just to be with you was a gift. your words are gifts, ann, and i’m so thankful that you’re allowing Him to use you. this app is the best thanksgiving gift ever. thank you for helping us to celebrate life.

  77. Thank you so much for creating this app! It has already turned such a simple task as counting gifts into a part of my everyday life. What a gift!

  78. THIS APP IS PERFECT!! I’m so happy for it… though I’m happier for the reminder to be thankful. You know, that thing you’re always saying and sometimes it goes in one ear and out the other… Don’t stop saying it, Ann. Oh, how we need every single reminder!

    In the past, I always journaled my thanks. But, at some point I reverted to only blogging them… it was convenient. I got used to it, and I liked to put my pictures there with the words and writing and seeing… I felt MORE thankful. But an unforeseen problem arose… I took 6 months off blogging (while on furlough) and you know what happened?! Apparently, I took a vacation from being thankful. It’s that easy. The traveling, the changes, the no blogging, and I stopped. I stopped remembering what I was thankful for. I stopped sharing what I was thankful for. Unconscious of the gravity of the problem, but there I was.

    6 months later. SIX WHOLE MONTHS! I can safely say that I can SEE the result of not consciously continuing in gratitude! UGH. Stress levels are higher, peace is less prevalent and yeah. So, I’ve known it for a little while now (He whispers, doesn’t He?). And finally, I’m doing something about it. This Thanksgiving week, we’re inaugurating a family gratitude journal… but I can’t wait to continue it throughout the year, for as many years as I have children. That way, blog or no blog, we will continue to grapple with gratitude in big things and small. I’m looking forward to using this app too! I think it’s another GREAT way to keep the need to be thankful ever before us!
    Thanks Ann! 🙂

    Much love from down south,
    amy in peru

  79. Thanksgiving comes from the Love of God. In a sermon at Immanuel Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles, Gary Wilburn said: “In 1636, amid the darkness of the Thirty Years’ War, a German pastor, Martin Rinkart, is said to have buried five thousand of his parishioners in one year, an average of fifteen a day. His parish was ravaged by war, death and economic disaster. In the heart of that darkness, with the cries of fear outside his window, he sat down and wrote this table grace for his children: ‘Now thank we all our God / With heart and hands and voices; / Who wondrous things hath done, / in whom his world rejoices. / Who, from our mother’s arms, / Hath led us on our way / WITH COUNTLESS GIFTS OF LOVE / And still is ours today.’ Here was a man who knew thanksgiving comes from love of God, not from outward circumstances.” Don Maddox (Christianity Today)

  80. Hi Ann! I love your writing and it touches the very depths on my soul. I have purchased your book and it was just what I needed to read. God in His kindness showed me your book to read one day in Barnes and Nobles and now I read your Holy Experience messages and have written much from them. Your insight and wisdom always take me further and enlighten me to new understandings. God has blessed you with the gift of writing and wisdom and I am so thankful that you are willingly to share it with others. I am thankful for you! Tanya Leonard

  81. While I have thought I was practicing “thanksgiving”, reading “One Thousand Gifts” has helped me focus so much better. So, there is a thanks for that change in my life. Life is better focused on thanksgiving (as well as working on “ugly/beautiful”).

  82. My mother is dying of pancreatic cancer. I am reading your book for the fourth time. It speaks to me so profoundly and I cling to the giving thanks through all of this. I know there are always, always many things to be thankful for even through all this pain and worry. And I know it will be all right and I know He is with me and I am so thankful for his presence and his comfort. And I thank you, Ann, for your gentle and compassionate heart and your words of wisdom that speak to me so well. I cling to your words. One Thousand Gifts is never far from me.

  83. I bought the book ONE THOUSAND GIFTS, but I’m afraid to read it – that I won’t do what’s inside perfectly. So there it sits, while I’m trying to tell myself that my fear is one of the things that is addressed in the book. It still sits…

  84. Thank you so much for this gift!! What a blessing. So excited to have a way on my phone to do this. This post was a real blessing, reminding me of the flaws of perfectionism.

  85. Humbled by your truth and even more so His Truth.
    Thank you for the gentle reminders to usher thanksgiving into every moment of my day (even the stressful ones).

  86. Thankful for this word!!! It is very timely. Thank you for being so real. I want to deal with stress and hard things better, especially for my kids. I put the app on my iPad, my iPhone is too old! I appreciate that you saying ” it wasn’t complicated , it wasn’t easy.”
    Going to try this today!!! I want it to be a habit in my life.

  87. thank you. this post makes me cry…I long for gratitude to be a habit and so often the complaining or pity comes out instead. I have been keeping my list for a very long time now — over 2,000 gifts now!! Praise Him! And still…the longing for it to dig deep into my heart and overcome the negative. Pray for me! I am amazed as I look back over my list…God is so faithful and SO giving!! How can I do anything but praise?? I also (like many others) loaned out my book and haven’t received it back yet…don’t want to ask, but am eager to dig in again leading up to Advent, so I ordered another. 🙂 Anyway, I’m rambling…this post just really grabbed my heart. Thank you thank you.

  88. Dear Ann, not enough room here to thank you for the gift of your self. My sister shared your book with me, and it truly is a gift X 1000. I have passed it on in hopes of touching other lives. I have made the comment to others but I want to say it to you personally, and I ask the Holy Spirit that I’ll say this correctly and with the welcoming hands of Jesus. YOU would make an AWESOME Catholic. So much of your writing is in the same mind of many Catholics.. St Teresa, etc. The Eucharist in everything, all is grace… is so profound. In the Catholic Church we have that gift . We receive ,not symbolically, but more Real than I am sitting here, The Body Of Christ in the Most Holy Sacrament, The Eucharist. I love your writing, I love your outlook, I love what God is doing through you. I love what you have done for my sister. I invite you to read, and pray the book written by Gabrielle Bossis. It is called He and I. It will take Eucharist to another, much deeper level. Peace to you and your family, and to all those you encounter. Thank you for what you have done for me.

  89. Leaning into the “ugly beautiful” and giving thanks for the difficult journey of an unwanted divorce. Each day it seems ugliness and hate are thrown at me and I don’t understand why. I ask how can I give thanks for this. Learning to take these “attacks” and tell God I don’t understand and I don’t even understand how to give thanks for these things. But I give thanks as it causes me to seek the shelter of His wings, to draw closer to God, to trust God that He will take care of me and in climbing into Abba’s lap somehow joy comes in the middle of me wanting to climb a mountain and scream. Instead he brings me green pastures. What a hard, long difficult journey. Thank You God for whatever it is You are bringing into my life and making me to be.

  90. Hi Ann,

    Thank you so much for your blogs. They are so encouraging. I wanted to tell you. I am the daughter of Mr. Andrew. I have been reading your blog for over a year now…I could not believe it when I read the blog on Jonathan and saw my picture on his wall. Such incredible ways our God moves. So thankful that our family could be a part of Jonathan’s life. So thankful that you could bring to life his circumstances for us. You moved us all to tears! Thank you so much for sharing your heart.

    With Thanksgiving,

    • Amy, I am so thrilled you saw Ann’s post about Jonathan! As I read it, I was moved to pray that his sponsored family would have the joy of knowing about the difference their loving provision had made. God is good! Judy.

  91. Thank you for this new application. I have enjoyed putting my gifts on my phone and sharing them with family and friends. Your words open my eyes to the wonder and awe of our God in this mess we call life. I praise Him for finding His Word in yours. Living in His grace and faithfulness.

  92. This is so very ‘on point’ – we struggle, we stress, we fail to recognize even the smallest, every-day blessings… Thank you for sharing and blessing us. Have a wonder-filled Thanksgiving! 😀

  93. Always giving thanks, always writing down the gift of gratitude. Thank you for teaching me Ann. Making a conscious effort brings it closer. During my 8 mo. old nephews’ diagnosis of type 1 diabetes, we give thanks. Easier to handle because of Him. Yes, He is good. Thank you, my Lord and thank you, Ann! You are a blessing!
    Happy Thanksgiving, every day, to you and your family!
    Always Experiencing Him,

  94. Does the app work on all phones, or just the Android? I have a prepaid phone, but would love to have access to the app. I love your blog and would love to count the moments with you.

  95. Right now I’m in the middle of reading your book. I’ve heard about it from others. It was on my list to read…next year. I couldn’t wait. Mind-altering, for sure! Thank you for being real. Raw. Open. The LORD gave, and the LORD has taken away; Blessed be the name of the LORD. This verse continues to challenge me. I know what I am to do, even if I don’t feel it. Sometimes God calls us to do hard. Thank you for reminding me that He calls us to thank Him–always. Over the last few days I feel like a kid again, enjoying the smallest to the largest of gifts He gives each day. Blessed be the Lord, Who daily loads us with benefits, The God of our salvation! Selah ~Psalm 68:19 Thank you for sharing your gift–writing!

  96. what an incredible gift! Thank you, would you mind if I added this post to my celebration in gratitude post? I think my readers would really enjoy this. I’ll also add the app button. So excited to try this!

  97. proud that this was the first app i added to my new iphone that my husband got me for Christmas…a little ealry, even better.

  98. Just wanna say that your book has been and still is, as I’m reading chapter 8 right now, a huge blessing in my walk with Christ…convicting from page 2…in tears…tears…tears…had to stop and bow before the Lord before I could move on to receive the many deeper blessings of the message found in this God-exhalting work of art! It was so cutting that I had to put it down for a few weeks and ask God to examine my heart…sometimes truth is so hard to swallow, submit to, when it becomes personal. Your book is ny far the best I’ve read all year…ever! Your poetic words are entering places no other writing had ever gone…and now, I, too, have begun to record 1,000 gifts (just a handful in the grand scope of things). I can’t wait to finish so I can read through it again!

  99. I love this book, I have tried to download the app for my android and have trouble. Says it can’t find the app. Any help would be great!

  100. I praise God for this new journey in gratitude! God did bless me with a spirit of fun. I do love to let my kids play in gigantic mudholes and I’ve literally stopped them to smell fragrant tea roses in Costco (even before God revealed your book to me). Our Bible study is going through your workbook now and soon your book will be delivered to me, I’m so excited! I’m just as excited as when I brought my daughter to the beach in torrential rain and my husband took pictures of us crazy girls running full speed donning drenched clothes and enormous grins! Thank you Ann for this app! It will help me capture more jewels in my life forever more!! <3 Anne/FOREVER YOUNG AT HEART!

  101. I can’t find the app in the Android app store! I’ve checked on my phone and computer, with no success. Did you remove it for some reason?