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  1. WOW Heidi-this is absolutely moving, beautiful, and so very deep! This spoke directly to my heart today-so thankful-Thank you!!!

    • Thank you Lorraine. Is amazing how the Lord connects our hearts with the words we need to hear. I love that about Him, and I’m so thankful that the Lord used my words to meet your heart. I worship Him for that! God bless you, lady.

  2. This is so beautiful–and so encouraging! You help to really See that all. is. for. purpose. Sometimes He wants us to really See the experience…to See Him.

    Rich blessings, Heidi, as He leads you to an amazing road you cannot imagine.

    • Thank you so much for the encouragement, Amy. I looked at your blog and I love the wisdom and grace you bring to mothering. You see your little guy – and isn’t that the dream we all have? To be seen by One who loves us no matter what? You are living that out – WELL above average!! I look forward to knowing you more! God bless you as you pursue your purpose – thank you for taking the time to encourage me today. Hugs!

      • You’re so sweet, Heidi, and you touched me deeply today. I wanted to shirk and say that I don’t do that…but He keeps me steady and helps me to receive your Grace as truth. I appreciate you so much today.


    • Thank you for commenting with encouragement, Rochelle. I see from your blog that you have fibromyalgia, but choose to truly live in triumph and grace. I cannot imagine a greater testimony for Grace in Stasis. You are a living, courageous victor – an example of mercy in action. I pray that the Lord eases your physical pain while still taking you to a deeper level of intimacy with Him. You are a lovely lady, Rochelle! God bless you – I look forward to knowing you more through your blog. Hugs!

      • Awww Heidi, thank you!!! You are so sweet. I’m honestly really struggling with it today, so your post definitely hit me right between the eyes. God is so good and faithful, and sometimes we just aren’t quiet enough to hear his voice and take heed. He’s moving in our lives and working through us even when we least see it. He breathed new life into my wounded spirit today through you, God bless you Heidi!!! Hugs back at ya!

  3. Amazing that He heals our scars, yet His own scars are an eternal reminder of the price paid to set us free. Ah, and we are free indeed! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Julie! Loved your post about your family’s visit to the lake this weekend! It made me desire a peaceful space to seek beauty and God for myself. God bless you today! Hugs 🙂

  4. Oh, I so needed to read this! I’m in the midst of many transitions and yet, I sometimes feel impatient to get to where I’m going rather than remembering that God has me on a journey (and sometimes in a holding pattern) for a reason.

    It’s also funny that you referred back to Exodus. I’m currently in a Bible study and we read this same passage, yet you saw what I needed to get from this passage and had missed when I first read it. I know it’s not by chance I came to read here tonight. 🙂

    • Amy, one of my most favorite things about journeying with the Lord is how He connects all the threads of our lives into one beautiful tapestry of grace. You are in a Bible Study looking into Exodus and He met you there – in an unexpected way. I love that. Thank you for sharing – that encourages me in return. I look forward to scrolling through your blog. Hugs, lady!

  5. Amen! It is true that once the Lord has delivered you, He will never let you go through that experience again. I loved the encouraging ending because it is so hard to “Be Still” and allow the Lord to take control of your life and the lives of your loved ones. To trust that He knows what is happening, the broken pieces, and that He will put them together in a better form.
    Beautiful and deep piece!

    • Thank you for the encouragement, Janis. I looked at your (lovely) blog & it seems that you and I have a similar heart – to seek the Lord on a daily basis and to record the journey to His glory in the blog world. I look forward to knowing you more on your site! God bless you and your precious family. Those boys have an amazing mom! Hugs!

    • Emily, I just read your blog and tears filled my eyes. I am so sad for you. O, how I know the aching you are feeling. I recognize it. I have had four miscarriages over two years (3 in 2010 and 1 in 2008) – my last pregnancy and loss was at this time last year. I remember the how tearing and gaping the grief is at first. I still feel sadness, but I have also learned that there really is a peace that surpasses all understanding. Please email me at heidiwhitey@yahoo.com if you want to pour out your heart your heart to someone who understands or just be in a journey together. A million hugs and an infinite rain of grace over you, precious Emily.

  6. Thank you for writing this. I have such an immense aversion to being ‘still’. There is so much fear for me in the silence, its overwhelming. I needed to read this, I needed to see that lie spelled out. Thank you, again.

    • I think stillness is hard for most of us, Stephanie. I read some of your blog and I see that you have experienced some pain that is very deep. You live the opportunity to experience a deeper grace. I relate to that. God bless you, lady, as you live in pieces and in wholeness all at the same time. God is so precious. Hugs.

  7. Beautiful, artistic words here, Heidi. Love the comparison, too. I may not always understand why things are the way they are, but I’m believing with you that freedom is worth whatever road He chooses. So thankful you shared this!

    • Thank you for the encouragement, Kristen. You are a delightful lady and I love reading your sunny blog with its insight and challenge. You are a lovely lady – I hope we meet again! Hugs!

  8. Stillness is incredibly difficulty for me. It takes a tremendous amount of effort and focus. In fact usually I fail miserably! I too have faced the broken dreams of lost babes (five in all) and am experiencing the joyful-grief of raising a child with disabilities. God has been faithful to put the shattered pieces together in such a way to make a incredible mosaic. May I be faithful to, in turn, reflect His glory.
    Thanks, Heidi, for a continually needed refresher course!

  9. O Julie, I checked out your blog and I am breathless with awe at the strength and courage you walk daily, yet the tenderness of your heart toward the Lord. Thank you for your encouragement. As one stillness-resister to another, let’s embrace the glory of active stillness together! Hugs!

  10. Thank you so much for your words Heidi! I’m a little fighter (passionate, fiery etc) so don’t find stillness an easy concept at all, and sometimes feel so helpless because I want/need to do something, anything at all to resolve a situation. This past year God has been teaching me to just lay it down and trust him, despite what my natural instincts may tell me. I love that you quoted from Exodus, “the Lord will fight for you” as it reminds me that He is in control and that the magnificent God, El Roi, Father, Alpha/Omega, and Saviour cares so much for little ‘ole me. Such a blessing! Thanks again xx