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  1. Bekka, I love this post for so many reasons. First of all, it’s no coincidence that it’s coming one day after my post about feeling ugly and remembering that God sees me as beautiful (even with a horrible rash on my face!). Second of all, I love what you said about being satisfied “at your age in your time.” One of the women who commented on my post yesterday mentioned finally feeling comfortable in her skin now that she’s in her 40s and I wondered why we can’t get to that place sooner. Thank you for further encouragement down that path!

    • Hi Mary! Thank you for *your* encouragement. I must say I struggled to keep it so concise as I felt there was so much more to say but I wasn’t supposed to add to this.

      I too wish that more women (myself included) could get comfortable sooner!

  2. “content in your own skin” that is something that is slowly dawning on my heart. I just finished a mini-series and the first two parts were about our inner person’s beauty and the reflection of that grace on the outside … God is so faithful to keep at us with these gentle reminders!

  3. There is something so beautiful about people who really are confident and content in their own skin. Yet, it’s somehow easier to admire it in others than practice it for ourselves, isn’t it? Good food for thought here.

    • Hi Amy,

      I also find it easier to admire that confidence in others and fail to see it in myself most of the time. Thank you. 🙂

  4. Great post Bekka.. I have been pretty comfortable in my 60 some skin, even stop coloring my hair and now love it natural. But like all times just when one feels comfortable here comes a trail to really test that.

    We have moved back to beautiful America after 30 years of living in a third world country. Over whelming is the only word that describes it. Seems my confidence has drop to an all time low place…being older in Papua New Guinea where we lived is quite different. Age is highly respected….a thing of beauty…..I sure don’t feel beautiful here. Your post brought me face to face once again in whom I was looking to for this confidence and beauty. Thanks for the post, I need it badly.

    Love this
    Being beautiful means to be satisfied, confident in your skin, at your age in your time, to be confident of who you are and Whose you are.”

    • Hi Betty!

      Comfortableness in our skin does seem to take time to adjust to (and then, at my life-stage, we start having babies and then have to re-adjust all over again! different trials for different life-stages). Thank you for sharing part of your own story here.