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Heather Gemmen Wilson loves to laugh. She says, "Through all the circumstances of my life, I have gained more than I have lost ... and I'm not just talking weight." Heather is married to her best friend, Lawrence W. Wilson, a pastor, and they have a colorful blended family of...

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  1. I’ve been on a long path of healing the last 4 years–emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Standing where I am today is so much better and different than 4 years ago, even 1 month ago. I write so much of what is on my heart and in my head. I keep journals and massive amounts of email. I enjoy going back and reading over those entries because it helps me to see just where I’ve grown and reminds me of those places that need more work. I can relate to the question of was that really me? The things I read do not feel like I am reading about myself. It feels like a stranger but that good to be reminded of where I was and see wher I am now because I feel it will help me from going backwards and want to keep pushing forward.


  2. I too am thankful for all my little slip ups along the way. Slip ups build character and aid in our path to growth and maturity. I agree that it is always a good thing to reflect on where we came from, where we have been, etc b/c it helps us more forward and also appreciate how God has worked in our life over the years, to bring us where we are today.

  3. Oh the taste of humble pie! I’m a little chubby thanks to my constant serving of the dish!
    You’re so right…..the maturity that comes from such a lesson is like being refined as gold. If you don’t learn from your blunders, there may be no hope! 😉

  4. It takes a lot of growth to get to the point of Seeing all those blunders as Grace-full moments TO GROW. 🙂 And, me, too…so thankful my trip-ups were used for good!

    Your words are life giving, Heather!

    Rich blessings as you reflect with gratitude.

  5. God uses blunders, mishaps & screw-ups to refine us like gold! I am soo thankful that God doesn’t give up on us each time we mess up!

    Thank you for such good, insightful words Heather!

  6. Something similar happened to me in college; thanks for the smile and a good memory (mine turned out a little better I guess).

  7. “Sometimes, when I remember events from my past, I feel like I’m in the mind of another person. Was that really me?”

    This is exactly how I feel when I experience the memories of my embarrassing past. Was that really me? How awful! Yet, I know that every foot-in-the-mouth, every dumb thing I did, has helped me mature and grow and learn. I am grateful for those experiences now!

  8. Hi Heather! I enjoyed this post! Laughed at your stories and laughed at myself remembering blunders I made in high school that makes me blush until now.

    But you’re right. We’ve grown and sometimes it takes these funny circumstances for us to learn important things and mature. I learned a lot from my hilarious mistakes and the past and I definitely wouldn’t want to make the same mistakes again. lol

    God bless your heart, sister! Much love!

  9. Great story! We are never done growing up, I find. I’m 44 and still growing, still moving forward. And along with growing, and aging, is less reliable eyesight…so I will make sure I take your story to heart! :0)

  10. I had to crack up when I read your story! There are some days when I feel like my life is one great big growing moment. If pressed, I can think of things I’ve learned along the way but I hope I never share the knowledge in a way that makes everyone think I’ve somehow got it all together.