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My one true love is Jesus, He has my heart <3, I am mom to a really cool Navy Girl. I bake cupcakes, make chocolates and doodle with words.

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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. Well Sweet Sister, you certainly hit the nail on the head. I loved how you even changed from the big bold I to the little my!
    How brave the Spirit is in you to have you see the insights in yourself and desire to change. Admittedly, I smile and cringed reading this because I am THE SAME, exactly the same. I cling to my schedules and box-checking and system for doing things and can get that stomach lurch when things start to go sideways. Like you, God is so loving to put some Scripture on our lips to gently remind us who is truly in control and who we truly live for.
    Thank you for the encouraging words as I begin my day…
    Love to you – and many prayers for encouragement being lifted up for you!
    -tonia booker

    • Tonia, thank you for your comments. You know, it’s funny how when things do go “sideways” it’s then I turn to God, if I had just done that in the beginning how different things would be. Thankfully I do learn 🙂 , most of the time, but He’s always there when I sometimes still forget.
      Many blessings to you.

  2. I’m so happy, Caryn, to see you featured, here. I love your post. It reminds me: I am my best someone when I reflect the One who’s so much bigger and better than I. Lots of love to you.

  3. So glad to see you here, Caryn!

    He always uses such gentleness to remind us it’s not about us, doesn’t He?!

    Rich blessings as He continues to show you His complete love for you.

  4. Wow! This was so for where I am today! Well written – thank you for pointing me back to Him!! (tears here!) May he richly bless you!!

  5. “Perfection is not in me – it’s in Him” wow – if only we could remember this when trying to kill ourselves to be “perfect”, so we can look perfect to others…
    We should be looking only to be a reflection of Him. Amen, what a beautiful reminder! A reminder *I* needed.
    It’s all about Him!

    • Hi Maxine! and what a relief too, it’s a whole lot less stressful to reflect. I mean I have never seen my bathroom mirror cry on bad hair days after all.
      Blessings to you, and thank you for your sweet words.

  6. Caryn, congratulations for a well-written article that hits us all “where we live.” My name means “moon Goddess” and the Christian meaning for it is “Reflector of Light”…It has long been a symbol for me – a reminder of whom it is people should see when they look at me. The moon has no light of its own…it is a cold dark pile of rock. But when bathed in the sun’s light it becomes luminous and warm… It is my goal to reflect Him like that…Sadly it is not always my reality. Your article is a wonderful reminder for me to position myself in such a way to most fully catch His radiance…No obstacles in the way. Bless you sweet sister for this and for your desire to be a reflection of Him. You have certainly been this in my life. Hugs.

  7. This is a very practical and timely post. Thank you for your courage, wisdom and grace. May God raise you up as you walk in humility and wisdom. God bless you, Caryn! Hugs 🙂

  8. “I” is such a tiny word but holds so much power over us, Caryn! Thank you for opening your heart. I love the idea of reflecting His perfection! Feet washing is certainly a path to humility and a reflection of Christ.