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Now graduated from her role as a homeschooling mom of 8, Dawn Camp devotes her time and love of stories to writing her first novel. She enjoys movie nights, cups of Earl Grey, and cheering on the Braves. She and her husband navigate an ever-emptying nest in the Atlanta suburbs.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. My friend who is trying – like I am – to figure out the juggling act of life; my sister-in-law who has been a real inspiration to me as she finds her passion through a deeper spirituality and understanding of herself; and perhaps my mom.

  2. A past co-worker that I’ve remained in contact with. My boyfriends sister and daughter. An old friend I need to catch up with.

  3. I love seeing the beach pictures! What a great weekend! I’d love to bring along my bestie who lives in Jackson TN. She could use friend interaction!
    It’s one of God’s sweetest blessings.

  4. I am one who out of necessity compartmentalized her life to the extreme so that when I’m in one setting of people the others essentially don’t exist so that I can’t be missing them so much that I miss the opportunity to be with the people I’m with…so I would love to bring the people I’m closest to from a variety of settings together and be with all of them at once….There are some people in that category that don’t know eachother, but would probably become instant best friends.

  5. The ladies at my new church. We just moved from Las Vegas to Spain, and I’d love to get to know my new church ladies a bit better!

  6. I’d love to bring my sister who doesn’t have a group of godly women to turn to, some women on my women’s ministry team who don’t have the vision of how women need eachother, and my two best friends just because I love to hang out with them!

  7. All the women who are starting Bible Study with me tonight! We are going through Beth Moore’s Revelation study together.
    Also, I told them I would host the in(RL) at my house so I hope you will be seeing a a lot of us in ID,

  8. I would love to invite my pastor’s wife Kathy Thomason, good friends Tammy Pierce, Jill Kemp, Reva Williams, Sandy Church, Mary Queen, Coco Bowers.

  9. I tend to be a little wallflower-ish when it comes to real life, and I’m aiming for (in)RL to get me out my comfort zone that way. I want to invite my mom and MIL, my sisters-in-law, and a bunch of people at church that I don’t know (yet). Maybe even from churches in the local area and… well… I guess anyone that will listen to me spread the word. 🙂 I SO love and believe in (in)courage and just can’t wait for what this day will do for women all over the world. <3

  10. I would bring my Mom, My sisters, my MIL, My SIL’s….so many. Because they can’t miss out on this. I have been blessed by this community of women and I know they would too.

  11. Your daily emails are so welcomed. I love them and share then with others. they truly have encouraged me and with so much that I am going through right now you ladies have been angels in my life. God bless you all

  12. There is not anyone I would want to leave out but I think I would have more fun with 2-3 of my closest friends, Kathryn, Tonya, Stacie.

  13. I am inviting my sister, old friends, new friends, (the ones that know Jesus, and those who don’t) family members and neighbors. Whew! It’s going to be a great time!

  14. I love this day of National Encouragement! I would bring my friend Charisa who is such a support and blessing to me!

  15. Just purchased our little retirement “beach house” and thinking I’ll invite my sister and sister-in-laws ~ my mother would have loved this ~ next year will mark the 10th yr of her passing ~ I want to celebrate her ~ want to also reach out to my new neighbours ~ still trying to work things out ~ I’m more of a small and intimate party planner ~

  16. What a wonderful thing, letting others know you care. To encourage,when the world seems to discourage us, To show others our love and concern is the way to keep others thinking positive about themselves, making the most out of life. Living as the Lord would have us to live, letting others know we care, we all make mistakes, but just a little encouragement could change someones life, the way they feel about themselves and the impact even they could have on someone else.

  17. For my daugher Crystal Dawn, my granddaughers: Faith and Samantha. My other daughter, Sondra Wendt, other granddaugher, Victoria and grandson, Gus.

  18. I am going to bring my friends who don’t believe in an “online community”! And I know by having this conference, they will grow to love (in)courage just as much as I do!

  19. I am definitely going to invite my sister, and there are two friends that I have in mind. One who I went to college with and the other who was my next door neighbor for 16 years. I think it would be so nice to be able to pay their registration fees (so not being able to afford it could’t be used as an excuse). I can’t do that right now, so I’m going to pray about it and save with intention. God is good; I’m sure as long as it is His will we’ll be a part of (in)RL!

    • Elaine, I’d ask them to mark their calendars well in advance (you’ve got a 7 month head start here) and maybe do a theme. Once I invited over ladies from church and made a chocolate theme. Everyone brought something with chocolate (chocolate always works!).

  20. I would bring a sweet friend who has been such an encouragement to me–even in the midst of her own stuff. She is selfless and always puts her own self aside for others with humility and love.

  21. Like some of the other women here. I would love to bring my sister. We live about 6 hours away, so it would be fun to get some bonding time!

  22. I would invite all of the girls in my small group, all of the women I’ve met through our women’s ministry, plus the other wonderful women that I serve with every weekend at church. I’d invite my mom and sister, my cousin, and my two best friends. And I probably could add some other people if I thought about it long enough! 🙂

  23. My best friend who moved to Arizona a few years ago, Mary. My sister, Linda. My friends, Diana and Kathryn. And if I find a place big enough, all the wonderful women I work with at Knott Avenue Christian Church in Anaheim, CA. Thank God for my sisters in Christ!

  24. My mom and my best friend, there is a couple people at chruch I would love to reach out to and invite also!

  25. I would bring my friend Lorraine; she cries when I cry, laughs when I laugh, listens when I want to let off steam. It may be a day, week or a month that goes by and we don’t talk to each other. However, when we do get together it’s as if we’ve never been apart–the conversation picks up where we left off!!! I love my friend!!

  26. I would bring my friend Cathy who is going through a really turbulent time in her life with a host of decisions facing her, and my dear niece and friend, Hazel.

  27. My ladies at church. Some of them know me as blogger and teacher, they read my blogs, but they haven’t ventured into the blog world. I’m so excited to be hosting this. My main goal is to get my pastor’s wife involved. She’s been going through a difficult time with her father and has not had time to connect with the ladies as much.

  28. I want to invite my family (mother, sister, daughter, aunts, and cousins), bible study friends, and co-workers. Thanks!

  29. I’d like to bring some of the bloggers whose words have really touched me so I could “meet” them.

  30. I would like to invite an acquaintance I casually talk to and met at the post office. She is a sweet lady and I know she would enjoy this.

  31. I would invite my daughter-in-laws, my daughter, my two best friends and anyone else who would like to join. This site has been such a blessing to me and I would love to share it with others. Because of this site I have thought of forming a group to meet on a regular basis at my home to inspire, help and encourage one another. We all need each other in this life.

  32. All my ya-ya girls. This sounds like the perfect little getaway that fits everyone’s budget…and most importantly doesn’t lead to more laundry!