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Ida & her family live in the sunshine state & yearn to live a simple life spent on loving well. Her motto: Love God. Love People. Love Life.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Ida,
    Lovely! Dark we are, and so very messy. Thank you for the reminder that even when I don’t feel it, “Jesus makes me lovely.”
    He does indeed. I just LOVE Him!


  2. This is one of my most favorite scriptures to recite to myself. I am dark, but I am lovely, because I have been bought, chosen and redeemed by the King of Kings! His desire is for me!

    • “His desire is for me”….I read it and I believe it but I’m sure my mind will never understand it!! A beautiful truth!

  3. Amen sister! Love your words in this post. We are not left alone in are darkness. He does not leave us alone in our “condition,” whatever that may be. He wipes me clean and makes me beautiful. SO reassuring…

  4. What a beautiful message. We, as women, often put so many things on our plate and expect to do them as perfectly as someone else does with the perfect attitude that others possess. But we fall short so many times….because perception is not reality. Yet we feel dark, we feel messed up, and we feel unworthy of all that He freely gives us. I think our goal so many times is to get rid of our darkness so that we will be perfect in Him. Is it possible to be dark and messy and still be lovely and beautiful because He who lives in us is lovely and beautiful?

    • Angela, I think it is possible…to be messy and beautiful all at once. I think I am just that….very messy but very lovely….not lovely b/c of ME but only b/c of Him 🙂

  5. I appreciate your interpretation of this scripture. I’ve always read it as an affirmation that God made women lovely, despite what the world says about their appearance. “Dark,” in a physical sense, was not a desirable physical quality at the time Song of Solomon was written.

    And I am totally with you about not wanting people to look upon me. It isn’t even about my physical appearance, but about my inner thoughts. I’ve said it before but if people really knew the thoughts that go through my head, they probably wouldn’t like me as much. Thank God He gave me a filter between my brain and my mouth.

    • Hi friend, Yes…this scripture is talking about her physical appearance but I couldn’t help but draw a parallel between our “inner appearance”!

      I love you, filter or none, and so does God 😉 (but yes…I too am thankful for my own “filter”)

  6. Wow this had tears in my eyes. I am always beating myself up never feeling good enough to be loved by my Saviour. I try so hard to be the woman of God I want to be but the cares of life constantly throw me into a state of darkness and often depression…..understanding the grace of God and the reason why he sent his Son to die for us is because he knew we would never measure up in this world so through him we are made beautiful and whole in Gods eyes – it is just sometimes so hard to see and believe when we look at ourselves…. I often imagine myself in a beautiful bridal gown, long hair flowing and he looks into my eyes and says I love you just as you are my daughter – you are special and precious in my sight.

    • Kerry, I love love love the image you imagine. Without His grace we are quite the mess but because He has made a way for us we can be that beautiful bride! You are her!!! You are His!!! xoxo

  7. I am in awe of how your worship in your Truth-telling, Ida. You please Him and you draw me nearer to Him, asking “really?! I really can believe it?! you mean it’s True?!”

    Often I feel shame and want to hide in darkness–pushing people away out of fear for who I am. And yet…He draws me out and sets me apart, and calls me His beloved–treasured, made for purpose, important.

    Rich blessings as you live out loud for Him, in all your simple ways.

  8. How these words speak to me. I always seem to find the “dark” side of myself. What a blessing to know God washes us white as snow.

    Thank you for sharing.

    • Annette, He thinks you are lovely 🙂 Me too! I often feel like you..struggling to see it…but He does not struggle to see it. We are His beloved! Be blessed! xoxo

  9. I am in a dark place now. I know God is in control and he will provide a good out come. I am letting and upcoming special event make me worry. I need for someone to understand why I am concerned about what might happen that could ruin a potentially beautiful event for some people’s special ocassion.

    • Leigh, I’ve said several prayers for you throughout the day. Praying peace and His presence to be yours while you are in this situation.

  10. You have found me out. You know my secret. How do you know my secret? Because it is your secret to.
    This tugs at my heart. I am too dark to ever feel deserving of love… and yet, I am loved.
    Thanks be to our LORD and thank you for the reminder.

  11. I read this with tears streaming down my face, thank you for the reminder that He loves me, even in the dark.

  12. So beautiful. There are some days when I see the darkness in me so strongly that I forget about the grace that brought the light.

    • Amy, I find myself seeing the darkness many days much more then His grace….my own worst enemy. Praying we both can see with His eyes how He thinks upon us!

  13. So this is my first comment on (in)courage…
    The Hebrew is dark AND lovely :/. She’s not ashamed at all. We have interpretations that say Dark BUT Lovely due to the Latin and Greek translation later on. Basically, it’s just straight up racism :/ If you go compare several English translations, you’ll find both.

    • Deb, about to wander to bed, read your comment, and praying for you at this moment. You are not alone. Never, ever alone. Please know that!

  14. I recently read One Thousand Gifts and loved it. Googled Ann Vosskamp tonight and stumbled onto your site…but of course what I think is accident is not, God knows I need encouragement and I love the thoughts here.thank you

    • Hi Michele, I’m so glad you found this post on “accident” I love when God does that 🙂 And isn’t One Thousand Gifts life changing!? I think I will read it a second time in the coming weeks. Have a great weekend, friend!