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jody and her husband, rick, have five children from kindergartner to high school senior! even with all these kids, God has had their family on a bit of journey. in the past few years, the mcnatt's have traveled through adoption, breast cancer and recently, a cross country move. jody writes...

(in)side DaySpring: things we love
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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. Oh how He DOES meet our needs when we go to Him! This is so beautiful, Jody! Beginning a new day with your sweet words reflecting your joy to be in the presence of Our Father is so refreshing–and I am washed with His peace.

    Rich blessings as you find Him in your seeking…

  2. I am preparing for our ladies retreat. My topic is meeting God in Solitude. I’ve been intrigued to find all kinds of places and all kinds of ways that offer a quiet place to hear God above the chaos of daily life. Thank you Jody for sharing a delightful place of refreshing that I would never have thought of…I’ve always viewed watering as a ‘chore’ not a place to be blessed!! 🙂 I’ll be out in my bare feet tonight with a different perspective!

    If anyone has found other places of solitude, please share! Thanks.

  3. Oh Jody! I needed this so much. Your words are like cool water. I will head to my garden this evening, intent on finding a quiet moment with my Father! Thank you for sharing your heart with us.


  4. This is absolutely beautiful Jody! I loved every minute of it. You write beautifully and eloquently~thank you for sharing!!

  5. Oh how I understand unwinding in the evenings- it’s a favorite. For me it’s a cup of tea on the porch or on the swing in the backyard. I also understand the need for a soul to be watered. Times with Him are what truly keep us going. 🙂

  6. Dear Jody….

    I check every day looking for “eventhesparrow”. As if you have nothing else to do, but refresh me with your Holy Spirit led words. Please, however, if I find a new one every day I’ll call your mom! 🙂

    Much Love,
    “Aunt Elaine”

    • aunt elaine! thank you for leaving a comment here. how fun to see this post. my mom tells me you read the sparrow blog… love that! i promise not to write every day though…laundry and lunches and loads of children to attend. but it is pure pleasure when i can carve out a quiet moment here and there. i have so enjoyed being connected with beth on facebook. it allows me to peek into the window of her days once in a while and that is a treat. have a blessed day!

  7. This is beautiful. My husband does the watering at our house, and he stays out there so long that I tease him about zoning out. But you are right – it is his meditation time; time for him to relax, think, and meet God indeed. He says I do the same thing when I vacuum. 🙂

  8. This so speaks to me fellow southern mama of 5. I often step outside, right at sunset. I walk out the front door, around the house, soak up the beautiful sky, see what might be blooming. Then when I reach the back door I am refreshed and ready to step back in. Ready for tucking in time.

  9. Beautiful writings. It is awe inspiring when we take the time to appreciate all He is in and of. Thanks for sharing a bit of your journey…

  10. refreshing post.. since 2004 this mid west woman has lived on the ocean in Papua New Guinea. I love to sit on the porch just before dark and listen to the surf and feel the wind blowing on my face….it’s a time to quiet my busy mind and say once again, welcome master of the wind, thank you for creating the water, earth, plants and the wind that will blow out the clutter from that day and fill me once again with thoughts of thankfulness.

  11. Jody, I am so blessed to know the sweet sound of your voice. Your post is beautiful…and the story behind your life is so full of God’s love! Thank you!

  12. Jody, Michele sent me to check out your post. Wonderful. You paint a beautiful picture and remind me to find refreshment in the simple tasks of life. Love it. Keep up the good work.