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Rebekah believes {1} being an aunt is the greatest thing ever {2} you can never laugh too much and {3} life would be better were it a musical

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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. Rebekah,
    I used to be the same way all 7 days..Oh sure I wore the cross, went to church, sang in the youth choir, etc. but what difference did I show the world – absolutely none!!

    Fast forward 30 some years and you will find quite a difference. Still the same person 7 days, but now I find myself wanting to read Bible before going to work daily, listening to Christian Music all the time and basically shunning worldly things!!

    I think about spoiling my testimony if I fail & act worldly. I work at it all the time~!
    Sometimes I even sing about Him!

  2. He has taught me that I DO matter, that I DO have something to say and worth listening to, that i do NOT have to live in my weaknesses, that I am just as valuable as the pastor, the teacher, the friend, that other person…

    He speaks to me because I HAVE tuned my heart to hear him. “Decades long journey” is right on – such a long and hard journey. But SO VERY worth it.

    Instead of asking for wisdom ( like a powerless person who waits for a fickle God to decide to grant my request or not) I thank him for the wisdom he gives to to those who ask – and because I ask, I expect him to provide – AND HE DOES. Instead of asking for help in cleaning my house, I thank him that he provides guidance and wisdom, that he cares about my house too, that he has a PERFECT plan for my life and I WANT it – I receive his plans. And suddenly I find that at the end of the day, I have gotten more done than I can believe, and feel restored and refreshed instead of half dead from herculean human effort.

    There is no magic to our God – just a loving God who desires our hearts and rewards those who diligently seek him.

  3. Love this post, Rebekah! Totally got chills from reading the line about our choir breaking into song for our God. Beautiful!

  4. I was always the one who didn’t fit in, honestly, in most circles, I still am. the very words said about Belle, had been said about me, several times over. I love the perspective here.

  5. love! Jesus has taught me how to love. the kind of all-consuming, compassionate love that makes me weep (more often than i should) and wish i could forgo the need for sleep so there’d be more hours in my day to reach out to people. thanks for sharing this.

  6. I don’t have a comment on the deep and meaningful part of this post, but just wanted to say that I spent several of my middle school years rocking out to Beauty and the Beast! I made my own soundtrack by tape recording the entire movie from our tv-vhs setup, and played it over and over again in my room when I was working on little projects. To this day I still know most of the words. And then they re-released that new version of it awhile go, including a bunch of deleted scenes and stuff…. and I was appalled. 🙂