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  1. That contentment for the moment…ooh, right where I’m being refined now…so important!

    Too often I personally am critical of men and not standing up in leadership…I have my part to grow, too…this is so great!

  2. Can’t wait to see this movie! My family and I are going when it comes out.
    True contentment can seem hard to achieve, but then I think of Paul. He wrote portions of the Bible from various prison cells, and he was content in whatever situation he was in. If he can be like that, then I think I can too. 🙂

    Love always,

  3. Such wise words about being satisfied where we are! Thank you for shaing that you struggle with that too–your transparency was very encouraging! So glad you’re here with us this week.

  4. Couldn’t come at a more perfect time. As a law enforcement wife, I have sure learned what I can and cannot control. Living a season of separation from our “Courageous” leader at present while he works in Afghanistan. Choosing to let him lead our home from around the world has tested my mettle. I am thankful that God is in control and I’m not.

  5. I saw an advance screening of Courageous last year and was very impressed! My husband is inviting softball buddies to go see it together.

  6. Pricilla’s site said to leave our nomination of a man to enter for her book and the Resolution for Men. I didn’t see where to do that, so may I leave it here?

    I’d like to nominate my husband Greg. We’ve been married 36 years, he loves God, his family, has been faithful and provided for us.

    We are currently separated.

    Separated because the undercurrent of anger in his heart that has hurt us has never been resolved but masked by “trying harder.” He was devestated but honoring in my request for a separation. He has owned his anger, sought wise counsel, prayer ministry and deeply desires his family back. It is not a quick fix, and this time I’ll not take responsibillity to fix what is between he and God. His pain is deep, but he is finding the Father he’s always needed and his identity as His beloved son.

    I nominate him because this is a man who, in his brokenness, is seeking God with his whole heart. When he sees the movie, I believe he will want to take the challenge. I would love to present him with a copy of Resolution for Men and say “The author of Resolution for Women and others think you are worthy of this…and so do I. I love and respect you.”

    Thank you for considering my husband,

    at His feet,


    • Carol, you are a woman of courage, and I admire and respect you more than words can say. I will be praying alongside of you for your marriage, your husband, and for you. Don’t give up.

      • “To the married I give this command: A wife must not separate from her husband.” 1 Cor. 7:10

        “The wife does not have authority over her own body but yields it to her husband. In the same way, the husband does not have authority over his own body but yields it to his wife. 5 Do not deprive each other except perhaps by mutual consent and for a time, so that you may devote yourselves to prayer. Then come together again so that Satan will not tempt you because of your lack of self-control.”

  7. I would like to nominate my brother. He is getting married this weekend and this book sounds like a vehicle that he could use to draw him closer to his walk with the Lord.

  8. I would like to nominate my brother. He has been through a few marriages and seen his share of hurt and pain. But in his suffering and his now in his current marriage, he has decided to raise his new daughter under God’s care. He is back under the Hand of His Heavenly Daddy. I am proud of who he is and what he has become. He left a six figure salary in the midst of this marriage to due something he felt called to do, start his own solar company. He entrepreneurial spirit and love of his family, which I believe are fruits of his return to his faith, are a joy to see. I want him to be blessed with a copy of Resolution for Men.

  9. I would like to nominate my husband. He constantly exhibits the JOY of the Lord every moment of the day, from the moment he wakes to the moment he lays his head down to sleep. This man has overcome many adversities in his lifetime (e.g., polio as a child that deformed his right leg, causing him to limp profusely and walk bent over for over 40 years until GOD intervened and found a doctor in NY to correct his deformity; he was homeless and then became a homeowner, he was a drug addict and was delivered by the LORD from his addiction, he was a prisoner and now works for the Dept. of Corrections in PA. These are just some examples of how he’s allowed the LORD to work in his life.) He takes every opportunity to mentor and counsel others who are in bondage or on the verge of allowing the enemy to get a hold of them. He’s led hundreds to the LORD (I’ve seen it with my own eyes how people naturally gravitate to him and even though they just met, he finds a way to lead them to salvation – unbelievable! What a gift!

    • WOW! I am deeply touched by the ability your husband has to exhibit ongoing joy! He has every reason to SHOUT Hallelujah….GOD has delivered him…but so many give up before the blessing, before the healing, before the love overpowers them. GOD has a reason to let us “go through things” so we can look back and see His loving hand guiding us, and through the toughest of times, carrying us. Thank you for testifying on his behalf, sharing his story of GOD’s determination to love your husband through the toughest times of life, just to bring him into the joy of living!! And because of your husband’s trials, so many people are able to identify with him, and say “I have to listen to this guy, he has been through what I am going through, and yet he smiles, and says only God can give him this kind of joy!” I have been blessed just to read this story. Thank you.

  10. The man in my life who deserves this nomination is my dad. He is honest, hard-working, knows what battles need his fight, and when to stay calm. My mom is very ill, and over 47 years of marriage, my dad still listen, nutures, and loves my mom every day. He is the rock of our family. My husband and I go to my dad for professional, personal, and just plain downright any type of advice. He is always willing to listen.

  11. My husband and I watched the movie last night and loved it! We recently have found as parents and as a couple raising a family is not easy and time for our three children is limited and for ourselves to. I now feel like God put us in hands with that movie as a sign! We need to let God take control of our lives and have more faith in him! We recently started a children’s ministry in January 2012 and felt it was our responsibility to help children have some basic teachings from the bible. We feel like we are on the right path but we struggle in areas. And now seeing that movie we finally see what we need to work on! I hope others will enjoy the movie as much as we did! And it is for women too!

  12. I am on “Authentically Me” and going to ask my facebook friends the question of “from their perspective what makes me unique”. I love this book! Going thru it slowly like she suggest is hard. I use it as I am eating breakfast and ‘chew on it’ all day long.