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I appreciate encouragement, genuine friendship, gentleness, kindness, joyfulness, and my family’s deliberately simple life. I enjoy the quiet and stillness at the crack of dawn to run, worship, write and listen. A self-described "introvert" who plays an "extrovert" well, I am learning to appreciate *my* story.

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  1. Ok, message for me loud and clear!! You really don’t/won’t understand what this post means to me. Sounds dramatic but I’m almost in tears as I realise that I REALLY can let go and let God….

    Every blessing to you….

    • Oh Modupe, I’m so glad these words spoke to you. We all want assurance we’re being used and I’m no different, admittedly. I’m just so glad most especially that Our Father spoke to you. It’s so neat how He meets us where we really need Him.

      Rich, sweet blessings on your trust of Him as He leads you closer to His heart…

  2. This is an awesome post. I fall victim to this and this is so good to read and reflect on. I am encouraged to slow down, enjoy, let God take control (back) and stop living life so seriously all of the time. Thank you & many blessings to you today!

    • And yet, He takes us right as we are and reminds us that we can never perfectly slow down and stop living so seriously. He takes our *passion* and uses it for His glory when we let Him.

      Rich blessings as He continues to refine you, Brittnie…

    • It’s my joy to know that Our Father speaks through me. I’m so glad, Sharon, that your heart was touched by this reminder. Life takes us off course of this simple truth and He gently brings us back to His rest.

      Rich blessings, Sharon, as you soak up His grace for you…

    • Oh I’m so glad for how He uses us all, Melynda. YOUR own note back is so timely for me–such encouragement. We all struggle with our imperfect surrender and how He links us up to gently breathe those reminders is such a gift.

      Rich blessings in your journey of trust, Melynda…

  3. I feel that other people I live with and near do this, and I try to help them, try to pick up the pieces. But I also become like those I am around, so it was good to read this today for me, praying for myself, not relative to others. Thank you!

    • Praying you rich blessings of grace, Beth…for you…and for others…find rest in the grace that covers our imperfect trust…

  4. intense living—wow! i love the way you put that. there was so much truth in this post, but that really stuck out to me. i need to focus on just LIVING for Him, not micromanaging every little thing. thank you!

    • Let Him lead you there, Brittany. Sometimes we See something–a way to live differently–and we want to rush toward living in that way, because we see our need to change. Just let Him lead you. His grace will carry you and His grace allows you the time of living in that *micromanaging* place–He’ll refine you and the story of that process will breathe beauty. Find rest in that grace.

      Rich blessings as you breathe in that rest, Brittany…

  5. Thank you for this–It was exactly what I needed to hear at this very moment. Really. It is beautiful to me how God speaks through others or events in our lives at just the right time. Beautiful post. 🙂

    • Isn’t He just so Amazing?! I sometimes blush at how I continue to be amazed…like, shouldn’t I have gotten it by now? And He just keeps me like a child–keeping me in awe. How He connects us all and provides what we need–encouragement–at just the right time, it’s really such evidence of how He lives.

      Rich blessings, Liz, as you are met in your time of need…

      (and I’m so glad you shared how words He gave me spoke to you. your own words were a blessing to me.)

    • Katie, what an important decision and how freeing to focus on what is important! It really makes me cry when I see how people are “too busy to enjoy life,”–you’re so right!

      Rich blessings as you focus where it’s best for you, and as you receive grace for the times distraction momentarily takes you off course…

  6. One of my daughters used to have a Christmas t-shirt with a picture of a reindeer with Christmas lights all tangled and knotted around its antlers and it said “Lighten Up!”

    I was going through a time when God was teaching me about resting in Him and trusting Him instead of trying to figure everything out to the point of anxiety. That t-shirt message would remind me to Lighten UP and Let God.

    We all need this reminder you have written about, I think I have learned it, until I backslide and God has to teach me again!

    Thanks for being His teacher today!

    • His grace gently refines us and reminds us it’s a process. He wants us to be in a place where we always need Him, not where we’re perfected our ability to *lighten up* and not need Him.

      Rich blessings, Kathy, as your heart is filled with gratitude for His grace…

  7. For years I couldn’t let anyone else off the hook…the shoulda’s or coulda’s…because I couldn’t let myself off either. Satan’s hook is deep but God’s love is deeper. Still wriggling, and fighting when I should just be still and know…then the hook will slip out and the wound will be healed. Thanks for pointing my face in the right direction.

    • Only He does the pointing of our face–gently, like we would as a parent to our own child. I picture Him showing us–“Look HERE…”–and the smile on His face when we decide to trust Him and look.

      Guilt does that–keeps us hooked to the “shoulda’s or coulda’s”–and only God can help us face and choose forgiveness, even for ourselves.

      Rich blessings, Mindi, as Our Father leads you toward grace…for yourself…

    • I love what you said here–such truth! Things do start happening when we let go…and yet…He still uses the time when we’ve clinched so tightly–it’s still beauty for the story making of grace. ‘Tis amazing, for sure!

      Rich blessings as you lessen the reigns and See how He moves…

  8. Amy, you know I can relate to this. As I’m sitting here wanting to take a nap but knowing I haven’t posted my blog today, I said, “As long as I get it done by midnight, I’m good,” but not having it done already was still bothering me. I decided to chill and read some of my favorite blogs and here you are telling me exactly what I needed to hear. We can get so bogged down in OUR expectations that we do miss living. I’m going to take a nap with my baby and wake up to see what’s next for me. Thank you for this post.

    God’s blessings to you, my sister.

    • Oh Rhonda…as I was reading your message I was hoping you would just surrender into the rest He provides and not feel the compulsion to write…and you did! How beautiful! The writing can often wait, for the *living* is so necessary for the telling.

      Rich blessings, sister-friend, as you bask and rest in His grace to live…

      (I so much appreciate your story-telling!)

  9. I love this post….life is seriously flawed, we all are seriously flawed and it’s so easily to just think flawed about every thing and everyone. It is just Him who is not flawed and He died to give us freedom to LIVE the life He has given us to the fullest. One of the great things about aging is you do learn not to take yourself so seriously. (I’m almost 65) I love the old country song…One Day At a Time Sweet Jesus. I think those disciples really understood that as they “walked” with Him every day the dusty road of Israel. I don’t think there was much running to and fro, I believe its the enemy who does that looking for whom he may devour. And devour us he does as we rush through our day, filling our lives up with things that really don’t count for eternity. Thanks for the reminder to live like Jesus, one moment at a time.

    • I am seeing how this perspective is refined through aging–so true!

      Though I wrote this, I continue to need the reminder of how Jesus lived, one moment at a time.

      Rich blessings on your life, Betty…

  10. There are NO WORDS! This was amazing…beautiful… and more relevant to my life than I would care to admit!!! Oh, thank you for this! Now excuse me while I go and “live” my day! God bless you…

  11. Your words have pierced me today – for good. I woke up this morning with a huge burden on my heart involving my children. I’ve laid it before Him. Now reading this seems to be part of the answer He’s showing me. Thank you for sharing your heart. I’m going to breathe a little more and live a lot today.

    • May He lead you in that…slowly…gently…lovingly and without force. Breathe His peace in and your control out.

      Rich blessings…

  12. AMY!!! I *wish* I woulda read this before picking an argument with my good man. {Sigh}I’m thankful for His gift of do-overs and a chance to say “I’m sorry…”

    And I’m thankful for you and your timely reminder to trust in God who knows better than I do. He is always, always good…

    • Ah, the grace of second chances…He always gives it, and He leads us toward receiving them for ourselves! He uses even the arguments for purpose, Kristen–a chance to sit and dine over a slice of humble pie, and in turn intimacy is strengthened. Such beauty there.

      Rich blessings as you trust in His grace, my friend…