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Courtney feels strange writing this bio. She is more comfortable blogging in the first person while managing a house of boys. That works for her. Or me. You know what I mean.

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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. If ONLY we would just ask…He’s right there, waiting. What a great reminder today.

    Rich blessings, Courtney, as you receive His Grace to step out of your comfort zone and trust Him…

  2. Courtney,
    So fun to find you here!

    Why is it that I’m looking every way, but up, and then, wondering why I’m not seeing life clearly?

    Great take on this verse.

  3. This is a great visual for me as I often have neck issues. Thanks for posting this and giving me a gentle reminder that God can handle all of my so-called emergencies far better than me.

  4. Oh, girl, I get a stiff neck and shoulders after I lift weights sometimes and I had never tied it to that analogy! I will from now on and let it be, like you said, a reminder to stop and soften my heart!

  5. The busier people are the less they bow their heads & pray. The stiff-neck may be God’s way of bringing us to our knees. A trial does that for me, also.

    Good post! Great encouragement and insight!

  6. Wow, what great insight. I have to admit I have similar issues where the stiff neck if I am not careful will lead to a migraine and it all is due to stress. I totally understood the line “Instead, I plow forward in my own way, and the result is always the same: stiff neck.”
    You would think by now I would understand the signs. Thank you for sharing and reminding me to bow my head and to seek Him in the good and the bad and especially in the “busy times”.


  7. Timely word….surfed my way over to your thoughts this morning as I was trying to rub away the tenseness in my neck and head. Lo and behold a fellow stress-ite. When I awoke I ran to my coffee pot, tv, computer….but not to God. Your honest reminder of how you “plow” ahead is so true. God says His mercy and compassion are new every morning and gently reminds me to come to him…first. Yes a timely word through you from Him…which is what I love about Him..He knows us so well….and connects us to others who help remind us of that… 🙂 ty

  8. I hear this. I have a feeling that tomorrow may be one of those “stiff-necked” mornings for me. Trying to juggle so much, becomes so stressful after a while. Thank you for the reminder that He is there to help carry our load.

  9. yes…this does hit close to home. To learn to come to Him in all things..loud and quiet. I caught myself the other day in the midst of what I thought might be a good idea…only to find myself an hour later asking Father what He thought about it..:)

  10. Today, nothing started out the way I wanted it to. And my air conditioner broke, and let me just tell you, when major appliances break, I can turn into a mess. Knowing my limitations, knowing I was starting the day tired, knowing that my schedule would be all rearranged, I hit my knees. Literally. And I’ve made mistakes today, but that underlying strength from Him is there. It’s amazing what a little bowing can do for the body.