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Mandy is wife to her hero, mom to three blessings, and daughter to the King of Kings. She is also an avid writer, coffee-lover, and Jesus-worshiper, seeking to be a good steward of all the many blessings in her life.

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  1. Give and it shall be given, pressed together and running over.

    We just had the gas line go on our car. Not sure where the money will come from, but God always supplies every need! I am claiming that promise ! Thanks for the gentle reminder.

    • Ruth, it’s so easy to respond to your comment with a “Trust God!” And as someone who is walking the same road as you, I know how much harder it is to do it, rather than simply say it. Please do hang on to that promise, with the great hope that He will provide! Praying for you at this moment!

  2. Thank you so much for this post today. I am a Financial Peace University facilitator, and find both from personal experience (pre-FPU) and from leading have seen that folks believe they just can’t afford to give.

    In the majority of cases, I believe it comes down to perspective and priorities. As you noted, when you became purposeful with your budget and giving, God opened the door to give you a way to do it. This is exactly what happened in our lives, and we are now debt free and able to give much more than ever before.

    You have hit it the nail on the head with your comment that “He wants our hearts”.

    He doesn’t need our money. He wants our hearts, indeed.

    • Kim, my husband and I are recent FPU graduates ourselves, and I find the final lesson absolutely the most powerful! Giving is so often the “great misunderstanding!” Being debt free is incredible. Having savings to fall back on is security. But knowing we can give when God calls is the greatest BLESSING of them all!

  3. In the classic novel “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” by Betty Smith there are so many amazing examples of wise approaches to finances rooted in biblical foundations. At one point the main character, Francie, asks her father to lean down. She whispers in his ear “My cup runneth over” in a still small voice. Although she has nothing and lives in a tenement, she saw her life as one blessing after another. And she was thankful to God.

    Maybe if we think of the goodness present in our life as evidence of our own cup that “runneth over” we will orient our minds to the biblical mindset that helps us prioritize in a Godly fashion. Thank you for your thought-filled post, Mandy!

    • Thank you for sharing this book and story, M. Louise! I had to ask my mother about the novel because unfortunately I was not familiar with it! I will find a copy soon, though, and read it for myself! 🙂

      Our cup may not run over by earthly standards, but God’s blessings are rich and everlasting!

      Thanks for your comment today!!

  4. I have been reading an amazing book by Randy Alcorn; Money, Possessions and Eternity. It is so good and really talks to putting our money in the perspective of its not mine, its all God’s. It really has changed my perspective towards giving.

    • Brenda, I have heard great things about that book! Indeed, our perspectives on giving are usually the heart of the matter. When we realize it is HIS and not OURS, it’s much easier to give it back to Him to use!

  5. We have been struggling greatly for the past 4 years… still looking for that light at the end of the tunnel. BUT, we have been committed to our full tithe. Even if we don’t have the rent money, we tithe. Before the month is done, the rent is paid… each and every month. Our food budget is miniscule, and all extras have been eliminated for some time. BUT, I also use my couponing to stock up on rices, cake mixes, tea and other items just for the purpose of donating. It is normal for our family to take a bag of groceries with us to church regularly to put into the food pantry. I know the Lord is teaching and training us through this trial, and by continuing to give we are continually blessed. I am so thankful for His provision! Blessings!

    • Terri, my heart goes out to you today! I know so well exactly where you and your family are at this time of life! And I also know the Lord will richly bless you for giving, despite your circumstances! You are evidencing a great measure of trust and faithfulness, and He will bless you for it! Praying for your sweet family right now!

      Thank you for encouraging me today! 🙂

  6. Now from the other side of the pond, I moved to a war torn patch in Africa 5 years ago with scarcely 400 dollars in my pocket. I gave all I had to give and now five years later I have 120 kids and we have works in 5 regions of our nation. God has supernatural multiplied my little life offered wholly to Him.

    Each month is a faith dance trusting our Jesus to provide. And every month He does- even with living in the newest and now the poorest (90% unemployment, 90% make less than $1/day, $90 per capita GDP) and 2nd most expensive nation on the planet (an mud hut can go for $1500 USD/mo to rent in Juba and an apple for $2), that tops the worst stats in most every category (you get the picture!) WHAT a chance for the Gospel to shine bright.

    My little ones teach me every day about radical generosity. They may have 3 shirts but they will give one away to someone with none. I am humbled by that. Blessed are the poor in spirit for THEIRS is the Kingdom of heaven.

    • Wow, Michele! What an amazing testimony!! Wow… just… WOW! Praise the Lord for all He is doing through you, and for your willingness to give so much!! Blessings to you today!!

  7. When I was single and had little income I always sponsored a needy person at Christmas. I would get the name and buy a few nice items for them.

    Now that I’m married with a larger income – we sponsor a child in Ninos de Mexico each month, give items to Salvation Army, and support various ministries in town through the church.

    As for my talents – I do sign language to music for “special music” at our church periodically. I also write encouraging notes to co-workers and friends going through tough times.

    Bless you for all you do!

    • Beth, thank you for being so willing to give, at each season of your life! I know you have been a great blessing to many!

  8. When I started giving money to our church, it was right after DH had lost a 1/3 of his income. I made a deal with him that we would give $20 for his regular paycheck and 10% of anything over that. Now he has his overtime back and things are looking up. We don’t give 100% of the “tithe,” but DH isn’t totally on board and he’s the leader in our house. We’ve been blessed so much already.
    When I make our budget and then balance our checkbook every week, I write out the check for our offering first. Its amazing how easy our budget balances when I do that. We still don’t have a lot of money, but we live comfortably. Comfort is relative and some people may not think we have “enough,” but we’re very blessed with what we have.

    • Molly, I applaud you for the example you are being to your husband. He will see God’s faithfulness through you! “Comfort is relative… but we’re very blessed…” Amen! 🙂

  9. All of these entries are so inspiring! Thank you ladies! A budget and making it work is on all of our minds. Just this weekend my husband and I sat down and got serious about making a budget and telling our money what it’s going to do. If we don’t it flies right out the window it seems! We already live somewhat modestly, as in we don’t have cable or a landline telephone, but there are other area we need to tighten down and get under control. Tithing is something we know we should do and yet we need help with that. I pray that everyone in these comments finds the strength to hang on to Jesus. He will never let you down.
    And THANK YOU Mandy for sharing your heart today!

    • I agree, Rachel! I have been so encouraged by all the comments here! Saying a prayer right now for you and your hubby as you begin the work to put together a budget and give by faith! Blessings to you!

  10. Mandy, I *love* the way you sum this up. God honors our heart-felt gifts. You have inspired me to be more creative with our giving, too! Love ya, girl!

    • Thanks, Kristen! That was the biggest lesson for me to learn – the amount did not matter, but simply the act of giving, of trusting. Love ya too! Can’t wait for October! 🙂

  11. I have been blessed to be in a church family-the Chapel in Sandusky, Ohio
    the Chapel family serves each other and the community around them and the world
    What pleasure to be a part of the programs.
    God show off in His people when we give without fear, He shows us smiling faces and sometimes tears of those who who recieve without asking.
    One small gift cam be the whole world to some one who has nothing.

    When you trust in God he will show you ways to bless others, it may not cost a penny
    How much does it cost to encourage someone? to Listen to someone? To give God to some one? To hug someone? what does it cost to pray for someone?
    I have been blessed by Many who have given thier to help me .
    some pray for me
    some came out and did a work day to help with repares to my home
    Some just bless me by being who they are
    God loves us no matter what and provides for us, and we should try to do the same for other thru our givining

  12. Carmen, what an amazing church family you have! What a blessing! And what a perfect example of giving! Thank you for sharing!

  13. Thanks for this. I was just going over our budget yesterday. Actually we’ve never really had a budget. As I wrote everything out I really wondered how we make it each week. We actually have family who graciously pay for our extras (cable, cell and internet) or else we wouldn’t have them. I can’t even budget everything because it doesn’t add up. We’re in the negative when I do that, but God sees us through.

    So, it’s hard for me to think about giving without a huge discouraging sigh. But I’m going to do some praying today about how we can give of our time and resources. I’ve really got to change my attitude. Thanks.

      • Crystal, what an amazing testimony of the way God has provided for your family! I am praying with you right now, and I know God will open up doors for you to give in ways that only YOU can!

  14. It’s funny; I was tempted to worry about a Christmas budget this year. The Lord encouraged me by telling me to keep my eyes on what we had tithed and the promises in His Word. That made my heart sing and bolstered my faith. Some extra unexpected money came in right away and I’m also seeing where our utility bills will be significantly less in September and October. I know we’re going to enough money to be able to give generously at Christmas and I’m so excited!

    My paradox is that our giving is what gave me faith that there would be more.