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Julie writes from a heart captured by God's love and beating with gospel life. She is a wife, a mama to six and a woman amazed by grace.

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  1. Letting go is so necessary, so freeing for your daughter, and your worship to your Father; for, yes–this is what it’s about. Oh, how I pray I remember this through the years in my parenting.

    Rich blessings to you, Julie, as you continue to seek your Father in the ways of letting go…

  2. The letting go process is so bitter sweet. As excited as I was and am for my girls (and soon my son) to go off to school, I knew there would be a hole in our family. Our lives the past 3 years have been a series of finding new normals. It’s hard, but oh so much fun to watch those little birdies fly and do well. God has so richly blessed us and answered our prayers for our children in awesome ways!

  3. […] Letter to My Daughter Posted on July 11, 2011 by Julie I’ve been writing ever since my dimpled fingers could clutch those chubby Crayola crayons. While my kindergarten friends drew pictures, I scrawled words. Experiments of font and style, even as a tiny girl. My script was my outlet–the thoughts could flow unabridged and raw. I still write. I process life with my longhand. Yet I know that my words will pass away, bound by time as I am. My Father’s Word, by contrast, stands forever. As Matthew Henry writes, “The only way to render me, a perishing creature, solid and incorruptible is for me to entertain and receive the word of God; for this remains everlasting truth, and, if received, will preserve me to everlasting life, and allow me to abide with him for ever.” Still, I write–reflecting, though imperfectly, the image of the true Word.  And, I find myself part of a community of women who love their Father, who trace out His grace with their words.  And in a bold moment, I submitted a piece of my heart, and I got an unexpected message to my inbox–that others might want to read it too.  So I’m over here today, writing (my mother’s answered prayer) and being brave: https://aws.incourage.me/2011/07/a-letter-to-my-daughter.html […]

  4. WHat a beautiful poetic writing! I am in the process of a final letting go of my youngest daughter. She is 18, has moved away to go to school into her own apartment, 3 hours away from us. We both knew she needed space and room to grow, so while it has been difficult (she has been out 5 weeks now) it has been good for both of us.
    I just have to pray and keep praying that everything we ever taught her is still ingrained in her soul and that she will mostly make the right decisions, at least about the most important stuff!
    Thank you so much for sharing!
    Learning to celebrate your strengths

  5. Cheering you on friend – in writing and mothering. No job so hard, so wonderful, nor with so much at stake. I too look with wonder at my 14 year old beautiful daughter and wonder if inhave mothers her well and how to mother her on…the time so short… Thanks for sharing your heart in words beautifully written.

  6. Oh how I can share these emotions with you! Today, I sent my 12 year old daughter off to Chicago for her first mission trip. I couldn’t help but cry knowing she’s not my baby anymore, and learning so quickly to fly on her own. One thing I know for sure…they don’t forget their moms!

  7. Hey,

    I always thought you should do something like this.
    I know goodbyes and transitions are always hard. You’re a treasure-she will always treasure you.

    That old roomate.

  8. Tonight I noticed my daughter was long. Her little body sprout upward is growing and her heart and head are growing with her…too fast.

    Lovely post, makes me want to hug my girls.

  9. I think I would have loved to have a mother like you. I had always dreamed of that kind of mother who would take an interest in my life and encourage me in my dreams.

  10. Wow, you are a beautiful writer. Thanks so much for posting this, it reminds me of my daughter, Kaylee. Great job.

  11. Oh how I love reading your words, Julie. Thank you for using your God-given gift to encourage and inspire others. Tears well up as I consider this ‘letting go’ process…it continues well into our daughter’s adulthood. And so we look to the One who let His own Beloved Son go because He loved us. And we can trust His purposes for our children’s lives, because He is a great God – full of kindness, compassion, forgiveness and love.