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Pastor's wife and mother of Abby (3), Benjamin (2), and Baby #3 (due October 26th). Daily learning about grace, humility, contentment and how to live in the moment. I enjoy writing, reading, jogging if it is with a friend, scrap booking if I have a babysitter, and making big, tasty...

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  1. My mom tells a similar story about my sister – who said once that she wanted to die so she could go be with Jesus. Amazing, and thanks for sharing.

  2. A child’s heart is so beautiful and it’s where I see Jesus show up most.

    Rich blessings as you trust your Father (and theirs) to lead and guide those little ones He’s entrusted you with…

  3. I so enjoyed reading this post. It is a very important reminder of how a child’s perspective and an adult’s perspective differ – they seem to see things much clearer than we do many times. We as adults can sure complicate things 🙂

    My children are now adults (19 & 24) and I look back and wonder where the time went and hope that I gave them what they need to go through this life. Now, I am in that state of trusting God and believing that we have trained our children in the ways of God and believing that they will not depart from it. The seeds have been planted so now we pray that they are nurtured and grow to maturity so that they become what God has planned for them.

    Thanks so much for this beautiful post.
    Be Blessed.

    • Hmmm, Gloria what a great reminder to me to remember that the time for training is NOW! I know it will go by so fast. So grateful that our kids are in His grace and His power. Blessings to you as well. 🙂

  4. Loved this: ‘She’s marching confidently on a mountain of Truth while I climb and stumble along clumsily beside her’. Thanks for the perspective!

  5. That was precious. There must be something with the name Abby, when my Abby was little she would say things like that!! The faith of children is awesome and inspiring.

      • Thankyou for sharing this precious story and children really teach us so much with their innocence don’t they. How was the Lord able to give his only son to us knowing that he would be so ridiculled and abused as he was. Imagine how much he loved us that he gave his son and his blood that we would be cleansed of all our sins by the blood of christ. NO WONDER THAT WE HEAR THE TERMS God is Love. God bless everyone. Deanne

  6. Oh!
    I had to write.
    I have experienced wanting to die because of dashed hopes.
    I have experienced wanting to die because of the death of a loved one (me go too).
    But, I think perhaps I have experienced wanting to die to be with Jesus. Yes, it is the best of the three, and biblical (Paul, in Philippians).
    Carolyn Arends has a beautiful song welcoming her firstborn and then imagining being welcomed into heaven. Oh, for faith that remembers all we do not yet see, overcoming dashed hopes and lonely grief! Oh, for children thank the Lord!
    Thank you for writing.

  7. My grandmother passed away a few weeks ago and I took my 3-year-old to the funeral and burial. It was the first time we’d talked about death with him. My family and I have differing views on what happens to a person’s spirit when they die and it had been a stressful time of grieving and also wanting them to know and understand what I know. It was so refreshing to see my little boy’s sweet spirit pausing to say his good-byes at the casket and talking to me about Jesus like he knows Him. He asks deep theological questions and waits with innocence to digest my simple answers-We should value the connection that I know our children have with divinity.