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Melissa Brotherton is learning -- through her marriage, her children, and life in general -- to abide in God.

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  1. So true–if we wait until we are perfect, we will never be perfect … and we will never make a difference for Him.

    I get tripped up in the quest for perfection, still, and when I trust that He will be in all I do there is greater courage and confidence–mostly in Him, because it is all about Him.

    Rich blessings, Melissa, as you continue to trust Him…

  2. “There’s a line that hits me square between the eyes every time: ‘If we tarry, till we’re better, we will never come at all.'”

    i love this song, and this line gets me every time too. thank you so much for the reminder to release the anxiety of perfection into restful humility and fruitfulness.

    God bless you.

  3. I’m so glad you hit SEND! 🙂 Perfectionism is something I deal with on a regular basis, too. I appreciate your honest words here. May we all have the courage to hit SEND more often on those things that perfectionism would paralyze us against following through.

  4. I love this! I too often never start many good things because I know it won’t go the way I think it should. So much wasted time. Today, I choose to move forward in my imperfection and EMBRACE it. In my weakness, He is strong. Thanks for the post!

    • Sometimes I feel like our stepping out in weakness allows others to do the same. I wonder how many times my desire for perfection has held others back because they feel inadequate. God bless you as you step out in the things He’s called you to!

  5. I cried through this post. God’s timing is always perfect. I’ve recently been ready to hear him tell me I have issues with control and I’ve been processing this in every area and let me tell you…it’s in EVERY area!
    Then I read your post on control – um. wow.
    Thank you for being yourself and letting God use it. Something so simple can be used for so much good.

  6. Congrats for finally doing it girl! Perfectionsim is so hard to get out from under, but you just took a great step!

    • Yay! This was a hard step for me, and you know even now I’m going back thinking I should have done something different. 🙂 Thanks for always encouraging me, April.

  7. This is exactly where I live most of the time unfortunately. Frozen….waiting for perfection. Thanks for reminding me…Gotta step out!! Hit SEND.

  8. Melissa, first of all I love that despite your insecurities and fear you stepped out and did something that you really wanted to do. You didn’t allow yourself to hold you back from a step forward for you. But I also love what you had to say about how we forget that it’s not about us. I know that this is constantly my problem… I forget that the world is not about me but instead is about God and what His ultimate goal and plan is. I pray that I would not forget that it isn’t about me and that this would allow me to step outside of my fears and insecurities to do what I want to do and what God can use me in. 🙂

    • What a great prayer, Kaitlin! I pray that same thing for you. God has showed me that not only am I holding myself back in my perfectionism, but also His will and others in their walk. Once we trust that He’s more than capable to do it all, we see that our participation isn’t necessary for Him, but for our growth.

  9. If we were to achieve perfection, then who gets the glory? Not God, that’s for sure! Everyone has the need to be perfect in some areas of our lives. So we strive towards that, but can often times forget God. No matter how ‘perfect’ some people appear on the outside,we all deal with our own insecurities. What a great & refreshing reminder for all of us!

    • There’s so much truth in what you said, Christy! We all do deal with insecurity at some point. The lie that we’re alone in our fears and struggles is exactly what holds us captive in them. Thanks!

  10. Oh My, what a wonderful post. I am so glad you hit “SEND”. You spoke my heart and I know the heart of many women. Something with our gender, built in our DNA that tells us we have to be perfect, and also impossible to achieve. It is soooo frustrating!

    How on earth can the imperfect ever be perfect? Well because right now we are here on earth. God bless you and please keep hitting “SEND”.

  11. It’s exciting for all of us who have been following your blog. We get to see you breaking from the shell and exploding into places you never thought you would go. Way to go, Melissa.

  12. So often I think *I* must be the one to make myself ready for anything God is preparing me to do…and I realize the only preparation I need is a willing heart, surrendered in obedience to His sovereign plan, to what He has called me to do…even when it looks like EVERYONE around me is more qualified. If I’m called, He’ll fill in the gaps!

    Oh, that I would trust in more and say each day, “Here I am, Lord!” Even if He is sending me to the kitchen to make dinner or the laundry room to fold clothes. I want to be willing to go where He leads.

    Loved seeing you here!

  13. Melissa – great post! Thanks for pointing me to it.

    My favorite quote says, “Perfection is overrated; particularly if it prevents me from doing something interesting.” As the world’s WORST perfectionist, the Lord has had to teach me that sometimes the path He has for me is a little messy, but that messy is okay. I am okay. He makes me okay.

    Sounds like we may have that in common. Glad I’m not alone!

  14. This sounds sooo much like me. It’s hard to put myself out there… it took me months to get up the courage to take even the smallest of steps to invite others to read my blog… I was so scared of receiving negative feedback (or no feedback at all!)
    It takes time to learn that imperfect is OK. And to learn from the negative feedback too.
    Thanks for these thoughts you’ve shared.

    • “I was so scared of receiving negative feedback (or no feedback at all!)”

      This I connect with! Isn’t it interesting that our fear of imperfection has nothing to do with how God views us, but how others perceive us?

  15. “If we tarry, till we’re better, we will never come at all.”

    That really says it all, doesn’t it? Beautiful post, Melissa. It was perfect for me… and I’m right there with you…

    • But Mary, you gave up on perfectionism… 😉 Haha! I’m glad that it was encouraging as well as honest, because sometimes they can be honest without being encouraging. You are always an encouragement to me in my struggle with perfectionism. 🙂

  16. Oh, the irony. I read this post as a way to distract myself from a special writing project that has be sweating!

    Thanks. And now, I’ll be going back to work.

  17. Ewwie. I think you’ve been looking over my shoulder.
    Have been sitting on that ‘invite to submit’ email for months now….fear gripping, twisting, tightening my neck muscles…
    What if it’s not good enough? What if she says, ‘no thanks’ – what then?

    Time to try. Time to begin.
    Thanks, Melissa, for the gentle kick in the pants.

  18. ~Allowing my fears and insecurities to hold me back, I’ve stuttered and stalled and stopped.~

    If there was a phrase that wrapped my life up into one simple sentence, this would be the one. So many times have I given insecurity and fear to have such a tight hold on me that they keep me from doing something that God might want me to do. All because I believed the stinkin’ lie Satan keeps telling me “You’re not good enough.”

    Thank you for sharing this today.

  19. Oh thank you for this post. You’ve beautifully described some of my own struggles with perfection & self-limitations. I’m slowly learning that it’s okay to not be perfect and perfectly okay to just be myself. This post was another must-needed dose of inspiration for me today.

    Thanks again, Melissa 🙂