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Annie F. Downs is a bestselling author and nationally known speaker based in Nashville, Tennessee. Her most recent books include 100 Days to Brave, Looking for Lovely and Let’s All Be Brave. Read more at and follow her at @anniefdowns.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. At least you didn’t stomp your foot at him before turning away. That says a lot. Trust me. Since I’m quite a bit older than you I have to say the Lord will run those situations by you again and again until you get them right. Ask me how I know.

  2. “…past experiences actually do birth wisdom into your current life. ”

    Ahhh, you’ve learned this young enough to serve you well :).

    And I think there’s nothing more beautiful than smile-wrinkles.

  3. Wouldn’t take the 20’s back for anything – even to be free of the smile-wrinkles (which my 12-year old daughter enjoys pointing out….) – thank you for sharing your journey!

  4. 30 is the number of maturity.. Jesus was 30 when he began his ministry. you should enjoy being 30, it’s a wonderful age. and for a 30 year old you have gained great wisdom. learning to let pain have its day is a truth that carry you above the pain. by the way i love your smile…

  5. At 29, I can say that I feel the same way…People ask me how I feel about turning 30 soon and I honestly can say that I am happy because I am enjoying the growing more mature as well. There is definitely a peace that comes with gaining experience and walking with God longer (I don’t think it would be the same way for me if I wasn’t walking with Him).
    That is not to say that sometimes I don’t get freaked out by lines around my eyes either though…

  6. Oh Annie…..girl, I have walked the streets of drama-mama! Matter of fact, I might be the head queen of that land!
    I’m way past 3 0…and I’m thankful for the “mature” followers that God has provided in my life that were able to forgive and move forward with me through my passionate reactions.
    God is good–to provide mercy & forgiveness!

  7. Well, seriously, rolling your eyes at someone’s emotional breakdown? Not cool, Dan. Okay, okay, I guess that wasn’t your point. I love this post, Annie, because I take some sort of weird pride on being mature. (Please know that I’m saying that in a hoity-toity voice. That’s important here.) So when I can actually stand back and realize that I am wiser today than I was before, it’s such a humbling blessing.

  8. It amazes me how persistent God is sometimes…I’ve been living and reliving an unfortunate series of interactions with a dear friend this past year, and God has continually been putting people and experiences in my path to teach me a lesson (or two) about what has happened. I am so thankful to have read your line saying, “one poorly-handled conversation doesn’t have to define a friendship.” I feel like we have both been letting that happen. And you are right…what doesn’t kill you certainly makes you stronger!

  9. ‘But I have lived enough to know that it will get better.’

    Thank you for your post. I agree! It’s just so hard to know what happens after a conflict – does a good friendship wither away just because of that? What if it never recovers? What happens to those good old days?

    But just having the reassurance that there’s a season and a reason for everything in life, and knowing that God is control gives me comfort. Understanding that even if things are no longer the same, His will has already been done. It will get better!

  10. Sweet wisdom from someone half my age {yes, I’ve made it all the way to 30 more years with much more grey and many more smile wrinkles}. All of life does indeed make us stronger when we lay it before our amazing, loving God who does work all things together for good.

  11. […] I have read a few posts at (in)courage one about truly esteeming other women and not tearing them down, you can read the post here. That was the first of the stepping-stones it took to bring me back to center. What really hit me in that article was that we should encourage others no matter what their religious background is. It really took back the statement of “the bible I read isn’t real” statement that was said to me because while reading it something whispered to my heart that what should have been said at that moment is “God is still here, that I promise you.” the second was here. […]