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Holley Gerth is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, counselor, and life coach. Her newest release is The Powerful Purpose of Introverts: Why the World Needs You to Be You. She's also wife to Mark, Mom to Lovelle, and Nana to Eula and Clem.

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  1. My oh my oh my!!! Did I need to hear this or what?!! Thank you soooo much for this Holley – this is speaking to me in a ‘mahooosive’ way!! Sorry for all the exclamation marks!

    God bless

      • Wow, I feel the same way after reading this, About, My Messy Imperfect self Changing the world & everything else..but especially that part..it serves as more confirmation for me by our Father..Thank you So very much for this hope and inspiration..it means a lot to a DREAMER like me:)

  2. Oh. My. (I was truly going to write this and then as I was I glanced up to see Modupe’s comment. Tee hee…too funny.)

    Seriously, Holly. I. Love. This.

    What you wrote totally resonates with me and my passion, and what I think so many of us need to hear. I’m discovering the same things, and in fact not exactly wanting *success* because of that lens that I sense exists. (and usually it’s my own scrupulous lens.)

    I love this especially (and so much more): “Get used to fear. It’s what pushes you into faith.

    That knot in your stomach isn’t untying anytime soon–the only option is to accept it as part of the ride and even dare to enjoy it a bit. Put your arms in the air, feel the rush, and scream your guts out all the way into whatever it is God has for you. Wheee!”

    Fear is what I tend to write a lot about because you’re so right – it propels me to faith. God wants to keep us centered on Him and remember that (you’re right) He is God – not us. And He wants us to remember how incredibly amazing and huge He is. He’s a good God, a good Father, but indeed His ways are higher than ours.

    I so want to connect with you because, like I said, what you write (and have written here) so completely pulls at my heartstrings.

    Rich blessings to you, Holley, as you are ever so encouraged by Him who gifts you to encourage others…

    • Yes, Amy “not exactly wanting success”…isn’t it amazing how we dream and fear our dreams coming true all at the same time? I can definitely relate! Keep pushing through that fear, courageous daughter of His!

      • Oh, my, Holley…so, I get into work and learn about this position that’s open – a position I’ve been sorta intrigued with, and I had no clue it’d be open now (I think how I thought I had it figured out…that two more years…it’d be open after we end this campaign…). It’s as big-ish position and it’d get a lot more exposure. And I wonder if I’m good enough. But I use my smarts and talk with my boss, and my boss’s boss, and I write to a board member I work with, and I schedule coffee with the woman soon-to-leave the post of said position. I do all of what I feel led to do with the smarts He gave me through how I’ve grown up to this point. And, I’m just amazed at all of this today. I feel like a machine just doing as the Spirit leads me and I wonder who this girl thinks she is to just plow ahead and live. It’s huge. And I see God in all of it. I denounce the lies. I trust the truth. First with your post that I read at 5:30 this morning, then what He led me to write today on my blog this morning, then how He spoke to me on my run about how I can bloom where I’m planted here, and then…then this interesting news to learn about. Is my time ready? I’m not sure I am. But maybe He is. He certainly knows more than I do!

        Pushing fear…gotta!..have no choice if I want to live free! And I am HIS daughter! I am HIS DAUGHTER! You made me smile at this truth. Because it is truth. And my Father will guide me.

        I appreciate you today. Hugs, my friend…

  3. Hi Holley,

    Thank you for your words. My God-sized dream is to reach the children of my town with the love of God and the good news of salvation in our Lord Jesus. With a great team, I run a children’s club mid-week at Church and God is blessing us. We are praying about doing some open-air sessions over the summer holidays to reach more children. We appreciate your prayers!

    God bless you, Holley. xx

    PS Have nearly finished your book – you fed my soul, thank you 🙂

  4. Thank you for this post Holley. It really touched me and has propelled me to keep holding on to God’s promises for my life. Indeed fear is often an issue which I struggle with so thank you for this new insightful approach.
    God bless!

  5. reading in ezekiel today and i came a little closer to understanding god’s glory. okay, closer to understanding that i will never be able to fathom his glory. and i felt like a moron for ever believing that i could understand him. but humbled to the floor when i realized that he knows me and wants me in his story. i just have to be willing to hang on and go for this ride.

  6. Great post Holly!

    Loved all the disclaimers. They are soo true! My God-sized dream is to find a new job, and have more time and money for local mission work.

  7. Thank you so much for this encouragement this morning! Good reminders as I’m starting on a God-sized adventure in a new job, one I would have never thought I could do, but God has other plans. I’m excited (and scared) to see what He requires of me! 🙂

  8. Ooh, Holly, I have chills. This speaks to me – and to what I wrote in my post!

    I love these disclaimers, especially the idea that fear pushes you into faith. Get used to it! That is so very true. I think it’s the getting used to it part I have to work on. 🙂

    I LOVE roller coasters so, the next time I feel fear in the crawling forward for what might be coming, I’m just gonna throw my arms up and, from the pit of my tummy, scream all the way, “Wheee!”

    I’m always so grateful for you and others, who speak from your own experience. It is a gift that is priceless. Thank you.

  9. Wow, Holley – I needed that. The disclaimers, I have been pouting for the last 2 weeks because things just aren’t going my way. I have a huge list of “When I’s” too. When I marry, when I finish school, when I get a better job, when I have my own business. The list goes on. Think I’ll chuck it. Thank you for the much need words this morning, I feel a little of the weight lifted.

  10. I’m also the kind of girl who likes to have a strategy. 🙂 I had to laugh when you said we will never figure out what HE is doing.Ever. So, so true. Love thinking it will all be so much more than I would expect! ♥

  11. Always, He has something for me in what you write. I love when that happens. Thank you for this… and thank you for sharing these words today. The ‘when I’s’ are what get me and keep me stuck.

  12. SO needed to hear this right now – especially the first disclaimer. Lately, it seem God has been interrupting my well-thought-out plans with a few curve balls and road blocks. I think He’s trying to tell He wants to be in control ;). Praying for continued patience and hope as I wait upon Him.

  13. Hi Holley,

    From one roller coaster riding, God inspired woman to another–thank you! This post is a treasure! It’s always good to know I’m not alone in feeling fearful, ill-equipped and puzzled. Honestly, when I signed my book contract I felt no elation, only a heavy, weighty responsibility. I have been stunned by the things God continues to do, and though I may not ever be able to figure out what, exactly, He’s doing, I trust Him. And that is enough.

  14. Thank you, Thank you.

    I read your disclaimers and at number 1 busted out laughing out loud at work and had to look around to see if anyone was looking 🙂

    I so get all of them but number 1 just is so true for me right now. I am much like you. I am a planner and stratigizer and like to know the plan from A to Z before I begin but God just does NOT work that way.
    Right now I feel like I am being led along a trail with little pieces of bread crumbs. He drops me a crump (of something to do, or say) and I do that and then I get another bread crumb. So, I am walking along the trail taking small steps as I get a bread crumb (direction). Hey, isn’t that the way we are suppose to live? Waiting on him for direction. A little light bulb just went off (I am a slow learner). Thank God for his patience and persistence with me as he teaches me.

    Again, the post was right on time … Keep them coming.

  15. Holley. I don’t think I have words to express how much God knew I needed to come to this post this morning. Thank you. For months I have been feeling adrift. Knowing that I have a destiny and figuring out what that destiny is are so often two different things. I am on the journey with Jesus because I know it’s the best place to be, but sometimes it feels less than safe, and often times I feel like I am wandering in the dark. THANK YOU. Waiting is the best thing I can do… and acting when I know it’s time, no matter what my heart or the world around me says will be awesome!

  16. your disclaimer’s are magnificent!!!

    I let my God sized dream in…it was just a simple thought: three small words and two of them hyphenated.

    And now it has taken on a life of its own, like it was a seed that has been growing leaves and leaves and more green leaves and now–oh, buds of flowers and I can see their colours peeking through. So mesmerizing as they are blooming.

    I told God when I said okay to this little dream from Him that He had my permission to do as He pleased, and I trembled when I prayed that…getting on the roller coaster ride indeed. And is He ever Creative. And Unpredictable. But I wouldn’t change a thing this far.

  17. Holley, thanks for the bull-eye hit this morning. Eventhough it was a strike, it was much needed. It helped reveal the lies of “me” and opened up a world of “Him”. Thanks so much!! May you be blessed as you bless us..

  18. Holley,
    I always appreciate your thoughts – this one struck a chord in me as I am a newly appointed pastor with all that goes along with a new to me church, at the beginning of that God-sized dream! I know that “fear” is the beginning of a healthy respect for God – I consider it my “Holy Spirit” reliance reminder.. when the butterflies come they are uplifting us to dependence upon God and reminders that we never go alone. I love how the Holy Spirit steps up in so much better a way than we could ever do on our own. Blessings!

  19. So refreshing to hear I am not losing it. I work at my work for the Lord, but it never ever seems to be enough. Looks like it actually is enough and I will get my answer/reward in due time. I pray every day for answers and even if I never know them or get the help I think I am supposed to get, at least I have Holley to humble me and reassure me I am not alone. Can’t wait for your book.
    Thank You and God Bless you and all our bloggers… Leeza..

  20. Good morning to everyone and hello. Thank you Holley for this sweet post. It is always a pleasure to read. I really believe that everyday day is a new start. One which allows us to live and learn. However, along with life comes the trials of life as well. It isn’t always easy or simple. Decisions we have to make, things we have to face are not aways easy to do. We can find strength in God and in his love. The trust we put in him takes away the fear. The challenges of every day life them seem like nothing. We have to grieve and trust, it is essential. God can do anything-perfectly.

  21. I thought that you wrote this just for me but I see that lots of other folk needed to hear it too. Thanks for sharing!!

  22. Holley,
    I, too, needed to hear this today. It’s amazing how God’s words come through your fingertips on the keyboard, speaking the encouragement, reassurance, and comfort we need to hear. Today, I feel as if He sent you to me as my own personal cheerleader, as I take deep breaths, and prepare for a big interview. Life can be a “white knuckle ride”. Thank for reminding me to throw my hands in the air every now and then…trusting that I’m not going to fall off of the coaster.

  23. What a precious message you brought today!
    My life has changed so dramatically the past three years and all the disclaimers summarize that.
    1. You lose control, He wants us to know that HE is in CONTROL, always.
    2. Fear, with change comes fear for the unknown and that fear pushes us into faith AMEN.
    3. When I… with life changing the way it has for me you tend to put even more pressure on yourself to add more When I’s …. like you want to prove to the world and yourself that you are still capable, still you, although you have lost so much of yourself. But then… you don’t have to be enough, because I am more than enough in you!

    This is so extremely valuable to me today! Thank you again!

  24. Thank you for this post! I can relate to sharing similar God-sized dreams and it was a blessing to hear your journey!

  25. Hello again. Great post Holley. Just wanted to say sorry for the typo/misspelled word on my comment posted. I meant to say,”believe” not the word grieve. Thank you. God bless all of you.

  26. I process my thoughts by writing, and have since I was in elementary school. Just today I started a blog to talk about my thoughts on the journey we call life and how where I am and where I thought I’d be are not even in the same ballpark. Thanks for the reminder that I am not alone in the wonderings and that, in the end, trusting Him is all that matters.

  27. “Disclaimer 1: You will never figure out what God is doing.Ever.”


    Yes! So true!

    I understand what you mean when you say you like to have a strategy, a mission statement– powerpoint and all because I can be like that too. My mom says I want a recipe book answer to everything in life. But life doesn’t work like a recipe book.

  28. Holley

    Thank you for your God-sized Dream blogs. They have been inspirational to me and others I have shared them with. Ive been unemployed and wanting to venture into something new. It’s a little scary as I am still holding on at times to that worry of financial security. I know however that God knows my heart and I need only to turn to Him for direction. He is my stronghold.

    Blessings and God’s peace to all who have their dreams


  29. Thank You, Holley! You so hit on the things I’ve felt each time God signs me up for another adventure! Uncertainty, fear, anticipation! Today’s message was perfectly timed for a group of ladies at my church, especially 1, that is feeling God preparing her for something God-sized. I forwarded this to her, and know that God is truly speaking to her through you! Keep letting God do the walking on your keyboard through your fingers! Blessings!

  30. Your words mean so much to me Holley! Your words give me hope these days. I have found myself looking for your post everyday. I’m sure you get this all the time. Sometimes, I wish I could see through your eyes.

  31. you and God really hit the mark on this one!!! as your line to Him is open and ready for the message He wants you to communicate to your friends&readers—like many that have responded before me, I really needed this one today……….sweet blessings to you dear lady!

  32. I needed to hear this today and I’m beginning to “turn the knob”…

    Yes, the the world is waiting for labourers as the Harvest is plentiful and time is short…

    Thank you Lord for seeing me as–wonderful, imperfect, glorious, God-filled, messy me.
    Otherwise, it just wouldn’t be me.

    So here I am Lord, use me for thy Kingdom and thank you Holley for sharing your insights here today. I never expected it would turn out this way after I signed up to receive your blog daily. God just surprises me every time!

    Thanks for the “knock knock”! I needed that! Love you gurl!!!!! (I heard you love these too! LOL! XO

  33. Just when I thought I was too old for God size dreams, they seem to come at me out of the blue. Sometimes I think God is leading me, kicking and screaming into these dreams…and guess what!? After I’m “there” I am so enjoying it…learning….fellowshipping….being in the Presence of God. Some days it is almost more than I can do to get this old body moving, but God pushes and pulls me and soon I am up and going, going, going….He has plans for me, I don’t know them yet, and if I did, I am sure I would run the other way….but He knows my heart and He knows what He has in mind for me….I just have to let go and Let God!

  34. Thank you for this! My husband and I feel God stirring us up for our next God-sized adventure. God has been faithful over the past 23 years to keep us excited and guessing what’s next. We’ve gone off on our own at times and gotten a no. But the one consistent thing is that whenever God is preparing us for a change, He works in both of us. A year from now we will be official empty-nesters and we feel like something big is going to happen then. I have invested 21 years into being a homeschooling stay at home mom and God has a new mission for me, He hasn’t given us the complete vision, but we sense its going to be good! Thanks for the encouragement today!

  35. Holly. You’ve hit the nail on the head again.

    A friend once told me that if you can figure out how God’s gonna do something, that’s not how He’s gonna do it.

    It’s both mysterious and refreshing. Keeps us guessing.

    Blessings, Holly.

  36. Holley,

    Thank you so very much for your words today. I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes as I type this. God has put a huge dream in our hearts and we are getting ready to tuck ourselves inside the roller coaster. “I will enjoy this ride, I will enjoy this ride, I will enjoy this ride” is the echo in my heart this morning. I’m not sure I want to get used to the fear because I believe that God wants to remove that pit in our stomachs so that we can ‘shout victory into the wind’ as we trust in His unfailing love and guidance. So, here goes…..letting Jesus pry my fingers from the handlebars so I can throw my hands into the air and let Him take us around every unseen bend and every dark corner.
    Blessings to you! Thank you so much letting us share your ride with you!

  37. Dear Holley,

    Thanks for all the beauty you’re sharing. I love your words and thoughts. The best when you show yourself and I recognize myself in it..
    I’d like to think of you as a dear friend. One I do not see often (ever), but still dear. When you write that you’re sipping your coffee, I drink mine on this side of the world. And with every mail I get, it’s like a long waited letter.
    So dear Holley, don’t ever stop what you do and never ever let something or someone shut you up!

    And who knows, we might meet some day, on this side or the other. 😉 than we’ll drink that cup of coffee!

    Bless you,

  38. Holy smoke! And I really do mean ‘holy’ smoke. Seriously.

    Just this morning, I got really brave and whispered to God about the big-big-way-too-big dream He’s given me. Tears fell, but I couldn’t help it. I had to ask it. And I had to think of what Beth Moore once said: “God gives us vocations that stir up all our insecurities…so that He can scoop them out one spoonful at a time.”

    Thank you so much ministering such unutterable reassurance. Too often I wear myself out when the path takes a turn, trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong or not doing right.

    From one writer with dreams to another, Miss H,

    Waving and smiling, hanging on tight,


  39. This is just SO very good! Even though I ‘know’ I can’t figure God out, I keep trying. You put it perfectly and it gives me more courage to know someone else is fearful too. Thank you Holley!

  40. These disclaimers are so true. The more I study and learn about God and His ways, the more mysterious He becomes and I realize how very littel I really know other than the fact that I can trust and rely on Him. That is not always easy I have been trusting God to help me find meaningful employment (or just employment) since being downsized a year and a half ago. So, I guess that is my God-size dream at this point in my life.

  41. You can’t imagine how this blessed and ministered to my heart today!!! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and insights with us!!!

  42. Oh, yeah!
    And how!
    And THEN some!

    He just keeps it comin’…
    because that’s how we grow!

    Bring it on Lord ~ because I want to k-n-o-w You in the fullness of all that You are…
    my family, and others, need me to be like You-to keep them focusing on You…
    but most of all I NEED YOU!

  43. In the last eight years in particular I have had so much sadness and loss of people who were a close and important part of my life that I seemed to buy into the lie that all my dreams were long passed. Today a dear friend came along side me in my grief of yet another loss and lo and behold we ened up on the subject of making God too small in our eyes. thank you Holley once again our dear Lord has spoken through you. you are blessed to be a blessing x

  44. With my struggle with insecurity, these 3 disclaimers, along with a few other key phrases I have picked up on lately, are things I have to remind myself of daily. Thanks for the words here.

  45. Holley,
    “You will never figure out what God is doing. Ever.” My smile feels about a mile wide! There is freedom is that truth…the freedom to choose to trust Him. The freedom to respond to the promptings of His Spirit instead of trying so very hard to figure things out. Okay, I’ll write it in black and white…I’m clueless even when it comes to what I want, what my dream even is at this point, but that’s okay. In God’s time these passions will float up and I will recognize them and move as God leads. The disclaimers are such an encouragement Holley. Every one spoke to me…so very true.
    So delighted to hear you’re at work on another book. Your words are always so nourishing to our souls. : )

  46. Thank you… what a beautiful post.. I wish I could keep those words in my heart everyday!
    Take care,

  47. Thanks for your God-sized dream posts. A friend forwarded some of them to me last fall, and they encouraged me so much. My God-sized dream is church planting in a Muslim country! It is slow, hard work and sometimes discouraging. So I need to hear these words of encouragement.

    I liked these disclaimers. I can relate to No. 1 because some things haven’t gone as we’d planned, but we keep trusting and keep moving forward anyway! Blessings on your ministry.

  48. It is as if you wrote this just for me, that you had peaked into the recesses of my soul. But then I saw how many of us felt exactly the same way and understood that my issues are our issues. Thank you for this timely and powerful post. I am sharing it with my writing group and on my facebook reader’s page.

    Have a blessed day.

  49. Yay! I love that you have a new little tab on your website titled “lifecoach.” Congrats girl! And, hello, I didn’t know your new book was up for pre-order. I just ordered mine.

    oh, and this post? Yeah, it has me unpacking and re-strategizing. Thanks for that.

    a fellow strategizer and friend,

  50. GOD HAS PERFECT TIMING, as you KNOW! I am much encouraged today with this article, being in the midst of writing/editing two books and much afraid of the possibility of success or failure. Your walk through fear to faith is a great reminder for me today! Thank you soooooooooooooooo much! The LORD NEVER FAILS; HE IS ALWAYS FAITHFUL IN ALL WAYS HOLY! Walk in peace and HIM. Comrades in His Glory! Love, Lauri

  51. I look for your emails with anticipation each day and i stop what i am doing to read them…most times they are exactly what i needed, but then God is using you to fulfill that mission. I dont even know you and yet you are just what i need each day, well, you and our almighty God! Love you!

  52. I have so many God-size dreams I don’t know what to do with myself! 🙂 Seriously, I’m a dreamer and so many of my dreams are centered around passions I know are God crafted. However, the “doors” I think need to open have failed to open so many times. But I know God has plans for me that He will work out in His time. Eph 2:10 Thank you for such an encouraging post, Holly!

  53. Thank you for this Holley. I have this very annoying habit of always going the Father one better. I ask for confirmation or guidance; He graciously complies; I begin to doubt it could possibly be true and ask….for confirmation, guidance….
    I somehow feel it can’t possibly be what He wants. It looks too big for someone like me. I am such a dreamer, but that is mostly as far as it goes – all dream, very little action.
    I am going to read this again and again until it sinks into my heart.

  54. Hi Holly – I always enjoy your writing – you bring hope and light with your words, and I thank you for that! I enjoyed your dream disclaimers. My mother always said to me, “You want to hear God laugh? Tell him your plans!” That wonderful liberating understanding that we are not God, and we do not control life is important. But the most exciting part for me is that God always delivers far more than I had dreamed possible – another example of why He’s God and I’m not! I say to my kids now, we might as well let go and let God and enjoy the ride, coz no amount of worrying or going against the tide is going to change the things we cannot change.

    God bless Holly.
    H 🙂

  55. Holley,
    Thank you for your wonderful words! I really needed to hear them today! Right now my God sized dream is to retire and spend more time with my 2 beautiful grand daughters, and for my husband and I to buy a cottage and fix it up and live “happily ever after” in it. We lost our home several years ago in a financial cricis and are getting back on our feet, due to the grace of God! Thank you so much for all you do, I love your words of encouragement, they bring me hope!

  56. I just want u to know…i loooooove how real and unpretentious your blogs are….i cant tell u how God is using ur pen to speak msgs of hope into my spirit…..thank you for being obedient to ur calling Holly…thank you! xxx
    Ur sis in Christ

  57. Words cannot describe. My heart is full, and there are tears in my eyes. God’s Words, from your heart to mine. Thank you for sharing. Sometimes, it’s hard to dream. Easy to stuff it away because the passion it lights inside is honestly scary. To wonder if your dreams are really from the Lord. Fear of failure is staggering. Your words helped me to remember again that God knows ME and sees the inner parts of my heart, even if sometimes my theology doesn’t seem to match my reality. I pray God is glorified through whatever comes! It is all about Him anyway! Thank you Holley. 🙂

  58. Holley I too have tears as my heart spills over.
    My husband and I have been struggling with a God sized dream for 5 years now without much true support around us…..no one speaking much blessing over what God has placed in our hearts but trying to get us to do what they think is right.
    And what you said here today was like you were speaking right ot my hurting heart.
    I can’t find enough to say to thank you enough. I look so often for confirmation from God I am not imagining up this dream and what I need to do to make it happen as the weariness has gotten to me and the fears bring tears often. Your words are healing to my heart. Bless you Holley and thank you so much ♥✝♥

  59. Ah. You wrote this just for me. I know it. Especially tonight. 😉

    Holley, thanks for being brave to share your heart. Your God-sized dreams are coming true and your heart is big enough to bring us along for the ride. Whee!! I love how you encourage and inspire us! ooxx!

  60. This is EXACTLY what God had for me to hear today. Thank you so much. My God-sized dream is something I’m diligently asking God to refine in clarity and focus, but in general I would like to work from home to promote orphan care, to grow the ministry we have in Ukraine to kids living at a Christian center, to raise funds to support these endeavors and also to write about spiritual growth/faith/orphan care/women’s issues (see the need for the “clarity” prayers!?). Your words today squarely landed on each of the areas God’s stretching me in right now, and I appreciate the encouragement! Thank you many times over.

  61. Holly,
    A friend forwarded this to me. I am at the beginning of a “God-sized dream”. I am starting a ministry for orphans. The Lord has clearly called me out of the classroom and into ministry. Your post is exactly what I have experienced so far. He has only given me a glimpse at the vision, He continually gives me scripture to fight my fears and doubts, and I am humbled by my lack of ability to do this – leaving me completely dependent on Him. Which is where I always want to be anyway. Please pray for me.

    Lisa Bonds
    Engraved Ministries, Inc.
    “I will not forget you. See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands.”
    Isaiah 49:15-16

  62. Holley,

    About this time last year my friend Stephanie Bryant said something about living a God-sized dream. Inside my heart withered. I had no dreams left, it seemed. I had allowed bankruptcy, working full-time when my heart longs to be a SAHM, marriage stresses, and disappointments to suck the dreams right out of me.

    I cried. Cried out to God to give me dreams back again. #1 disclaimer is so true. I didn’t know what He was building in me during this desert time. I didn’t know that He wanted my dreams to be for Him not for some other adventure or event or circumstance. And so I began dreaming about being the kind of woman whose heart reflected His.

    Fast forward a year. He has now given me the adventure of a lifetime and a platform for sharing what He is doing in our community to love on and serve foster kids. (http://arkansasmatters.com/fulltext?nxd_id=430887 – this link explains it better than I can). Now disclaimers #2 and 3 are exactly where I am. Thanks for putting words to what I have been feeling and experiencing. God uses you, Holley!

  63. a big heartfelt AMEN to this! I especially nodded in agreement when you said “Success can be even more frightening than failure because it comes with higher expectations.” Absolutely! Girl, it is easy to keep with the status quo – it takes hard work, a change in attitude and sometimes a thick skin to step out there.

    There are a couple more disclaimers I wish someone would’ve told me when I went after my God-sized dream. 1) the people most excited for you, might not be your usual cheering section and similarly, 2) don’t expect your family, friends and people “who knew you when” to get it & jump for joy. I’m still amazed at who cheers the loudest when I make another move. It’s taught me humility, yet not to apologize for doing what I feel called to do. And, it’s helped me be a better cheerleader for others … there’s room in His Kingdom for “each one to use whatever gift he/she has received.” 1 Peter 4:10

  64. O’ Holly- I so needed this today! Last night was a rough night for me & this is what I needed to hear this morning.

    Many blessings!

  65. I agree with many of the others about the timing of this post. There’s been something I’ve been wanting to do since I was a teenager (I’m now in my late 30’s) but I got away from God during my 20’s & now that I’ve been following him again for the past several years, I’ve felt His call on my life again. I’m slowly learning to trust Him again & everything that you talked about in your blog spoke to me. Thanks so much for these ‘disclaimers’. I’m printing them out & putting them up where I can see them as a constant reminder. 🙂

  66. Oh, Holley! I. Really. Needed. This. TODAY. My God-sized dream at age 65 is to finish a book I’ve started writing about my childhood, which was unfortunately verbally and emotionally abusive. God’s been tapping on my shoulder with some whispers only He can leave . . . and I have doubts about what to do next, where to go with this book, and I’m sure as an author you know what I mean. Would you pray with me, Holley, that I do this right?


  67. i think i finally have the “you’ll never know what He’s doing” planted firmly in my head. 🙂 it took a few years for me to really get it, that trusting Him to have a plan doesn’t mean I have to ever ever know what that plan is…

  68. Hello Holley, Again thank you for sharing I know fear but I know courage and I have Faith IN GOD I TRUST Old Navy Duane

  69. Amazing. Thank you. Ah but the adrenaline rush (aka fear, I can’t believe I am doing this, YOU have got to be kidding me, SERIOUSLY God) can be kinda exhilarating when you know Who built the roller coaster! But then maybe that is WHY I ended up in a war-zone and broke the are you a born entrepreneur test in grad school… Our prof assured us no one ever scores above a 7 out of 10. Well then I came along and scored a 10. Oooops. Never say never.

    My challenge is I have about 10 God-sized dreams spinning at once and that is QUITE a swirl! I keep saying Papa can we slow this ride down and it only spins faster! Soar higher, dive deeper, trust more extravagantly, step out into thin air and trust for the bridge you can’t see to be there or to grow wings and fly. I guess He knows deep down I really do like wild… thank you for the encouragement to FLY.

    (And yes success is much scarier than anonymity! ) Much love from this unpaved road- Michele

  70. My God-sized dreams are really simple right now. Raise two crazy for God children, and just be a light for Him as much as I can daily. Well, maybe they are aren’t as simple as they sound, because they are the ones that challenge me most. I do find myself setting other dreams that could be so very God-sized aside because of that fear of failure, and find myself more disappointed in myself in the long run. I’m afraid I won’t be able to run the race! I’m no roller coaster girl either…terrified of losing that control I’m comfortable with on the ground! (plus, I don’t trust the people who built those things!)


  72. great message Holley! I am living a time with God, where He has sort of told me what the big pictures looks like but as you I would like to know specific dates, specific everything… and of course, He gives me enough so I can keep going but not as much information as I would like.

    He is Almighty God, so I know He is entitled to do as He pleases… God has been so great and loving, that all I can ask for is to grow in faith so I can keep going each day until his plans in me are fulfilled!

    It is good to hear from you and to realize that we all struggle with something everyday…

  73. I’ve now read this twice, both on June 6 and today. And I can honestly say, it was like reading it with fresh eyes the second round. Plus the comments to boot, truly inspiring.

  74. I have just found this blog and wow! I am at what feels like a crux point in my life, I am considering launching a business in life coaching and womens retreats and feel like this is just another sign to push me on the way.
    Thanks Holley

  75. Thsnk You Hollie
    How I needed this today! Thank you for the push Holley!
    Keep writing and dreaming and inspiring!

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