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Myquillyn Smith, The Nester, is a home stager, redesigner and design school drop-out. Her last home (a rental) was featured in Better Homes & Gardens, Cottages & Bungalows, Ladies' Home Journal and in her upcoming design philosphy book, The Nesting Place: It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful....

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  1. Forever I’ve loved to write cards. And recently, I’ve been drawn back to it again after electronic greetings have swept me away and the cost of postage has discouraged me, admittedly.

  2. My grandmother used to write me all the time. I saved every single one of her letters. When I get to missing her too much I just pull out the boxes and start reading. She’s the reason I love to send handwritten letters now. Thanks for the chance.

  3. Handwriting a letter is a lost art in the new world of social media. I love receiving cards yet I find myself not writing them to others. Thanks for the reminder to not just have the “best of intentions” but to be “intentional” about encouraging others.

  4. I love Dayspring cards! The card selection in stores near me is atrocious, so I gave up even looking a while ago and now just buy packs from Dayspring instead. I’ve discovered it’s a huge help to have them on hand so that I can send out a card right when it occurs to me – if I have to wait until I can get out somewhere and find a card it will never happen! :0)

  5. There’s nothing like hearing, “You know, I was thinking of you and I wanted to say hello, or I wanted to tell you that you’re important to me…” I treasure those words and I love the ripple effects they can have: putting me in a good mood the rest of the day, encouraging me to encourage others, adding an extra smile here and there. I’m glad to be reminded about the importance of encouraging others!

  6. […] Here’s a some of my personal stash and I admit, I’m not that much of a sentimental person.   Join me at (in)courage today and you can see a little of my encouragement stash~do you have one too?  Plus, there’s a […]

  7. Ok, so our posts are REALLY different–word economy is NOT my strength :/…MUST go back and cut, umm…200 words–but the heart of our posts are the same: words matter!!

    Love seeing your personality shine in your words; I always see YOU when I read!! 🙂

  8. Living in a smallish country town in Western Australia away from so many people, i often get notes and cards from the ladies on a yahoo group that i am on. such wonderful words of encouragement and friendship that i treasure.

    • What are the odds of someone else from a small town in country Western Australia? I had a quick look at your blog, and it’s very pretty!

      I saw your post about your recent travels. You probably know there is a big scrapbooking shop in Bruce Rock, I travel the 1/2 hour sometimes just to feel like I live in civilisation. (Which is funny because the shop is on a farm…)

      I totally smiled seeing a fellow WA person on a blog like this. 🙂

  9. Love getting mail – i have saved all my dh’s notes over the past 20 years. Keep them together in a drawer : )

  10. A couple years ago, my Bible study leader told me that she appreciated my “card ministry” and her encouragement carries me forward in sending cards to others. I never realized that I had a ministry until she told me. Ha!

    • Cindy,

      I read your post and it made my heart smile. My sweet mother wanted to do something for her church when she first joined quite a few years ago but she was too shy to be “out there” for the world to see so she started a new ministry in her church. It was called “Encouragers”. Even though she was the only one, it was her mission to send a note, or a card, or make a phone call several times a week, to encourage and uplift her fellow church members. She grew so much over the years at her church that by the time she went home to her Jesus, she was leading a bible study every week, teaching a Sunday school class for new believers, and running the “Operation Christmas Child” mission at her church. It just goes to show that when you encourage others, God will touch your life and equip you to do what He wants you to do. Thank you for sharing these thoughts. Most of us had forgotten her humble beginnings with her cards and phone calls until our beloved pastor brought it up at her funeral. It’s amazing what God does with a willing servant.

      Thank you again.

      In Christ,

  11. Love getting notes and giving them …… I keep most of mine as well, but in nothing fancy – in ziplock bags – in my cupboard. Now I’m starting to think I should find a better home for them ….

  12. Love sending cards, especially since they are so appreciated and (usually) such a surprise for the recipient!

  13. I love getting notes in the mail – I have a photo box I throw all of mine into, I think I need to go through it again, and then send some notes of my own.

  14. I love the Dayspring encouragement cards. I have sent them to many friends and they have cried because the words felt like they were meant just for them. Even if I dont win I will be going to purchase some more ass I only have 1 left. Thanks so much for such a wonderful offer!

  15. I love the hand-written word. I don’t keep mine anywhere fancy, just tossed into a drawer at my desk where my computer is (next to my chocolate) — hey, sometimes the encouraging words and healing chocolate need to go hand-in-hand, what can I say?

  16. Personal handwritten notes are such an encouragement to me. I have a drawer full in the nightstand next to my bed. I know for me, getting a note of encouragement may be just what I need to give me a lift for the day. I will be taking the opportunity to encourage someone today.

  17. I have several boxes of letters, each filled with a different time in my life. One box is designated for my husband’s letters to me and special momentos. Another box is full of letters over the years between friends. It’s hard to throw them away b/c they show a piece of history, they are fun to look at and there are emotions attached to them.

  18. I love written words of blessing! I think they’re all tokens of the ultimate written Word of blessing. Our words have the power of giving life to others. I love sending notes of encouragement to others as a way of comforting them with the comfort with which I’ve been comforted. Nester, your words have often encouraged me. Thank you, and may your nest be blessed!

  19. I love receiving a note or card from someone. I keep the speical ones in an old hat box that I always break out when i need a little encouragment.

  20. One of my favorite verses is “he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed” Prov. 11:25. What a neat giveaway! Thanks!

  21. I save my love cards in a plastic bin under my bed at home (very attractive to the eye, of course;) I would love some new cards!

  22. First of all I love DaySpring cards! Second, I keep my stash in a file in my filing cabinet. My daughter keeps her stash in a box under her bed.

  23. I don’t ever really receive any notes of encouragement. I have a few scriptures on index cards that a friend gave me on my fridge so that I can see them alot.

  24. Love giving and sending cards! My kids are old enough that they now are starting to do this, as well. I love to share in their notes, too!

  25. I save LOTS of cards and notes. Some of the most precious to me are from kids hubby and I have taught/worked with in church over the years. I recently bought a HUGE (and I do mean huge) antique gesso frame. And I bought it with no idea where I would use it. Now it is going to be a bulletin board in our office – and lots of my notes/cards will go on it!

    I’d love to win a pack of cards – I am trying to weekly send cards to those on our church prayer list.


  26. I work in non-profit, and I often find myself sending notes to those who go above and beyond. In my personal life, I love to send cards as a pick me up. Nothing thrills me more than to get a simple card saying “I am praying for you.” I love Dayspring’s cards because they always seem to have just the right message.

    I keep my in a file folder in my file cabinet. The bird cage holder is such a neat idea!

  27. I love cards! and I love stamps. Although the price of stamps has gone up every single year, I still can’t resist the designs that get cuter, more fun and commemorative each year.

  28. I have a great collection of cards and love adding to it – I know I can always go to my card basket to find what I need – much better than having to go to the store! Now if I just remembered to keep lots of stamps on hand!

  29. I love writing and receiving cards. I have a three ring binder where I keep cards, notes, pictures from my kids, etc. It’s priceless!

  30. lovely post. reminds me so about the importance of handwritten notes & handmade birthday cards.
    thank you

  31. my husband and i moved to wake forest, nc last summer so that he could begin seminary. it’s been a big move for us leaving our family and what we knew as home. especially considering we have 2 boys, 2 1/2 & 6 months. HOWEVER, the Lord has been faithful to provide us with a new “family” here and this place is becoming our home. Throughout our time here, receiving thoughtful cards in the mail have been such a blessing and encouragement. LOVE the box o’ encouragement idea. i’ll have to find a place to stick all of mine.

  32. I love sending cards to the ladies God has placed in my life. It is such a source of encouragement for them AND for me as I imagine their delight when they open their mail box. EVERYONE loves to get mail and to know they were remembered!

  33. I love cards and I love writing encouraging notes to people so this giveaway is right up my alley!

  34. I love receiving cards of encouragement! I keep the cards that I receive in a plastic shoebox, similar to yours, but I need to expand to a bigger box soon because saving less cards isn’t an option! 🙂

  35. Love your blog and love Dayspring cards…send them out every Christmas! Thanks for the giveaway!

  36. I heart giving cards away!! Seriously. 🙂 Hoorah for encouragement.

    I’m one of those girls that has “words of affirmation” as her top love language. That said, getting a card of encouragement with hand written words speaks volumes of love to me. I think it is a dying art in this age of email and ecards. 🙁

  37. I love sending cards and recieving them. I just moved to a new city and have been so encouraged by friends who have been filling my inbox with notes.

    Such a great giveaway

  38. I have a cubbyhole in my closet that I stash my cards and notes of encouragement. I seem to forget about it for awhile and then stumble upon it again just when I need a bit of a lift.

  39. What a great reminder to WRITE some words of encouragement! Thanks for spurring me on in my slow-to-send-a-card state Nester!!!

  40. I have a rubbermaid drawer that is full and a shoebox for storing love received. I keep packs of cards around to send love.

  41. Getting some greeting cards would certainly spur me on to remember to write and encourage people more than I do.

  42. i keep all my cards too, but they aren’t in anything pretty. just an old shoebox. but i love having them to look back on if i want or need to at any time.
    thanks for the WONDERFUL giveaway!

  43. I still have cards from almost 20 years of marriage, cards from my parents as a kid. And they are everywhere, yet hidden. I have some in a hat box, some in decorative boxes and some are just tucked away. Funny the places I find them sometimes. Cards are good.

  44. I love to send out cards! Sending one out today to a lady in our church who requested prayer yesterday morning in Sunday School. Makes me happy to encourage someone else (this same lady thanks me every time she receives a card although that isn’t why I do it:) and gets my mind off of me and my current situation. What a great giveaway!!!

  45. LOVE getting cards , LOVE sending them! I keep my “stash” in a drawer in my nightstand – that way they’re all together and easy to get to if I need encouragement!

  46. What does it mean to link up to win the bird cage and/or card planner? What do I have to do?

  47. I love to open the mailbox and find something other than junk mail and bills! Hand written notes and cards are the perfect way to encourage someone, but all too often I have good intentions that never materialize. I’m going to challenge myself to write a note and/or card at least once a week for the rest of the summer. Hopefully it will become a lasting habit.

  48. I love the ease of e-mail or any other computer generated correspondence. I must admit, though, there’s nothing like getting a card or letter in the mail. There’s just something about it that says, “I care enough about you that you’re worth a little extra time and a postage stamp.” Plus, it’s much more permanent. I know how much I appreciate an encouraging word, so I try to send one whenever someone is on my heart and hope that it brightens their day. These cards sound like a wonderful way to assist in that.

  49. I’ve used these cards so many times and I love getting them. 🙂 I don’t have a blog to link up, but right now my important cards are saved in shoe boxes and scrapbooks.

  50. I love to give cards and notes, and love to receive them! I save the special ones 😉

  51. I love cards! giving and receiving! I just sent off one of my high schoolers who is going to spread the love of Jesus with stamps, stationary, and post cards so that she could encourage others (she has the gift of encouragment) and write those of us who are back home!

  52. Living 6,000 miles away from family and friends in another country, words of encouragement mean more to me more than ever. I love getting pieces of love in the mail. I also love sending them to my friends and family.

  53. I’ve never been much of a card sender until I found DaySpring’s encouragement cards. That’s the kind of card I want to send. I’d love to win a pack to give them a try.

  54. I love to make cards from my son’s photos – a great way to encourage him and others, but sometimes there just isn’t time. Would love to win!

  55. I love giving and getting cards! They can be just the pick me up needed when a special friend gives one…or just the pick me needed when you know a friend is in need. Thank you for the opportunity of such a wonderful giveaway.

  56. I especially love Day Spring E-cards. I can just pick one out and send it to a friend, co-worker, etc. I know it brightens their day.

    I feel my God-given talent is encouragement. All the time I send cards & notes to encourage friends during their trials.

    I keep mine in bags and boxes. I truly wish I had an organizer or some place to keep them.

  57. I thought i was the only one. Sad but true, one of the reasons I have kept mine is because I envision family going through my things one day when I am gone (dead) and smiling and thinking ” she DID make a difference.”

  58. I think sending someone a card is one of the most personal ways to let them know you are thinking of them! And who doesn’t love to get mail that isn’t a bill?!?!

  59. I love to give/send “just because” cards. Life is short and unpredictable, and I believe it’s important to let people know you care about them whenever the opportunity arises. I have three treasure boxes for special notes–one for those from my husband, one for notes/cards/drawings from my children, and one for thoughts from special friends.

  60. Absolutley Love receiving words of encouragement,life,funny inspirational quotes…especially greatful of them now going through my Breast cancer fight. Keep them in a beautiful basket in my office….want them within eyesight,especially since we live far away from our Family&Friends.

  61. I love to receive words of encouragement cards almost as much as I like to give them away… I love to browse the cards selections and find just the right one that conveys the exact message I want to share… I usually end up with two or three so I’ll buy them all and save a couple for someone else. They are neatly filed in a basket where I can pull out any time I need them… Recently my stash has been decreasing, so I need to stock up… Thanks for the drawing opportunity…

  62. I just joined Day Spring’s Card Club they have, and I cannot wait to get my free pack of cards just for signing up. 🙂 These cards are so lovely!
    I have so many notes, I don’t have anywhere to stash everything. That organizer looks pretty good right about now.

  63. Would love this as this is an area I want to grow in – sending paper-written words of love and encouragement to others. 🙂

  64. I love all those cute cards! I stash my encouraging words in my dresser drawer! Not sure why, but that is where they ended up!

  65. I LOVE cards….sending them or receiving them. I love the knowledge that someone took the time to sit down, pick out a card and then address it to me!!!! In this day of texts and email things often seem so cold but cards are warm and personal. Each time I send a card, I pray for the individual it is meant for, I pray for their family and I personalize it some way that I hope will make the recipient smile (even if just for a moment). I love cards!

  66. I don’t blog! Aghh – I’d love to win the bird cage. I’ve been seeing it around for awhile. I am posting for a chance to win the cards at least though.

  67. There is nothing better than sharing a little bit of hope with someone else. Thanks for all you do to share that with all of us every day.

  68. I just spoke on notes of encouragement in our ladies Bible Study…the litttle things really do make a BIG difference! Thanks again for the reminder!

  69. I love mailing cards, so this would be perfect! Everyone loves getting some “happy” mail mixed in with the bills, right?! =)

  70. In a day when we communicate predominantly by electronics, it’s a treat to get a card in the mail. I just love Dayspring cards!

  71. There’s nothing like getting some encouragement. I really do enjoy doing this for other because I know what a difference this small gesture has made for me many times.

  72. i’ve been inspired by dayspring cards to encourage people who aren’t christians yet… i really like that 🙂 thanks!

  73. I LOVE cards, notes, words of encouragement, quotes, etc! I keep all of mine in a drawer in my guest bedroom. I would love to win one of the card packs!

  74. Thank you for the reminder that we all like to receive mail; sending a message of encouragement brings comfort and joy to both the receiver and the sender. I have fallen out of the habit of doing this, and thanks to your post, I am determined to start again. And I have a few Dayspring cards to use!

  75. I keep a slim folder of a just a few encouraging cards, while my husband and I have an artist’s sketchbook that I paste all of our cards into from the past four years (so far!)

  76. I keep mine in a gift bag on the shelf in my closet. I usually come across it when I’m in the midst of doing some serious cleaning, or when I’m frustratedly searching for something…and both those are perfect times for me to be re-encouraged by them! 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway…I love Dayspring cards!!

  77. I love sending encouragement cards and I need help organizing. I never was encouraged much when I was growing up so now I can encourage people and I do every chance I get.

  78. My love language is words of affirmation, so I love receiving and giving cards. When I receive one, I immediately put it on a blessing ring. I have two totally full rings now. I love it because they are kept into a small area…just hanging on my door knob. I keep cards for friends in a card organizer separated by type…the only way to go for me!

  79. Love this. I keep mine in a. Pretty little chest on our bedroom.

    Would love to win this…after our recent trauma the few hand written cards we have received have encouraged me so.

    There are many thank yous in my future..

  80. I love getting cards but I also make it a priority to give cards aswell. I love the hugs I get and the smiles when people get a card or note 🙂
    I have hung them on my kitchen door, so that I always walk past them. though those are only since september, the others I have in a special case I haul out everyone and a while.
    I love to look at the cards to get a reminder of who God is.

  81. I used to keep them for a while and some i would keep always but many would end up in a recycle bin along the way, until someone died who is so precious to me just one more note, one more card, one more slip of paper with ‘i love you’ on it is all i want.

  82. I love to send Dayspring cards. I try to encourage people at church or those I know that need prayer who are ill. Also, I try to keep my 94 year old Grandma encouraged as well as an elderly cousin. I have my cards saved in a tub in the basement. After reading this, I think I need to pull out the ones that inspire me and keep them in a basket in my office to read on down days. Thanks for a wonderful blog. I am often encouraged by posts even if I don’t always take time to leave a comment. Blessings to you all!

  83. At present I keep them on the fridge (which means they’re constantly flying off when I turn on the ceeling fan or close the door to hard) or in a metal box in my desk.

  84. I love sending Dayspring cards and I believe my friends love receiving them! My stash of encouragement looks very similar except it has rolled over into 3 other containers.

  85. I love this idea 🙂 It’s so special to receive a card in the mail from someone! I feel like it’s a forgotten trade, but this is a reminder that taking the time out of my busy day to make someone feel encouraged, is worth every minute.

  86. I live 3 hours away from my grandma now (I used to see her almost every Sunday) so she has started sending me little nots that totally make my day!

  87. I keep all those special things- cards, letters, sweet sticky notes my husband left on the coffeemaker(!), unrecognizable drawings from precious children- stashed in alarge drawer in my husband’s bedside table. Needless to say, it’s quite overflowing!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  88. Those cards are beautiful! I keep my “Sentimental Stuff” in my filing cabinet. Not fancy but it keeps special things away from little fingers.

  89. I keep some, but not all of the cards I receive. They live in an old wooden wine box on a shelf in my home office. Because I know they’re in there and see the box daily, I rarely open it. Thanks for the chance at winning!

  90. I love giving (and receiving) cards, a tradition worth keeping even in the digital age! There is something so deliberate about sitting down and writing out one’s thoughts / affections and then physically giving it away!

  91. I think one of the best ways to bless someones day is with a card. I have a stash that I use – sometimes I don’t even sign my name! I love it when I get “fun” mail too.

  92. We never know how we impact someone’s life by just a simple encouraging word! It may make all the difference in someone’s life by just knowing someone cares…… 🙂

  93. I live overseas, and sometimes the selection of cards available is nothing to write home about! I’d love to win some really original cards to keep in touch with family back home.

  94. I need and love friends & encouragement, it is priceless to me. I try to be the best friend fo listening, but few of us really take time to give back as we should. Time is the problem I’m afraid, but stop and realize how much it means and the Warm Hugs your giving thru take a few moments to spread LOVE! Words of WISDOM & Smiles to our family & struggling Friends. Love Bro. & Sisters in CHRIST. GOD says, “Better to give than rec’ve. Have many GOD Hugs & Wisdom from the LORD Today…

  95. I save every card I get in plastic tubs in my closet, and especially letters from my grandparents and parents and sisters and brother. My Handsome saves all the letters and cards he gets while he’s deployed in manilla envelopes. We have about 6 envelopes full from his last 3 deployments alone. I also have a 6-drawer rolling cabinet full of stationary/cards for me to use to encourage others. 🙂 I would love to add to my stash!!!

  96. I love to send real mail to people! I have a stationary stash and a goal of two stamped & mailed things every week..we should all be able to do that, right?!

  97. love the birdcage! and I would love to win encouragement cards too! I’m always seding letters of encouragement all over the states.

  98. Would love the cards… I always have some on hand, a box full as a matter of fact. And I’m always writing down nice sayings. That birdcage would be an amazing & unique way to display some of them… It’s so heartwarming to receive a sweet note of encouragement & I feel the same about sending them to others. Love to lift someones spirits… God bless & thanks for this giveaway. : )

  99. Keep both the encouragements I’ve received and the ones I have collected to send in my computer desk drawer for easy access.

  100. love sendind cards- I usually make them myself but have run out of time to make more and my stash is nearly all gone- great giveaway.

  101. I love day spring cards. The selection is just great. I enjoy sending them out. And I always get a reply thank you! I know the receiver is very happy to get a surprise card in the mail! Thank you for this great product.

  102. There is nothing better than to receive a good ole’ fashion card/letter in the mail with a handwritten address! Except maybe, to send that handwritten card to someone and make their day! We all need encouraging and should take more time to make it a regular practice!

  103. While moving my Mom from her home to an apartment I found many notes she had tucked away from my Father they were written on every sort of paper, scraps of old envelopes, newspapers etc. He always told her where he was going and when he’d return and of course signed with love. He also gave her many beautiful cards that to this day she treasures as he passed almost 9 years ago. Alzheimers is slowly taking her memory now but she still finds joy in those old cards and notes Dad left for her. I am happy she has been able to read these “love words” from Dad as I know they make her happy.

  104. Great reminder! I love getting cards but I hardly ever write any – I need to start working on doing that more!

  105. I love giving cards and these are beautiful! Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway!

  106. Email and social sites can NEVER replace the feelings you get when you receive a REAL card in the mail…makes my day/week/month for sure 😉 I love to send cards and care packages to my family all the time as well because I want them to have a great day and to know that they are not forgotten when we are so far apart. Thanks for a lovely giveaway.

  107. I save cards, notes and letters and have for years. I have a fairly large stash of them from over my lifetime. The most cherished is from my paternal grandmother from when I was 10 years old. I am now 58. It was my birthday card and the first card I had saved. She wrote in it: “Always be a little lady and do as well as you look”. She died the following year. I love receiving cards and especially when the person really takes time choosing one and adds a personal note.

  108. I’m like you – love receiving encouraging words and have to remember to do the same. Having cards right there certainly makes it easier!

  109. My mom (89 years old) and I still have fun looking through a rack of greeting cards and laughing at the sentiments. If she had a penney for every card she’s sent over her lifetime, my mom would be very rich….but better yet, she’s rich in blessings for having such a caring heart!

  110. I keep all my precious things in a clear plastic shoebox tub. I also keep a few cherished love notes from my little girl inside my Bible.

  111. Knowing that someone spent time to sit down and write out a card/note is one of the most meaningful gestures I can think of. What a fun giveaway! 🙂

  112. I love to send cards and of course, love to receive them as well. I try to make my own when there is time, but I LOVE Dayspring’s cards so much! What a fun giveaway!

  113. I keep my stash in a dresser drawer by my bed. There is nothing like a note in someone’s own hand….

  114. Words of affirmation is my love language! So, you can guess that I have shoe boxes and photo boxes of all the cards and special things I’ve received. Once I got married in 2007, I started keeping a photo box with everything from that year. So, I’m gaining quite a collection as the years go by (one photo box per year)!

  115. I keep my most encouraging words in a little yarn shop bag that was my Mother’s, along with a journal to write out things I need to figure out or things I’ve been learning.

  116. I LOVE DaySpring’s cards!! I buy them by the handful from our church bookstore!! I love sending & getting cards in the mail!

    I have several spots for mt cherished cards. I have a heart shaped basket on my bureau where ‘older” keepers go. Current keepers are out on my kitchen Island, where I can see them daily!!


    D 🙂

  117. I love to send cards……friendship, b’day, encourgement……..would be nice to win this bundle of cards.

  118. I have as of latly found the art of letter wirting So refreshing I Loved to get cards but to bless others with words has been more of a blessing!!
    Thank you for you encouragment in the world of letter writting!! and I absolutly LOVE the wire bird cage!!
    Thank you for this giveaway!!
    ~ apryl

  119. There’s nothing like getting a card or a note of encouragement in the mail. It always seems to come just at the right time. I like to keep a stack of pretty cards and stationery to do the same for others.

  120. Having a stash of cards ready to send are wonderful. But I love the bird cage display. My 4 year old and her friends have taken to writing and mailing each other letters and we haven’t found a way to display them (other than the fridge).

  121. I love notes of encouragement. They always seem to come unexpectedly, just when we need a note to make us smile or feel that love and hug from a friend. I always love to have an assortment of cards on hand to either hand deliver or slip into the mail. DaySpring, you have such beautiful cards. Thank you for this giveaway.

  122. I enjoy blessing others with a hug in an envelope, a tradition my grandma began many decades ago and in this age of computers- lacking human contact, all the better to hold encouragement in one’s own hands…would love to win..thanks for your encouragement 🙂 Blessings!

  123. I have been homebound with my three year old daughter for over two years because of brain surgeries and spinal fusion. I have often felt helpless to serve others and sending cards has been the ministry God has shown me is possible with the challenges He’s given. My husband jokes about my card budget. I would LOVE to win this giveaway!!!

  124. Actually, this post is a great reminder to me to SEND cards more often! Those little words of encouragement can have power for years to come – and what fun to get something besides bills in the mail. This is a fun post/giveaway.

  125. I keep my stash of encouragement in a paisley red box. Red is my favorite color as it is also the color that signifies love. To me, encouraging words are words of love. They don’t always include that word, but in some way, there is most always love involved!

  126. I have a folder in my office labeled “bad day” and that’s where I keep the notes and cards I receive 🙂

  127. I’m so thankful for the many ways we can express love to one another. Writing note cards is one of my favorites. It also provides an opportunity to share a verse, offering a message of hope and encouragement…something we all need! God Bless!

  128. i used to send cards….tons of them…to friends, but have gotten out of the habit. lately I’ve been wanting to pick up this hobby again. Maybe a set of cards would do the trick.

  129. The handwritten word seems like such a thing of the past with computers, Facebook, Twitter, etc. in this generation. I love to frame my favorite words of encouragement, and always remember to write mine to others on only one side of the card so that they, too, can frame them if they choose. (I think Oprah said that once and I adopted her idea!) I swap them out and put them on my bathroom vanity so I can read them each morning as I’m getting ready. It puts a sure smile on my face and I hope my words remind others how much joy they bring to me.

  130. I LOVE finding the perfect card for someone. My husband thinks I’m crazy (although he rather enjoys the cards I end up picking out!). When I check the mail each day my daughters now ask if they got anything in the mail. Looks like I am going to have to start sending them cards too!

  131. Love handwritten treasures. After my father passed I found some letters he had written home while in the service, just seeing something with his signature touches my heart! Great idea to inspire, encourage,lift up, touch the heart of others. May God exceedingly abundantly bless you and your ministry.

  132. I love encouraging others with hand written notes in cards. I have a stash of cards that I can go to at any time and send to a friend with a little note inside. Thank you for this opportunity!

  133. I love to send cards to my friends and family. I also have a heart to send Christmas cards every year that spread the word about Jesus and why we celebrate Christmas. I have not been able to send as many cards the past couple of years due to financial constraints but I always get comments about how lovely the cards are and people asking me where I get such beautiful Christian cards. I always direct them to I’d love to win a pack of cards from Dayspring, it’s always so nice to get a card or letter in the mail but it’s even more fun to send one as a surprise for someone else. (0=

  134. I love getting cards in the mail!! It’s nice to send and receive handwritten notes in this technology age. I love looking back through all the old cards my family and friends have sent me.

  135. You’ve got me thing back to when I was little. My grandma lived in Florida and I lived in Oregon and since we were separated by such a vast distance, we wrote eachother letters and cards. I have kept ALL of her precious letters in a gift bag. Now that she has passed away, I can pull out her letters and actually Hold in my hands the very pages that she held and wrote on. Even though we didn’t get to see eachother much, we formed a close relationship with our letters.

    I also saved some of the letters from my best friend who moved away to California when I was a teenager as well as the cards my second grade class made me when I was in the hospital for nine days with a severley broken arm.

    Email is nice, texts are great, Facebook is instantaneous, but to hold something hand written and feel the beautiful paper and see the special color ink picked out just for you is irreplaceable.

    I wish I had a blog to link to because that bird cage is beautiful!

  136. I keep a file in my file cabinet at work, for cards and notes and pictures that I receive and I also have a special “keepsake” folder in my email so I can save my emails there to make it easy to revisit them on occasion to give me encouragement!

  137. It’s one of my goals to do a better job encouraging those people God puts in my life!

  138. I LOVE cards–I hate it that technology has replaced old-fashioned notes for many people.

  139. I am always so inspired by women who send me encouraging words. I have made it my mission to get better at taking the time and sending out cards to those that have touched my life in even the smallest way.

  140. God has laid it upon my heart to be an inspiration to others. It is amazing what joy a card, note, or a package could bring, especially for a military wife, whose husband is deployed, or an elderly shut-in. I would love to win this, and to use these cards to encourage others.

  141. Oooh… I’ve been in love with that birdcage for months.
    I have a too-small memo board that I use right now, but would love love love to replace it with that stunning birdcage!

  142. I love sending handwritten notes to friends and family to give them a bit of encouragement or to help pick them up when life is getting them down.

  143. I love receiving cards, and I keep way too many of them! The problem is I can’t throw them away!! I have many even from elementary school age :))

  144. I’m in love! I have a decorated shoe box that is BULGING open. It’s full of sweet encouragement from friends and loved ones.
    I also have a place in my kitchen that I hang sweet messages up. For myself and my kids. These are treasured and deserve to be shown & saved.

  145. I did a post on encouraging others and this giveaway – I hope it will serve as a reminder and help me to be on my toes to see opportunities to send notes of encouragement!

  146. You all are so nice doing this giveaway. I would love to win. I love receiving little encouraging messages from people and I try to give them. You never know when it will makes someones day.

  147. Love the power of the written word!!

    i love the fun Hope and Encouragement 2011 – 10 Premium Greeting Card Assortment

  148. I bought DaySpring cards because I love to send them. I signed up for Inspired Deals because I think they are relevant and encouraging cards. And now DaySpring is having a giveaway. Yowsa! We need to bring back the art of sending cards. We need to encourage each other, ladies. Yes we do.

  149. I have a drawer full of cards and notes, some dating all the way back to when I was in elementary school! I am too sentimental and refuse to get rid of anything that has a memory attached to it.

  150. I am a HUGE fan of sending cards and nothing brings me more JOY than to have some super extra special cards to send out to my friends. I have a drawer full at my home office and at my church office just because sending cards is that important to me.

    I also have a special stash of cards that I have kept over the years from special people to me. I

    would LOVE to be able to share more of these incredible DaySpring cards with my friends…thanks for the chance!

  151. Privileged to be the “encouragement coordinator” for Women’s Ministry at our church, I have purchased many cards through DaySpring to bless our women. You have wonderful products and I love the upbeat nature of them all! Hope I’m in the running for this give-away–it would be so much fun blessing all the women at Grace!

  152. Hi, I love to send and make cards especially to people who are shut ins and going through a hard time or just to encourage others. I’m a single mom and I am teaching my children the importance of handwritten letters. And cards it’s a treasure to look back at them.

  153. My husband is deployed right now, and there is nothing like getting an envelope in the mail with that familiar, beloved handwriting on it. He tells me that he feels the same way when my letters reach him! Great giveaway!

  154. I LOVE Encouraging others! I truly believe that is my spiritual gift and I pray daily over the people who God places on my hearts. One of my favorite ways to reach others is through the written note, cards, and gifts. I would love to win so that I have the opportnity to bless others.

  155. I haven’t gotten anything like that in years! But those that I have gotten I keep in a box. I send a card once a week or so to troops over seas to let them know they are loved.

  156. This is such a lovely giveaway, and I need to get better about snail mail. I know it’s so encouraging to women to receive mail!

  157. I love sending and receiving cards, letters or notes. Everything is so impersonal nowadays with email, texts, etc. Nothing like a handwritten sentiment to make your day and know someone took the time and thought enough of you to do it.

  158. I have exchanged cards and hand written letters with my grandmother since I learned to write. She is now 87yrs. old and Gpa 94…I treasure every card and letter as it may be my last. They are stored in a photo album for which my children can read. I wear my heart on my sleeve so encouraging words are always appreciated and I ALWAYS make it a point to encourage others, even going out of my way to do so. These cards would be delightful:)

  159. I would love to win a card pack. I am always trying to stock up on cards so that I will be able to pull a card out when I think of friends or family. If it depends on me going to the store on a special mission, it may not happen.

  160. You know, nowadays I send my quick notes email, but it’s totally more awesome to hold a letter in your hand- thanks for the great reminder! I’d love to win a stash to send!

  161. I normally keep my cards and things from my son and my hubby in a “keepsake” folder in my file cabnet.. I keep alot of my Christmas cards from my dad and some of the special friends I have. I had to laugh this past year because as I was unpacking my Christmas stuff I found my cards from last year and had to take a double look.. my dad sent me the exact same card last year as he did this year.. lol.. what are the odds of that happening!!

    Speaking of cards.. my husband before we got married (5 yrs ago) decided he was going to send me 1000 e-cards before the wedding. lol.. well he didn’t quite make it but he did get over 700 sent (this was in about a 4 month time span mind you).

    I love receiving/giving cards and I know I don’t do it enough.. I just have a hard time finding just the right one or I get busy with both jobs and taking care of the home front that it’s hard to be on top of things… guess this is my hint though lol..

  162. I keep all my cards in a tupperware container. I am 39 years old and have ones that me and my sister hand made for our parents when we were children. I love to look at those now especially since my dad’s passing. I have cards that have been given to my kids from family members as well as the ones they have given me and their father. Reading these always tug at my heartstrings.

  163. I have lined my bureau drawers with the most precious notes: the handmade mother’s day cards, the homemade anniversary cards and one my Late Grand’mama Honey wrote me when my hubs and I were having a tough time a few years ago.
    you bet I re-read… they’re in my closet so I can cry privately if i need too.

  164. I have a drawer where recent cards go. When that gets full, they get moved to a big tub under my bed that I love pulling out from time to time to just sit and read and feel encouraged. I have another drawer where my blank cards go. I really should have that emptied out more often, but find myself doing the quick FB thing. Maybe these will push me to hand write a few more . . .

  165. I love sending and receiving personal notes and cards. Email is great, but nothing can beat pulling a handwritten note out of the mailbox.

  166. […] (In)Courage just reminded me that I have a lot of LOVE just sitting around in my house.  Love on tap, just waiting for me to fill up on.  Here is just a little glimpse of my LOVE stash (check out all the HAND MADE pretties!).  I even have a LOVE binder my amazing friends made me for my Blessingway with baby #3.   So much love should not be forgotten ~ so I want to share it.  Where is your love? […]

  167. Notes are so much nicer than emails. . . don’t you think. Not everyone takes the time to write a note, it is like a dying art form.

  168. I can’t say I never win, because I once won something a long, long, long time ago. But since then? Nope.

    Thanks for the great idea, though. My “encouragement file” is scattered everywhere. Today, I’m going to get things together and make it both beautiful and accessible, so I can see it. It’s about time! :o)

  169. I love getting emails, but a written note or card is priceless!
    I’m keeping my fingers crossed to win!! 🙂

  170. Loving the birdcage! I have a collection that I keep in a photo album… quite messy! But I love going through it from time to time.

  171. I have kept every card that my husband and kids have ever given to me. Several years ago when we were totally broke, we ALWAYS did home made cards. We had few rules for this other than you have to write something personal as well as heart felt. When they were little they always added pictures as well as PRECIOUS comments. These are great memories!!!

  172. Here is the rest of my post… To this day, even though we typically purchase cards now, the three of our kids ALWAYS write a special memory or thought… I just love this!! It really makes the store bought card PERSONAL!!!!

  173. I enjoy sending handwritten cards to my friends…so much more personal than e-mail!

  174. Words are so important – and when someone takes the moment to write down a few words that will maybe have an effect – even life-changing! – on another person and then sends it to them – Wow! – miracles can happen!

  175. I’m in the midst of the wedding-or-baby-shower-every-other-weekend phase of life and I’m learning it’s safest to have a stack of cards on hand at all times so the giveaway sounds great to me!

  176. Being sick with a chronic disease, it was hard to get involved in ministry, but God helped me create my own by writing cards and letters to other shut-in’s! Never underestimate the power of a smile sent through the mail!

  177. I keep any cards of encouragement in a small box. I do not send many cards myself, but thru my facebook page I send words of encouragement to friends and family. If I find words that have encouraged me, I feel that maybe it will do the same for someone else. This site has been of great encouragement to me and I have referred others to it. And to think it all just happened from browsing. I believe God had a hand in my finding your site. It is a great blessing.

  178. I love getting mail and sending mail, letter writing should become a favorite way of encouraging each other!!

  179. I have my cards in the plastic drawer files and have two sets.
    That way, each drawer contains the birthdays, get well, encouragement, thank you, etc.

  180. I keep mine in a box under my bed. Sometimes I “waste” an entire afternoon just sitting there reading them.

  181. Great idea! Love the birdcage and organizer. My encouragements are scattered all over the house. What a neat idea to keep them in one place for reference!

  182. I love to send words of encouragement to people. This would be great to win! I’m definitely going to check out DaySpring’s half-off accessories!

  183. I love getting those special cards in the mail. They are so unexpected, but so appreciated!

  184. I am getting ready to celebrate my 3 year wedding anniversary and 10 years of being together so I thought I would go through all the cards and letters my husband has given me over the past ten years. I had boxes and boxes of letters he wrote while we were long distance for college, cards that he gave me and even silly notes left around on post-its. Those are the gifts I truly treasure and it was so fun reminiscing!

  185. What an amazing way to lift someones spirit when they go to their mailbox and find a sweet note in the midst of bills and junk mail. My 2011 resolution (one of several) was to send more notes and cards to friends and family. Although they seem to love it – I am the one who has been blessed!!!

    I keep my notecards, stamps, pens and stickers in CD boxes at work and at home. It makes it so easy to send something when everything I need is at my fingertips!

  186. I was a member of a rather large metropolitan church. The Prayer List was sometimes 2 pages long, with a special section for those in long term care such as nursing homes and rehab centers. I took upon myself to send cards for every holiday to those on the list, including one to the men on Father’s Day and the women on Mother’s day. I would send Valentine’s Day cards, you name it, I found a reason to send a card. That church now has a Nursing Home Ministry that has adopted a couple of area nursing homes.

    I’ve known people who have been imprisoned, some family members of friends and I would send cards on special occasions as well. A couple of them have stated how they looked forward to the cards and how sometimes they would give them some hope that SOMEONE CARES.

    So, my family and friends even now will look to me to have the right card for that Special Occasion; plus I send MANY DAYSPRING E-CARDS!.

  187. I love cards and the words you write in them. Your words are the greatest gift you can give to someone , you never know how much a card will pick someone up

  188. I love sending cards,they are so much more personal than emails&text messages.Its harder to find time to send them when you have a toddler.When I was younger I wanted to work for a card company.
    I keep all my cards and special notes in round decorative boxes.They always cheer me up!

  189. I used to be so good at sending sweet notes! My girlfriends and I were always doing such sweet things for each other in college! This post has hit s deep chord with me. I’d love to pick that habit up again.

  190. Oh, there’s nothing like a handwritten note or card ~ I just wish the mail strike was over so I could pop a few in the mail to friends ~ I love the card organizer…I need more organization in my life.

  191. I love giving away cards – even though so much is done through email these days, there’s still nothing better than the written note to hold and look at from time to time. I also love that birdcage organizer!

  192. I put my cards and notes in a drawer in my bedroom and I read or look at them before I go to sleep.

  193. I love sending and receiving cards! I am a written words love language kinda girl so nothing says “I love you, you mean so much to me” like getting a note or a card from someone. So many times I think we forget how much our words can truly lift and encourage people! I’d love to have a few Dayspring cards to add to my stationary collection – it helps me stay in touch with girlfriends who live far away!

  194. I would love to win. I send cards all the time. Some people call me the card lady. I know how much it has helpled me(yes, I have saved things for years that I can look back on for encouragement!), So, I know it can and does help others!

  195. I love Dayspring cards and gifts. My heart is to encourage women and I love to send cards. Putting pen to paper and mailing a note is I think a bit of a lost art, but I think we all enjoy receiving a surprise in the mail. Thank you for this giveaway.

  196. There’s nothing like the effort of a card to show that at the moments it was being written and stamped someone was thinking of you.

  197. I keep my precious mementos scattered around the house – some in boxes, some posted on the file cabinet, some stuck to the frig or bulletin board. Love them…

  198. I love to send and receive cards. It is so nice to get one in the mail and know that a friend has had me on their heart! This is a great giveaway. Thanks.

  199. I have a ‘joy box’ on my desk full of sweet notes that have encouraged my heart and made my day – they remind me of the wonderful group of friends God has blessed me with!

  200. What a great giveaway. I think “real mail” is making a comeback. I have a faithful friend that moved away and she sends me beautiful cards of encouragement every couple of weeks. They are such a blessing to me and it’s made me want to do more of that for others.

  201. Why is it that being able to hold the nice note in your hand is so much better than reading it on a computer screen!? There are just some things technology will never be able to improve! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  202. Sending cards of encouragement to people is one of my favorite things to do. Two years ago I started my own card ministry at our church. I send cards to church family members who are sick, have had a baby, to our church staff members who are having a birthday… I sign my cards from “A Sister in Christ” so that they do not
    know who the card is from. I have overheard people who are puzzled by who sent them a card – I just pass by with a smile on my face and in my heart!!! I feel so blessed that God gave me a heart of compassion for others.

  203. Sending and receiving cards are my number 1 love language…so I would love to win these cards and the card holder!!!

  204. I have always loved receiving and giving hand written notes. I have a box and a drawer full of them!

  205. We love sending and receiving real cards and letters. This would definitely encourage us to do that more.

  206. I keep cards and notes on the frig, in baskets, tucked away on my desk….. and just when I need it most, the Lord leads me to find one of those treasured gifts of encouragement!

  207. I love Dayspring cards and I am fresh out. Here’s hoping I am the lucky pick.

    Thank you for the chance.

  208. I would love to get some of these cards! I have been trying to be better at sending out those encouraging notes.

  209. In this day of digital things, it is so nice to get a card and/or letter in the mail. I send cards for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, Easter, Christmas, etc. cause people enjoy getting them and then sitting down and relishing the sayings and words in the cards. Cards are very special to me and I would use these all quite quickly! 🙂

  210. i have two boxes on the top shelf of my bedroom closet. i keep all my {love} notes in there. notes i’ve received from my husband, my kids, my sister, my friends. thanks for the giveaway!

  211. I like writing notes. I feel like God places people on my heart and words to write them. I don’t have a public blog, but I keep a memory box- it’s just a medium, plastic tote with notes, cars and other things…like my first pair of pointe shoes.

  212. I was just talking to someone about letters and cards that we save and re-read. I think they’re great!!!


  213. There is a great selection and I love having cards on hand. It makes it really easy to send kind words to other folks. Thank you for the chance to win!

  214. Once, in high school, a home ec teacher had other teachers write nice things about us as students. I still have those notes–I can quote some of them “Christie is a personable, caring student…” is how Mr. Cosby’s note starts.

  215. Getting a card is great, sending one is even better! A small not goes a long way! I Love this giveaway =)

  216. I love to write letters! I just said the other day, it’s an art I don’t want to die away with all this technology. I love to send my friends encouraging notes, and write back and forth with my grandmother.

  217. I love getting real mail! It makes me giddy. This post has encouraged me to pull out some cards and mail some to my friends. A card is better than a tweet, right? (And is it weird that I searched the pictures of your notes trying to see if you left your first name uncovered somewhere?)

  218. I love Dayspring cards! I send cards and letters a lot to out of town friends and family, so thank you for this awesome giveaway!

  219. Thanks for the chance to get a pack of Dayspring cards–they’re the best! I keep my cards in a pretty box on my bookshelves at home.

  220. My new year’s resolution last year was to write more notes to people. Whether its just a hi or to tell them how I thought of them earlier that day– plus, it brightens my day too!

  221. I go on spurts sending cards. I know when I receive one I always surprised since people don’t hand write cards much these days.

  222. I love your encouragement board! I end up sticking little notes & tidbits here & there, but don’t have a specific place for them…that birdcage sure is cute though! Although with my random method, it is fun to randomly come across an old note & read it for a little unexpected encouragement & blessing!

  223. Wow. We’re up to 3 packs so far! 🙂

    I’m old skool, I’m still a BIG fan of snail mail!

  224. Everybody needs a little encouragement sometimes. This is a great idea and makes me want to collect again!

  225. They are all beautiful and uplifting for and soothing to the soul. No matter the struggle or triumph in your life or someone else’s life right now they breathe HIM into everything. Thank you!

  226. I keep my stash of cards in a scrapbooking box. I love cards and could easily spend an hour in the card aisle in the store.

  227. My husband and I just became senior pastors. We find ourselves surrounded by so many wonderful people who have supported us in this journey and now new friends who are just starting out with us . At times we feel a little overwhelmed by trying to stay connected with everyone so we decided one practical thing we can do is each write a card to someone every Monday. I need to look into the card organizers that would be really helpful. Thanks for the post and as always I just love your site!

  228. My BFF from 8th grade and I wrote letters all through high school ( I moved away). Nowadays, we keep in touch via FB and texts. Occassionally, we will send each other an encouraging or birthday card. I would love to have a collection of cards on hand so when I get the notion to write her a letter I can send a beautiful card as well! Love your post! Thanks for the giveaway!

  229. I always hang the cards I receive on my wall above my desk. That way when I’m working on something that is very stressful or difficult, I can look up and see all the words of encouragement and love surrounding me.

  230. There is nothing like a handwritten note. When ever a card or note arrives it always seems like it came at just the right time. It is so much fun to have cards on hand to be able to have one for just that time that you want to hand deliver one or put one in the mail – just because. Such a blessing to send off a hand written note or to receive one. Thank you DaySpring for this thoughtful and special giveaway, we love your cards.

  231. I def want to link up if I can snag some pictures to include on the blog, but for now a comment! For the past year that I’ve been blessed to be able to stay home, I’ve really taken to sending out cards. People love it!

  232. 4 years ago we moved and in the process our moving truck caught fire and we lost everything. Last week my husband was back to in the town we moved form to do some work and to clean out a trailer that he had been storing in a friends barn. In the trailer he found two boxes of files from my office that had not made the moving truck. As I went through the files I was overjoyed to find two files of letters from two college friends. Those words of love and encouragement were a priceless gift returned by a loving God! You never know just how much your words mean to someone else.

  233. What a great gift idea! Who doesn’t love that “fun” envelope in their mail box?! I have cards saved from a very long time ago of special words that I pull out on “those” days

  234. Ever since hearing those fateful words “You have breast cancer,” cards and words have flowed into my life, into my hands, in a literal tidal wave of support. The stash of cards sit on my table as balm to my weary soul on days when the burden weighs too heavily on me. I reach for my stash and the words renew me, restore me, and fill me with hope, to fight on another day.

  235. I would love to win a nice pack of cards. What a warm and wonderful way to stay connected with the hearts of friends!

  236. Thanks for inspiring us to take the “time” to touch many thru sending cards. What a blessing and spirtual gift to give encouragement words to each other by letting them know how much they are loved. Thanks again for offering this wonderful give-away of cards to bless others in our life…..Let Your Light SHINE!

  237. i love to send sweet notes to friends & family! i love receiving them too! keeping cards on hand is an easy way to follow through on encouraging those who God brings to mind.
    what a lovely giveaway! thanks!

  238. I love to send or receive cards! Dayspring cards are great!!
    monk5 at charter dot net

  239. I have my bathroom mirrored edged with encouraging notes, so every morning I see that I am loved and cared for, even though I live alone. Some days I don’t really see them–they’re just part of the “decor”. Other days I really need the encouragement and stop to notice what’s there…

  240. I love sending and receiving cards – such a simple thing but it can bring someone such joy!

  241. There’s nothing like getting something in the mail with A REAL STAMP to make you feel so special!

  242. I love this post. I have been meaning to write about how much I love writing and receiving letters in the mail for a while now. I think this is the nudge I was needing to make it happen. Email, texting, facebook and soooo many other modern ways of communication have kept me from keeping this habit that I loved to do so much as a child. Thank you for the reminder that real mail never gets old and there’s always something special about the tangible.

  243. What a generous giveaway! Getting a handwritten note or card always brightens my day. I keep all of mine on the fridge or kitchen chalkboard, or tucked inside my journal (for the really special ones).

  244. I love sending cards to friends for birthdays or just to let them know I’m thinking of them, and Dayspring cards are so pretty.

  245. I keep mine in a little rubbermaid container. I feel like card giving and writing personal notes is somewhat becoming a lost art. I love getting and giving.

  246. Living overseas the notes are mostly electronic so a real hand written one is a treasure! I have a box I’ve saved.

  247. I just got a letter in the mail from a 1st grader that was in a class I volunteered in last year. I was giddy with excitement @ getting a letter in the mail! I’m making her a special card and sending it to her. I know she will be giddy too! I miss hand written letters…

  248. I would just love to have cards on hand to be able to encourage others on a moment’s notice. Beautiful idea.

  249. That is such a great card holder, I need one of those (the cards too so I can encourage others).

  250. Ooh I am so throwing my hat into the ring! I would love to win this. But, not for me!

    My best friends grandma always writes me notes and never forgets my anniversary , birthday, or my children’s birthdays. For me, it seems like a lost art. I hope to some day live up to Evelyn. In the meantime, if I win. I would love for you to send her the gift! Those special notes in the mail mean so much to me.

    May we all send special words to those we love and miss!

  251. Love that DaySpring continues to give us meaningful ways to encourage one another. I LOVE words of encouragment, especially in the form of a handwritten note! So this is such a good reminder to lift someone else up in such a simple, yet special way.

  252. Sadly, my encouragement cards, notes, letters are all scattered around. HOWEVER, I recently came across my encouragement box from my dad. He passed away in 2005 and it was as if he was right there with me. I bawled, and bawled but in a good kind of way.

  253. Some of my favorite things are handwritten notes. I’ve saved so many over the years, and am so grateful to look back at them!

  254. One of the most wonderful thing when my Mom died was finding EVERY card I had ever sent her among the things in her desk…I now have them in a special wooden box that I keep her old photos in and they remind me of so many times when we were able to connect.

  255. New to the site and looking forward to reading more 🙂 I love to give and get hand written notes….it really is an art form!

  256. Writing or receiving a hand written note is such a beautiful and generous gift from your heart. I have saved just about every note that friends, family ,colleagues have written to me through my lifetime. Most of them are stored in boxes in our attic and every great once in a while I will sift through them, and as I read them, wonderful memories and times surface in my heart. I’ve shown my daughter these boxes and have requested that when I become very very old, she take these special words of love and read them to me one more time. That would be such an intimate gift that both of us could share together…. The hand written note…maybe that is why one of passions is creating beautiful stationery