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Amy Dane is a scattered single mom of four who's learning to cling to Grace. Redeemed at seven, it wasn't until tragedy struck at age thirty-seven that God blew her away with His amazing love for her. A Texas school librarian who dreams of becoming a full-time writer some day,...

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  1. This is so beautiful – this truth you wrote about. Yes, He uses it all for such purpose and the *journey* and process of change, is a necessary part of our story and part of the process of us knowing and trusting Him more. I’m learning more about this each day.

    Rich blessings as you receive the *now* and trust Him for *tomorrow*, Amy…

    • Thank you so much! Even when the journey seems almost more than we can bear, so often in the end we can be thankful for it all, providing we have let the Lord work in us along the way. Sometimes I even think about the fact that I don’t want this trial or that obstacle to be gone from my life yet because I don’t want to stop growing. I don’t want to become complacent….

      • …and sometimes it’s just not for us. Sometimes it’s our sacrifice for someone else’s growth. He knows what’s best!

  2. Yes, so beautifully written. You have said so much of what God is currently working in me. “Even when our current life isn’t all that spectacular, we’re afraid the future will be even worse. This fear can be crippling. And it can hold us back from all the blessing God has in store for us when we are willing to trust Him for a brand new life.”

    Thank you Father for again sending timely encouragement.

    • “Thank you Father for again sending timely encouragement.”… Praise the Lord for the encouragement He always provides, and always at the perfect time. I am humbled that He would do so through my words. Blessings to you in whatever “new thing” He is doing in your life… 🙂

    • I agree–it’s a VERY hard reality. I look back on what He’s done for me and think “I should have trusted Him through it all”. But then I face the next obstacle and find it just as difficult to trust that it’s all going to be okay because He’s got this, too. For me it’s a decision (rather than a feeling) to trust Him.

  3. I so enjoyed your post and your blog site (make me a mary).

    I am so thankful that God does allow us to start over and he is so patient with us as he teaches us daily what we need. I know at times he REALLY has to be patient with me because I am stubborn and stuck in my ways many times but he loves me anyhow. I tend to resist change but I need to view it as you an opportunity for God to work.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Be Blessed.

    • Thank you so much!
      “I need to view it as you an opportunity for God to work…” Like I said previously, it’s easy to say, hard to do! But every trial is, in fact, a wonderful opportunity for us to let God show Himself to us as Almighty. He always blows me away!
      Blessings to you:)

  4. Wow, Amy! Thank you so much for sharing. This was just what I needed to hear – as I am in a tough season of my life that doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. And as I look forward to the time when I perceive it will eventually end, I can’t help but think, “I can’t make it that far” or “I wish I could go back to where I was before all this.” But life doesn’t work that way, and neither does God. As I’m in this tough season, it’s so hard to maintain faith that it will get better, eventually end, and the new season will be so much more than where I ever was before. It’s sometimes hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when you feel like the darkness is surrounding you.

    The image you painted of God lifting our face and pointing it in the direction of His light deeply comforted me – to know He is close enough in these times to touch me, comfort me, and lead me on to where He’s taking me.

    Thank you, Amy!

    • “…He is close enough in these times to touch me, comfort me, and lead me on to where He’s taking me.”

      I’m so thankful that He is our Father. He loves us, He cares about us, He is our Authority, He only wants the best for us. I pray that you know the Holy Spirit more deeply as your Comforter as you allow Him to carry you through this season of your life and onto your “new thing”.

  5. I wept as I read your post. God’s timing is perfect. I am smack dab in the middle of letting go of the past and it is breaking my heart. I feel like I’m free falling with no net to catch me. But I know there is. There always is. Even when I can not see it. God’s arms are never too short to catch me as I nosedive into the unknown. I know He won’t let me fall too far. He is faithful and trustworthy. Sometimes I just need a reminder I’m not alone. Thank you for that…

  6. So true and hits home with all of us. God has a way of changing our lives and the pathes we are headed down. Thank you again Amy for using your God given talents (one of many) to encourage us. Love you girl!

    • Thank you, Shirley, and thank you for being so instrumental in helping point me in the right Direction in the early days of my tragedy. I’ll never forget the way you ministered to us and prayed for us. Love you….

  7. I really, really needed this today. I’m in a hard place where I’m tempted, again and again to look back or even so far ahead that I’m missing what’s being done right here in this moment. And I needed to remember that sometimes, there is light here and now, His light, and that’s where I need to be fixing my eyes. Thank you.

    • Amen. His ways are higher than our ways, and the only peace to be had in the midst of turmoil and uncertainty comes when we fix our focus on Him. Saying a prayer for you…

  8. Amy. I just happened to read this tonight, and read your reference to Isaiah 43. I think this is my new favorite scripture for now. It spoke to me.

  9. Amy, I just found you today in the web and I´m so thankful to the Lord for this blessing. Through this post He reminded me how mercyful He is, because as you wrote: “He never gets tired of me. I’m thankful that I haven’t turned into a thousand pillars of salt by now….” that is Amazing Grace!