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Jessica Turner is the author of Stretched Too Thin: How Working Moms Can Lose the Guilt, Work Smarter and Thrive, and blogs on The Mom Creative. Every day is a juggling act as she balances working full-time, making memories with her family, photographing the every day and trying to be...

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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. Yay!! Sooo excited to join in again! Great seeing you both on the video! Looking forward to it!

  2. I would like to join this video session . Also I wish to sign up for a chance to get a free book.

  3. I have been anxiously awaiting your next book! 🙂 Am excited to “meet” Kelly Minter and read her book, which sounds amazing. This will be my first introduction to her work, so I am really looking forward to it. Thanks to all of you for organizing the bookclub. The videos for 1000 Gifts added so much for me to the book and love that you are able to do this with Kelly 🙂 Ok, off to get the book…

  4. I read this book a few weeks ago – loved it! Kelly’s humor was one of my favorite things about it. Really, really good book!

  5. Excited for another ‘book club’ adventure!
    Interesting…I had to miss most of the series with Ann’s book, when my son went thru a surgery…and am reading it over again, with thoroughness & attention I missed the first time. A good book is like that, y’know? Skim it…read it slow…go back to the corner-fold pages…rich words to fuel the fire of a passionate heart.
    Thanks for bringing such richness to our lives!

  6. I am so excited for this book. Thanks Angie and Jessica for choosing another winner. Can’t wait to start reading…

  7. This looks great!! Is there going to be an introduction video that we could use at church to advertise this book club? Is there going to be a ch. sample available to help promote it?

  8. Excited to he part of yet another book study. Can’t wait to start and get to know Kelly through this book. What a great idea to get these videos all done before Jess’s baby girls makes her appearance…You girls are amazing. Thanks for all your work and time that these took to complete. Ok – checking off the days till we start.

  9. Is there anyway you can tell me how long each video is? A ladies group from our church is going to do this and I’m trying to arrange the schedule and figure out how much time we need to allow for the videos. Thank you!

  10. You girls just amaze and ENCOURAGE me so much! I’ve been a pastor’s wife for 34 years (officially 34 on June 11th) and the journey has been a great one. My heart is turning so much toward the 20-40 somethings age woman. Young women like yourselves …authors like Angie Smith, Ann Voskamp, and Kelly Minter just breathe HOPE for the future. Thanks for opening your hearts to us older girls 🙂

    My book “The Fitting Room” came in the mail this past Friday. 🙂 Kelly’s study on Ruth touched my heart in deep ways last summer. Looking forward to reading this one. I love the list – thank you.


  11. Looking forward to the new book study! We are currently doing Ruth in our Womens study and we love it!!

  12. Will the videos be archived to be accessed at a later day & time? Four of my girlfriends and I are planning to do this as our reading selection this summer, but we won’t be able to meet together on Sundays. We’re really looking forward to starting the book and the discussions it will bring!

  13. How exciting!!! Another opportunity…no INVITATION…to join other women; sisters in Christ in seeking a closer and fuller relationship with our Heavenly Father?!? Count me in!!! How could I pass this up?

  14. One day while clothes shopping, I lost my 4 yr old son. My daughters and I frantically searched throughout the racks of clothes looking for him. There was another woman in the dept with us, who was looking at dresses on the circular rack. After several LONG minutes, I heard the sweetest 4 yr old lisping voice say to the woman looking at the clothes, “Pick me to wear, pick me to wear.” My son had hidden in the middle of the clothing rack, and when the woman pushed the clothes aside, he stuck out his head and urged her to pick him to wear. She laughingly said, “I don’t think you are my size.” Whenever I think about these verses in Colossians, I hear that sweet voice saying, “Pick me to wear.” I hope I’ll be wearing all these godly attributes by the time this study is over! I have enlisted some women to do it with me, so this will be such a fun journey! I can’t wait!

  15. I am planning to join in online with every one for the summer book club selection of The Fitting Room. Ordered 2 copies by accident and decided to give it to a great gal at church instead of returning it. She is the Director of Care and Connections at Bethlehem Lutheran Church and has helped our family through some difficult times. Her presence in my life has truly shown me the heart and hand of God working in my life.

  16. Well i just happened to click on this book through my DaySpring email and its no coincidence for sure,,,because this really wraps up entirely a new study i’ve been a part of in our local fellowship covering the book of Philemon, Ephes; about our effectiveness being dependent on the knowledge of who we are individually in God’s design and all the joints fitly knitting together supplieth to all the body for the building of itself! Then as i read the summary of the Fitting Room, it came to me as being like the pretty wrapping paper for the gifts! Its one thing to have the knowledge then another essential to then step out with it being real to the deepest places of my heart. I am very excited to read the Fitting Room and see how God brings all the missing pieces together in our lives as the Body of Christ! Thanking God for you Kelly~

  17. Hello,
    I am looking forward to being a part of this study!! Thank you so much for the book and helping me get it. What a blessing!!

  18. Can’t wait for this study to start, I have never done a book club before! Thanks so much for helping me get this book, I am so grateful! I will be passing it along after I am done with it. Thank you.

  19. Very excited! I am reading the book and decided to stop and start over so that I will be able to study along! I am teaching No Other God’s with a group of woman right now and its been such a blessing!! cant wait!

  20. […] the summer book for bloom… the (in)courage book club… starts this weekend. i have the book and i am ready. really looking forward to it! have you read this book? if you want to see the schedule for the book club, click here. […]

  21. I am so excited!!!! I am all ready on Chapter 2 and loving this book all ready! I am looking forward to being a part of this!

  22. Hi! 🙂
    I started reading the book and I would really like to watch the videos as well – however I don’t have internet at home.. 🙁 Is there a way for me to download the videos while I’m at work such that I can watch them at home afterwards? (.avi or .mp4 format or something like that would be great!)
    I’m really excited about reading the book and being part of this book club!
    Hugs, Karianne :0)

  23. […] a videoed book club on The Fitting Room with the author Kelly Minter which you can view here. I am confident this resource will be a welcome accompaniment to your individual […]