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Lysa TerKeurst is a New York Times bestselling author and speaker who helps everyday women live an adventure of faith through following Jesus Christ. As president of Proverbs 31 Ministries, Lysa has lead thousands over the past 15 years to help make their walk with God an invigorating journey. Not...

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  1. I absolutely need to distance myself from the computer more. I can waste the entire morning on it if I don’t watch it! Then I end up saying, “I just don’t have time for _____________”.

  2. This post was so well timed for me. I already felt the prompt of the Spirit nudging me to cut back on computer time so this is a great encouragement for me to do it! Thank you

  3. Thank you for the inspiration – just what I (we) all needed to hear it seems…”Distance yourself from that that is distracting you from spending time with God…”

  4. Thank you so much for this. I’ve been reading several faith based books lately and this same message is found in each one of them. Thank you for another conformation. I need to distance myself from the computer as well. I find myself gettingon FB and leaving it up all day and checking it frequently. I need to be more self disciplined. See, as a stay at home mom I have that convenience, whereas if i had to the leave the house for work, my time would be more limited to be on. I need to use my self control to only allow myself on at certains times through the day. God bless you and what you do for all of us.

    • I’m on the same page as you, Heather. I, too, check frequently cuz I’m a stay at home Mom, and well, it’s just there, right? You walk by the computer all day long and the ‘bing’ of a new message can be intriguing. I need to discipline myself for certain times of the day, also. Thanks Heather.

  5. Thank you so much for this post – for your honesty and the transparent way you present the tough choice to use self-discipline. I need to hear your words, and I’m eager to begin asking God what He wants to push aside in my heart in order to do something new.

  6. Thank you. I know what I need to do but its hard to break patterns isn’t it? Its definitely something I need to take to God for help! That alone will start breaking the pattern bringing me closer to him as I distance myself from the other.

  7. Definitely the computer/phone. I like the idea of opening the Bible before opening the computer in the morning.

  8. As I sit on the computer reading AND watching TV this really hit home. Especially the part about filling up when depleted. I let my 2 yr old watch shows when she’s tired. Thinking she should be cuddled up with her mama.

  9. The computer. I’ve also fallen into the bad habit of checking the computer before checking in with God. Thank you for the post. It was just what I needed to read this morning. Your book sounds wonderful, I hope to read it soon.
    Blessings to you.

  10. Oh boy. God meant for me to read your post this morning, as my prayer journal and bible lay open, but untouched, next to me, while I read through all the latest potings on my favorie blogs. Stepping away from the computer now to soak up God’s word so He can prepare me for what is ahead today.

  11. This is the main thing that drives my anxiety…no time for anything!! My time on the computer or even the things that I work on in the room where the computer is are so time consuming. They are only consuming me because I allow them to…I don’t put time limits on myself and stick to them, I don’t spend time with God before checking emails and social networks and I put the tv on at the end of the day when I am tired. All these things should be done after spending time with God and in His Word!!

  12. Oh so true. Who do I check in with first in the morning? Yikes.
    Thank you for your loving honesty. And the sugar thing………..well, that’s a whole ‘nother story 🙂

  13. Wow, reading this at 6AM, and convicted of the fact that I have not committed this day to God yet. Thank you for the reminder to remove distractions.

  14. Convicted. I’ve been working on a series on creation and noticing how the men and women of the old testament walked so closely with God and communed with him daily. I was wondering how to have that relationship or connection. Yesterday it dawned on me their distractions vs. modern day distractions. This is confirmation of that. Thanks for sharing your heart!

  15. Definitely have started doing the same.. in the mornings I’m intentionally turning into God before tunning in to the world.. instead of desiring my tv and couch so much in the evenings I’m trying to read more. Thank you for this post!

  16. I had just decided this morning that I need to close my day with God rather than the television. Thanks for your thoughts!

  17. I gave up Facebook during lent. I had to take it completely off my phone to keep me accountable. I found it was an every day, every spare couple of minutes pursuit. During Lent I was able to train my mind and heart to use those couple minutes to talk to the Lord rather than read the next status update or check the newest photos. Since Lent has passes, Facebook is still not on my phone (I found I liked being unplugged that way) but I check once or twice a week on the home computer. I’m going to pray through no media prior to Gods word in the mornings… I think I have been distracted! Thanks!

  18. Definitely looking to distractions (food, computer, tv) instead of turning to God and the plan He has for my day. My day gets full of trivia instead of worship and relating to family.

  19. Thank you for this reminder…this is the 2nd thing I have read in a week talking about how self control and discipline honors God. I’ve never thought of it like that before. I have several areas in my life where this applies. Computer, tv, food…I’d better get crackin’ Thank you!

  20. You are not the first to mention reading God’s word before everyone else’s via the computer! That really strikes a chord and I am trying to work this out. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  21. wow. as always, lysa’s message really spoke to me this morning. so filled with encouragement . I love the phrase: Ask Him. Seek Him. Follow Him. Love it.

  22. I too gave up facebook during lent but I didn’t refocus that time on prayer. I am totally distracted by media, technology and food. I’ve been feeling a disconnect with God and a longing to reconnect but have been unsure how to do it. Thank you for your wise words, they have put me in mind of Him and ways to seek Him rather than the world.

  23. Like many of the other commenters, this message came at the perfect time. I’ve been nudged by God recently about my self-control and self-discipline regarding general laziness. I feel like I seek out “lazy tasks” to distract me from the things I need to do, the most important of which is spending time with God. Computer and TV are definitely the worst of those distracting activities.

  24. Thanks so much for this! I know I need to stay away from the computer first thing in the morning. Good word!!!

  25. I also don’t allow myself to go on the computer before opening my bible. My distractions are procrastination ~ and desiring a drink every day…thanks for talking directly to me today!

  26. I tend to reach for my phone every morning a’s the alarm goes off, check on Facebook, email, twitter feeds. I need to go back to a traditional alarm clock and place my Bible where my phone currently resides every night.

  27. Wow. Thanks so much for this. God has been speaking to me about what I am doing with my time. Now He is speaking to me through your post to challenge me, again, to go deeper. There’s always deeper. There’s always closer. I love what you said about turning on the TV when you feel most depleted, and realizing you’re soaking all of that up deeply. Recognizing that only God is our Source for Life instead of searching for Life in all the wrong places. But in a practical way. Going to God in all things, at all times, before all things. God wants to be our first, our last, and all our in-between. He can’t be that when we start, finish, and fill our days with everything else but.

  28. Thanks so much for your sharing. Sometimes I think I am my own distraction. At times when I am doing my quiet time, I find myself drifting off to my won thoughts. I know I am supposed to wait upon the Lord and for His leading, and I am trying and learning how to do that. In a way I will need to learn to distance me from myself and my will and let Him take over.

  29. I have been trying to stay away from the sugar thing. So hard. It’ been gradual. But the realization that I’m turning on the tv too much did hit me as I read this. I’m having issues with my very angry 16 year old son. Wonder if just leaving the tv off in the mornings before school and just reading would help any. For me it would help. For my 12 year old daughter it would be good. So why not? I think I used to do that. I will now do it again. We need it as a family. Thank-you for that eye opening realization for me. We need to start with God’s word and not words from the outside world in the morning.

    • We did this as a family of twin boys that would become angry and irritated easily. Video games went away, sold the wii, and unplugged the tv in the basement so they wouldn’t be tempted to run into another room and turn it on. Huge inprovement in anger when the video games go away. They now get their DS game on weekends sometimes. If there is a show we want to what we (parents) screw the cable back in.

  30. Computer, definately first thing each morning-to read news , work on my website etc..whatever excuse I use to go on it.
    Excellant article. So perfectly stated.

  31. I think it’s overall laziness for me. Being led by emotions rather than spirit. I am praying and asking the Lord to mold me and shape me in this, that I may be found steady before Him.

  32. DEFINITELY the computer. I’m so convicted- it’s definitely the first thing I turn on every morning, and God gets whatever hurried time I have left before the kids start screaming.

  33. Your concept of ~ I broke old habits to make room for new growth ~ is so on target. Giving up to gain. God is so good. May we discipline ourselves to be totally open to His leading. Blessings

  34. internet and opening the computer is so one that gets me in trouble and one that i need to intentionally carve time away from in order to make space for peace and rest amidst the busy-ness! thank you for the reminder today to keep going to the word FIRST then i can open the computer. =)

  35. Ok, it seems like such an obvious thing to not turn on the computer BEFORE going to His word in the morning…but I’m just as guilty of not going to HIM first. This is something I need to work on, to turn to Him when I’m depleted instead of the computer and the outside world. Thanks for this reminder today.

  36. Isaiah 48:11 “For MY own sake, for MY own sake I do this. How can I let MYSELF be defamed? I will not yield MY glory to another.” In this scripture GOD repeats HIMSELF twice. When you take the time to rest in HIM each day, the things of this world will lose their luster. HE gives us the strength to let go of this world. Thank you for this timely article!

  37. Thank you. This post was so well timed for me. I am feeling sooo guilty not going to HIM first in the morning . I have been feeling the prompt of the Spirit nudging me to cut back on computer time so this is a great encouragement for me to do it!

  38. You have pierced me with a sword! Such a convicting post … I need and must cut back on junk food. And will follow your example to read God’s Word before flipping on the “modern” words. I’m old enough to remember when we were told computers and word processors could save us time. Snort!!!! Tine better spent writing letters and improving relationships.

  39. Very inspiring words, as always.
    TV is a big distraction for me, as is the computer. And quite frankly, food is the biggest distraction of all…eating when I’m not hungry, when I’m bored, when there’s nothing else to do. What I should be doing is using some of this time to pray, pray harder, and immerse myself in the word of God. I’ve thought about doing this many times. Maybe NOW would be a good time for me to stop thinking and start doing.

    • As with you, food is my biggest distraction. Eating has become something to do when I’m overwhelmed, stressed, bored. Self discipline and obedience are so hard at times. I pray the Holy Spirit touches us and we turn to God when we don’t know what else to do. I have noticed that before eating out of habit, I feel an emptiness above my stomach. Why do I think fillling my stomach will fill my heart?

  40. Thank you so much for the thought of the day. I am writing and putting it where I can see it today. I am thinking of the TV. I need to turn it off more when I’m at home. I was just baptized yesterday as a rededication and I have a new excitement for my relationship with God. I like the idea of removing obstacles. Cathy Strawhorn

  41. Just last night – I left my ipod touch at work – that is my 1st step. That is the thing i need to distance myself from.

    As usual, perfect timing!!! Thank you so much for your encouragement!!!

  42. This was so good. And your examples of things you have set aside are such practical ones. One thing I have focused on recently in pursuing intimacy with God is to try to make it a habit to pick up a short devo reading (such as Jesus Calling, or My Utmost for His Highest, or Face to Face) … at various times throughout the day, in addition to a time with God in the morning. I find that even a short little check-in with God, hearing from Him, helps me keep my focus on Him as First Love, and brings me back to the right perspective throughout a busy day. Thanks again for your ideas and your encouragement in pursuing God above all else.

    • What a great idea to “check in” with God through the day, Cherry. I find that by noon, my mind is off and running again and it is hard to remember to get it back in tune with what God wants for my day, not what I want! Thank you for sharing this idea!

  43. Thank you for your insight! It’s so easy to turn to those things that are thrust in our faces all day long. You are SO right. Seeking the Lord isn’t always the easiest option but so worthwhile.

  44. As I began reading this blog – All I could think of was “Made to Crave” more of Him! My morning begins with listening to the Bible & reading devotions. Then I work out to Christian music and pray before leaving the house and entering the world.

    On my communte I listen to Christian music and try putting all that God has for me into my brain before entering work & the hustle & bustle of a busy day!!

    Thanks Lysa

  45. I’m constantly wrestling with the whole getting up out of bed. I hate mornings and feel like I’m never going to be able to get up when my alarm goes off- which is so silly. Thanks for the word on sacrifice….

  46. Oh, this is just what I needed to hear this morning. We have been talking about disconnecting the cable tv………I will do it today so that the time will be better spent on eternal matters.

  47. I know in order to grow closer to God I will need to distance myself from my children. That may seem strange but MY morning routine is to wake up get coffee and then the kids out of bed, breakfast started and mouths fed. Kiss my husband goodbye to work and then the kids to school. Then my day begins of daily chores before work: kids laundry, dishes, return emails for kid functions. Its the daily grind. In order to be a better mother I will first need to think of God, not kids. I pray to make it to bed at a decent hour so that I may wake up to God first thing tomorrow!

  48. Amazing how God works. He’s been dealing why me about self-discipline and obedience recently. Came to a head yesterday when I distractedly watched TV and consumed not one, but two pieces of cake. I havent done that in a very long time. As I struggle to get back to losing weight after my second baby was born 7 months ago, I have once again found myself a slave to old habits long cast off. In my bible time this morning, God led me to Galatians 5:1 “in this freedom, Christ has made us free [and completely liberated us]; stand fast then and do not be hampered and held ensnared and submit again to a yoke of slaver [which you have once put off].” (Amplified) This is a command, our part to do! But praise god, He’s here to give me the strength to do it, as it’s clear I can do nothing apart from Him!

    Thank you for yor eloquent, timely message of affirmation, and for letting God use you today. 🙂

  49. I found that in my most vulnerable times I was turning to food for comfort rather than God. I’ve been dieting not necessarily for the purpose of losing weight, but to break the hold food had on me.

  50. I can never hear this message enough. Thank you, Lysa. God choreographs perfectly everything that I see, hear and experience. In short, God is telling me the following . . . “1) Depend on me. 2) Fill yourself with me. 3) By my power, not yours. 4) Teach my children. 5) Feed my sheep. 6) Love everyone as I have loved you.”
    This is perfect preparation for a “radical” change in my life and, prayerfully, the life of others. In just two weeks, my husband and I will begin leading the study on David Platt’s book, “Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream.” And, it is definitely about making a radical commitment to what Jesus told us to do, not what we’ve misinterpreted his message to be in order to fit our “comfy” American Dream lives. Thank you, Lord, for being broken for us so that we may live.

  51. Self-discipline. Self-control. Hard words, but words that I truly want to own and live. Thank you, Lysa, for this powerful post.

  52. Thankyou Lysa – from the bottom of my heart! I have been looking at your book for the last month or so since I heard of it, and though I’d added it onto my ‘wish list’ of books it seemingly hasn’t been added to the ‘buy’ list, even though I only ordered a collection from Koorong at Easter – probably more to do with fear than anything else. I know God has been trying to get my attention this year – for more time, or rather, any time, with Him – He even ‘allowed’ me to be without a car for 10 weeks (yes, I ’caused’ the accident, but it took 6 weeks to get it to the crash repairer and then another 4 after that!) in an incredible attempt to get me to listen. Majorly, to start relying on Him – rather than just me, and my own independence – but through my necessity to rely on others to get us around to our various committments. I figure, I must’ve needed to learn it on a ‘human’ level before I could realise it on a spiritual level.
    On Sunday we had an awesome speaker who helped me realise a few things while also ‘agreeing’ with me of God’s blessings for me in meeting my future husband – something I’ve been hoping and praying (on and off, to be honest) for over the last two years.
    Your post today has helped me ‘see’ that other things He’s been trying to talk to me about. My time. Spending it with Him. It is amazing to me how refreshed and renewed I feel when I truely give myself over to the worship and time spent with My Father – and yet, somehow it eludes me as to why I don’t actually do this more frequently!
    About a month ago I ‘gave up’ my constant addiction to watching movie or dvd (tv) episode one after the other after the other, during my days and nights … and transferred it into an addiction to following all those blogs I so love to read. Reading about everyone else’s lives and creativeness makes me feel inspired – and yet it doesn’t motivate me to put that inspiration into action, and I end up spending the whole day reading and then going back later and reading ….
    I have decided: 1. that tomorrow (when I get paid) I will be purchasing your book; and 2. that I will make an effort to stay away from the computer and tv, rather spending more time with my little darling and my Heavenly Father!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for your words Lysa! You are more of a blessing that you will ever know!! x

  53. I agree – social media is a tough one for me. I have to be intentional about when I check facebook and maximizing my time with family.

  54. i am thinkin what you’re thinking, i am just a few steps behind you. i know i need to put God first in all and make Him all in my life. i have let so many things get in the way, food is just one of them. i am supposed to start leading a women’t bible study group in “Made to Crave” in a couple of weeks…thanks for considering me to be a winner!!

  55. Thank you I love when he convicts me through others. I have asked this question of myself a lot but haven’t asked him…love the guide as to how this works in our lives now.

  56. Oh Lysa, this is just what my heart needed. I am so easily distracted by things and really feel the Lord drawing me to grow in self control and discipline. Thank you!

  57. As I was reading this I thought to myself, yes that is me too….I Want more of Him, real closeness….. I too have made changes concerning television and electronics….. Still working on the sugar.

  58. Today was the first day in a while that I actually cracked open the bible before doing anything else. My major distractions are the kids, and the computer. I am so tired these days, so I stay in bed until the kids get up and then it’s time to take the day full force… with nothing to nourish my soul first.

    I’ve also found myself drawn to the computer for ‘down time’… that is not where I should be spending it.

    God’s been convicting me of this lately, and it’s so good to be reaffirmed in that.

    Thank you.

  59. Right on.
    You reminded me this morning why I started my day reading God’s Word, and in prayer. For the past few months – I switched and have done computer first as I used the Scripture Typer to learn my memory work. This is of course made me see my email and then I was hooked. I do get to the prayer and Bible time but not in the right order … You are right and tomorrow I will reverse this habit.
    I, too, gave up TV a couple of years ago. We only watch news, business and sometimes movies on the Apple TV. That’s it. More time to read, exercise, visit friends, volunteer, and write. (clean? organize?).
    Blessings on a great post,

  60. just found your blog yesterday and decided to subscribe. Isn’t it neat how God can use blogs etc to remind us he hears our prayers? Just yesterday I asked God “how can I draw closer to You…what is keeping me so “distant?”. My distactions have been numerous this past year and have included taking care of my husband who at 48 was diagnosed with esphageal cancer requiring chemo/radiation, surgery to remove his esophagus, more chemo. He has been 100% healed! Praise the LORD! The caregiving required for him and our then 5 year old daughter was so much. Means of survival that I had to implement while he was sick are now not necessary and have become habits I hold on to maintain control…something needed at one time that is not needed now. So…old way of life is not fitting and is distracting. Finding new ways to calm down and walk with Him with a “new norma way of life” is my prayer. Thanks for your post!

  61. You nailed it on the head for me. Especially when you stated, “when I’m most depleted I’ll soak up deeply whatever I take in.” Thanks!!!

  62. I have been asking myself this question for the longest time! I feel negativity, tv, email and Facebook distracts me. Thank you so much for the article!

  63. Belongings…learning that belongings don’t help us belong; they just make us “be long” about caring for them.

  64. First thing I do every morning is turn on the computer. Yes, that’s number 1. Make coffee and call mom. Than when all that’s done I call God. Hmmm. Yep, some changes need to be made here. Thanks for the wake up, Lysa.

  65. You have stretched and challenged me, and met my deep needs lately. Thank you for making me uncomfortable and for comforting me.

  66. This is so true… but so hard! I’m learning that when I feel depleted I can just sit back and pray, and “soak” for a while – reminding myself of GOd’s love and the fact that He is in control. Thanks for sharing.

  67. Hi Lysa,
    I spent many months getting up first thing in the morning and checking a certain social network. It filled my seemingly empty spaces during the day, and there I connected with friends every day, all day. I told myself it was kind of a ministry – posting what I learned about God that day, or a verse I’d read, or just something cheerful. I found myself checking updated comments and writing comments all throughout the day when I should have been spending time with the Lord, or investing time into my family and home. It was addicting. Finally one day I took the plunge, rather reluctantly, and signed off for a break. I thought I’d take a few weeks off or so. I haven’t been back for four months now. Every now and then I almost go back – I do miss that contact with long distance friends – but I find I am much more filled up because I spend that time in prayer, in the Word, spending time with my family and keeping up with things around the house. I’m thankful God helped me let go of that social network, and He has filled me instead with the things that count.

  68. What a word – I recently went on a short vacation and forgot my phone. Oh yes, it was an accident and after about 24 hours – i had overcome my withdrawal. What a revealing accident. When returning home, I have not been mesmerized with my phone but staying on the path to mesmerize myself with more special moments with God and with my family,

  69. I’m learning lots about self discipline and would like to pursue God’s word, preparing my heart before I prepare my outward appearance. I think I would really benefit from that goal.

  70. Thank you for this reminder, Lysa. So true and so good. I love your honesty. I am seeking hard after God, the only ONE who can truly satisfy! Blessings to you!

  71. I have had this same revelation a few weeks ago. I was just sliding through life and whispering a quick prayer before bed. I have reevaluated my priorities so that quiet time is done in the morning and instead of having the tv on all the time I listen to worship music. God is so good!

  72. Wow did I ever need this message. I too am one to turn the t.v. on first thing, then my computerand check emails, then get on facebook for 2 hrs every morning. If I used that 2 hours to spend time with God, how very much closer my relationship and my walk with God would be. And I am so addicted to sugar it isn’t even funny, almost everything we put in our mouths either has some sort of surgar or sodium in it. I know I can eat healthy I have done it before, I just need to make it a priority in my life. And stop letting other things distract me from spending time with God!!! Thank you Lysa and may God bless you and your family always.

  73. WOW!!!!love God’s ways of letting us know how He so desires to start and end our day with Him. Had started my days with God’s word and prayer and not the computer for a length of time and then went back to checking E-Mails and FB before my time with the Lord. Through your word this morning, God is saying to me “my daughter I miss My time with you before your day starts.” I have just ask for His forgiveness and made a new commitment for my days to start with my Heavenly Father.

    Thank you Lord for speaking to me through Lysa. Blessings for this day.

  74. Lysa – I loved this post. I, too, have been trying to grow closer to God through sacrifice. One of the sacrifices I’ve had to work on tremendously is the same; leave the computer alone until I have had my time with God. I do not need to put that load of wash in, make that phone call, or check emails before I can sit quietly before my Lord. Some days is harder than others, but God is so faithful to reward!

    My one wish is that you would make your blog/devotion available somehow other than online! It is one of my daily readings, but yet I have to go online to get it. Any suggestions? (Kindle blogs are nice because you don’t have to be on a computer to get it)

    Thank you again for being obedient to God. Because of your obedience, God is changing others lives as well!

  75. Right on! Love this idea of creating space in my heart for new growth. Self-discipline seems so hard. . .but so essential to that intimate connection. I, too, find myself soaking in whatever I fill my mind/heart with when I feel most depleted. And I, too, am so guilty of filling it with things other than the Lord. It all comes back to following hard after Him. . .with my all!

  76. Thank you for this timely reminder. Anything we put before God is idolatry isn’t it? We fill our lives with what is easy for us, and the devil rejoices. I want to fill my life with Him and have the angels rejoice with me.

  77. I recently was in the book store to purchase your book, “Made To Crave.” As I was holding your book in my hand, looking for other titles, a young lady walked up to me and asked me where I found your book. I proceeded to show her and then asked her if she knew the author or heard of her. She hadn’t and so I couldn’t resist and started telling her about the book and the Incourage web site and the Bloom club. After a while she pulled out some paper and a pen to write all the sites down and…bought your book! I laughed and then told her they ought to hire me to work in the book store and we both enjoyed our brief encounter of acquaintance. So, needless to say, I am enjoying your book and am sticky noting it to pieces for reminders. Truly it is a blessing!

  78. Wow. Talk about hitting where it hurts! My life seems to be one long list of distractions. Now I realize, God needs to be first in the morning. Thank you, Lysa, for making me realize that He will help me handle the chaos if I put Him first.

  79. Thanks Lysa!
    As always you are speaking to something that is convicting me. I want more of Him and less of me.

  80. For a year and a half the distraction was the man in my life. It was great, healthy relationship but he was my focus instead of HIM. He ended the relationship suddenly…trying to put my focus back on the Lord now. (where it should have been anyway)

  81. Definitely need to distance myself from computer and t.v. This devotion could not have come to me at a better to

  82. Thank you for this post! For quite some time now, I’ve been feeling the same calling to draw closer to God and the conviction to stop searching for fulfillment in worldy things that don’t satisfy.

    I’ve always struggle with food off and on throughout my life (since my parents divorced when I was 11). For the past 6 months, it’s been an ongoing struggle and I feel like i’m losing the battle daily. I have less time to exercise now that i’m married and have a full time job. I have more stress in my life causing me to lean on food for comfort and energy.

    I know that this is a sin and I’ve finally admitted to myself that it’s an addiction. I’m addicted to food. I know that as humans we judge addictions on different levels or by different degrees. Drugs, alcohol and tobacco are considered worse substances. But no matter what we’re addicted to, I’ve been convicted in a recent church sermon that it’s still wrong if we’re substituting anything in our life where we need to be turning to God.

    The only times I’ve been “on top of” or felt “in control” of my weight and health were when I was doing it for the wrong reasons. It was always for appearances sake- to look more attractive and wear better clothes. This year, God’s Spirit has been changing my heart. I see now that I fail to stay in control of my health every time because I’m relying on myself. I need God’s help to overcome this addiction and turn from my sin, every time I fall into temptation. I need to run to God when I usually run to food for satisfaction and comfort. I want to crave God like I crave sweets when I’m feeling empty!

    It just so happens that this June my mom is starting a bible study with women on your book. She’s struggled with food and bulimia most of her life. She’s already gotten a copy of your book and is loving it! She desperately wants me to read it and join the bible study because she knows it’ll help me with my struggle. I’d love to be considered for a copy of your “Made to Crave” book. But i’ll be buying it soon anyway because i’m ready to obey God and distance myself from food!

  83. I need to make more of a point to be in God’s word and not just excuse it away because I have five littles that make life nutsy most of the time. Thanks for the chance to win!

  84. I know God wants to be in this struggle in my life, but I’ve never known how to make a connection between the two. I’d really be interested in reading her book.

  85. God has been dealing with me in this exact topic. I want to draw closer to God but I lack discipline. Thanks so much. I hope to win!

  86. i need to stop smoking..just writing makes me cringed..feel guilty but find it difficult to quit. I also need to control my sugar intake. These two of my distractions. I get it in control for a few months and then I fall again. Please pray for me. God bless you.

  87. Thank you so much for your blogs, encouragement and challenging us to become more faithful servants of our heavenly Father. I enjoy every blog I have read. Praying for your ministry.

  88. I start my day off with prayer & scripture. I need to get away from the TV in the evening & spend more time with God then. I heard someone say they end their day with God’s word & prayer, then go to sleep in God’s arms. Wow!! That’s what I want!

  89. Hi Lysa,
    Boy you must be seeing me! I am desperately seeking a closer relationship with God but how do I get there? My husband´s health is deterating and i feel so lost and unable to do anything about it. I have been praying to god I know He hears me but i often feel like my prayers are met with deaf ears and my tears will never stop flowing. I trust God but that trust is nwo being tested and <i am just overwhelmed. The fact that I live in Mexico and have no family around doesn´t help much either. I often feel like I am in an ocean and drowning and no one can give me a helping hand to save me or toss me a life raft. I love the Lord with my whole heart but feel distant from Him. Help me.
    I enjoy your blog daily and you have spoken to my heat many times and today is especially one of them. Be Blessed for you my friend are such and awespme blessing.

  90. At the end of busy days I like to read a book and then read the Word before I sleep. Need to read less of the book and more of the Word!

  91. Definitely the phone or the computer/internet through my phone. They’re the last thing I check before turning in, and the first thing I glance at when waking up. Thanks for the challenge!

  92. Waking up early and spending time with God. As school comes to an end for my girls, I fear our summer battles that loom. Being reminded that there is no email or sale too important to log on to before I prepare my heart and fill myself full of Him…oh, so needed. Thank you!

  93. I am pretty sure that you wrote this for me. When I read the post it was as you had been living the past few weeks with me. My phone is what I wake to every morning. Today is the day I am challenging myself to open the Bible first thing in the morning. Thank you!

  94. I believe that we all get a bit side tracked at times. I’m guilty of this for sure. I was just thinking about the balance I need to regain in my life…so it’s perfectly fit that I came across this post today. I absolutely need to be with Him before I run to my computer in the a.m & then half my day is gone. There was such a peace within when I started my day with Him, devotions & soul-filled worship…when I was deep in recovery. Thank-you for this ‘push-forward’ 😉 ~CC

  95. Rehashing my day in a judgmental stance – reviewing what “she did” or “he did” or talking about the neighbors or other people’s stories. In place of this, focusing on my own life – the joys, gifts, blessings, positives. It seems so simple, but *everyone else* seems to take up way more focus than my own life, admittedly.

  96. I felt deeply convicted while reading this. Just to know that I should be doing it is not enough. I must do it! I can do it! Thanks for your encouraging words!

  97. I need give up reading other books until I have read the Word. I spend a lot of time reading but then don’t “have time” to read the Bible and spend time talking with God for longer than a few minutes during breaks in the day. So, I need to be more disciplined about reading and spending time with God before I read any other thing that isn’t God’s Word.

  98. So much truth and wisdom! Thank you for opening your heart and share it with us. It encourages me greatly to walk closer with God!

  99. Well timed post, Lysa… Thank you!… Definitely *screen time* is where I need to make more distance…

  100. Needful today…thank you! I have been without Diet Drinks (all carbonated drinks) and fast food for a week and 2 days now. I had no idea what a slave to this I was. Our church is in the beginning stages of building a church in Ecuador and trying to raise $25,000 in 25 days. This was my part of giving up for 25 days…I know silly. I AM A SLAVE to SODAS! It has been really hard! I am inching into some sort of MUCH needed self-discipline. Now, if I can disclipline myself to hide my phone and computer until I have surrendered the day to Him…

  101. I wish I would’ve read this earlier today because then I wouldn’t have wasted my day watching tv on hulu. I will do better tomorrow!

  102. I need to distance myself from the hurt that has come into my life. Not to ignore it, but it is time to move forward with God in trust and faith.

  103. Thank you, Lysa. Very encouraging word for today, very simple and applicable. I haven’t read my Bible yet today so here I go…

  104. The computer. Hands down. It is a time suck and I all too often get stuck inside it. Thanks for this encouragement.

  105. Wow, this kind of goes along with my Pastor’s sermon on Sunday about robbing/stealing from God. Not only money by not giving cheerfully but also your time, your talents, and your attention. Very convicting message that put me on my knees. This is I think a clear message from God that things are getting in the way of my relationship with Him. Thanks for sharing.


  106. I feel in my heart I need to do the same thing, I need to “unplug” myself from electrons- the computer, the tv , the phone and spend more time in the bible, the living breathing word of God. Most the time I just look up verses online- but I miss that connection that the bible gives -real study time with God- a relationship and conversation with Him. ♥♥♥

  107. I feel in my heart I need to do the same thing, I need to “unplug” myself from electrons- the computer, the tv , the phone and spend more time in the bible, the living breathing word of God. Most the time I just look up verses online- but I miss that connection that the bible gives -real study time with God- a relationship and conversation with Him. ♥♥♥

  108. This is what I want as well. I often get distracted by nothing and everything.

  109. I feel in my heart I need to do the same thing, I need to “unplug” myself from electronics- the computer, the tv , the phone and spend more time in the bible, the living breathing word of God. Most the time I just look up verses online- but I miss that connection that the bible gives -real study time with God- a relationship and conversation with Him. ♥♥♥

  110. My prayer lately has been that my Bible study time will be a more spiritual time. A time of communion with God. It’s so easy for me to turn it into an intellectual or academic thing. Thank you for blessing me with this post!

  111. “How can I grow closer to God?” Great question!! That’s was the question I asked myself after a failed first marriage 10 years ago. God answered by revealing to me areas in my life that I needed to hand over to Him. I needed to trust that the path and plan He had for me was so much better than my plan. I was filling my life with temporary things that I thought would bring me happiness and contentment. The journey set me free from addiction and a deeper understanding of what grace really means.

  112. I definitely need to reflect on this! I really like the idea of now email or internet until I’ve been in the word…..that would be a great place for me to start. Thanks Lysa!

  113. Something God has been teaching me about lately is turning to Him first when I am in need of comfort or advice or soul-soothing. It’s been a hard thing to learn because even though God is always with me, it doesn’t always feel like He’s there and it’s often hard to discern His voice above my own or the enemies. In frazzled moments I would voice in prayer the need to talk to someone and I felt like God’s response was, “Ahem…what about me? I’m someone. You could try talking to me.” But as I’ve tried developing this discipline, God has blessed me with His comforting presence, even in the times when the conversation feels decidedly one-sided on my part. 🙂

  114. I’m sacrificing gluten and sugar right now for my health. And right now, finances are distracting me because there isn’t enough coming in to pay the bills. I don’t know how to let that go and let God handle it. I try, I pray but it’s still there, looming over me. Swallowing up my sanity. Somedays are good and I wait patiently and others, I spend worrying away. I could use prayer for God to provide and show us what we are to do right now – I know He’ll provide but we’re in a fog right now waiting for the clear so we know which way to go.

  115. I think I have multiple distractions before God. Currently two major ones are food and the internet. It seems a new distraction often comes to take the place of an old distraction 🙁

  116. Oh i am so struggling with each of those things. I am on the computer first thing even before i get my kids breakfast first and always watching t.v and yes eating tons of sugar. I have been struggling with why why can’t i stop these things how come i put God at the very bottom of the list and then sometimes go to bed with not even spending one minute with him. Thank-you for sharing this. I really need to set my priorities straight.
    Thanks Lysa
    God Bless!

  117. And I know exactly what is distracting me. Balance has always been a challenge for me. Thanks for your encouragement, as always!

  118. Thank you so much, this is just what I needed to hear. I have been feeling God’s pull in some areas and am blessed to know that others struggle as well.

  119. Like many of the others before me said, this is something that I needed to read today. Talk about stepping on some toes, but mine sure are sore. Distractions for me are the computer and food. Thank you so much for sharing with us today.

  120. I love what God said to you about , “when I’m most depleted I’ll soak up deeply whatever I take in.” It’s so true. And it really has me thinking about how I spend my evenings, after long days, watching TV. Thank you so much for your words, Lysa.

  121. for me, it would be the desire to get married. i’m at a point in my life where friends in my life are dating or engaged or already married and i want that too. i want to be able to confidently trust God with it instead of dwelling on it. i know it’s all about His timing and not mine but sometimes that’s easier to say than put into practice : )

  122. Hi Lysa. Your post just really hit home. My Mom is battling pancreatic cancer. Seeing her deteriorate is so sad. It’s all about what we’ve been putting into our bodies. I look back and remember that it’s always been a way for our family and now my family to reward ourselves with sweets. I’ve never looked at it as: healthy eating (self-discipline) equals honoring God. I’ve just downloaded the Craving God: A 21 day devotional challenge. It’s free on Kindle which I apparently have an app on my phone. Thanks for sharing and hopefully I can grow my relationship with God by doing this. Take care.

  123. Lysa, this SO speaks to me! Especially the part about the tv when you’re most depleted.I did this last Saturday. I’m a widow and I live alone.I admit I depend on tv WAY too much. Back to Saturday,I was feeling all alone,wanting to go out,yet not wanting to either,have ya been there? Instead of getting out God’s Word and spending some time with Him for an attitude adjustment,I just turned on the tv instead.I watched it ALL day.It did nothing to inspire me or encourage me! (now I know there are some days us gals NEED to just veg out,but this was not one of them) There was an event I wanted to go to later in the evening,but I didn’t.All I got from my day,was GUILT.I wasted the entire day,for what?I struggle with this more than I like to admit.I have made tv an idol. I need HELP!

  124. I know I can do ALL things through Jesus and His strength.I want to break my old habits and make room for NEW GROWTH. I like this,making room for new growth.I want,no I need, to get closer to Him. May I start today! Thanks Lysa for your insights and most of all for your HONESTY.

  125. Thanks for this….just last night I made myself sit down and read my Bible before turning on my TV.
    Even though I will often “not have time” to read when I look back at my week I see that I have had time to watch some TV, it may not be a lot of TV but my Bible should come before that.
    So thanks again for the confirmation that I’m in the right line here :o)

  126. The sugar and processed foods are what I know I need to lay down at this time. Have you been watching me? I followed a similar pattern with carving out time first for God. There is still much I need to learn, but God has met me and blessed my efforts!

  127. Recently, been telling Jesus how I wanted to make Him first in my everything everytime I open my eyes each morning ; I want to be intimately close to Him – longing my whole being soaked totally in His Mighty Presence that I may see what He plans for me each day – but – honestly, when my thought starts running, concerns for the day keep filing and then, my husband would start talking about us…. and that’s it – my other half is distracting my being for getting closer to Him….

  128. Thanks for your message, it was just what i needed for my family and wife watch very much tv and i believe tv is an hindrance to knowing God.

  129. I recently disabled texting on my phone. When I was getting frustrated, anxious, or upset, I immediately reached out to someone via text. While my decision to disable texting was based on much more than just this, it was definitely a huge step towards becoming more dependent on God. I think something else that I need to step away from is the television, as well. I spend so much time watching mindless tv when I could be reading my Bible or journaling. It’s a habit that I need to work on breaking.

  130. I need to limit my phone and computer use. Also, I should be waking up a little bit earlier to let God’s Word guide my steps and my heart for the day. I know I will see a chance in my mothering as well.

  131. Thanks for this post. God has definitely spoken to me in the past about cutting out facebook and tv….now I’m going to do something about it. So, no more facebook and no more tv for me, except for the occassional movie with my babe. Cold turkey is the way to go, so I’m not even going to finish the mini-series I was in the midst of watching. I’m looking forward to filling my time with more intentional living!

  132. WOW ! ! That is actually a confirmation for me. Recently realized that my eating on the run was leading to thinking I had not really eaten at all. I have started reading God’s word while eating and not watching the news or some other program. I have started talking to God even before I get out of bed. Was justifying computer time as reading different blogs and Bible related messages but have felt led that Satan can even use those things to derail God’s true plan for my day. Thanks for your message.

  133. i personally experienced this today, when i purposely chose to read my Bible instead of plugging into my google reader. God really showed me who He was and how He has planned and made everything. I was so encouraged and cant wait to do it again tomorrow.

  134. Lysa,

    Sugar is SOOOOOOOO hard to let go of! It’s like breaking up from a person you thought was THE love of your life! So I applaud you for your efforts!

    I hear you– these are great thoughts. It reminds me of my own faith walk with Jesus– for me, it’s been music! I’ve often said “Music is the LOVE of my LIFE!” And only recently have I realized how much I tune more into music than I tune into God. I’ve debated the point, figuring since the majority of the music is from the Christian contemporary and gospel genres, then it’s OK because I’m praising JESUS and He inhabits the praise (says a song) BUT then I realized that GOD wants MY praise first…He wants to hear MY voice and MY mind and MY heart and despite how wonderfully well the Christian artists I listen to express their heart for God, it doesn’t measure up to having MY own personal testimony, story and song about how Jesus Christ changed my life and wants to change yours too.

    SO I’ve been working on spending more quiet time with God and I’m trying to break up with sugar too (pray for me). 🙂

    God bless you and your ministry, Lysa! Keep doing great things for God. Remember as the song from yes, Christian group, Downhere says, “Little is MUCH, when GOD is in it!”

    God bless you,


  135. Thank you, what a fresh and inspiring reminder. I noticed that as well and made a conscious decision to distance myself from distractions. Sadly I have been allowing the little things to creep in slowly and now I can clearly see that the little things have caused a gap in my relationship with the Lord. I was praying just this morning for a revelation as to why I don’t feel as close to him, and I believe this is it! Thank you Lord!


  136. Definitely the TV. It’s not edifying all the time and worst of all – it takes time away from spending time with my Lord.

  137. Amazing when the stars
    seem to align. I just posted
    about a raw detox that I am
    on for three days this week.
    I am attempting to put my
    health back on the radar and
    this message was just the
    cheerleader that I need in
    my bleachers to keep my head
    in the game. Thank you.
    xx Suzanne

  138. Much like you, I need a distraction from checking my emails, checking my phone, and from sugar. I don’t watch TV thankfully, but I do fill up the time with unnecessary things that bring no value to my life. And I want to sincerely break the habit of eating when I am bored or emotional. Thank for letting me know I am not alone.

  139. Wow. This is exactly what I needed to read today. I struggle with finding what it is that is keeping me from becoming closer to God. You have led me to the path which will lead me to the answer. Thank you.

  140. My toes are little sore (from being stepped on) by your post today. Thanks for reminding me how important it is to start each day spending time with the Lord.

  141. Just a perfect post at the right time. I too need to distance myself from distractions and dedicate myself more deeply in my daily tasks. Thanks for sharing!

  142. I need to free up my mind with all the ‘to-do’ things.
    I need a touch down everyday, and start afresh. At the end of the day, I need to raise all things up to Him, let go and let God handle what is.
    So that next day I could start afresh, touchdown, and be more energetic in fulfilling the works of the day, guided by His graces.

  143. For me… the computer! I think your idea of not turning on my phone or computer until I’ve spent time with Him… It’s a little scary but probably just what I need.

  144. I need to give up the distractions,like letting my mind be bogged down with what other people think of me and letting them get to me by caring what they are saying about me.

  145. I am challenged by your post today. I don’t feel guilty……just sad that God doesn’t always come first in my life. Thank you for the reminder.

  146. This post was exactly what I needed to read today. I was just telling God today that I need and want to be closer to Him. There are plenty of distractions, but I think the most significant one is checking twitter or facebook early in the morning instead of spending time with the Lord to start my day. Thanks so much for this post!

  147. Wow, I struggle in all the same areas. I’ve been really convicted of the need to take this stuff out of my life and replace it with time spent with God. Thank you for speaking so eloquently on this subject. I’m challenged and encouraged to follow Jesus and to know that others struggle, too.

  148. I feel like God is trying to teach me something, I have been hearing this exact message over and over lately. Then I found this website and read it on here. Again! Crazy? Or is it just God’s voice telling me to focus on Him? I’ll go with the later. One thing I definitely need to put aside is internet/computer usage. Until I’ve meet with the Lord I shouldn’t be looking for anything or checking any emails. Thanks for this reminder and challenge.

  149. I need to distance myself from people who fill my life (and theirs!) with negativity. I’m realizing that I’m very susceptible toabsorbing the negative thoughts and feelings of those around me, and those types of thoughts don’t do anything good for me or anyone else. As hard as it might be, I have been feeling like I need to prune my relationship tree so I can focus more on the one relationship that really counts!

  150. I think I am needing to distance myself from the computer prior to reading my bible – I always say I will get to it, but here it is 10pm and I have yet to get to it – I think I need to start making it a habit to do bible before computer/email/face book! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction – I have been thinking this and this is just confirmation! God Bless!

  151. WOW…I was reading through (or should I say skimming through) a bunch of blogs. In my hurry I almost missed the message of this one…and then it grabbed me by the face and said READ ME. I went back to the beginning and dove in. I needed this so, so, so much. The way you talked about turning on the TV when you felt most depleted was as if you were writing about me. Thank you. I have been challenged to make a change. ~Jessica

  152. Yes, yes. Me too, with the computer/Facebbok and for me, Skyping with my best friend in another city. and even my kids. It’s so easy to get distracted by what’s in front of my face–especially on the computer or TV– and lose sight of why’s important. Thanks. I needed this.

  153. Ummm…the distraction of my children and my husband…?
    And yet – how does that make sense? If this home, this family is my calling – why does it so often consume and overwhelm me, in such a way that I feel squeezed, pressed, squashed out of myself?
    My God, my God!
    How I long for the quiet moments of prayer & praise, of walking and seeking and listening and finding. How do I pursue Him, amidst the chaos of nursing baby and demanding toddler, between the loads of laundry and the home cooked meals and the school lessons for kinder, first, fifth, ninth, tenth?
    Oh,oh – whoops – I think I let my heart leak out a little here…right here, on nothin’ but a blog reply…
    Thanks for compassion, and conviction, and makin’ me ponder, Lysa.

  154. I recently gave up solitaire for a week and used the time for prayer. This helped me break a tme-consuming habit.

    I actually find the computer helpful in growing closer to God. My reading plan, several translations (including a terrific audio version), and commentary are on my iPad. I read and study scripture before I even put a foot on the floor. My husband even brings me a cup of tea too. What a way to start each day!

  155. Lysa, your post really made me think. I notice that I unintentionally tend to find “things” to distract myself and ultimately from my time with God. Computer time, food, TV, chit-chatting, projects, etc. I have been feeling lately like I need to make time in my day that I can spend with God in a quiet intentional way. This is definately something I am going to have to learn to do because my mind wants to stay busy. On the days that I start my morning with scripture and devotion I feel better. So I think that is the best starting place for me.

  156. More and more I am feeling I can not distance myself too much (enough) from this world and what it offers. I already know without any doubt that of this world is not the place to be and there seem to be not enough hours in the day to fill with His thoughts. I am hungry for the places of my spirit to be filled with the Holy Spirit. I am reading, researching, listening, singing, praying, meditating and waiting (often not patiently) for Jesus to reveal Himself to me. A new season has been opened to us at our home. Days once filled with employment are now empty of that. And filled with a new normal. Medications, doctor visits, forms, questions, less monetary reward for living in this earth. A time waiting for His voice to speak. Trying to distance myself from what once was to what now is. Often the business of others (talk, socializiing, one-uping, sounding of own horns, holy excluding,s ) exhausts me and uses my energies which are precious now more than ever. I find myself becoming judgemental instead of accepting of the differences in the day to day of those around me. I need the distance to be increasing from those things that I allow to weigh me down as I seek to move to the Word He gives

  157. Wow, I’m sitting here on this computer knowing full well that my “allotted computer time” ended a long time ago. My lack of self discipline…that’s what fuels the distraction for me.

  158. I don’t want to admit it…but I think I need to distance myself from reading blogs so much…and make sure I spend time with God first.

  159. Wow! I really needed this! I definitely spend too much time on the computer. I really want to get over my habit of wasting time on that instead of soaking in the Word of God.

  160. Hi, It’s now day 6 of my 100 day challenge to let go of the things that stop me from loving myself more. Yesterday i woke up with yet another sugar hangover from eating too much chocolate the evening before and i felt unwell all day. God told me it was time to eat better so today my journey is taking a turn i didnt expect. I keep praying and scowling and then patiently waiting for an answer and every day that one answer comes and takes me another step along life’s journey. I did start to read your book and could understand that we can crave other things then God and put them first before Him but couldnt see how it connected to food. As for Eve if she hadnt of partaken of the fruit we wouldnt be here. Maybe i will give your book another try. Thanks for the post it helps me to know im not alone.

  161. Oh this post hit right at my heart! Thank you!
    I have been wrestling with this myself – my goal for the year is to begin a path of a healthy life – mind, body, and soul. And I’m doing pretty good at the body part (down 16 lbs so far). But I find it more difficult to focus on the mind & soul – I desire to grow closer to God so desperately!!!
    I keep thinking how I need to limit my phone time as it seems to be my biggest distraction. Using it to check my email, Facebook, & twitter first thing in the morning! When I know I should be reaching for my Bible or just spending that time with God first thing!!! Thank you for this gentle reminder (conviction)!!! 🙂

  162. I so needed this today. Struggling very much with distancing myself from something I feel like I cant live without. Definitely needing to draw closer to the Lord and make sure HE is filling the void in my life and not allowing “other things” or “people” to fill that void. It is sooo hard! Yet that is what I really want more than anything… a closer, deeper, meaningful relationship with my Father. Not just a go to church on Sunday, act like a Christian. But to find it… I suppose we do have to sacrifice and feel the pain… of loss, even if what we feel like we are losing is not quite as important as we feel like it is. not sure if you already had your giveaway… but if not…would be wonderful to get your book

  163. This grabbed me immediately this morning as I too wish to grow closer to God as you stated. I never thought that when I’m depleted that I was soaking up those bad habits instead of instilling God’s strength and love within me when I need it most. Thank you, beautifully written!

  164. A friend of mine shared this link with me and I shared it with some friends that I meet with in a small group study and one wrote back just now and said, ” I was just saying yesterday that there are some things I can cut out of my life to make more time for what’s more important – what a validation and encouragement this message was for me today!!”

    I rarely send messages to this group of women via email but today this one just seemed like it was written for us! Thank you for sharing! Tracy

  165. I need to distance myself from the computer. It is too distracting and takes away from time I could be spending with my family or in God’s word.
    I would love a chance to win these books, I have a close friend who came to me with a food struggle today, and she could use your encouragement!

  166. Computer! I keep trying to use it less, but I always find an excuse. Also, tv, food and all the other distractions life throws at me:)

  167. Wow, what is it I don’t need to set aside in leau of more time with my Precious Savior?! I need to spend less time making excuses and spend that energy on being productive in my home, spiritual, work and emotional lives.

  168. I have also learned that before I turn on the computer and turn to God’s word. I told myself if I have time to be on the computer then I have time for God. I have been on a journey this year~making healthier choices and studying God’s word priorities this year. It has made a world of difference in my life.

  169. There are so many distractions in this world. I can’t pinpoint just one. I am trying to keep it all in balance. Lately, I have been neglecting the Lord. I know that. He knows that. When I listen to Him my world is more peaceful.

  170. Your article is extremely impressive. I never considered that it was feasible to accomplish

    something like that until after I looked over your post. You certainly gave a great

    perception on exactly how this whole process works.

  171. challenged me this year to create a one word focus for 2011. My word is ‘DISCIPLINE’. There is no doubt that when I exercise discipline in my spiritual, my emotional, my behavioral and my spiritual life that my connection with God is so much more real. Yep, discipline in all areas of our lives!! It makes a HUGE difference!

  172. […] After I wrote Wandering for Tuesday, the words of my own blog started to work in me. The Scripture, “looking away from all that will distract you” rumbled around in my mind and soul. Then I read another post at (in)courage called “How can I grow closer to God”. […]

  173. For me the world around me and the demands and expectations sometimes can be overwhelming. So, I have felt the need to distance myself from those distractions by creating a place (a room) where I can go to have my quiet time with God. A place where He can speak to me and help me prepare for the day and week.

    Thanks for sharing your journey.

  174. I think I may need to separate myself from media for a while, specifically Facebook and watching tv online. I have begun to create room for new growth by reading my Bible with breakfast each morning, but there’s still so much to be done in the pursuit of God!

  175. Your words couldn’t ring any truer for me personally. I’m right there with you when it comes to not allowing myself on the computer until I’ve had quiet time with God. I have gotten SOOOO much better with making sure to put Him first but I still have days that I fail with that. So that will continue to be my charge because it remains a challenge. In relation to that, sometimes I’ll read a christian book over the Bible and I find this is dangerous too. The Bible, for me, should always be first. I have a 4 yr old and 6 wk old so I have to use my time wisely. I never, EVER, regret having bible time first.

    I also want to tell you Lysa that since your Made To Crave book came out, I kept saying “eh, it’s not for me right now”. I’ve read two of your other books, and let me say I love what you write, by the way. I just didn’t feel in a place to read this kind of book. But you said something in this post that STRUCK me big time. It’s not about losing weight as much as it’s about self control. About being useful to God when i have the power to say “no”. I understand that, I want that. And so i think your book is definitely a must read for me in the near future. Thanks Lysa, you are great.

  176. WOW! Just what I needed– every single word! Thanks so much!!!! My sis passed the link to this article to me. I’m sure glad she did!

  177. I think I have several distractions that I need to distance myself from, but the primary one is my Google Reader. I can sit for hours reading through the awesomeness online, but if I don\’t preface it with Scripture study, my God lens becomes cloudy and I lose my focus. I also need to distance myself from boredom/grazing eating. It\’s my default – when I need to take a moment to breathe, it involves inhaling not just oxygen but food as well. Thanks for this chance!

  178. I also turn to TV and the computer when I’m most depleted. God has been nudging me to spend that time with Him (and get the rest I need so I don’t always feel so depleted). Thank you for sharing on this subject!

  179. Hey. I’m 15 years old and i just want a better connections with God. I thought I knew him,m but i had no idea… I knew a couple of things but not everything. My cousin Shaquan Saunders was killed on october 26 of 2013 . I actually was so upset with God I wanted to cut him off and everyone else. But me being the person that I am , And God i still being the God that he is … I had to rebuke that negativity. I miss my cousin more than ever , but i don’t want to bring Shaquan back to the evil world. God knew what he was doing but you have a blessed day. PLease help me find the 1st place to look and read !!

  180. I am wanting to learn how to get closer to god. After reading your post I see that it requires Courage and I would lie if I didnt say I was scared. I worry of the people I will lose, how long it will take for me to see the light and how this change will change me. But out of all of this I know that it will be worth it at the end. I am on a journey and I will not reach my goal in one day.