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I married my hero and he insisted we have kids. Those little loves are now 5 and 3 (twins), and I am so grateful Hubby talked me into it. I love to read & knit, and I make crazy good gluten-free cupcakes.

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  1. I love your transparency, Monica, it is precious. Thankfully, we have a gracious God who understands when we are at our mommy limit. That’s when He picks US up and carries on. I think that is the point, really, in the long run, isn’t it? He IS mighty to SAVE.

  2. After growing up a Tom boy and never really understanding the girlie part of life God threw me a curve ball when he blessed me with 4 girls. I was scared of children with disabilities until again God blessed me with one. Now my life is blessed further than my wildness dreams. I see now the limits I laid on myself were because I could only see so far. Thankfully God has eternity in his view.