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Left a big house for a ragtag farm, lives among debris with two (cow)boys, dreams with Hubby, hears creation in meadows and sings His redeeming song

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  1. You couldn’t have described it better, even if you had been inside my heart, when you wrote “you fell into a black, friendless hole camouflaged by a life passing you by”.
    Thank you for this post of truth.

    • Oh my, BlessedMama, do I know this heart. May He echo Truth in it’s seemingly emptied passageways and fill it to the brim with Life. One thing I’ve learned, to wait on His friendships for me, an oh-so lonely walk (this wait), but isn’t our grip on Him even tighter during those trips?

    • It’s hard to be in those shoes…. I’m sure I turned His fingers {a hypothetical} blue from all my hand squeezing. And He puts people on our hearts, so we can be part of His “noticing” business. 😉

  2. You wrote my heart out in words, painted a picture of my week. I wrote today how God spoke to that emptiness and questioning heart in my post for Monday, “Needing Encouragement?” (http://www.wendygunn.net/2011/05/needing-encouragement-mondays-are-great.html) God is so good to show me through you that I’m not alone, and turn my focus away from me, to Him. I am a channel of His love, used by Him, not responsible for the results, only love and obedience.
    Blessings on your day, Tammy, and thanks for using your amazing writing gifts for His glory!

  3. Such a great reminder to this mama to see their hearts. Especially in the busy times. Especially when they are struggling. I must see them, see their hearts. I am so very thankful He sees me. Always!

    • In all my human-ness, I know I miss those heart moments, many times. It’s only more “proof” why our kids need Him. A good friend told me recently: if we, as parents were perfect, they wouldn’t need Christ. On so many levels, that simple statment has set me free. And yes! Me too, so thankful He always sees. (:

  4. So amazing. I accidentally stumbled on this post looking for another one and I had just commented to my husband that “no one who knows me cares about my blog”. Writing, posting are creative outlets for me and I don’t really do it for tons of readers. But, I began to wonder if my friends were giving me a message with their lack of interest. Kinda trying not to care but wondering if I was being snubbed somehow. Then it was just a big ole pity party. I really don’t why I blog but , maybe , just as an outlet because I do feel isolated and disconnected sometimes. Then, I read this and I just feel better. Funny how God works that out:)

    • Belinda, I’m wearing a big smile where you wrote “I accidentally stumbled on this post…..” I love how He orchestrates those kind of “accidents” to remind us of who we are in Him.

  5. It’s about being the one that takes that first step instead of waiting to be noticed. Being the example and showing love, sacrafice, committment to something bigger than we are and loving unconditionally. Sometimes people don’t know how to show love and if we show love to them they might warm up. :o)

  6. One farm Mama to another, thank you for this post. Thank you for your performer and helper. Thank you for the love you wrote. Bright blessings…

    • After globe-trotting, I never imagined settling, to a farm. But it suits me. I love how God shows us our heart’s desire, even when we don’t know our own. He does. 🙂

  7. Thanks for this! I do feel like this often and I am sensing God calling me to further tap into and live in His Love!!