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Brie is a UK-based Canadian, recently engaged, and seeking after God's will for her life and marriage. She relishes coffee dates with Jesus.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Oh, Brie! The wisdom you’ve been granted is a gift for your groom, and your Groom is so proud of you! No, you won’t love “enough” and he won’t love you enough, either. Each of your weaknesses is there for specific purposes and in them you’ll learn what it means to surrender ourselves (our desires, our wants, our wishes, our expectations) and CHOOSE to love unconditionally and to accept (where the other person is, and even ourselves, at the moment) unconditionally. God will give you everything you need for this marriage – to be a wife, to be a friend, to respect your husband and to honor Christ through your commitment. When it feels like you can’t, remember that He can…and He WILL! He is faithful and yes, His Grace is enough!

    Rich blessings…

  2. I love that you’ve asked the questions and had the internal struggle without really giving into the doubts of “what if”. Living like Christ isn’t always easy or automatic – sometimes it’s work, even in a marriage, even in His Church, and it’s good to remind ourselves that even the ones who LOOK put together are still not “getting it right” – we’re all sinners and so “being enough” isn’t about us – it’s about God’s amazing grace! This really is a beautiful post, and I’m glad to have read it this morning. Blessings to you in your upcoming marriage!!

  3. God bless you! Marriage is the most difficult and REWARDING thing I have ever done. I pray that God blesses you with a marriage that surpasses even your wildest imaginations!

  4. Dear Brie,

    I love your beautiful heart–how you look to your Father for guidance in loving well. He has your heart! Thank you so much for sharing, and I pray you continue to feel sheltered by His wings and in His glory in these beautiful years. Blessings to you in your marriage!

  5. You are wise to consider these things BEFORE getting married. How I wish I had done the same. But I will not go into my story here as I do not wish to discourage you, but to encourage you for you are on the right track.:))) Happy preparing…may it be one of the best decisions you ever made in your life.:)