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Cara is a housemom at a children’s home, a writer, home educator, wannabe mixed-media artist, and bibliophile that loves to laugh, create, and learn.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. You are planting so many wonderful seeds of Hope and Love in this tender young heart. Thank you for being His Hands and Feet. Thank you for being willing to make yourself so vulnerable by loving him. The Lord is glorified through your Love. He is the God Who can restore the years the locusts have eaten as if they were never gone. He has done it in the lives of our two Siberian sons who became Texans almost 7 years ago. He is Able.

    • Thank you for your sweet words. <3 We're Oregonians who recently became Texans ourselves… may as well be from another country (planet?), it seems. 😉 Thanks again for the encouragement, new friend.

  2. My heart breaks for this little boy, and my heart rejoices for the truth the Father claims for his life, which you so beautifully and powerfully relate here. Thank you so much for sharing your heart of trust and surrender.

    • Oh, that I would surrender as much as I ought. Thanks for your kind words, your encouragement blessed me today and I thank you for rejoicing for the big work He does in these tiny hearts.

  3. “This child’s mess will be his message.” That’s so true and so beautiful. Your investment in these lives is of immeasurable value. We have a blue-eyed orphan boy who’s our “heart son” in Ukraine, after a failed adoption attempt, and he’s now 16, so he cannot be adopted. But God’s drawn us together as family anyway. These stories are hard. We’re excited to meet our guy in August, after almost two years of ongoing relationship. (I’ve written of him and our feelings of loss in “Feel the Burn” and “Holding on Loosely” in my blog, if you want to take a peek!) Thank you for keeping God’s heart for the orphan in front of us.

    • What a beautiful story, Shannon. Thank you for holding on across miles and obstacles for your heart-child. Praying for God to work miracles in the coming years for you and your boy.