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Christine Hoover is the author of From Good to Grace and the forthcoming book, Messy Beautiful Friendship. She is a church planting pastor's wife and mom of three boys.

(in)side DaySpring: things we love
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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. Thank you! With 3 littles under 3.5 I find myself a little overwhelmed. I want to enjoy these moments right now and for God to use me even now!!

  2. Our time is not our own…such a good reminder. I’ve started having “coffee with Jesus each morning” and asking Him what He wants me to do with my day? The biggest surprise? It often seems to be LESS than what I planned. Whew. So grateful to have grace!

  3. Christine, I was just thinking about this this morning! My son – our only at this point – is 6 and finishing up First Grade. He is (a bit more) independent and outside playing with friends, or sometimes even at friends houses. I sometimes think about the times I wondered if I would ever have a moment to myself on a weekend…moments to almost be bored. I soak it up and give thanks for it. And yet, I know it’s time He provided and your post reminded me to remember this time is not my own. What does He want me to do with it? There’s a huge thought I have about what He wants me to do with the freed up time, and I need to be obedient with the prompting. This *could* be an in-between time for my husband and me…to steal away moments when our son is busy just-for-us…before we have another to raise someday, if God wills. And so…we never know what tomorrow will bring, and we are to set aside our plans and seek His.

  4. This is so excellent. With seven kiddos ranging from 15 years to 15 months, I still have to squeeze groceries in between a cartful of kiddos, and nope, haven’t actually enjoyed an entire cup of coffee before it goes stone-cold, in a decade & a half.

    And yet – even in this stage of overwhelming, constant demands, I need to hear the convicting truth that my time is not my own. This wild & crazy windstorm of life is just as it should be…and I need to release my own stiff-necked-control, to bend with the blowing wind!
    Thanks, Christine –

  5. Christine- Thanks for the reminder. I am often challenged by the idea that everything is the Lord’s- my time, body and resources. It is so easy to forget and think- This is my _______ rather than asking Lord what do you want me to do today with the opportunities and blessings that you have given me. Then it becomes an act of faith- that if I do what the Lord requires of me, to trust that He will meet my needs and will help me by strengthening me and providing what I need.

  6. Thanks for your words, Christine. What a great reminder to cherish the time I have now with little ones at home and not waste it away wishing for the next season of life!

  7. I loved this post. 🙂 Thank you so much for the gentle reminder. I’m still in the baby years, and it sounds like it’s a good question to be asking myself (and the Lord) even as *I* dream of those six hours!

  8. Ah, such a timely reminder! My youngest goes off to kindergarten 2-3 days a week this fall and I’ve been wondering how best to fill the days. Thank you for the reminder to pray about how God would have me spend the time!