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Patricia is a freelance writer and photographer who lives and blogs from Pollywog Creek in rural SW Florida, where she's "cultivating an eye for life's mercies."

(in)side DaySpring: things we love
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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. Pat, I just love that you’re over here on (in) courage! I would never have thought of doing a journal with others! I’m up to 260 in mine. I think 261 is going to be “Pat’s heart for God”! I’ve read One Thousand Gifts twice and some parts three times! I have it on my NookColor and have made notes and highlighted all over the place! I didn’t want it to end! Thank you for sharing your story of Joyce and her mother and Marilyn with us. How very, very sweet! And thank you for telling me about Ann and her One Thousand Gifts!

  2. This is such a beautiful idea! “Who, if I counted gifts with them, would know that there’s no wrong way to do this?” Ann would loooove this comment!!! :))
    I just finished reading One Thousand Gifts. I’m a newbie…only on 17…but am dedicating myself to this. Writing down the graces…everyday…..and THIS is my Lenten practice.
    Thank you for the wonderful reminder to help lift each other….even it the gratitude for graces!
    Be blessed~

  3. this post brought me to tears, Patricia. I’m so proud of you! Who says your age/stage should prevent you from sharing these beautiful words here? Be confident in Him. I love ya! Jen your JP sis.

  4. Patricia,

    your tender heart blesses so much. I love this thoughtful, sweet, life-giving post. This is REAL Kingdom work. How you have blessed me this morning!

  5. This is truly sharing the very heart of Jesus! Just as He shared Eucharisteo, we are called to do the same. His example…and yours…remind us to do likewise. To give thanks together and share in His joy. Thank you for this encouragement!

  6. There is an odd kind of loneliness that lives in the heart of the writer. In my more real moments I wonder what if I write and write and nobody reads it. I wonder how many are afraid to begin because they see no purpose for it, no tangible goal. Will anyone care? Am I wasting time and energy that would be better spent washing dishes or scrubbing counters? But then as writers, are words not (among other things, of course) our service, our spiritual act of worship? When someone reads and takes a moment to comment on something I write, a little charge goes through me that whispers, “People do care what you have to say, so keep saying it.” Never underestimate the power of encouragement.

    • Absolutely, Lisa. Oh, how I want my words – written and spoken – to be encouragement. “…good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear. ” Eph. 4.29

  7. I love the idea of sharing a gratitude journal with friends. I am keeping a journal of my own, but now I am thinking of friends I could share one with. Thank you for sharing a slice of your life with us.

  8. i love those words above “never underestimate the power of encouragement” amen to that…..that resonates in my soul…..especially today.

  9. Dear Patricia, what a treasure you are! Sorry to hear about your friend’s battle with cancer. She is blessed to have such devoted, prayerful, Jesus-with-skin-on friends. May the Lord enter into this season of shared gratitude, and may eucharisteo precede a multitude of miracles.

    Much love,

  10. I will pray and ask God whom it is I can share a 1,000 thanksgiving journal or even just the habit of doing so – for mutual support. Perhaps He will send someone who needs it equally as much or more than I do… that I might be motivated. How can it be that this is so difficult…. a lifetime habit of negativity?

    I will pray… thank you for this post.

  11. Thank you Patricia. You are a delightful writer and I am praying for Marilyn for comfort, joy and for her to grow so much more close to our Jesus as he leads her through this cancer. Praying also for Joyce and her selfless love and devotion for her dear mother.

    What a deep love you three have for one another. All because of Grace. We all are the more richer because of three ladies and Ann who first taught us “eucharisteo”.

  12. Thank you so very much for sharing this!!! You have just inspired me to initiate a email gratitude journal with my friend!!!

  13. What a beautiful idea! You’re helping your friend, but the treasure will be shared by each of you. You’ll look back over the pages to see all that God is doing… I just may be inspired…

  14. It’s way past time for me to do this with some accountability. My own little notebook is too easy to set aside, and how swiftly I slip down the slope of self-pity.

    Thanks for speaking His heart to me this afternoon.
    Teri @ StumblingAroundInTheLight

  15. Thank you for sharing this creative demonstration of covenant friendship. The power of gratitude flows through your words here.

  16. hi Pat..i am blessed by your sharing that you could keep in touch with precious friends esp[ when they have moved…i was on ann voskamps website n spontaneously broke down in sobs a rarity..n i recognized that i missed having my best n trusted friend around…amazing to discover that need n to own up top it me being a strong person…and your post once again warms my heart to this friend who lives thousands of miles away who loves to journal ..n pretty books i think you have solved my challenge i shall use it too..