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Holley Gerth is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, counselor, and life coach. Her newest release is The Powerful Purpose of Introverts: Why the World Needs You to Be You. She's also wife to Mark, Mom to Lovelle, and Nana to Eula and Clem.

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  1. Today, Sunday, 3/27, is the 3rd birthday of our youngest son. He was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome and was only with us for 6 1/2 months. I look forward to seeing him in Heaven but this has been a hard road. I struggle with depression, God has been faithful and I am grateful for the prayers of others. On a very cheery note, my second oldest son (9 years old) and I are being baptized in our church today as well!

    • Kathryn, I am sorry for your loss. I said a prayer for just now and will continue to pray throughout the day. How exciting you will be baptized with your daughter today!

      • Kathryn,

        My heart is sad and hurting for your loss, and for the grief that I can read in your blog posts. I am lifting you up this morning, praying that Abba will immerse your hurting heart in His sweet healing comfort, ‘atta-girls’, and assurances.

        I am, as well, joyful for you and your second oldest son today. God bless you all as you continue to heal and grow together.

    • I’m so sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine that depth of grief in losing a child. I know you’ll always miss that little guy. I’m praying that the depression you struggle with will be lifted, by the power of Jesus’ name. I’m praying you’ll have “peace that passes understanding” and be able to rest your soul in the Lord. I love Hebrews 4:16 “Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.”
      Enjoy your baptism! What a blessing to share that with your son!

    • I only want to say to you that I know what it feels to lose a child. My baby Michelle Marie went to be with the Lord suddenly when she was a month and 2 weeks old, she was a victim of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death). So, I know there is no words I can say to you that will soothe you pain. But I do want to share with you that God held me in His arms through those days and night like the ones you are going through, even when sometimes I wouldn’t know it was Him, only now when I look back I can understand that He kept my sanity and gave me peace in the midst of the storm. Do not let go of Him please because I am sure that He is not only only holding your hand but his arms are around you and He will walk you through the valley of death until one day your pain will still be there but you will find that peace that surpasses all understanding is even greater than your pain. One thing that kept me strong was the fact that I wanted be not only a mother my other children (2 girls) and a wife to my husband…..but I though that they deserved to have a happy, positive and full of faith mother and wife because they were also morning even if they did it in a different way that I did. I will keep you in my prayers. Love and peace in Jesus Christ our Lord.

    • HLHS and kids with heart problems are near and dear to my heart. I have congenital heart defects myself and I am a nurse that works with kids with heart defects and problems. HLHS is a tough thing especially losing a child to it. I pray for your comfort in this and praise that you can still trust God enough to be baptized and follow Him!

    • i am so sorry for the loss of little boy i allso lost my only son to heart defect
      age 7 years it is his birthday on the 31th of march i know wath you are going through i will keep u in my prayers when you go into the water to be baptized leave all your worrys in that water with the lord for he alone can heal you my 9 year old grandaughter got baptized and she is such a happy little girl god bless and feel the love of the holey sprit as you are baptized love jean

    • God has blessed you richly with a son who will remember being baptized with his mother. If you have not purchased “Breath Deep” by Guy Penrod, please bless yourself by doing so. Listen especially to the song “Breath Deep” and the one about Heaven. I believe it will bless your heart every time you listen to those songs just as it does mine. I will add you and your family to my prayer list. God loves you!

  2. Kathryn…I’m so sorry…will stop and pray for your heartache and for God’s comfort.
    I know how those birthdays still hit…all the things you wanted to experience with them…even 3 years down the road.
    It still is a deep ache…and longing.

  3. My prayer request would be for my daddy. He is not well. He has been in and out of the hospital since October 2010 with congestive heart failure and severe anemia. He has suffered 2 heart attacks as a result. My dad is a rock. He has survived 5 heart attacks, 2 open heart surgeries, diabetes and cancer. All his doctors are are in awe of the fact that he is still walking on this earth. His health is really going down hill, and he has said he doesn’t think he will live through the year. He knows Jesus. But I can’t help but be selfish and not want him to go. I ask for God’s will most of all, comfort for all and healing for my dad.

    • Shelly,

      I am praying for Gods very best for your father, you and your family. I pray in Jesus’ name for abundant grace as you walk through unsure paths and comfort in every circumstance.

      • Agreeing with you in prayer. I’m a Daddy’s Girl, and my dad’s had some health issues recently, too, so my heart really feels this with you. Asking our Heavenly Father to pour out His grace and peace on your family and to give you many more wonderful seasons with your dad.

    • Oh I am praying for you right now. I have lost both my parents and it is so very hard. I wil pray if it bet God’s Will He heal your daddy, but if he does get to go see Jesus I pray YOU will be okay. We have a great and gracious God. So know it will all be okay. Blessings

    • Shelly,

      It is a tough path that you walk right now. I know because I’ve walked that path before you. And I can tell you that your heart is going to hurt more than you think you can handle, but I can also tell you that our Heavenly Father is always there holding you, carrying you through each moment on this path. And I’ll be here praying for you too.

    • My father had CHF too as well as diabetes. Like your father he was in and out of the hospital for a long time. He passed away in 1992 at 87 years of age. He loved the Lord and was ready to meet Him. As I stood in the hospital room while he was going to meet the Lord there was such peace and joy for him. I miss holding his hand and talking with him about Prophecy. I miss seeing his sweet face and hearing the words, “I love you” every time I visited him. I can still feel his hand in mine. I have the same love for the study of Prophecy that he had. I will see him in the Rapture and that brings joy to my heart. He no longer hurts, is no longer sick and with His Father who he talked about consistently to everyone he met.
      There IS a “peace that passes all understanding.”

  4. Shelly and Kathryn I will have you in my thoughts and will pray for both of you. Kathryn you are a very courageous woman, wife and most of all mother. You are strong. Shelly, your dad is a an amazing person! Please stay positive, he will come through.

    My prayer request is a little selfish :/
    I wish for all this depression and loneliness to go away. I wish to know what it’s like to have true friends again that will understand my depression and not judge.

    • Sandra,

      I’m praying that our King who pursues us and yearns for us to pursue Him, will affirm for you today that reaching out and asking for help brings joy to Him in order to combat the lie that asking for that help is selfish. I have to remind myself of this very same thing. In Jesus’ name I pray for Him to give you the strength, power, and conviction – no matter how you feel – to pour yourself into other people as depression seeks to separate you and keep you lonely. Just last summer that is what saved me from depression and has in turn blessed me with a once unimaginable intimate relationship with my Savior as well as godly girl-friends and women who consistently minister to my heart.

    • I’m praying in agreement with you that God will flood your life with joy and peace and bring good women into your life to enjoy. I agree with what Terri Lynn pointed out about how isolating depression is. It’s so hard to just move forward out of that place, and yet in the intentional moving in a direction of others and of seeking out friends to bless, that is how it is so often overcome. At least in my life. I’m praying that one by one, you will find women who love the Lord and who you can connect with and that God will bless you with friendships and show you ways to reach out to them and build a great network of women. I think a lot of women want more really authentic friendships, so there may be women you know who are also hesitant to reach out, but feel the same way you do, and you can be the blessing and encourager in their lives as you invite them out for coffee or call to see how they’re doing. Praying for you today!

    • Sandra, your prayer is not selfish! I know all too well the grip of depression and the loneliness that it brings. I pray for God to bring strong godly women to speak into your life.

    • Asking for prayer for your depression is absolutely NOT selfish! My husband has depression and it is a really tough thing to deal with. Not just yourself but those around you as well. I pray that God will guide you to understanding friends and that He will be your rock and show you how to lean on him during your tough times with depression.

    • Sandra,
      Been there, in that valley where the darkness clings and the fog covers everything regardless of what you want to try to do to walk through it.
      Praying for you.
      For God’s joy to work it’s way through the grip of darkness, for you to rest in His arms and to not fight where you are right now. It’s hard when you want to be anywhere else but in the midst of the depression but at the same time not knowing HOW to be anywhere else or even what will help to bring you out.
      I pray for friends to come along side you. Trust those that offer help enough to accept it, we were never meant to walk this road alone and it is so very isolating.
      I pray that God will speak truth, His Truth into your life, that the darkness will not whisper it’s lies to you, or that when it does (for such is the nature of depression) that you can hold it at bay (even momentarily) with Truth that stands strong, that is our Rock.

    • I too suffer with depression and loneliness and how hard it is too find people who genuinely care and are there for you no matter what. I pray that God puts those people in your path because they are out there. Just keep trying. They will come. Often when I am feeling very down I just pray for God to help me walk through this gracefully. I know I am never really alone because God always has me in his arms. Remember “Footprints” Google it. Print it out and hang it somewhere you can look at if often. And remember all the woman who have on this blog here you, understand and are with you praying.

    • There are many people who do not understand depression. Therefore, they do not know how to help someone who lives with depression on a daily basis. I have lived with depression and anxiety for a very long time. The right physician can help. The right meds can help. Ask the Lord to lead you to the right physician who can give you the correct medication that will make your life feel normal and help you cope with the difficult things you deal with on a daily basis. He will do that. Remember that He is your Father and wants you to be happy.

  5. Lord, none of us know when our time is up so I pray that Shelly’s Dad will give her many more days with him. Let their time together be precious and long. Watch over them both, Lord. Thank You for Your love for them. In Jesus name. Amen.

    Usually I do but today I don’t have a request. It’s nice for things to be peaceful right now. Thank You Lord.

    • Donna, I am grateful and thankful in your name today. Father, how beautiful Your peace is!! Thank You for this peaceful season that you have so graciously given to her. And thank You for this opportunity to see and acknowledge Your fulfilled promise by Donna’s praise.

  6. Prayers for you dear ones. Sandra especially- that Papa would wrap you strong in His embrace and surprise you with kisses of joy when you least expect it.

    Tomorrow I set off on a whirlwind tour in the West and leave behind African soil and all the little lives I love so much that are planted in it for 8 big weeks. Praying for much grace, mercies for traveling many flights, connections and airports and most of all the beautiful Presence of Jesus in every interaction I have be it a cup of coffee with the one in front of me or speaking to the full rooms of many. I just want Him. And Him for each person I am graced to meet.

    And I miss my babies already. A little homesick before I even leave. I so wish I could take even a few with me! I am praying into taking some steps about legally sharing my last name with one or two of my littlest. But wisdom. I am 33 and still single and only want what is His best for them. Even as my heart would have at least 10 of my darlings legally family, I am so blessed in reality to have 110 of them actually family in every way that matters. Much love to you all.

    • Michele! I just started reading your book and LOVE IT! Thank you for sharing! I will be praying for you as you travel and as you seek the Lord’s wisdom concerning ‘your kids’. Ps 90:12

    • Praying for your ministry to be blessed and for God to keep filling you to overflowing with His Holy Spirit, so you can keep on being refreshed as you pour out your life in this ministry, being renewed in your inner self day by day!

  7. As I’ve read your prayers, I have lifted each of you up by name… Kathryn, Shelly, and Sandra. Asking for hope, healing and any unspoken needs…. Blessings to you all!

    Praying travel mercies for you Michele. Sounds like your off on quite a journey. Will be praying that God blesses you and each new friend you encounter along the way.

    I know it’s not easy being away from family and it sounds like you have many that will be missing you too. I am committing to pray for you for the next 8 weeks. Take care of yourself, because I’m sure they will all want “hugs” when you arrive home.

    God’s Peace be with you!

  8. I have read all the requests and said a prayer for you. Sandra I understand. My prayer request is also to be released from the grip of depression and loneliness. My medications were changed again (3rd time in 2 years) and as much as I hate the medications I have to admit they are working a little better now. The loneliness is what’s bothering me so much right now. I am divorced and even though we never really had a relationship, I miss companionship. I would love to meet a wonderful godly man that will respect me, love me, care for me and my children, pray with me, teach me, and will not blow off the concerns in my heart that I carry.

    • Lisa, I’m praying for you. I’m praying for your spirit to be encouraged and filled with joy and peace instead of depression and loneliness. I’m praying for you to find “fullness of joy” in the presence of Jesus while you get through these days that are so hard. As someone who is remarried to a wonderful man who loves the Lord, loves my daughter, respects and treasures me and leads our family wisely and with grace, I will say that as you seek the Lord and find your companionship needs met in Him first, you will find yourself surprised at the way God brings people into your life. I’m praying for you to have a whole bunch of wonderful girlfriends, too, who make you laugh, and listen to you and hug you and fill your life with fun. (I missed that while in a very unhealthy marriage, so I’m wondering if you did, too.)

      God is a Restorer, Comforter, Companion, Friend and the Lover of our souls. Keep seeking the fullness your heart needs in Him, and the other things will work out according to His will. There are wonderful men out there. I know many women who’ve found a second marriage with a Christlike man, so stay hopeful as you stay fulfilled in Christ. Do you have a church family right now?

      Praying for you! Feel free to get in touch if you need a friend!

      • Shannon,
        Thank you. Yes I have a wonderful church family that supports me and my children. I have a few friends and you are right, I missed that during my unhealthy marriage. I’m learning its okay to talk to someone about my issues and even went through 8 months of weekly counseling to work through issues that came up that I ignored for many years during the marriage. I’m trying to be patient and I know it will be in God’s timing not mine that he puts someone in my life. But the waiting is so hard.

    • Lisa,
      I relate to you and your meds issues and wanting to find a man to love you and care about your needs. I have changed meds several times. I have had three divorces. I asked the Lord to help me find a doctor that would care enough to give me the right meds to make me feel normal and able to cope with daily stresses. He did. I asked Him to help me find a husband while telling Him all the things I need from this man. I realized that He was my answer. He loves me unconditionally. He listens every time I need to talk to Him. He has filled my life with so many riches that NO human being could ever hope to do. I pray that He will do the same for you.

  9. Praying that God touches each of your lives,ladies, in a way that brings his mercy, comfort and healing. I pray that the Lord moves trough your pain and struggles bringing real peace and comfort, that you may find your rest and joy in his Son, Jesus.

  10. I’m in middle of moving & feeling a little overwhelmed by all that needs to get done today. Cleaning, unpacking, & organizing. Along with every muscle in my body hurting. Thanks for praying.

  11. I’m praying for all the requests that have been made known, and have a bit of a selfish request to add. I am planning on telling my parents about my struggle with self-injury on Aprill 11 (or around then anyway, as of yesterday I am considering waiting one more day). I would love prayers that they would take the news well and not react….and that I wouldn’t chicken out at the last minute….The reason I have waited so long has been largely because of fear of their reaction. On April 11 I will have been free for two years(!!) so that is a major work of God!!!

    Thank you!

    • I am praying for you to have the courage you need. Remember that their first reaction may not be a true one and it will take a while for the information to filter. God bless you abundantly.

    • I’m agreeing with you in prayer. I’m asking the Lord to be preparing their hearts to receive this news. It sounds like this is a step of really knowing true freedom from the shame and the pain of what you went through, so I think that for you, being able to “let go” of some of what that pain has as a hold on your life. If you need to share this with your mom and dad, then I know God will give you grace to do it. There are so many young women who suffer silently with pain in their hearts that they try to dull by causing pain to their body, that you may find some amazing doors of opportunity open to use what you’ve overcome by the grace of God to bless others. Some of the things that are hardest to talk about comfortably are the things that a lot of people benefit from hearing, as far as ministry. So I’m praying you’ll be led by the Spirit as you talk to your parents and that God will use this hard stuff for His glory in your life and in the lives of others. And you can’t be responsible for their responses. Just remember that, too. It may take them time to digest what you’re saying. They may struggle with issues themselves and need time and God’s help to work through those things. But I am so happy about what God’s done to bring freedom to your life.

    • Kelly, I’m praying that God encourages you and strengthens you to speak to your parents. I need the same kind of prayer and so you’re not in this alone. When we speak to our parents, we’re so scared of how they will take the news, but do know that HE will never lead us, even if our parents seem not to accept the news in the way we hoped that they would.

      Lord, strengthen Kelly and I as we move to another chapter of our lives – one that is honest, one that is filled with self-love and self-acceptance. Let us remember that you are our Heavenly Father and will never leave us. Let us remember that we are brought to this moment by you and you will strengthen and encourage us to do what we know is right in our hearts. May you continue to bless us and as we receieve these blessings, may we share them with all those who surround us, including our parents.

      God Bless You!

    • Wrote “Kelly”…read a post above. “VA”, I’m replying to you and all of those who happen to read.

  12. Please pray for me as I try to be more physically loving towards my husband. I was mis-used as a teenager and so am struggling to overcome this. Please pray that I would know God’s healing and be able to stop out in faith.

    • I’m praying with you for the Lord to restore your soul and help you to have complete healing in your heart. Scars of abuse are real. They don’t just disappear. But even as with our physical bodies, we can be healed and still have scars. It’s ok to acknowledge the fragile parts of your heart, because that is how God will heal and restore. I’m praying that God will help you to know the truth of who you are in Him. Abuse leaves so much shame, and that is something that God can replace with the knowledge that you are fully, wholly loved and accepted by Him and by your husband. God is able to restore you and help you identify the responses that you may have that are a result of trauma in the past, and even just recognizing them as that can be very freeing. Recognizing that the truth right now for you is a loving husband who needs your physical affection and that God can help you break free from the bondage of abuse and learn to trust and really enjoy the physical relationship you have with your husband. I’m praying for you to know the healing power of God and to have the courage to take the steps of faith you mentioned. God bless you. I know it’s hard.

    • Father God, I lift up Amy to you and ask for healing of past traumas, I ask that You would wash and cleanse the memories of these traumas _ I pray that Your Truth will expose every lie associated with this.
      Father, fill her with Your pure, and safe love. I thank You for granting her healing and overcoming. In Jesus Name.

    • I am praying for you Amy. God will give peace and heal the brokenness in your life.
      Depend on Him. Step out and ask Him for that healing and to bring you peace.

  13. I have a friend who used to be a very active part of a ministry that I co-founded, as well a regular reader here at (in)courage. In the past week, she announced that she is walking away from Christianity. My heart is broken. There are influences in her life that have facilitated this decision, but it seems like such a 180 from where she was just one month ago.

    Please, ladies…pray that the enemy’s influence in her life will be bound and cut off, that she will truly know the love of Christ, that she will receive wisdom, and that she will see that Christ the Savior is the only way.

    • Elizabeth, I will be praying for your friend. How heartbreaking. Praying you can stay strong for her even as she is in this battle.

    • Elizabeth, I’m praying with you for your friend. My heart breaks with you, as I’ve had a really similar situation this past year. I’m agreeing with you in prayer that the enemy would be bound in his efforts to deceive her and that God will use every circumstance in her life to point her back to the Truth of His Word. It sounds like something specific happened in her life recently to instigate a change so sudden and extreme….? I am praying for God to draw her back to Himself. Truth is inescapable, and if she is really seeking truth, the only place she’ll find it is in the Word, so I am asking God to use this prodigal season as a means to really reinforce to her that He is her Father who loves her. I’m praying for you to have the grace and wisdom to know how to reach out and when to stand quietly in the Lord.

  14. I have been struggling with bad anxiety. I have gotten help through medication and counseling, but it is still taking a toll…it really is controlling my life right now in a lot of ways. My life is not what I expected right now…I have a daughter with a chronic medical condition and complications, my marriage is not great right now, I don’t have much motivation to change things…I am just worn out. Thank you so much for praying.

    • Thank you so much for your prayers, Heather. I am lifting you up today as well. I know the pain and frustration of anxiety and I pray that it will lose it’s grip on your life.

    • I’m praying for you to be restored in your soul, to be refreshed, to find mercy, grace and strength in Christ alone and for that fullness to be what spills over into the areas of your life where you are feeling depleted, in Jesus’ name.

    • Heather,
      Anxiety will wear you down. Your meds have side effects too. Talk your your doctor and let him/her know all that you feel. Symptoms are important when dealing with depression and anxiety. Circumstances are also something to relate to the doctor. I too deal with anxiety. I pray that you will depend on the Great Physician for direction. I pray that He will give you the strength to deal with the cause of your anxiety and your stresses.

  15. I have a request for some Prayers to be heard to be said by all out there of someone very dear to me who has had some troubles in the past and is trying so hard to find himself and get well and to become that once very happy child he was growing up, Big Heart always a smile on his face from the time he got up in the morning until he went to bed . He struggled and struggles with an addiction and a sickness and a Great Loss he had in his past. He just needs to find happiness in his life a partner someone who understands him for him . He has the love and understanding of his family but I don’t care what you say everyone needs a partner in life that one special person who listens and understand unlike a family member would thank you for your Prayers everyone !!

    • I’m praying for this special person in your life to find the help he needs and to find the fulfillment his heart is seeking in Christ alone. If you are worried about the addiction, there is a wonderful ministry called U-Turn for Christ that has residential discipleship programs for men (and another for women called Blessed Hope). These are through the Calvary Chapel church organization. Praying for you and your loved one today.

  16. I’m praying for all you ladies today. My prayer is that the Lord would provide the money my husband and I need to raise to go to a children’s center in Ukraine in August, to minister to the kids and caregivers and to finally hug the boy we had hoped to adopt (but the adoption fell through and is now not possible). We’ve developed precious relationships with these kiddos and the people who care for them, and we’ve adopted this one particular boy in our hearts and care for him from the States as best we can. So we need God to really bless us with the provision to get there – we’re not comfortable or experienced with fund raising, so we really need grace in that! We know God’s heart for the orphan, and we are trusting He’ll provide.

    • I pray that the Lord will provide for you to do the things He has called you to do. That he will help you be more comfortable and experienced in fund raising and that he will send whatever provisions are needed to do His work your way.

  17. i lost a friend last weekend – she was 22 and had been married for 6 weeks. i’m mourning a friendship that i won’t get to pursue, i’m confused and it’s brought a number of my fears to the surface. but somehow i know God is good. i’d appreciate prayers for peace and support for my friend’s husband and her family, and for me too – that God will quiet the doubts and still the fears. thanks.

    • Anna,
      I have a friend that has been my “best friend” for 43 years. I will be devastated when God calls her home. I will pray that God gives you the peace that only He can give. I will pray for her family as well.

    • Lord Jesus, i pray for katie. Father that You would be her Healer. that You would wrap your arms around her and comfort her through this pain. Daddy, i pray that she would be able to touch the hem of Your garment and find healing. . .in Your precious name. . .

    • LS – I am praying for you…as I sincerely can feel for your “utter chaos” statement. Just know that God IS the great healer, great provider and great comforter in all our lives. He is there with you in this time

  18. Anna, I am praying for you and loss of your friend. Comfort, peace, and God’s love around you. Katie

  19. Please pray for my family as we became guardians of four children last week. My sister had to sign them over so she could get help for her drug problem. The children range from 3 years to 12 and are all placed within our family. It has been rough on all of us and will continue to be as we adjust. Although I know this is best for the children, none of us are ‘rich’ and still we knew this was God’s plan for our lives and the children’s lives.

    • Sherri I pray that God will bless you just as much as you have blessed these children by taking them in when their mother was unable to care for them. I pray that your family will trust God to provide what is needed and that he will comfort you all in the situation with the mother.

    • http://www.safe-families.org/
      I’m praying for you to have grace in this situation. God will provide for your needs. His heart for kids in need, the orphan, the fatherless, kids like the ones you’re taking in, are SO dear to His heart. Stay encouraged in the promises God makes to provide. He promises in Deuteronomy in a few places that if we give to kids like these “the Lord will bless you in all the work of your hands.
      I’m including a link to an organization we’re involved with in our state. It’s a Christian organization that’s in many states, and it’s set up to help families in exactly the kind of situation you are in. They come alongside to help and become part of the extended family network – the families are all home studied and trained, and it’s all volunteer-based. You can use these resources, and they can help with childcare, even overnights, rides, etc. There are “resource families” who give needed items to help support you, too. Check them out. Let me know if I can help.

  20. LS – I am praying for you…as I sincerely can feel for your “utter chaos” statement. Just know that God IS the great healer, great provider and great comforter in all our lives. He is there with you in this time.

  21. Holley, I have been in so much pain and turmoil due to my prodigal daughter. Yesterday God spoke to my heart , telling me to be still, listen, look, and just Believe in His power to destroy the enemy, to heal, to calm the storm. He gave me so many precious Words and Promises and real live examples of when and how He has done this. He wants me to look to Him and Believe. He is the Good Shepherd and I am His lamb. The Lamb is to trust the Shepherd. He is My God and I am His child. The child is to look to the Creator, The Almighty God and believe. Pray for me please, that I will “be still” and see Him working, and hear Him speak to me and calm me.
    ‎( Psalm 46:10) Be Still , Know that He is God! He will fight your battles, He will provide for you, He will do great and mighty things. Sometimes we might not see those things because we will not Be Still and Look and Listen. God told Job to be still and see the wondrous works! (Job 37:4) He told Jehoshaphat to be still, and see the salvation of the LORD.(II Chron.20:17) I’m learning to Trust these precious Words.

    I am praying for you, Holley, and all who read your blogs, that God help and heal us all.

    • Thanks for sharing this, Debbbie. Praying for you and your daughter and asking God to continue whispering to your heart the truth you need most in this time.

      • Debbie- lifting you up in prayer as I am also the mother of a prodigal son Daniel and I know the fears and dissapointments and sorrow that can overwhelm. I love the verses you shared and YES- the battle is not ours but Gods. We just need to trust our children to God, cover them in prayer and know the Lord holds the victory in his perfect timing and awesome ways. His ways are not our ways, not his thoughts our thoughts. Pray without ceasing and remember to offer up PRAISE to our Father for what he is allowing in our children’s lives- for their ultimate good and His glory. Holding your hand up today just as Moses need Aaron and Hur to hold up his hand when it was too tired so that the battle would be won! Hugs to you precious mom!

    • Dear Debbie:
      I can relate to your pain, as I have been enduring the pain of my prodigal daughter, as well. The decisions she has made in her life blow my mind, and I can’t even comprehend her lifestyle. All I can do is love her unconditionally and trust that God will one day restore all the many years the locusts have eaten (Joel 2:25). I pray that our prodigal daughters will “return to the Lord with all their hearts, with fasting and weeping and mourning. Rend their hearts and not their garments. Return to the Lord their God, for He is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love…” (Joel 2:12-13). It is not easy walking by faith, yet we must not walk by sight or we will be focusing on their negative lifestyles and not focusing on the One who can change them, to turn them back to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. Hold fast to Jesus, who is our strength and deliverer in times of trouble. In the past week, I have heard Psalm 46:10 quoted several times, so I know that message is for me, too. Praise God for the community of believers. Be blessed this day, Debbie.

  22. As I read through each of these requests, I have lifted up each of you. God healed me from depression in 2007. I still have hard days, but He is my Healer. I am praying for each of you ladies that are struggling with depression, anxiety, and illness. I lift you up into the hands of the Healer. For those of you struggling with friends that are straying or lost, I pray for the Lord to reach them, to pull them towards Him, our Savior. For those of you are are dealing with loss, I lift you up.

    Please pray for me and my husband. We are struggling with our own loss this weekend. I am pregnant with our 4th child. We went to our first checkup on Thursday and there was no heartbeat. Saturday morning, I started to miscarry. I’ve never been through this before. I am so thankful for the healthy pregnancies and children that we have been blessed with. I will raise my hands and praise the God who gives and takes away.

    • Oh, Rachael, my heart is breaking with yours right now. We had a baby slip home to heaven several years ago. I’m praying for God to wrap His arms around your heart, hold you close, and carry you and your family through this time in the way only He can.

      • Never been through a miscarriage but I am praying for you and your husband and other children Rachael, that God shows you the way through this time of your life and that He blesses you with another child when the time comes (His timing is never the same as ours most of the time).

        I am just going through a lot at work right now. People not getting along. People trying to be the boss when they aren’t the boss. Just the little things.

    • Robin,
      Stage 4 breast cancer surely doesn’t mean death. Even though the road is rough, God promises to make our path straight. My sister, Janie, was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer a few years ago. Her husband was very sick with Muscular Dystrophy
      and she felt she could not leave him. Her diagnosis was after his death. The cancer cells had already eaten through her breast area. When she saw the doctor he told her the cancer was much too large to do surgery. He called it her cancer. She immediately told him it was not “her” cancer. She knew who it belonged to. She immediately stopped any type sugar or sweetner and no white flour. Cancer feeds on sugar and starch. She did have chemo and radiation for a while. She gives her healing completely to God. She is totally cancer free. She went to the Holy Land a few months ago. I am going to believe with you and Vicky for God to honor her with 100% cancer free. May her will be atuned to His as well as all of us.
      May we walk so close to Him and be quite enough to hear His voice. He has a lot to say to us in His word and well as His Rhema Word If we will listen. I lost my first husband to Prostate cancer 15 years ago. So I say this because of that, I believe God does whatever will bring Him the most Glory. Only He knows what that is.
      Please share my love and concern with your friend, Vicky.

  23. Patty,
    I am praying for you that your job will get easier of the things you spoke about. I think when you think of others, and do for others they will return the favor. There is to much coldness in the world today. We need to open our hearts and let people know we care. Stress can do horrible things to people.

    I have been going through such a hard time with my health for the past 6 years. They are all digestive problems and I struggle with them everyday. But the past 6 months I developed a condition (bacterial overgrowth of the intestines) that the doctors can no longer help. I am trying to cure myself and hope the I will be well again someday. And to rid of this pain. Sometimes I want to give up so badly, but I know that is not Gods plan for me. What ever his plan is, I hope it is to be completely well again someday.

    • Patrice, today I am praying for your healing and for an extra awareness of His love for you. I know it can be so discouraging when you do not see an end to bad circumstances. He cares and He will be glorified in your life!

  24. I’m struggling with tangled emotions today from a lack of trust in my God. I’m weary from trying to push through things in my life with getting my strength from the right source.

    • Jennifer, I am struggling with the same issues. I pray for you today, because I understand the source of your frustrations. Remember that His grace is enough, that the sun will shine again.

    • Jennifer,
      “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding, in all thy ways acknowledge Him and He will direct thy paths.” Prov. 3:5-6
      This became my favorite scripture when I was having more difficulty in my life than I could deal with. He will direct everything you do if you ask Him. Put all of your trust in Him. He is unfailing.

  25. I am asking for prayer that God will provide a job for my husband. He lost his job of 37 years a little over a year ago and has been unable to find work. It is especially heartbreaking for us because it was all a result of someone who made false accusations against him. It was so much more than just the loss of a job, it was a personal attack on his character. We try to remain positive but with each door that closes we are faced with rejection once again. We know God is good and keeps His promises, we just need the strength and patience to wait on God’s timing. I am weak yet He is so strong!

    • Robin, Prayer going out to you and your husband as you go through this. That God will give you strength, patience and a new job for your husband. My hubby’s was down-sized 1 1/2 years ago after 33 years…so I understand a part of your struggles. God Bless, Lyn

      • Thank you Lyn for reaching out to me with your kind words of encouragement. It is comforting to know that someone cares enough about me and my circumstances to include me in their prayers.
        God Bless YOU! Robin

    • Robin,
      My prayers with you too. Keep your faith up. Continue to believe that He is in charge. And He will always take care of you.

  26. I’m struggling with an abusive past that’s been haunting me for years now…i’m 16 and i feel like there’s nothing to live for…I’ve also struggled with addictions and all i’m asking is that you pray for me to get through life knowing God’s love and complete forgiveness and healing…

    • Awe Brenda!
      I am so sorry to hear about your sorrows. I will most definitely be praying for you. I as well grew up in a abusive home and remember that time when i felt so lost and just completely alone. I desired so much to find love just didn’t know where to find it and thats when addictions come into our lives. My dog Puck i believe is what God gave me through all those years. I will be praying for Gods strength, comfort, and love to be lavished upon you today! That there is so much Gods love for you it might be difficult to see for now but he is watching over you and going to use your story to influence and impact so many lives in the future. Don’t forget to pray God is with you. he never leaves you. I’ll be praying for you sister.

    • I am praying for you Brenda, and want you to know that the Lord is a Big God and can help you to become the woman he wants you to be. Just lean in on Him even when you don’t feel like it and He will change you in ways you could not even dream of. Trust Him and just ask for the faith to believe in your own personal miracle He has for you. I will continue to pray for you because you are worth God’s grace.

    • Brenda,
      Pray. I will pray for you too! God can heal your hurts. He is our strength and our redeemer. He wants you to be happy and to love Him and live for Him. He will also forgive you for your trespasses. Ask Him to forgive you for the addictions and to remove them from your life. Ask Him to show you how to live your life for Him and to be your Guide. He loves you and wants you live a happy, fulfilled Christian life.

  27. I would like prayers for strength and abundance. I have been going through an especially rough time, both emotionally with a boyfriend and friends and outwardly with two car wrecks and having to graduate college and job searching (!). I need peace and strength, reasons to grit my teeth and get through it so that I can get to the side where I see that God answered yes, that He was there the whole time.
    Thank you.

    • Chelsie, thanks so much for your prayers! I will be praying for you. as well! I just graduated in May of last year. I understand the fear of job hunting and the unknown. With all these other situations on top of that, I know you are probably stressed. I’m praying peace and strength for you!!

  28. Robin my thoughts and prayers go with your friend Vicky and with you. Simply I have been there with a friend and know how hard it is. Lifting you and Vicky in prayer.

    Prayers needed for healing from a tough surgery, Also for the next step of Prosthodontic / Prostectic Dentistry that God guides their hand in this part of the restorative process.

  29. Please pray for my Nephew , Sean who is dealing with so many issue (health, depression, no job) His father (my Brother) took his own life in Dec. 2004. This was a terrible tragedy. Sean has not been the same since. I pray that he is getting counseling (i think he is going,even to a secular one) and that the LORD put people in his path that are Christians- someone to help him. He is not speaking to me and
    i do not have a good relationship with his Mother (my sister-in-law) so the whole situation is so very, very difficult. I praise God that he is incontrol and want His will and Glory in all of this. Thank you so much ladies for praying. Thaking God
    for you all.

  30. Please pray for forgiveness in my oldest heart that will lead to reconciliation and restoration of our relationship. Also please pray for healing on my body and heart for injuries due to a severe car accident. Thank you and be blessed!!

  31. I have been caregiver for my 94 year old mother during the past year! I held her hand as she fell asleep in Jesus in January. She had lost her sight to macular degeneration and had advanced dementia, so she pleaded with God to take her. I loved her dearly, and didn’t realize what a huge empty hole would be left in my life. My husband, the love of my life, died 15 years ago, so I am the matriarch of the family. I have a wonderful son, and four beautiful grandchildren, and I am blessed, but I feel like I no longer have a purpose in life. Your daily words of encouragement are like a salve to my wounded soul and I thank you! Please pray that I will find a niche once more where I will be needed by someone.

  32. Please pray for strengh and courage as I face my week ahead. And pray as I lead a group of ladies at church that God will enable me to reach out to those in our church family or co workers, ladies who are alone, widowed, divorced, any age, and any situation that I can be a tool for Him. I know it is not the size of the group, however, I believe God wants us to grow and minister more. Please pray for my friend E whose sister left Japan yesterday and is flying to Brazil with her children. Her husband stayed in Japan. Thank you and Hollie your words are like balm to my soul.

  33. My heart is broken today and I need someone to pray for my inner peace and the strength to hang on to the Lord. I am hurting and love the Lord but need his touch today. Thank you…….

  34. Dear friends Please pray for my son, Jason. He is struggeling with post traumatic stress disorder. I feel like a parent who has lost a child. The difference is, I can see him, but I can’t find him. I keep asking God to restore my son to me and to his family. He has been waiting for a disability determination from the military. In the meantime his family is really having a difficult time paying the bills and buying food. Dear Christian friends have come along side to help with the food situation, but please pray that the military speeds up the paperwork for his disability. His wife is very afraid they will lose their house. She works full time, but doesn’t make enough to pay all the bills. I am on disability so have a very limited income. Thank you all for your prayers. Blessings! I am praying for you, too. Robin I have you in my prayers.

  35. I recently had a heart attack. I had been being treated for Asthma and Bronchitis and no one said anything about the heart. I had 2 blood clots, one in the lung, one in the apex of my heart. My main artery to my heart is totally blocked and they couldn’t get it unblocked. My blood pressure is LOW and heart rate high. I literally get up daily thanking God I am still alive and go to be thanking Him for one more day. I have never been ill like this. I love the Lord with all my heart and I trust Him to do His will. I have been told I will have to have by-pass surgery if possible. Everything is up in the air and satan is slithering around trying to knock me to the ground. I need prayer for strength to fight him, I need support in prayer while I wait for a time to do surgery, I need encouragers to tell me God is in control and loves me. I have had to pull the plug on some “friendshps” that turned toxic over this. Just to sum it up, I am usually the one praying and sending encouraging notes. Will someone please pray for me? I need to break this attitude and mindset that satan is trying to push off on me right now and soar with the angels.
    In his love,

    • Oh, Sharon…what an incredibly challenging mountain you are facing. Please let me encourage you in this: God sees this mountain and even though you may not FEEL it, cling to His Word that tells you He has given you everything you need to overcome and to climb this thing! He is such a loving and tender Abba Father and He will not allow you to go through this alone….not at all. He IS right by your side and loves your heart for Him so much. Don’t allow that stinky slippery enemy to steal any of your faith….he’s such a liar. God has not forgotten you. Hold on and trust. Let go of feelings and stand strong! …..”and they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony….” The blood of the precious Lamb of God covers you. Hide under His wings until this storm is past. I will be praying for you, Sharon.

  36. I have been out of employment for two years…it was because of domestic responsibilities.
    I have begun job hunting and there seems to be a dead lock. It can get rather frustrating as i need to be financially independent. Thus far He has been my Jireh. The wait is hard. Please pray for my break through.

  37. Another, one of the many already posted would be for my Mom, and everyone in my family. My grandfather just died three days ago after falling off of a scaffolding at his work, they couldn’t keep him alive even on life support. This is a hard time for my Mom and many others because it was all too fast. He was only 69.

    I encourage all of you out there who have posted prayer requests to keep your hope in Jesus. He will see you through. I have found great peace in him.

  38. I just got enaged to my fiance I appreciate all your words and your prayers! Daniel

  39. Hi Ladies…what a wonderful site! Thank you! So here’s my heart’s concern: After 10 years of ministry in Eastern Europe the Lord changed the direction of our ministry and placed a strong burden on our hearts for the Jewish people – specifically Holocaust Survivors. We have applied and been accepted to work with an organization who reaches out and ministers to Holocaust Survivors in Israel. We will be starting a new work for this organization in Eastern Europe among Survivors there – there are so many who are still living and in such great need. So my request is two-fold: prayer as we prepare to return to Eastern Europe…for a strong ‘Gideon army’ of valiant hearts to partner with us…and all the preparations necessary before we leave in November. The second part of my request is my health: Am facing some severe health challenges that need the healing touch of Jesus….He is more than able!
    Thank you ever so much for your prayers! Abundant blessings to each of your hearts.

  40. Pam, Will be praying for your son, Jason, and his family as they go through this struggle. May God heal his mind & spirit, move the disability quickly through, and grant his family peace & strength.

    Please pray for courage & strength as the new week begins. There is work changes to face, plus a personal problem I’m wrestling with. But I believe that “I can do all things, through Christ, who strengthens me”.

    Lord hear all these prayers. God Bless! Lyn

  41. Dear friends: I pray for each and every one of you. May God’s loving Grace touch and heal you. I feel a bit shallow with my prayer request but then I think nothing is too small for my God.
    I am in the process of purchasing my first ever home. All the in’s and out’s have gotten me in a state of stress. I am a widow and doing this by myself. It’s frightening and exhilarating at the same time. Please pray for me. I have handed the details to God and pray daily that he will sustain me through this process. God’s love and peace to all of you.

  42. As I read all these prayer requests my heart went out to all of you and I will be praying for you. I relate to some of you. I lnow what it is like to lose someone. I have lost two daughters and a wonderful husband all who are with the Lord and waiting for me. I have had many miscarriges as well. All I can say is time will lessen the pain but personally I don’t think ot ever truly goes away completely.
    I am not usually a depressed person but I have a dear friend who suffers greatly with it. I must confess that at times I feel helpless to help her, but I know she will come out of it with Gods help I ask that you pray for her.
    My own request is I am so lonely. I’m ususally a very social person but now I find myself retreating into a shell. I don’t want to impose on anyone I guess it is because I always have been a very independent person and usually have a hard time sharing how I feel but now I myself find I’m getting depressed. I would apprciate your prayers.
    As I read all the requests I was overwhelmed with the love and compassion you dear ladies have. Thank you to all of you. A special thanks to Holley who has made all this possible, I feel like we are family. God Bless each and everyone of you. May all your prayers and dreams come to pass.

    • Char, My heart goes out to you as I read your post and thought of my own Mother who has been so lonely since my father passed four years ago this month on his birthday. She, too, has retreated into a shell and feels like all she has to do is clean her house anymore. My sister and I have both been unable to be with her much because of our health problems and my two brothers live far away and can’t visit on a regular basis. We call her often and every day, but it’s not the same. I hope you and she can find an outlet and social activities that can help you. Being around other people is great medicine for anybody, the lonely, depressed, and those in dispair. My earnest prayers are for you now as I put you on my personal prayer list. Know that you are loved far more than any of us can love. Our Creator and Saviour loves you so much that He died for YOU. May that joy and peace fill your heart and make it sing.

  43. Lyn, I’m praying for the strength to get through this week and the next as you face new challenges at work, and I pray for peace of mind in any decision you make regarding your personal problem.
    I ask for prayer for my eldest son& grandson who is going through a break-up with his family that leaves my 12yr old grandson once again without a mother figure in his life. I also pray for my eldest son’s safety & well-being as he serves our country in the military. I pray for my daughter to communicate with me again, & heal her heart of bitterness. I pray for my youngest son with Cerebral Palsy that he have a wider circle of friends & a better social life as he is very isolated. Lastly, I pray that G-d blesses my fiancee in all he does, and for our future marraige to be blessed.
    Lord, hear thy servants pleas! In Christ’s name, Janet

  44. Hello ladies, my sisters in Christ. My prayers go up for all of you this day. I ask God to give you the desires of your heart. I pray for peace and joy to fill your day. For all of us suffering and in pain of whatever level the courage and strength to hold our heads high because we are the children of The God Most High.

    My visit with the kidney transplant surgeon was short and to the point. He told me that he would hurt me more than help me because of all the other health issues on my plate. My mind was open when I went in because I knew that God was driving this boat and that He would have the doctor speak in honesty to me, the person, not the paycheck and he did. He suggested home hemo for longer mortality and we will see if it will be possible. My husband and caretaker said on the way home that we would do whatever we had to do and that gave me great comfort, because he already has to do so much for me. I ask you to pray for him as he and I are fitting into this life God has chosen for us with ESRD and many other complications.

    God, bless all my sisters and their families real good. And may they all have a wonderful week.

  45. Remember ladies that Gods grace can keep pace with whatever we face. Please keep me in your prayers about my health menopause and many sicknesses have taken a toll on me. That my health would improve soon so I could acquire a part time job. And for my marriage. God Bless.

  46. I am new to this site. I feel the need to reach out and ask for prayers for my marriage and my family. I have prayed for my husband to respect me and show me love for over 11 years now. He has made a few changes, but the yelling and disrespect continue. We have 3 beautiful young children who see this and he can not accept responsibility. He is constantly blaming me and bringing our children into our problems. I need it to stop! I pray and pray and pray it will stop and every week it continues. Lord help me to know how to make it better and help him to know how to be the husband and father that you want him to be Lord! Thank you for listening and your prayers.

    • Kristy,
      I know it will be difficult, but try to give him praise on little things he does. So often when they don’t respond like we would like them to we only see the bad side. Men love to feel they have done something to please us. Lets encourage them and see if things don’t get better. I believe encouragement comes from the Lord.

      • Thank you Sara. It is extremely difficult. How do you compliment someone who yells at you all the time and doesn’t listen to your feelings or thoughts? I have read The Power of the Praying Wife twice….but still I find it hard to say and do kind things when I am not treated right and am not heard. Any advice on how I can get past that because I struggle daily with battling with him and the only way their is peace is if I give in to “his” way even if I feel it is wrong. 🙁

  47. Dear Char, I just saw your prayer request after Lyn’s and felt lead to respond. I pray that you seek the help with the right person to share your feelings of loneliness and depression. I pray that you find the right counselor to share this with before it overcomes you. I want you to know that G-d answers our prayers in His way and His timing. I have suffered from depression since I was 17yr old and loneliness was a part of it for many years. I recieved the help I needed through a Christian mentor and friend and from a good therapist. I am 55yr now, and I was lead to the Mental Health profession. I have also been blessed with a Christian fiancee after spending many years alone after a failed marraige. May G-d Bless you Char, In Christ’s name, Amen

  48. Dear Sisters in Christ:

    Nothing is impossible for our God. No matter how big your problem He is the One who loves you unconditionally and will carry you through whatever it might be.

    “The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you. 2 Peter 3:9” NIV

    C.J. I am praying that all things you are going through right now in purchasing your first home will go smoothly as the Lord has it under control. May the stress that you are feeling be lifted from you and that joy will replace those feelings of stress and know that serve a living God, one that is faithful, one that is true to His Word. Keep the faith gurl, and know that all things are possible to those who believe in Him.

    May God’s peace wrap each and everyone of us close to Him and know that He is God.

    My simple request is to have your prayers that God will continue to use me for His Ministry and to reach many who are lost and to tell them about Jesus’ love. I pray that we continue to pray for one another and that many souls will be won for Jesus.

    God be with you all.

  49. I have to make some major decisions soon and I need God’s wisdom to make the right ones. My husband Bob died last December in New Zealand due to complications of cancer. In May, I will be returning to the US (in Alabama) because our youngest son Jericho is graduating from high school. At the same time, there are legal matters that need to be settled. I do not know how long I need to stay to settle everything, including the probate of my husband’s estate. The US Consulate has only allowed me to stay till September 6.
    Meanwhile, Jericho wants to come home for a while to grieve for his dad and maybe have a break. He’s been offered two definite scholarships so far and we are wishing for deferment for at least 6 months so Jericho can have some time off.
    Please pray for wisdom and strength..and thanking you in advacne for the prayers. God bless you today.

  50. Dear sisters in Christ,
    I’m a grandmother from Holland and I have a big need for prayer for my little grandson. When he was 4 weeks old he got encephalitis and got epileptic convulsions.
    He’s now 10 months old and still has epileptic convulsions. His development stopped and he cannot even grap a thing. He’s been weeks of hit short life in the hospital. Doctors don’t know how to diagnoze him. It’s heartbreaking to see this little child with all the unseen electricity in his head. We don’nt know how te go further and how to treat him. Please pray with us that the Lord will give the solution. Thank you so much !
    God bless all of you

    • Praying for peace, wisdom, and guidance for your grandson, his parents and family, as well as the medical team. In Jesus name.

    • I am praying with you for your grandson. May God surround him with His love and give each of you the strengh you need as you are going through this time.

  51. My dear sisters and brothers in Christ,

    This day I believe, as I consider each of your requests( pleas) that you have been carried , are being carried to the throne of grace by a living savior who knows all our need and heart desires. I say this as each of your prayer requests and words of encouragement have been mine over the last decade of my life. He is very much a provider when you can’t see your way through, He is everything you come to need when no one else knows your heart ache or what you wrestle with. He brings comfort when there is change ( the loss of a love one or a job). He builds you back up in Him so you can stand. He is Faithful ,Loving and Kind. He is patient and He never leaves you nor forsakes you.

    Within the last year I have reached what I termed my “maximum moment”. Within that year I lost my father who also had heart disease and diabetes. I am thankful that during my lack of full time unemployment I was able to spend time with him and volunteer where He volunteered . I came to see Him in a whole new way.

    I lost my job 2 months after I moved into the nicest apartment dwelling ( this place was stored in my heart ) last year . I never spoke about it to anyone, I just pondered it as I passed it frequently in my travels and he graced me to live here throughout the lease term. Each month.

    While I have no full time job and it has been almost a year ,I began to worry again about why I came here and if it is for me to stay.

    I say with certainty , that He will bring all of you what you need and so desire. He has done that for me in ways …you would have to see to believe.

    Each of you has touched my heart and I thank Him for what I could not think to say to Him in prayer…he knew my heart for each of your circumstances and …… He already has worked it for your good because you love Him.

    My own prayer request is that He give me strength to keep moving forward. I have met my share of “not nice ” people. People who want to take advantage of the fact that you have a need ( to work or pay bills). I yearn for the stabilization that comes and stays at least for a little while. I had it once. I would like to experience it again….

    Thank you for your consideration in advance and may the Lord , Jesus who keeps all of us, keep you in His special prayer before Our Father ,

  52. Praying for a miracle job- during a downed economy when education is being cut. I have been waiting for two years for something to open up, and each year the circumstances get worse and the chances get slimmer for a new teacher. Praying for God’s provision and direction as we wait for the perfect position to open up.

    Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. Sending prayers up for those who need peace and rest.

    • Hi Rachel continue looking up, and do not stop asking GOD for His help, He can open doors as well as close them. Trust me I know this I recall I was out of a job for four months. I went and went applying for positions and none would call me. I never stop praying. But what I did in the mean time kept studying His word, I put my focus on helping others. Yes it was a little discouraging at times, but I never gave up, and there was those who GOD put into my path that encourage me along the way as well. It was GOD’s way of telling me He had not left me nor forsake me. And that He was prepare me for the position that He wanted for me to have. Praise the LORD it happen I was blessed with a job that I had apply for as I was filling out applications. And today I have been working for this company for 2yrs this march. GOD Is GOOD! and He is a on time GOD. I will pray right now Father open the door that you have been prepare for your child Rachel J. I ask this in your Holy name Jesus Amen! Amen! GOD Bless you Rachel J. Agape! 🙂

  53. Hi Holly,
    This is Carl Wadsworth, (carlw1942@gmail.com), writing on behalf of my wife Jean Wadsworth. She doesn’t do computer to well. So she has asked me to type for her.
    Jean has Lupus; thanks to the LORD, she’s doing well right now.
    She would covet your prayers.
    Jean Wadsworth

    • Jean, praying for your health and heart this evening! It sounds like you and your hubby make a great team–especially now. Thank you for delivering Jean’s words to us, Carl!

  54. Patty – May God give you favor with those that oppose you according to Deuteronomy 33:11 “I pray that the LORD will bless, everything you do, and make you strong enough, to crush your enemies”.

    As I was researching for the verse in Proverbs…. I found this word from http://christiandrive.wordpress.com which is good reading….[pls see that which is in brackets below].

    [The Bible says ‘When a man’s ways please the Lord, He makes his enemies to be at peace with him’ (Proverbs 16:7). The Bible in Matthew 3:17 said ‘This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased’. Notice the phrase ‘well pleased’ God must be well pleased with His Son Jesus. And Jesus must have been special and done something extraordinary to please the Father. Perhaps we need to examine the character, compassion, commitment, passion and the heart of Jesus-everything done by him was done with a fully surrendered heart ‘according to God’s purpose and desire’. What God did in Christ is the measure of what He will do in us to make us perfect and enable us walk the walk, talk the talk and please Him. Here are simple prayers we should pray as we desire to excel in our faith walk and please the LORD. May he equip you with all you need for doing his will. May he produce in you, through the power of Jesus Christ, every good thing that is pleasing to him. All glory to him forever and ever! Amen. Hebrews 13:21 (NLT)

    May pleasing the LORD not be short lived in our lives through disobedience and sin that crippled the first Adam from grace, may the LORD cause our heart to be fixed on Him, to sing and give Him praise even with glory. May his word order our steps, continue to illuminate our feet and provide the light for us to walk before Him in the land of the living! Amen
    I ’ll continue to thank the LORD because I know and can say with confidence that ’the battle is the LORD’S because the scripture says ”For the LORD my GOD is the ONE who goes with me to fight for me against my enemies to give me victory and great peace.” (Deuteronomy 20:4).]

    My prayer request is to find a good job, good friends and a good covenant marriage partner. Also please pray for my sister to be free of her anxiety over my job and other matters and for God to bless her with children and may she have the Faith of Abraham in this regard.

  55. Lord before Lazarus was raised, Jesus said you hear every prayer. I know you hear all of them today. I ask for you to meet all the needs of all who have spoken them or not spoken them here. I now they are met out of your riches not our own, by your power, and not ours. So we lay them in your arms and ask for you to take their worries and replace them with your peace, take their discomfort, and replace it with your comfort, take their weaknesses, and replace them with your strength. Lead them beside the still waters for rest in the work you have done. We are eternally grateful Lord. Amen.

    Please lift up my mother, my father, my husband, and my daughter who are all suffering from illness in one way or another. My cousins brand new baby girl has her first cold and fever. They just became Mom and Dad for the first time so please lift their whole family in prayer. My girlfriend Natasha, and my Pastor’s wife’s father are fighting battles with cancer. I am so thankful for your prayers as I continue to go to therapy for childhood sexual abuse. Each of you are beautiful and loved beloved.

    We serve a risen Savior!

  56. Sandra, I am praying for you and your requests….your sister, too… and will continue to pray as the Lord brings you to mind!
    I request prayers for my daughter, single (divorced) Mom….her health, job, her son, finances and ability to trust for a good covenant marriage partner. And that her ex will cooperate in buying needed things for their son.

  57. Please pray for my children. They are grown now, some making me a great grandmother but their lives are not where they should be. They are involved with drugs and lead a terrible life style. Pray for them…..Raymond, Richard, Colette and Randy. They need our Lord and I know he can turn them around.

    • My prayers are with you Wanda!!! I can only imagine how hard it is to see them go through this. Remember Jeremiah 33:6- Look, I shall bring them remedy and cure; I shall cure them and reveal an order of Peace and Loyalty to them. The Lord will take care of His children. He has promised!!

  58. Jackie, I pray according to 1Pet5:7, that your daughter caste all care upon Him who cares for her. God’s word also teaches that God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him; so I pray your daughter be diligent in her quest to seek and please God.

    My request is faith and stedfastness as I co-lead a new ministry, Celebrate Recovery, at the church I attend.

    • Jacqueline, I will pray for you today and this week as you co-lead Celebrate Recovery, I have seen and heard great things about people deepening their walk with God thru Celebrate Recovery.

  59. My family and I are leaving for a two year mission trip to Peru in less than 70 days. We are certain this is God’s will-but the funding is lagging and we are running out of known prospects to assist and make this possible.

    • Robin,
      I just got back on here this morning – Monday – and read your request. I will pray with you today for the needed funding. Just remember….it’s God who has called you and it’s His job to “pay the bill”. Sometimes he seems to wait until the eleventh hour so that our faith will grow and HE alone will get the glory.
      My husband and I were missionaries for 10 years in Eastern Europe and are embarking once again on returning. In all our 10 years ‘on the field’ God never failed us. We may not have always had what our stated funding was, but we always, always had enough. Remember Jesus said, “Give us THIS day our daily bread”. We have to remember He alone is our provider and even though He uses others to provide for His work, it is always Him who is the One to look to.
      Be encouraged! He hasn’t forgotten what He has called you to. He is faithful.

  60. Thanking God for You this afternoon Holley!! You are a very special part of all my e-mails; your posts lift my spirit and encourage my heart; I read them while I’m working (cleaning houses) and begining to weary down. They assist me in getting to the foot of the throne where I can receive mercy and help in time of need. Where Our Father anoints me with fresh oil to get the job done!! Oh Praise Him; He is worthy. Keep them coming, for out of the abundance of your heart a sweet aroma is sent around the world and up to Him who began a good work in us. Love it!!!

  61. It was 4 weeks ago today that my mom passed away…. she and I were best friends.
    I miss her so much… each and every day…. yet I know that she is with God in Heaven… no longer in pain, no longer deaf, no longer visually impaired…. loving Jesus as she did her entire life.
    I have also lost my brother in law and 3 friends in the last 9 months. We all had the same type of cancer. I have my check up next month… and feel nervous about it. I am just SO grateful that I was well enough to care for my mom…. That was my prayer for the last 4 years…. Holley — you inspire many of us… and God gives you the words that our hearts need to hear… Bless you… and thank you.
    I pray for all on this list….thank you for your prayers… and thank you God, for loving us all.

    • Praying for you Karen – feeling the weight of so many losses and deep grief along with the anxieties about your upcoming appointment. Asking God to meet you right where you are in this moment and simply hold you, wipe your eyes, and hold your heart. Thanks for letting us stand with you…

  62. Ahhhh, yes – prayers please!! Our family has been in transition since returning stateside in November. We’re anxiously awaiting direction and a next step with a national job search underway for my husband. We all need an extra measure of grace, an increase in patience, and a confident trust that our steps are being directed. Thanks…

  63. Please ladies, please email me! I am divorced, depressed, and lonely. I have 3 sons in college who do not talk to me as they are alienated from the divorce. I do have God though and I don’t understand why God alone can’t bring me out of my struggles.
    My email is tswagner.4@gmail.com I look forward to hearing from you. I am so sorry for your many struggles and praying that Holy God and His Holy Family helps us all. Hugs, Tricia Wagner

    • Tricia, Take a look at Jeremiah 33:6 – Remember Jeremiah 33:6- Look, I shall bring them remedy and cure; I shall cure them and reveal an order of Peace and Loyalty to them. The Lord will take care of His children. He has promised!!And also Jeremiah 33:8.
      God can and Will bring us out of struggles, but it is in His time and according to His plan. Rest in the Promises he gives!! He is loving you now and is with you now and always!

  64. My husband lost his job in December — IT job outsourced overseas. Is having a difficult time finding another job. I am self-employed and have lupus. There are a lot of families out there worse of than us, so I almost feel guilty asking for prayer, but…. God has been faithful to us as we remain faithful to Him. I, however, am on the verge of requiring some hand surgery due to the lupus, which will mean loss of wages for me too; so……….. please pray that we be in line with His Will and that we continue to shine for Him. This is getting scary now and stress definitely is not productive. Thank you so much for your ministry!!! I love your words 😉

    • Faithful Father,
      I pray for Mowry and her husband. They are special to you. Thank you that you are faithful and will never leave or forsake them. You know when they lay down and when they get up, you as their creator know everything about them. I ask you to be their provider and to provide a job for Mowry’s husband. Thank you for grace. Touch Mowry with your grace and love. Let her know how much you care. Grant Mowry faith to trust you. Be exalted in her life. Thank you Father. Amen

  65. I am asking prayers for my marriage, and for me to have new eyes in which to see my husband, my marriage and the struggle that surrounds us. I pray that grace can be extended and received and that my little ones can be shielded from the pain of the struggle. I pray for Peace in, around and permeating my house and my life and my family.

  66. hi. I’m 18 years old and im in college at the University of Mobile. A little over a year ago my parents split up and we are still waiting for an official divorce. family situations aren’t the easiest to deal with. however, coming to UM for school has been good for me. and I know God is giving me this time to figure out who I am and i’m going to counseling and starting to get healthy myself. But even while i know God is with me and providing for me and helping me get healthy, it seems the enemy is attacking harder and harder. Fears of rejection and abandonment plague me constantly. I have a great support system of people who care for me and love me in my church back home, but since i only see them when I am home, it’s hard here at school sometimes. Please pray for me. that i will continue to trust God and follow Him, even though it’s hard and uncomfortable at times. And that He would provide people in my life here at school to build relationships with. I’m praying for all of you. and I am encouraged by you, holley. thank you all for being open to share your stories and heartaches and joys! Blessings!

    • Anna,
      So sorry for all your heartaches. I am thankful that you know Jesus and can cast all your cares upon Him. Since your help comes from your church friends at home, how about trying to locate a church near your school and see if God won’t give you a whole set of new friends here while you are away from the others. God is not limited by distance. God bless you, Anna!

  67. Hi Holly,

    Thanks for praying for me. I love the Lord and am on the battlefield for Him.
    Times have been a little rough lately, with illness, death of loved ones,
    mess ups, homeschooling, and actually life itself. I am still strong, still determined,
    to make a difference in my world. God touched me through you by saying, “See, I am still here. You are going to make it.” Thanks,

  68. Hi Mowry,

    I am praying for you and your husband. The trials we face can feel so overwhelming – but know that our loving and awesome God is in control. Someone once shared with me that our lives are as a tapestry being woven with time. We can only see the bundle of threads hanging down – but God sees the design. Our trials are for a purpose and we can trust that God will see us through. May His love surround you both right now and strengthen you to lean totally on Him.
    God bless you.

  69. My heart is just full of Gods Love,ans His mechy’s that are sooo new every morning..Praise God for He and He along is so very faithful to us that weary and downhearted,But the steadfast love of the Father is so grand,like flowing rivers of water of blue.
    Life is hard but God is good all the time…
    I have been through soo much all of my life(young/Old)..I know can talk of my salavation and less of my victimazation…Thank you, Thank you for your wonderful much hearthfelt words of love,inspiration<for the hurting hearts of women.Thank you and thank God.God cares for us all,I get it know!! God bless,strength women in their everyday needs in their hearts,minds,and souls…

  70. Father, I pray for Rachel. I know you love her grateful spirit. I pray for even more fullness and abundance and blessing for her.

    I had a tumor removed from my carotid artery about a month ago. They’re rare and I traveled across the country to have it done.

    I had my follow-up visit on Friday and found out that I have a nodule on the other carotid artery which means another one is growing. That means at some point in the future, I’ll likely be doing this again. It also means there is a high likelihood that my tumors are caused by a genetic mutation and that would mean that I’m likely going to be dealing with this issue and possibly more tumors for the rest of my life. It’s a little overwhelming right now.

  71. my daughter is in a residential counseling program for depression and another challenge. up until yesterday we were given every indication that after almost 5 months there, she was doing very well. in the mail was a letter from her to me, stating how i’ve abused her all her life. nothing could be further from the truth. please pray for her, also for my husband and i. we are completely broken and need a whisper of hope.

    clinging to the Savior’s hem,

  72. There is such a long list of things that need prayer in my life. The thing I always ask for prayer for is my husbands salvation. He calls himself an atheist and looks for every way he can to disprove God or show that God should not be trusted or seen as good. Please pray for God to turn my husbands heart toward Him. Also, please pray that my husband will be able to get a new job. The company he was working for is closing and going bankrupt and last week was his last week at this company.

    Also, my friend Sarah and her mom. Her mom has schizo-affective disorder and is in a nursing home. Her illness is getting worse and the nursing home is saying they will not be able to care for her much longer. There aren’t any places where we live that she can send her mom with this type of illness. She is also worried that she or her daughter may end up with this mental illness. Please pray for comfort and guidance.

  73. my request is for my family we have gone thru so many trials the last couple of years just recently we lost my mother in law to cancer after a2 yr battle. my husband and his dad and sister and brother need comfort and strength. my 19 yr old daughter caitlyn has rebelled the last few months and her lifestyle is so dangerous and out of control. my mom has aknot in her neck and will see a specialist this week. and im just weary at this point feeling like i can do no more most days depression is a battle everyday and anxiety with it i know the Lord will deliver us but could sure use some prayers to help us thru this hard time

  74. I need prayer for my husband ‘Bruce’, who has stage 4 cancer in his liver, he has been in treatment since January 2010, recently his chemotherapy drug was changed because the cancer had started to be aggressive, now for the 2nd month the cancer remains aggressive. Now his oncologist will add another drug previously used, to see if they can keep it at bay. All i know is to keep looking at the Lord, and i do daily.

    • Josi, I’m praying for you and your husband. What a hard situation to be in. My heart and prayers go out to you. I’m praying for your husbands doctors to have wisdom in how they treat him and for his body to respond well to the treatments and for you both to be free from anxiety and have “peace that passes understanding” to guard your hearts and minds.

  75. I covet prayers for a coworker who has been badly hurt emotionally over the past few days. She needs to feel God’s healing touch so powerfully right now. God bless all of you!

  76. My husband of 5 years has been lying to me about his marijuana habit. I told him to leave the house. He had gone, is coming to pick his clothes up today. This has happened before and we reunited, I thought he might change. He is in denial about his addiction. I love him, but I want kids. How can I bring kids into a lying drug addicted relationship? Should I divorce? Try to help him…again? How long can I keep taking him back, only to be lied to again? My heart hurts.

    • Jane,
      Look deep in your heart. God has an inmense love for you. Listen to what the Holy Spirit tells you. You will find peace in you once you have found the right decision. God is always with you, he won’t forsake you.

  77. Mame – I just said a prayer for your coworker. Emotional pain is tough. Please pray for my daughter and her employment situation. God bless you.

  78. Dear Holley,
    As always, thank you for giving us a place to pray for others that need the touch of the Lord in their lives and a place to open our own hearts to ask for prayer in our time of need. Today is the birthday of my husband and my son’s father, Terry, who went to be with the Lord 4 1/2 years ago. He would have been 59 years old today. My heart breaks for my son not to have his Dad and these special days really accentuate the sadness. As a mother, I hate it that I cannot “fix” the situation. My son, TC, is now 21 years old and he will live his life without his father. I don’t understand why we must endure such pain in our lives but I told him we must trust God. I pray for the Lord to fill the void in my son’s heart and give him peace. Jesus was the Lord of Terry’s life so we know he is with Jesus. Thanks for listening and for your prayers. God bless all of you posting on this message and I pray for each one of you. Linda

    • Linda, asking Jesus to wrap His arms around your heart today and give you and your son comfort as you miss this man who was such an important part of your lives.

      • Hi Holley…..thank you for your note and your prayer for me and my son. I returned to this site today and I was so happy to see your reply. In reading more of the prayer requests and situations these ladies are facing, I am overwhelmed. So many serious needs, pain, and suffering. It is so wonderful that we can open our hearts to share all this with other believers and know we are cared for “long distance” and that the Lord hears all of these needs and all of the prayers offered up because of this site. There is “no distance in prayer.” God bless you. Love, Linda

  79. I pray for all those that are suffering because of divorce. For the children and the adults that are left trying to put the pieces together. With God’s help healing is possible.

  80. Dear Holley,

    Thank you for a place to pray and ask for prayer.

    My husband has afib. He has sleep apnea. His afib can not be controlled until we get the sleep apnea under control. He works nights and sleeps days, so it is hard enough to sleep during the day for him. My husband deals with depression and suicidal thoughts. He has recently started counseling with a Christian counselor. (Finally after praying for this for 11 1/2 years.) Praising God that I can see God moving in his life.

    My anxiety keeps me from sleeping well when he continues to have afib events and threatening suicide. I keep pressing in and praying and reading scripture. I keep sharing with my counselor and trusted group of friends.

    The less sleep I get the more grouchy I become. I don’t want that for me or for my husband.

    We don’t have children and I would like one, but I don’t see it in our future, for my own or adoption because of our other issues and financial struggles due to all the medical expenses.

    • Katie, I’m praying for your and your husband–for rest, peace that passes understanding, and hope. Please continue getting help with a counselor and whatever else you two may need. We all go through hard seasons and it’s so important to have others around us. You are loved!

      • Thank you Holley! I am will continue to find help and rest for me. Learning the last 3 years to take care of me has been important. God’s word for me this year was rest. 🙂 Love the way he does that.

  81. Praise & prayer for small Christian marriage study group of 6 women I’ve been meeting with weekly for a year- All have husbands who have anger issues/emotionally abusive. We’ve studied Jan Silvious book- Foolproofing & also book- No More Christian Nice Girl. Several women in counseling too. Lots of growth seen and some wonderful victories- Pray for the husbands of these women who all have issues from their childhood that have never been healed. All long term marriages of beautiful women in church going famlies. Emotional abuse is often misunderstood & women remain in silence and suffering. We are so thrilled God brought us all together- such support & strength we have found. Also prayers for the dear children who have been impacted in these families. Thanks for the prayers for these dear women & for their husbands and families.

  82. Please, pray for acceptance. I have dealt with an eating disorder for over 20 years. Therapy and prayers haven’t worked yet. I want to finally be free.

  83. Holly, thanks for this devotion today, it said just the word I wanted to share with a missionary friend I have never met but correspond with her I forwarded it to her.

  84. My family is in the middle of a waiting time right now. I’ve applied for grad school, but we don’t know anything yet and we are on hold waiting to find out where we are going to be in the fall. I’m not real good with the whole “letting go” thing, though I’m definitely trying!

    • Mandy, I pray you receive an answer soon, and that things go well for you after you receive your answer. I pray that God bless and be with your family daily.

  85. My prayer request is for patience. I often seem to run out of patience, especially with those I love. God bless each of you here, and thank you Holley for getting us to pray for one another.

  86. Ileana, I pray that you know in the depths of your soul that you are loved, just as you are. God delights in you…loves you… Rejoices over you. Just as you are. I pray that the Lord sends you all the assurances of His lobe that you need.
    Holley, thank you…I hope and pray you are doing well. Please pray for my marriage… For healing to happen somehow.
    Thank you.

    • Thanks. I am praying for your marriage. I am sure you will feel in your heart His love and He will show you the way you need to follow.

  87. Am praying for you right now, H, for your marriage. We can always pray and surrender our situations to Him. Know and trust Him that whatever comes our way, He is there and He knows what’s best for us.

    Please pray for me, for strength, to go through life according to His will. Thank you.

  88. For so many of you I pray His peace , strength , abiding grace , healing power, the magnificence of His presence in our lives and our circumstances. May He see our reason for change to bring Him Glory. That His miraculous move in our lives would create a wave of Hope ,Faith and Belief in those around us to know this awesome savior. He holds His word above above His own name ! He is a Healer for your mind body and soul. He is a provider .. he can and will counsel and guide you by way of the Holy Spirit, He will guard you , faithfully He serves , He carries our burdens to the throne. He is a Comforter and a Living Savior , He restores. I beleive He cares and I am so grateful he does. We can tell Him anything ..even when there is no one around to speak to. I speak encouragement to each of you .. He is FAITHFUL and We are not Forgotten.

    Beloved Savior,
    I thank you Lord for your sovereignty over all of our situations , thatyou are bigger than our problems and circumstances. I thank you that you being Lord created the Solution in Jesus Christ and that despite what has been said , done , planned or set out to harm us or challenge our faith that you ,Lord are Jehovah Jireh, Jihovah Rapha and JEhovah Shalom. That your purpose for our lives prevails. That you Lord , never leave us alone nor forsake us. I thank you and I bless your name for being Lord of all things , for being Christ . In the midst of it all I bless your name because you are worthy. I thank you for the strength to bless you in the midst of our heart ache, challenge and need. Thank you for peace , strength , your love , this ministry, your grace , mercy , guardianship ,patience , kindness, faithfulness,timing….Thank you

    Thank you ,Lord that your character and your word do not change…Amen

  89. Thank you Holly, for all your wonderful messages.
    I’m knew to this, so please forgive this old person if I make a mistake.
    My prayers go out to each of you.
    My problems seem insignificant after reading everyones today, but here goes.
    My prayers are asked firstly for My husband who claims not to believe, & has had serious health problems, my Daughter (my Rock) needs prayers, as like me she suffers from depresion, at this very moment God give me strength as I might do something i will regret as My husband is driving me to disstraction, also I ask for god’s Guidance re; my Son, who for some reason does not want to spend time with us
    God go with you all Sheila

  90. I tried to read many of the posts here and I am so touched by the strength you all have in dealing with a variety of large and smaller problems. It is obvious life can be hard some of the time for many and we are blessed to be able to share and listen and pray for each other. We are blessed to have Holley who is so beautiful in heart and soul to lead us and pray with us. Her daily inspirations wow me and give me that boost I might need that day to get through. I am having marriage problems after 38 years and it may lead to a scary divorce. I am very angry over many issues in the whole family and I seem to be the scapegoat. Please pray for my son who is recovering from substance addiction and another son who has estranged himself from the family for many years now and has broken my heart by doing so. In general, I need emotional support and love to carry me through some very tough times when I thought I’d be in my prime and having it easy. I have hope! Thank you and God bless all of you and you are all in my prayers and my heart. I always use “This too shall pass” as my inspirational self help line.

  91. please pray for my daughtyer Carolyn Kelly who is suffering so much from her years of maneeres d. she is 65 and has been a leader in the comunity Bible studies for 35years Already lost hearing in her right ear and having siesures that are very painful and long lasting. I know there is power in prayer thanks for praying Margie Delaney in n.c.

  92. Lord YOU SAID by Your Stripes we ARE Healed Thank you. Be with carolyn and surround her with your angels keep her safe in JESUS NAME AMEN

  93. Please pray for my husband of 31 years. he said he needs a break and i know that God will honor me because i will honor my commitment but i need strength and courage.. Wow this really does hurt and iam looking for strength ed does not know the lord and he is staying in the house and i will not leave

  94. I ask for your prayers. Several folks at work lost their jobs this week. It was very disheartening and like losing family. Please pray for them. I also fear I could lose my job in the near future. I have cancer and losing my job will mean losing my health insurance. I have my 6th month check-up tests this week and I again, ask for your prayers that I will continue to be in remission. It’s been a tough week. I pray for each of you that God’s love will shine on you and keep you safe.
    Thank you.

  95. Molly,
    I’m praying for you and your husband that you both can weather this storm covered by the caring and loving umbrella of our heavenly father. He showers you with his love and grace. May he give you peace and light your way.

  96. DG

    I will pray for you that your cancer will be in remission to have faith God is in charge
    and will provide for all your needs. The job force has become rough at times for all of us ladies as we work each day to live and survive. Our jobs also provide our basic needs,
    food, shelter and healthcare. In the end Jesus though is the one who provides our needs and all these adversities can not break our spirit as Our Lord keeps our Spirit strong with the Holy Spirit who is our Comforter and Counselor. God’s love will shine on you this week and keep you safe with his Grace and Mercy.

    God Bless you DG and all of us are keeping you in our prayers.

    Jan B Schaumburg,Illinois

  97. I have a good friend whose 3 year old son was diagnosed with a cancerious tumor in his neck. They just left St. Judes and are home now in Missouri but he is facing 42 weeks of Chemo and 7 of radiation. She also has a 1 year old little boy to care for. I am heartsick and broken for her and her family. God is good and his plans are higher than ours. Please pray peace for her, wisdom for his doctors and strength for this precious child.

  98. dg,
    I pray that you will continue to be in remission, and that you will keep your job, and I also pray for your friends. God has a plan for everyone. Rest in Him 🙂


    Can you pray for me to know God’s peace this week, and not just this week but to be able to hold onto it in the midst of a difficult situation? Thank you.

  99. Have a brother and sister-in-law who are separating and they have a 6 year old daughter. They are such a cute couple. My heart is heavy.
    Have a great nephew that is recovering from drug addition; he is in a program that seems to be working really well for him, but the road ahead is going to be long, hard and full of temptation. Praying that he’ll keep his priorities right and make all the right decisions in the years to come.

  100. Dear Stephanie,
    I pray for your friend and her beautiful children, for strength and the knowledge that they can do all things in Christ. I pray for God’s peace to embrace them.

  101. Pray for a dear friend whose son was in bad accident one week ago. He is in ICU with head trauma. He has been in a medically induced coma since the accident. There have been daily struggles to keep his brain & blood pressures down to an acceptable level. He has developed pneumonia. Please pray for God’s complete healing. He is 26, her only son. Thank you

  102. Louise, I prayed for your friend’s son and will keep praying.

    My requests are for my sons. My oldest is getting ready to turn 12. He went on a Scout campout this weekend and was very homesick. I need wisdom for how to parent and help him through this. My youngest will turn 10. He is recovering from a broken ankle – wears a brace for soccer. In the game today, the ball hit him in the face and the force knocked him back and down. He alredy has a regular dentist appt. and I’m praying for good news about this face trauma.

    Not quite as serious as some requests, but they are close and dear to my heart!

  103. Louise,
    I pray in Jesus name for this young man and his family that the Lord will give comfort to the family. Give them strength and wisdom in making decisions. I pray that this young man’s blood pressure and pnuemonia subside… and Lord please hold this family in your arms. Let them know that you are in control and give them peace in their hearts.
    We too have gone through this. I will keep this family in my prayers continually.

    My prayer is for guidance in finding a job or for us to know what the Lord’s will is in all of the economic situation that has hit us hard. We don’t know whether to move, sell, or change professions, etc. We want to be within his will and to know and understand what we should do next. I know that others are in the same place. My prayers are for you too.
    God Bless all of you!

  104. My husband and I have been separated over a year. My heart was hardened at first, then by the grace of God I turned away from my sin and have dedicated myself to making our marriage work the way God intended marriage to be. The problem is my husband got sick of waiting and now his heart is hardened toward me and is choosing to live in the world now. Please pray for strength for me and that the will of the Lord will be done in this heartbreaking situation.

  105. Me and my fiancée are planning to get married next year around February, but there some evil people who my relatives, who don’t wish me well, i pray for God to bring our marriage to fulfillment and to bless our marriage that no evil will come to us. I also ask for God’s provision in every way, protection, provision financially, and wisdom in our marriage and more of love.
    I pray that God will keep us safe from all harm and any kind of witchcraft that the enemy plans.
    God bless you.

  106. Please pray for my husband & myself. He finally got a job… After 2 years. But they decided they couldn’t afford him. & laid him off. I have my daughters college graduation coming up on May 21st. Plus we need new tires as ours have almost no tread left. My husbands only income takes him driving over 150 miles per week.
    But I also want everyone to know God provides!!! He did it before & always does!!!
    Thank you for your prayers & uplifting articles!!!
    Praise be to our God who provides all things!!!

  107. My request tonight is a need to feel that God is really here with me. My husband passed away suddenly of a heart attack almost two years ago, and for these past two years I thought I was coping very well at being alone. My life has been full with church activities, family, and friends, but my life seems to have taken a turn in the road and I’m having a hard time understanding and accepting the turn. Suddenly I feel very much alone and lonely. I really want a man in my life who loves the Lord, will love me and we can share our lives with each other in the Lord.

    I recently read the following in a devotional: “The next time your path is changed unexpectedly, trust by faith that God is in it and that the change was for a good reason.” My prayer request tonight is that I willingly accept this unexpected change in my life and that I’m able to trust BY FAITH that the change was made by God for a good reason.

  108. Dear Alison,
    I actually visited this site to seek prayers for my promotion at office having worked 16 long years in the same position – since this company has no promotion rules; but your message gave me a jolt. I pray & plead with my Lord to meet each & every need of yours and all those believers whose requests I read above, to be met with soon in HIS most wonderful way which will deepen their faith and in turn increase HIS tribe, HIS clan throughout the world. Amen.
    A big THANK YOU to dear Holley for her daily rejuvenating messages and uplifting you in my daily 3PM prayer. God Bless each of you & PRAY WITHOUT CEASING FOR OTHERS & YOUR OWN NEEDS WILL CERTAINLY BE MET.

  109. Oh Winnie, I wish I can talk to you in Spanish because my English is poor. I’ts very important that you have a special comunication with Jesus, talk to Him, tell Him you beleive in His promises, open your heart and show your love and faith for Him. Do’nt be afraid sister, presents your situation to Jesus. He will work on it and you fold your knees and pray whith faith and declare you’re going to be in victory. I’m going to pray for you every day and I’m going to thanks God in advance for taking care of you, Winnie. Blessings from Puerto Rico

  110. Hi, I’m praying that God meets each and every one of you ladies at your point of need. He is a faithful and awesome God and he wants the best for us all and even in our low moments we should continually praise him. Thank you Holley for your uplifting messages and for giving us the opportunity to pray for one another. My prayer request is for my son to get better as he may have to have an operation and I’m anxious about that. I pray that he doesn’t have to have the operation but that if he has to then God be present during every moment and provide quick healing for him. Please also pray for my walk with christ to be strengthened. God Bless.

  111. I pray for my sister’s in Christ- for God’s strength, peace , His amazing grace and love.

    Jane, I pray for your son and God’s healing. Sherry above, mentioned a daughter dealing with depression. I pray for you and your husband and your daughter. There are so many hurts and cares, and I know that God is with us and each of our needs. I pray that you all feel his loving arms and strength. He will take care of you.

    Please pray for my son (age 21), health issues, depression, anxiety. He is dealing with a broken back since he was 12 years old. We are seeing a new dr. He is making some wrong decisions in dealing with his pain. I want to help my son, but must give it to God. My husband has been without a job for a year. praising God, as i know he will have a job soon, I just know it.

    Holley, I feel your prayers, your caring and concern. Thank you. Your words and prayers bless me so!!

    Love to you, my sister in Christ, Pam

    • Pam, I feel your concerns, and continue to hold fast to all God’s promises. Your husband will get a job; God knows your needs. I pray that God will work through the new doctor in treating your son and that your son finds strength in God and nothing else in dealing with the pain. God’s blessings on you and your family.

  112. Pam,

    I will pray for your son. It must be difficult stepping into adulthood and facing so many issues. Growing up is difficult in itself. I pray that he knows a love that is greater than any person on this earth can bestow. May God lift him up, dwell in his heart and give him the strength to push through the hurt. He is made for great things as God has promised. I also pray for your husband. I know firsthand what it feels like to have uncertainty when it comes to ones job future. This is the time that the Lord defines us and makes us stronger. Releasing all control and worry to Him is a difficult but important lesson. You are so brave to weather this stom with your loved ones!

    My prayer request is for my friend Ursula who is going in for Thyroid surgery today and is very nervous. I would like to lift her up in prayer.



  113. My soon to be 19 year-old second oldest daughter is expecting a baby girl in May and I know it will not be easy but a blessing never is. This journey has been a struggle but GOD has brought us peace as we have accepted this and will support her through it all. I pray for her strength through the good time and and hard times. My oldest daughter will also graduate college in May with honors, we are so proud of her hard work but with the economy being the way it is I worry about her finding a job. My oldest son will graduate high school in June and he is uncertain what he will do and I am praying that he make wise decisions, things are so hard these days and we just want him to stay on the right path. Yes these coming months will be busy for our family and I am reminded that GOD will not put more on us than we can bear. Pray for our strength. THANKS

    • Hi Mary,
      The hardest thing as a mom is to face your children growing up and having to face the world. But, I reassure my self that God is in control and He alone is able to take our kids where he wants them. I pray that your children will always look to God for guidance and always place themselves in His loving care. I pray for you, for strength and courage.

  114. Dear Holley,
    Praying that I would walk – no – run – into all God has for me today and for the rest of my days. The song “More” by CeCe Winans is my prayer request.
    God bless you,

  115. Lately, I have been wrestling with some decisions that I made and the results were not so good. I feel as if I’ve failed somewhere. I trust in God’s mercy and renewal; and I am determined that I will not drag along guilt and remorse but hold on to the joy of serving an almighty God of grace.
    My son (13 years) is doing exams in order to pass for high school (for the second time). Please pray that he is calm and does well.

  116. I want to encourage Dianne to hold on and allow God to bring comfort, love and peace as only he can. YOU are precious and beautiful in his eyes.
    If you can please pray for me lower back and sciatic pain (pain that shoots down my left leg and foot). I am training for a half marathon and am almost there, it’s on May 15th. Training has been going well, but this pain makes it difficult : ( Please pray God would release me from it and bring total healing. Thank you : ) Blessings to you all, Catrina

  117. Father I pray for Katrina that you would heal her body of the pain and bring healing to the parts of her body that is causing the pain. I pray that you will not only enable her to run in this upcoming marathon, but that she will run victoriously.
    Please pray for adjustment for our family as we take on the privilege of raising our one year old great nephew. This will be an adjustment for our family, but God always provide what is needed when He calls us to a task.

  118. Catrina,
    I too have lower back pain and sciatic pain as you said. I prayed for a healing for both of your physical injuries, that you would find time to just rest and allow a ten’s unit or Aspercream to help root out the pain. My past experience is 15 years now, major for 10 years after a fall. It is very painful and hard to get a grip on, and it sounds like you are where I was a few months ago, it lasted for 3 years into my foot. I had to get complete bed rest when ever I could, because tha is all that brought the pain from my foot, back up into the injured place, so I could heal it from that location. It is a traveling disease, and I know if you pray and be still, lean on Him and read his Word, He will help you physically as well as spiriturally. Slow down, liike the turtle, who won the race!

  119. From Carol,
    Sorry if I sounded like a mother to you Catrina, I was thinking of you from the heart:) My name is Carolyn also, I use Carol on emails and bloggs:) Kind of nice to see another Carolyn:) on line.
    Carolyn, I will pray that God supplies way beyond need to you and your family and the little one:) How precious children are, and different world they have than the one we grew up in. I pray for wisdom and good friends and relatives that will surround you with prayer, help, and everything the little one will need. For His Savior to be his personally at an early age. God Bless You!

  120. Dear Holley Thank You Thank You!! tried to get here earlier to post… could barely read a word and I usually read all I can see here from the ladies… so much heartache in the world for me, all over right now… being the helper I am I have been becoming more weaker lately..???? Cant seem to brush off my cloud of all who are hurting all over the world not to mention all I know.
    Need to help myself and reach out now…found myself just now walking to my car, ran across new neighbor I know is hurting and is closed off and prayed immediately in my mind for her and myself!! So I do get it at least.
    I will disclose for prayer I am divorced since last June. Have been emotionally paralyzed in paperwork. Thus ended in default. lost medical insurance and had been placed on memory meds (at age 49) day after I got the call from my Husband saying “I moved out and am filing for divorce) on my way home from Grandkids birthday party Nov 1st 2009.
    Since then neck issues worsened to severe disability! I am standing on complete healing for neck, prayed over for mind body and soul to be healed. Surgeon said no way to knife due to age, flexibility .etc yet, still await cortizone shot… emotionally just hit me yesterday I must not sit still any longer since I (just) moved in to a new place 4 weeks ago…. and discovered I Can Not Carry Anything!!!! This is my latest stumbling block that made me unable to make a decision!!!!
    I will make a schedule, try to do! move forward, fight the good fight!!!
    No need to tell more to you Godly Women huh….
    So appreciate prayer!!! In Christ… Georgia

  121. I would ask for prayers for a restored relationship with our son. He has had very little to do with us for several years now. It is a long story but both my husband and my hearts are broken over this situation. I have cried a million tears to God and have tried every way I know of to reach out to our son in love. Nothing seems to make a difference. He is our only child and we love him dearly.

  122. Today I would like to ask for prayer. I have been without a car for a year now and have no money for a car. I know that God can and will do anything, so can I please be given a miracle car. Also I am single and I am 55 I would love to have a husband. I want God to send me someone who will live and work for God with me. Together as a team. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful life to be involved in the things of God together.

  123. I have a question that maybe someone can help me with. I wonder how you get beyond being stuck between your faith and your fears? My head knowledge knows all about God’s promises and the way that I should react to adversity but it’s getting that head knowledge down into my heart where I can truly believe it and put it into practice that I am struggling with.

    • Robin, Joyce Meyers has some wonderful resources on Faith and Fear. Your library may carry some of them. Here are some titles, “Be Anxious For Nothing.”, “Power Thoughts”, “Managing Your Emotions.” If you have a smart phone or computer, she also has podcasts to listen to, most teacher/preacher/speakers do if you have a favorite.

      I know what you mean, it’s so difficult to put into practice the “let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid” principle in the middle of a raging storm!

      Check out some wesites too for more resources like Women of Faith and Crosswalk for more encouragement.

      And I found a new blog (blogs are another great source of encouragement) By Holly, https://blog.dayspring.com/

      It’s a struggle, but we are to ask God help with all our struggles and He’s faithful to to His love for us.

      Have a blessed day, Robin,

      • Pat,
        Thank you for your words of encouragement and your suggestions of other resources.
        I appreciate you taking the time to reach out and provide help to a weary fellow Christian.

        God Bless You,

  124. Holley,
    Thank you for each prayer that you pray for me. I am an unemployed person and have been praying for a job for several months. I live alone and am trying to pick up any work that I can find. Please continue to pray for me. I know that God loves me but sometimes I feel alone.

    Thank you

    • Father, I lift up Sheree to you this evening. You already know what she needs, Lord even before she speaks. But you say ask and you shall receive and so I now ask for favor for her, I ask for an open door for employment and I ask for fellowship and friendships in her life. May you grant her peace and hope as she puts her trust in you.

  125. am cleaning home after paintimg etc.feeling overwhelmed by how much there is still to do.have health issues too.have to get back to my job in two days time.but my life has been so full of mirackes i know i will get thru this too.will pray for u guys.pls pray for me too

    • Heavenly Father – may you draw Mareen to yourself that she may find rest in you, may you grant her the peace that passes understanding – that her mind and heart be filled with your peace. Grant her the ability to release to you the burdens she is carrying and come to you and learn from you – and find rest for her soul. Lord, I ask that you touch her in a mighty way for you are the God who heals all her diseases.
      In the strong and powerful Name of Jesus.

  126. Please pray for my sister who has stage 4 cancer and can’t keep food down at this time. Pray for wisdom for her Oncologist next week and for a good report. Most of all for the Lord to remove all that hinders salvation and draw her.

  127. Meg
    I lift your sister to Father God to hold her in hes arms.
    and that she will know and feel the loving care for her.
    Tell her she is in my thoughts and this mail was pick up
    in the U. K.

  128. Praying for all of you
    Here are 2 of my favorite Psalms that have really helped me.
    Ps 46 and Ps 91
    These two Psalms have really encourged me and I pray that they will bring encourgement and hope to all of you

  129. Lord, lift up Barbara and her awesome faith and encouragement for others. Please help others find a desire to mirror her love for you.
    And please help my dad find a job.

  130. Thanks for your thought and prayer for today. I pray for all who deal with the pain of Cystic Fibrosis!!! check out Anna’s story on YouTube!

  131. Your daily “Heart to Heart with Holly” touches me nearly every time I read it. It lifts me up, puts my prospective back on Him and reminds me that the “day to day” stuff that we all face is not my little secret – we all face it. Thank you so much for what you do.
    I do have a prayer request to add to the list of “day to day” as well. I have been looking for work for many months and finally interviewed last week for a job that I know I would be perfect for. It will be at least 2 weeks before the employer makes their decision. My family has been struggling with financial hardship due to unemployment for so long now that I fear we may lose our home. I have been praying incessantly for this and ask that you add your prayers to mine for this job. God provides even for the smallest birds, but he doesn’t throw seed in their nests.
    I will put forth the work and the effort in Christ’s name and glorify the Lord because in Him all things are possible….I just need a door to open. Any door He chooses, I will walk through so please help me pray for this.

    • Dear Ashley,
      I have prayed for you and your family and will continue to do so. Our family has experienced several bouts of months of unemployment over the past 5 years as automotive companies kept declaring bankruptcy. Two years ago my husband took a job out of state when a job was offered to him. He is now back home as another door opened for him, and for the first time in 20 years he only has a 15 minute drive to work!! Double Blessings! I know in my heart God hears you, Loves you, and is doing what is best for you and your family. Have Faith, your prayers will be answered!

  132. I need your prayers.
    I do have a prayer request to add to the list of “day to day” as well. I husband has been looking for work for over a year .
    My family has been struggling with financial hardship due to unemployment for so long now that I fear we may lose our home. I have a man that works for the city of Saint Petersburg Florida that’s trying his best to help us today at 4:00 pm today (03/30/2011)
    I have been praying incessantly for this and ask that you add your prayers to mine for this help.
    I will put forth the work and the effort in Christ’s name and glorify the Lord because in Him all things are possible….I just need a door to open. So please help me pray for this.
    Bonnie Weaver
    Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission
    Fish and Wildlife Research institute
    Trip Ticket Office
    727-896-8626 ext. 1716


  133. I need your prayers.
    I do have a prayer request to add to the list of “day to day” as well. My husband has been looking for work for over a year .
    My family has been struggling with financial hardship due to unemployment for so long now that I fear we may lose our home. I have a man that works for the city of Saint Petersburg Florida that’s trying his best to help us today at 4:00 pm today (03/30/2011)
    I have been praying incessantly for this and ask that you add your prayers to mine for this help.
    I will put forth the work and the effort in Christ’s name and glorify the Lord because in Him all things are possible….I just need a door to open. So please help me pray for this.
    Bonnie Weaver
    Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission
    Fish and Wildlife Research institute
    Trip Ticket Office
    727-896-8626 ext. 1716


  134. I need your prayers.
    I do have a prayer request to add to the list of “day to day” as well. My husband has been looking for work for over a year .
    My family has been struggling with financial hardship due to unemployment for so long now that I fear we may lose our home. I have a man that works for the city of Saint Petersburg Florida that’s trying his best to help us today at 4:00 pm today (03/30/2011)
    I have been praying incessantly for this and ask that you add your prayers to mine for this help.
    In gods hands all things are possible….I just need a door to open. So please help me pray for this.
    Bonnie Weaver
    Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission
    Fish and Wildlife Research institute
    Trip Ticket Office
    727-896-8626 ext. 1716


    • Hi Bonnie,
      My husband lost his job over a year ago as well and I can share your struggle. The future is so uncertain and we would all be in big trouble if we didn’t have God to show us the way. But having been in the midst of trial for so long, I feel your concern. I too pray without ceasing that God will show us His plan for our lives and that He will cause a door to open. My husband had worked for this company for 37 years and was let go due to false accusations that were made against him. That adds significantly to our hurt and pain. He has sent out 240 resumes and still has not gotten a bite. We also believe that it is going to be God who allows the right job to be opened to him. The hard part is to wait on God’s timing when we feel the day to day struggles mounting. My husband is the sole bread winner in our family so we depend on his income to survive. But we know God is good and we wouldn’t want to be anywhere other than in the center of His will. We don’t believe God caused this to happen but He has allowed it to happen and we must be sensitive to hearing His voice and willing to accept what He is trying to teach us. But I will be the first to admit that it is not easy. With each day that goes by we have to pray anew that God will give us the strength to continue. It feels like we’ve been in this valley for much too long.
      I will pray for you and your husband and would appreciate it if you’d do the same for us.
      Take care and God Bless!
      Robin S.

  135. I would like to ask prayer for my sister & her boyfriend who need a miracle to get their lives turned around. We suspect substance abuse, but regardless of what’s going on it’s obvious they’re really struggling & are in a bad place in every way.

    They’re young, have a lot of potential, they have their whole lives ahead of them so it’s heartbreaking to hear about them being in such a bad state. Please pray they get off this destructive path & accept the help of their loved ones & let go of their bitterness. They also seem to be atheist. It does break my heart for those battling drug addiction because now it’s not just that bum on the street…it might be someone I love. I know the Lord can turn even this dark & ugly situation into a victory if I look to Him.

    Thank you so much for your prayers!

  136. I pray that all of us that have needs that God will provide them because as He said in His Word in Philippians 4:19 “And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of His glory in Christ Jesus.”
    And also I have been applying for Las Vegas University hoping that by God’s grace and His will, I would get accepted there so that I can serve the Lord at Calvary Chapel Las Vegas because it has been my desire to serve God in Las Vegas. So please pray that I will follow God’s guidance upon me applying to UNLV and that I would get accepted according to His will.

    • Dear Carl,
      What a wonderful prayer request you have. To be able to spread the love of Christ to others is wonderful. Just know that as a believer you can do that with out a degree. Start with volunteering somewhere that Jesus’s love is needed. The doors will open and you will know God’s glory was there all along! I will keep you in my prayers and hope to hear a praise report very soon!
      God bless

  137. I do not even know where to start. I feel like my family is under terrible attack because I took a summer job as Chaplain in one of the parks in my state. There is so much chaos. Financially I am broke…. past the point of bankrupt. Emotionally I am drained and I can see it taking hold of my two children. I am a single mother and feel…. I don’t even know what to feel. I have no vehicle to get me or my children to the places we need to go. I have been borrowing my mothers and she has had it with me driving hers. I know I am doing what God wants me to do because I see the joy people get in the park when they know God is there for them in their time of leisure. Please just pray for my family. I would love a Godly man in my life but that will come in God’s timing. I feel alone.

  138. I just recently got divorce (last week) can’t stop the sadness. I am praying that the Lord wil bring me, my husband back. I would love to have him back, loving and serving the Lord. My son and I miss him so much.

    • Hi Vanessa,
      Keep your eyes on Jesus, I am praying for you ,your son and your husband. God wants a reconcilation even more then you do and he is able to bring your husband back to you, just fall in love with Jesus and embrace his loving care for you and your son, remember God is in control, give your husband and your marriage to God and trust him, he loves you and wants the best for you. I feel for you, I will be praying for you and agreeing with you for a reconciliation with your husband, Matthew 18:19 say’s …Again I tell you that if two of you on earth, agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven.

  139. Hello all.I come today to ask you for continued prayers for my family & my nephew.My older brother went thru a difficult divorce years ago.There were many fights about visitation. My bro did not want to put his 5 y/o son thru more pain, so gave up his cutody rights.I have been praying for the time to come ,when he chooses to be a part of our family.He turned 25 y/o this past May. I connected with him on facebook and he has come to 2 family events: the 4th of July/ niece’s bday party and a softball game of my niece.

    I am recognizing it is a start, tho slow and all up to him. So I have said prayers of Thanksgiving and more to continue this relationship with him. I just cannot change the fact he was gone for 20 yrs, away from us. We had to lose all those yrs. in between.
    So I cannot put this out of my head and very anxious thinking of it!

    We have contact info and each others phone #’s.I do have trust in God that this will work out.Incidentally he moved somewhat close to me and my fam , plus “the grandparents.”

  140. Hello all.I come today to ask you for continued prayers for my family & my nephew.My older brother went thru a difficult divorce years ago.There were many fights about visitation. My bro did not want to put his 5 y/o son thru more pain, so gave up his cutody rights.I have been praying for the time to come ,when he chooses to be a part of our family.He turned 25 y/o this past May. I connected with him on facebook and he has come to 2 family events: the 4th of July/ niece’s bday party and a softball game of my niece.

    I am recognizing it is a start, tho slow and all up to him. So I have said prayers of Thanksgiving and more to continue this relationship with him. I just cannot change the fact he was gone for 20 yrs, away from us. We had to lose all those yrs. in between.
    So I cannot put this out of my head and very anxious thinking of it!

    We have contact info and each others phone #’s.I do have trust in God that this will work out.Incidentally he moved somewhat close to me and my fam , plus “the grandparents.” Thanks so much for your prayers and good thoughts!