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Sarah Peppel is a freelance writer, Frugal Living columnist, women's ministry president & mom of two precious teenage daughters.

(in)side DaySpring: things we love
& you will too!
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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
& you will too!
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  1. Oh, yes. I struggle with this…getting distracted from what God wants, especially homeschooling my children. Thank you so much for sharing this word, convicting and what I needed right now.

  2. I do get distracted – with emails. But I also know that keeping this up helps with my writing, my connections and with God’s work.
    We don’t subscribe to cable or satellite – we watch movies that we choose – mostly documentaries. We read, we discuss. We do watch the news – in order to pray and know what to pray for.
    I pray that when you are ready and the Holy Spirit prompts you – you will start writing your novel. Many blessings,

  3. Thank you! Your words spoke to me in such a clear way about the importance of each small decision we make. You already have the title of your book……”God Wants To Give You Good Things”!!

  4. Oh, it made me smile to see your sweet face on here today, girl! Wishing I could have another Mexican dinner with you–no stew!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing with us.

  5. Holley – we definitely need a Mexican reunion!

    Jan, Julia & Barbara – so glad you were inspired. Thank you for writing such encouraging notes.

  6. So. Many. Distractions.
    The call of perfection. The call of more. The call of performance.

    What is good? Or better? And then, what of those, carry the stamp of God’s ‘BEST’ for me?

    Striving to plug up my ears from the enemy’s siren call…to drown out societal-noise with the whispering voice of His Word. And always, I appreciate reminders like yours! Thanks – Teri

  7. Oh, wow, I definitely have some “stew” in my life right now. Thanks for this, you gave me some things to think/pray about.

  8. Sarah,
    This is awesome! What a nutritious bowl of insight you’ve served up here. Thanks for taking a seemingly simple story we grew up with and breathing fresh life into it.
    Oh to have wisdom to be able to discern what is best…and have the courage/obedience to go there.

    Blessings to you!