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Jessica Turner is the author of Stretched Too Thin: How Working Moms Can Lose the Guilt, Work Smarter and Thrive, and blogs on The Mom Creative. Every day is a juggling act as she balances working full-time, making memories with her family, photographing the every day and trying to be...

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  1. I’d love to get Angie’s book. I have followed her story closely through her blog, but haven’t had the chance to read her book yet.

  2. I’ve just started One Thousand Gifts and already have a dozen friends I’d like to give it to! I’d love to give that one away!

  3. I think I would choose “Don’t Make Me Come Up There!” …
    I feel like I’m already saying that phrase all the time, and my munchkin is only 2 1/2!
    Help! :)~

  4. I have had Angie’s book on my “to read” list forever, but just haven’t bought it. All of these women are fantastic authors and amazing women for God!

  5. Ann Voskamp’s book One Thousand Gifts would be the most important one for me right now. From being a widow of suicide loss at age 42 to remarried 3 plus yrs later.. its been a journey. I believe God wants to remind me of not what I lost but what REMAINS. What still grows… what still lives. His 1000 gifts for me 8)

  6. I’m interested in reading Annie’s book, From Head to Foot – but I wouldn’t say no to any of them! What a lovely group of women.

  7. I would love any of these, but I’ve had my eye on Lysa’s Becoming More book but also Kristen’s new book has my interest too because I am also in that same life stage with little ones. 🙂

  8. I know just the girls to bless with Annie’s book “From Head to Foot” and “Made to Crave” is on my list of books to buy sometime.

  9. I would love any of them! Right now Oraganized Simplicity is calling to me. I’m also intrigued by From Head to Foot and although I have read One Thousand Gifts I have a friend that this would be just perfect for. Mine is too marked up! 🙂
    See how hard it is for me to decide.
    Thanks for the offer!

  10. ‘I will carry you ‘ and ‘one thousand gifts’ would be brilliant gifts for a friend. I’ve been challenged, blessed and encouraged by both books. I love both these books! I feel truly blessed to be part of (in)courage as a reader and to be able to read Angie and Ann’s writing. Knowing a dear friend of mine that would be truly blessed by both books. She lost her baby son who lived only 4 hours after birth. He died six years ago.

  11. I’d really enjoy reading One Thousand Gifts. I’ve heard it’s an amazing encouragement to many women!

  12. I have signed up on many give aways to win Organized Simplicity….haven’t won it yet….i’m still not organized. I would love to read Angie’s book, too!

  13. Such wonderful books. I’d have to choose Organized Simplicity right now. Maybe because I’m in a spring cleaning mood and need the motivation to dig below the surface cleaning to the organization cleaning.

    I’d gift From Head to Foot to our youth pastor. They’ve just implemented small group bible studies for the youth and this would be perfect for the girls.


    • Yes! It would be perfect for the girls! We’re hoping to do it with our girls in youth group this summer! So good!! 🙂

  14. i’d love to pass on a copy of 1000 gifts to my best friend. it’s so so so encouraging and i know she would LOVE it.

  15. Angie Smith and Ann Voscamp have REALLY blessed and encouraged our family in so many ways.
    Eucharisteo ! Thank you both so so much.

    Every blessing to All. x

  16. I would love to read I will carry you by Angie. She is such an inspiration and has an amazing testimony.

    Tsh Oxenreider

    Ever sense i got a little sample on my eReader i have been scrounging around trying to save up any extra money my family an i can spar to get the book! From the first second i saw it i KNEW it was something that would benefit our life.

  18. I would love to read ‘Rain on Me’.
    I’ve been diagnosed with a chronic illness and need all the encouragement I can get. I love Holley’s blog and this looks like an amazing way to keep my eyes fixed on God, and not on my circumstances.

  19. I would love to get Organized Simplicity. My husband and I just purchased our first home so I am in the midst of packing, organizing, sorting and anticipating this new chapter in our families life. I am an organized person but have recently really had the urge to go much more simple and change up how I normally do things. Plus I have read such wonderful reviews and would love to see how this book can challenge me.

  20. I’ve purchased and read most of the books, but I haven’t had a chance to read One Thousand Gifts yet. My roommate and I were just talking about wanting to read it a few days ago, so it would be a double win. 🙂

  21. Would love to read Don’t Make Me Come Up There, Made to Crave or I Will Cary You! I just can’t choose. I’d love to read them all!! Just finished One Thousand Gifts with the book club, and am forever changed.

  22. Oh my, I have wanted to read From Head to Foot since the first time I saw it, and I have been waiting impatiently for an opportunity to have it, so that would definitely be the book I want!! My friend who is a school counselor also really wants to see this book, so this book would probably make its rounds 🙂

  23. I’m sure I’d enjoy all of them, but the one that I’d like to read most is “Made to Crave”…thanks, and stay blessed!

  24. Would love to win Annie’s book “From Head to Foot”. I have read mostly all the others and even have bought extra copies, given them away. They are all beautifully written.

  25. Well, three of them are already in my library. What a beautiful selection!

    Of the remainder, Holley’s book would be my first choice. Her blog consistently speaks to where my heart is on a given day, and it would be a delight to experience God’s gifts through her in a longer format.

    The Lord bless you!

  26. I would enjoy Organized Simplicity …for myself or 1000 gifts to give away to women in my small group from church.

  27. I would LOVE “Made to Crave”. I downloaded the free Kindle version and am enjoying it so much. I really want the book too!

  28. Retry:

    I would enjoy Organized Simplicity …for myself or 1000 gifts to give away to women in my small group from church.

  29. I’ve heard so many wonderful things about One Thousand Gifts I’d love to give it a try.

  30. Nice giveaway! I already have a couple of these books. 🙂 I would love Organized Simplicity or Don’t Make Me Come Up There.

  31. I would love to get a copy of I Will Carry You. I have been following her story on the blog but haven’t had an opportunity to purchase the book.

  32. I’d love to have Organized Simplicity. I’ve tried many times to organize my house, but the clutter overtakes me. We’re getting ready to bring home a little girl from China later this year and this house is a wreck!!!

  33. I would absolutely love to read One Thousand Gifts. I have wanted to read it for quite a while, but we’re pinching our pennies here, all the more so because we just found out that our family is expanding! I would really love to have Ann’s book to read during this time of change.

  34. I would love to read Organized Simplicity. I used to have it all together but motherhood has left me frazzled. I need help! LOL

  35. What a great giveaway! I’ve actually got ALL of these on my wishlist (and just finished One Thousand Gifts), but Organized Simplicity is what I’m most interested in right now. My one little word for 2011 is CLEAN, and part of that is all about simplifying my home and my life.

  36. I would so appreciate “Organized Simplicity”. Desiring to bring glory to the Lord through our home. I’ve read such good things about this book!

  37. Ann Voskamp’s “One Thousand Gifts” is one on my list. Although the only book I have is Made to Crave from these and the rest seem really great, too!

  38. Made to Crave changed my perspective on food, and I’d really like to read One Thousand Gifts and Don’t Make Me Come Up There. You all are so encouraging!

  39. I would love to win one of Lysa’s books. I went thru the book club with Ann on her book One Thousand Gifts. I’ve been in Bible studies for over 25 years so I’d like to see what Lysa has to say in Being More Than Just a Good Bible Study Girl. I’m a children’s librarian and I love that title. May the Spirit help each of us women be more than just that for His glory and His honor!

  40. Absolutely, hands down, One Thousand Gifts, by Ann Voskamp! I have the Kindle version, but it’s my hubby’s Kindle and sharing it is not going so well! 🙂 Plus Ann’s book is just one you must have the hard copy of!

  41. I would love to have “Organized Simplicity”. I am moving on Monday and would like my new place to be more organized!

  42. I would love to have Tsh’s book! I follow her blog, and I am working hard to get our house in order. Thanks for the chance to win!

  43. How do you pick just one? This is so hard, but I think the book that would mean the most to me right now is Made to Crave. Thank you!

  44. I would love “Don’t Make Me Come Up There.” I am SO in need of Mom encouragement these days.

  45. I would love the One Thousand Gifts by Ann V. I have seen your blog and a couple other blogs share how wonderful the book is…and I think that it would help me to see better how many gifts God has given me.

  46. I would love “Made to Crave”… and the others too, but that’s my first choice! Thanks for the opportunity!

  47. I would love to receive Holley’s book “Rain on Me”. We are experiencing job insecurity, foreclosure and bankruptcy. We need some extra boost of hope – seeing God in adversity. I think this book would help alot to give us that encouragement.

  48. Ooh fun! I would love Organized Simplicity! I feel like I’m spinning my wheels trying to get organized and wanting to simplify! Thank you for the chance to win!

  49. i would love the made to crave book! it looks so very applicable to so very many who turn to chocolate! when stressed! (me) thanks!

  50. All of the posts featured on in-courage ENcourage me IN my relationship with our Father. Thank you for sharing these and this giveaway with all of us! I love to read and have a few of these books, but would like the one, “don’t make me come up there!”, to share with my daughter, who is a mother of three. It mad me laugh out loud when I read the title-I have said those words a few times myself! Aren’t we blessed by having our children to teach us so much in the Lord?

  51. Angie’s book! A friend recommended it, saying it had done incredible things in her life. But I haven’t had a chance to buy it yet.

  52. I have already been blessed to read Ann Voskamp’s 1000 Gifts. I think the book that appeals to me the most is Organized Simplicity. As a mom of 6 children still at home, including a 2 yo and an almost 5 yo, I can always use more “organized” and more “simplicity”. 🙂

  53. I’d love to read I Will Carry You. I just lost my 3 yr old son in December and knowing other people have walked this path before me and survived is encouraging.

  54. I would love to receive a copy of Organized Simplicity. I have been reading her blog posts weekly about the weekly challenges to clean up different areas of the house. I haven’t had time to start the projects in between homeschooling and well, life. I would love to have the book so I could work through it over the summer months and get my house looking spiffy.

  55. I almost skipped over this post………… so happy I didn’t ……… your words always encourage me…… well, that’s the purpose, huh? Thank you so much… ANY book would be a blessing…. I would read it and pass it along to my daughters to read also.
    Thanks again…… Gigi

  56. Thanks for doing this “give-away”…it’s a blessing-away.

    I’m sure my heart would be lifted with Holley Gerth’s, “Rain on Me”. My soul could sure use a downpour right now. I’m sitting in the middle of some difficult times, and could benefit from the showering of some hope and encouragement on this dry, parched land. I’m awaiting surgery to remove a mass on my ovary that the oncologist feels quite possibly could be cancer. The journey has been over a year, and I am weary, weak and worn…but God. I’m still believing in all He is able to do, but at times my faith feels threadbare.

    He is my Hope,

  57. Very hard to choose! They all look awesome! I’m in the middle of reading and thoroughly enjoying the life transforming “One Thousand Gifts”. I bought extra to give as gifts!
    If I had to choose though, I would choose Organized Simplicity! I’m a Wannabe Organized Person! 🙂 I would love to have this book in my hands to that I could actually put it into practice and cross out the “Wannabe” from my name. That’s my idea of fun! 🙂 Thank you for the opportunity to possibly win.

  58. Hard to choose, but I think I would like to read Lisa’s “Becoming More Than a Good Bible Study Girl”…next on the list! Thanks

    • It IS! 🙂 a college girl that I’m going through it with said if she had this when she was in junior high, life would be totally different. 🙂

  59. This is a toughie, most of them are on my “must read” list, but if I had to choose one, I’d really like to win Ann’s book, One Thousand Gifts. I missed out on the book club (I’ve been waiting on my copy from the library for 2 months!) so I’d like the opportunity to see what all the ‘buzz’ is about.

  60. I’d love to have “I Will Carry You” and my second choice would be “Organized Simplicity.”

    Great idea for a giveaway!


  61. I’ve read Angie’s book and I am reading Ann’s book for a second time now.
    I think since I am having problems with my weight, I should choose Made to Crave.

  62. I have a friend who is coping with twins who just turned two, and a baby daughter (5 mo. old). Her husband left her when he learned she was pregnant again with the baby she now has. I believe she could really use the book by Kristen Welch – Don’t Make Me Come Up There – to help her survive the days ahead.

  63. I would love to read the “One Thousand Gifts” book. After reading so much about it, I am anxious to get my hands on a copy! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  64. I would love One Thousand Gifts. I have not read the book, but I’ve been reading the blogs about it and it sounds great. Plus, there is something about the picture of the bird nest on the front cover that makes me feel peaceful. I was also wondering if it’s available for the iPad. In any form, I can’t wait to read it and to pass it on!

  65. I have a friend who could really use Ann’s One Thousand Gifts. Would be delighted if I could pass it on to her. I’ve already promised to loan my copy to another once I am finished with it. Thanks, ladies!

  66. I would LOVE to read Organized Simplicity! My life is NOT organized at ALL and simple would be the absolute LAST word I would use to describe my life… but that’s what I want. I could really use the help…

    thank you!

  67. Oh my they all look sooo good. I would love to have Organized Simplicity as I find myself constantly struggling with organization and desiring a much more simple lifestyle. Thanks for the giveaway

  68. I’d love to be considered for Holly Gerth’s book, Rain on me. My daughter has had a serious illness for 3 years and no end in sight. Holly is one of her favorite writers- she reads her heart to heart with Holly faithfully each day. It’s important to maintain the right attitude in the midst of trials and I know Holly’s book would encourage her to do just that. The most important thing is to glorify God in the midst of our trials and by God’s grace, we are trying to keep that thought in mind. She is unable to drive or work, so has plenty of time to read good quality books like this one and the others you have offered. Thanks so much for providing this opportunity, by the way:) Blessings!!!

  69. One thousand gifts…..I have it on my kindle….I listen to it on my ipod and would love to have a case to give to others…..but one book at a time would do….I buy a hard copy for me…but it flies out of my hand to a friend. This book is one that I will drink from for a long time….I want other thirsty souls to find this well too:)

  70. I would love to have the book by Holley- Rain on Me. Going through a very difficult time right now and any encouragement is needed.
    So appreciate the giveaways.

  71. So it would have been 1000 Gifts…but I broke down and bought that one and have read it! So I would choose Made to Crave or Becoming More by Lysa TerKeurst. I really enjoy her writing style! All of them look great though!! 🙂

  72. Hope…it’s what we’re called to embrace. But sometimes pain, disappointments, and loss put a cloud over our hope. That’s where I’m at. Maybe I need some rain to pour over me to move that cloud away. I would be interested in Holley Gerth’s book Rain on Me. Thank you for your generosity in putting together this giveaway.

  73. What a wonderful opportunity. I would LOVE to have Made to Crave! I’ve got a feeling there is a TON for me to glean from! 🙂

  74. So many wonderful books to choose from! I would be blessed to win Holley’s book “Rain On Me”

  75. Made To Crave would be a perfect gift for my mom. She’s doing really well losing some weight, and I think this book would give her a new perspective .

  76. At this time in my life I find myself in need of a book like Holley’s “Rain on Me”. Thank you for the opportunity!

  77. I would LOVE Kristen’s book, Don’t Make Me Come Up There. As a mom of 1 soon to be 2 ACTIVE children, I barely have time for anything other than wiping up, cleaning up, putting up, picking up…and I crave mommy time-out moments to spend alone with the Word…if only for just a few minutes. 🙂

  78. I would love the book Rain on me. I’m not sure where I first saw the reviews but when I read them I realized it would be perfect for where I am right now. My husband moved out of our house almost four weeks ago after admitting he had been talking to someone else. It was a completely unexpected turn in life-we have shared 14 years together and I thought things were moving along ok.

    We have four kids together who are just as hurt and confused by this turn as I am. I have been reading everything I can about hope because I know that God has a plan for me and that He can turn anything into something good. His plans are far better than my own. I just need to be able to remember that at all times-not just when everyone is awake and we’re busy living our lives. I need to remember that this is just a trial that He is using to mold me into the person I was meant to be. I need to be able to remember that He is looking out for me even when my four year old asks for the tenth time today when her daddy is coming home and how come he can’t live with us anymore.

    Wow, spilled more than I planned, but that’s my life right now. I think that even if I don’t win I’m going to buy this book. I just need to find time to read it in the middle of all my packing. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  79. Oh, it is sooo hard to choose! For myself, I’m leaning toward “Becoming More”..with “Organized Simplicity” and “Don’t Make Me Come Up There” not far behind. Give aways definitely I have seveal people in mind for “I Will Carry You”, “One Thousand Gifts”, and “Don’t Make Me Come Up There”….See, I’m being so indecisive 🙂

  80. Every one of these would be great to own, but if I have to choose one it would be “Rain On Me” by Holley Gerth, as it seems that I know several people who would be encouraged by this devotional. Thanks!

  81. I would love “Don’t make me come up there”. I’m a stay at home mom of two young boys, one with down syndrome, and find myself weary and needing encouragement often.


  82. “Becoming More Than a Good Bible Study Girl”, by Lysa Terkeurst would be my pick. I enjoy reading her blog and watched some of the “Made to Crave” video series and liked what she had to say. I want to get the most out of studying God’s word and this book sounds like it might help.

  83. YES!
    or should I say …
    (sometimes we all need that jumpstart)
    thank you,
    and have a very Godblessed day!

  84. I would like One Thousand Gifts. I think at this point in my life I need to be reminded to look for His blessings everywhere.

  85. I would love to read Rain On Me by Holley Gerth. I love her blog, her words always touch my heart and inspire me.

  86. I would love to win Lysa’s “Made to Crave”…a much needed message in my life right now…a close friend has been sharing excerpts from her readings and it has encouraged me…thanks for this opportunity!

  87. Oh, I would love to read Organized Simplicity – I’ve heard wonderful things about that book! 🙂

  88. I’m sure they are all fabulous. But Organized Simplicity calls to me. Two words I so desire to be part of my vocabulary.

  89. I am very interested in Organized Simplicity! I have had my eye on that book for a little while now – really want to make my life more simple and more organized!

  90. I would love to receive Ann Voskamp’s book. I’ve read so much about this wonderful book and I think it’s much needed in my life right now!

  91. I have really enjoyed Ann Voskamp’s , One Thousand Gifts book. I have a friend whom would truly be blessed and (in)couraged by it as well. So, I would choose her book to give to my friend!

  92. I would absolutely LOVE any of them as I have truly enjoyed One Thousand Gifts and Organized Simplicity. I’m really hoping to read Made to Crave so that would probably be my first choice, but they all look like great choices and are going on my wishlist.

  93. I have Organized Simplicity and love it….but have been dying to read One Thousand Gifts or Don’t Make me come up there. Of Course, i love all the authors, so I would be happy with any of them to be honest. Thanks for such a great give away!!

  94. I would love the organized simplicity one!! I don’t have it but I think it’s something I could learn alot from!!

  95. I’d love to get Ann’s book, 1000 Gifts. I just finished reading it, and I would love to give one to my mom. My three brothers have learning disabilities, and one has severe epilepsy. It’s been very hard on everyone in our family, but especially my mom. I’d like for her to find joy in her life right now, and see that she can live life to the fullest wherever she is.

  96. I would love a copy of Angie’s book, just because I want to read it soooo bad, and it looks/sounds sooooo good. 🙂
    BUT, I think ‘One Thousand Gifts’ will mean the most to me. I have read parts of it, AND I WANT TO READ MORE!!!! Soooo amazing!!! 🙂
    God bless you all!!! the book club is such an amazing ministry!!!! 🙂

  97. Having lost a newborn daughter 4 months ago I’d love to read either One Thousand Gifts or I will Carry You. I think either one would be a huge blessing to me!

  98. I would love Organized Simplicity. In my small group this Lent we’ve been focusing on shutting out all the “noise” and getting closer to God. I think this book will help as my daughters get older and the “noise” gets louder!

  99. Definitely Lysa’s “Becoming More…”

    But for anybody reading comments and deals with teen/college girls or…not, Annie’s book is SO good! Read through it months ago and am going through it with a college girl. Hoping to do it with all the girls in our youth group this summer. 🙂

  100. I wish this were a gift of all the books! They are all on my wishlist, but right now with spring cleaning in my head, I would love a copy of organized simplicity!

  101. I would love to read One Thousand Gifts, Becoming More, or Don’t Make Me Come Up There. I think they are all perfect for me right now in my life.

  102. such a tough call . . . i already own a few of them and would really like to read the ones i haven’t already read, but i think i would have to go with ann’s “one thousand gifts” i’ve already purchased 11 copies and given them all away (well, except for my copy of course!), but i think every day of someone else who i would love to give it too. just can’t afford to buy any more of them, so i’d love to win one more . . . i’ve got a recipient in mind already!
    thanks much!
    blessings {LOTS of them}!

  103. I would love the book by Kristen Welch. I’m a single mom, a full-time worker, and a full-time student trying to finish my Master’s degree. Quiet moments are few and far between in my world. But I wouldn’t trade anything in the world for the smile my two-year-old brings to my face in the morning when she says I love you.

  104. I would love a copy of “One Thousand Gifts” since I’ve already purchased 7 and given away 6! I want to give more but think my husband wants me to stop buying them for now 🙂

  105. I would love to receive One Thousand Gifts..I have enjoyed the chapters you have shared!!! And a friend has it and says it is wonderful!!
    Thanks for the giveaway chance!!

  106. I have Angie’s book on my reading list right now… But I think that I would love any of them. Besides my family, my work (I work from home) andy house. I also am the full time care taker of my mom who lives with ALS. We could use some encouragement around here!

  107. I’d love to win 1000 gifts, I just downloaded the sample to my kindle and put on my wishlist…

  108. I’d love to get the book Made to Crave. I’ve been thinking I would read that one next
    after a reread of One Thousand Gifts.

  109. I would love to read Angie’s book I Will Carrry You. It’s been on my wish list for awhile now and it is so close to home.

  110. Hi I would love love love to get my hands on Angie’s book… I JUST LOVE THAT GIRL! (have been for years)… I live in South Africa, and it’s not always possible for me to get all these great books… I also followed the Book-club (video’s) with Ann and started my own journal of giving thanks just based on them… But would love to get the book for my sister-in-law who has lost her husband to cancer late last year and are struggling so much at this time… She holds on to the cross for dear life…. But it’s still a battle for her… But even if I don’t get a book… I would love to tell you guys… ILOVEYA! Keep on doing what you are doing because you are doing it for our God!

  111. I would like to have I Will Carry You. I read about it and one comment that really struck me was “the book is incredibly instructive on grief and fear and expectations and surrender to the Lord.” Wow!!! If anything could sum up where I am what I need now, I think this small blurb just did.

  112. I would love to have “Organized Simplicity”. We are in the process of moving to Maine to help with a church plant – our house is on the market and I am in the every day moment of simplifying and purging, not only of our “stuff” but of our mindset – anxiously anticipating what God will do in the Northeast. “Organized Simplicity” seems to be a perfect next read following “One Thousand Gifts”.

  113. I would love to win Tsh Oxenreider’s book, Organized Simplicity. I hope it would help motivate me in the much needed spring cleaning. 😀

  114. I would really like to read “Made to Crave”. I’ve been on a journey as of late and am pretty sure this book fits with the learning that has been happening on said journey.

  115. GOODNESS, that is a really really tough choice…..I would say either Made to Crave or Rain on Me or Organized Simplicity!!!! 😀 Thanks so much!!

  116. I would love “One Thousand Gifts.” From what I’ve heard about it, I am inspired and what to read the whole thing. It would be such a blessing to have this book to read.

  117. I’m currently reading “Made to Crave”, but I would be happy to read any of the books. Although, if I had to pick out one or two, I would choose Angie’s booK

    • …sorry didn’t get to finish due to my three year old “helping” me on the computer :). I would choose either “I Will Carry You” or “Organized Simplicity”. Thanks for hosting such a wonderful giveaway!

  118. Made To Crave for be a God-sent blessing! I have had a lifelong battle with food addiction and have continuously sought the Lord for deliverance. Praying and hoping this is a tool He uses to release be from the bondage. Blessings

  119. I have wanted to read Angie’s book “I will carry you” Since it came out and I just haven’t been able to. I have 6 boys. I have one little girl in heaven. She was still born. I found her blog after Ella was born. I read her blog from the beginning. Her blog was such a a support to me even though I never commented.

  120. I would love to win ORGANIZED SIMPLICITY by Tsh Oxenreider. My husband and I are getting ready to move into a new home and be on our own again after living with my mother-in-law for almost three years! And not only that but we are unexpectedly expecting and right now I am craving the organized and the simple because our environment is anything but! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  121. I would love the book “Organized Simplicity” because I have been helping my dear friend organize and clean her home because she desires to be a better steward of what God has given her.

  122. I would like Made to Crave, because going through my first deployment I am finding myself craving food to occupy myself but want to crave Jesus more through this journey.

  123. I would be so blessed and honored to read One Thousand Gifts but all of them seem like great picks!

  124. I’ve read snippets here and there on various blogs from “One Thousand Words” but with babies at home I have not made it to a booktstore to pick up a copy! Just reading what I have has been a great encouragement to me and this book is on my pick up list!

  125. Organized Simplicity! That is because I don’t find it to be simple.
    I can’t see how to organize to make beauty ~~ I love clutter.
    I have given away myself many of Ann’s books and know Lysa because I live in the same town she does. Second choice would be Rain on Me because it reminds me of how Amy Carmichael used the metaphor of rain to grace.

  126. Becoming More!! These are all great but pushed to the wall that would be my choice right now!! Thanks for this amazing amazing community that has spurred on my growth majorly and no doubt many others too!! God is good!!

  127. I have Ann’s book and have finished. AMAZING. I have another copy for a friend. The book I would most like to have next is Angie’s–I Will Carry You. After reading it, I would pass along to my best friend.

  128. Into each life, a little rain must fall…

    Am from the Philippines, and I’ve been looking for Holley’s Rain On Me (the devotional and the calendar) at bookstores here but no luck.
    Please let me have it (or them)…

    “A downpour of trials can be a force that destroys and washes away hope, or it can become a tool God uses to bring healing, growth, and new life to our hearts. “

  129. Pick ONE???? Really? If I have to then I would say Organized Simplicity or Made to Crave. Crossing my fingers! With Joy, Carey

  130. I would love Becoming More Than a Bible Study Girl.
    I am pregnant with twins, and I would love to dig deeper with God as I enter into this new life of being a mother.

  131. It would be a hard pick between Made to Crave and 1000 Gifts. I think both would be highly beneficial in my life. If I really had to choose, I think Made to Crave is more of what I need to read right now in my life.

  132. What a blessing it is for you to “giveaway” these amazing books! I have Angie’s book (direct from her Mother-in-love) so, I guess the book that would mean most to me other than I Will Carry you is, Becoming More. I often struggle with where I am, even though I know I am to accept the place where the Lord has me. Another reason I’d appreciate Becoming More is that it’s a study in His word. You can’t do better that His breathed promises.

  133. I would LOVE to get Angies book “I Will Carry You.” She is an inspiration to me and I love her blog! I also am going to hear her speak in Iowa in May at the Women of Faith Conference and can’t wait!!!!! 🙂

  134. When I read yesterday’s post by about Kristen Welch’s book, “Don’t Make Me Come Up There!” I immediately thought of my sister who has a 2 1/2 yr old and a 4 month old and hardly has any time for herself. She’s always doing things for the kids or her husband and sometimes she gets spiritually drained. I thought this book would be just the thing to “in”courage her in those few precious moments she has alone before the kids wake up or after they have gone to bed. (Her husband works nights). I know she would appreciate this!!

  135. i really would like the book Rain on Me by Holley Gerth. My husband died 2l months ago. it’s been a time of aloneness, a time of grief, and a time of awakening. I know that God’s words would be a soothing ointment to my heart. I also work with the hospice we were with when he died. I could also share this book with others who have lost someone. thank you for the opportunity to get this book.

  136. I am new to the Bloom community, and had already downloaded a digital copy of Ann’s book to play catch-up…but would love a hard copy “to have and to hold” and eventually share with another.

  137. I would love a copy of “I Will Carry You.” I suffered a miscarriage about the same time Audrey Caroline was diagnosed. I believe God led me to Angie’s blog during that difficult time. She was such a huge encouragment to me in one of the darkest hours of my life.

  138. First, I want to say thank you to you ladies for sharing your words and encouraging us. I am planning on reading each of your books and have just finished One Thousand Gifts. So, If I had to choose which one I would read next, it would be I will Carry You by Angie Smith. I have struggled with allowing myself to grieve past losses including two miscarriages and I think her book would give me new insight and draw me still closer to Him.

  139. Don’t make me come up there or Organized Simplicity have both been on my must read list.

  140. I would LOVE to read Made to Crave. I have been battling with food issues for 15 + years now, and I know only Jesus can fill the hole inside of me, if only I would let him. I have heard great things about the book. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  141. I would love to have a copy of I Will Carry You for a friend. I have read it, loved it, cried through it and really think it would minister to her as she lost her 1 year old son a few months ago. Personally I would love to have a copy of Don’t Make Me Come Up There for myself. As a full time working mom I am very busy and could use a few minutes of reading for me 🙂 Oops, I chose two!

  142. I would just LOVE to receive Ann’s One Thousand Gifts. I’ve been planning to buy it, but haven’t yet. It’d be even better to get it free! I read it on your website here, and it touched me amazingly. I’d love to add it to my library to read over and over 🙂 Thanks for this opportunity!

  143. I’ve had Organized Simplicity in my Amazon list for a while… I’m working on getting my house organized and simplified – definitely a work in progress! 🙂

  144. I have been praying for/and with a friend who has had a life long battle with weight, not just a little battle, really big battle. She has been unsuccessful in her goal to lose enough so that she could have surgery. She is also battling with where God is in her life. I have wondered if I should purchase “Made to Crave” for her but just haven’t done it. If I receive this book, it will be a gift to her.

  145. I would love to read Rain on Me and Made to Crave right now. Both would fit right in with what God is working on in my heart. 😉
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  146. The book that most resonated with me in the current season of my life is Lysa TerKeurst’s book “Becoming More.” I find that although I have walked with the Lord for 25 years, I am a “doer” at heart and sometimes struggle with “striving” in my relationship with Jesus and walk of faith. Jesus is so faithful to continuously bring me back to a place of rest and I’d love to hear what Lysa has to say on this topic.

  147. I would really like to have Lysa Terkheurst “Made to Crave.” I had to choose between Ann Voskamp’s last book (which I LOVE) and that with the last purchase. And, I’ve been listening to Lysa on KLove and other online places regarding pieces of this book. I truly think it would be a valuable book for a struggle I have had all my life.

  148. I’m not going to like – I’ve had my eye on “One Thousand Gifts” for a while after reading about it on blogs and several recommendations from friends. However – “All of You” also looks really good and I think is something I would find super applicable to my life.

  149. Thank you so much for such great books and authors all in one place! However, I’d LOVE “I WILL CARRY YOU” by Angie because she (and it) has been on my *Am……. Wish list since before it came out and I still have not been able to get it. Alhough I read Angie’s story and blog, I would love to “dance through the grief to the JOY” and find how Angie held on and God carried her from her personal dance step by step. I have been grieving a loss also but not of a child… and I believe this book would help me to “pass through these waters” to JOY. Joy is my word for 2011! I just need a little help from my friend(s)… yet this is such a hard choice! These are all great choices! I appreciate this chance to win though the odds already look slim… so many people to (in) courage with a good book yet I need God to carry me like He did with Angie and give me the strength to look up once again and dance with Him in JOY… Bless you all.

    Serving in Christ,
    (I’m in mexico but you can send to my USA address, look I’m hopeful)

  150. How could I choose just one???!!! I would love to read I Will Carry You, Organized Simplicity, or Don’t Make Me Come Up There! 🙂 🙂 Crossing my fingers I win one of them!

  151. From Head to Foot would be my pick (I’ve got several of the others) but I’ve been following Anne’s blog lately and just think it would be a very helpful book for me.

  152. One Thousand Gifts is one of the BEST books of all times. I just finished that with the Bloom girls. What a blessing! All of these books are SO great! Some of them I own and others I have on my ‘to buy’ list. 😉 Thanks for the great giveaway.

  153. hello.i read your devotions everyday and they are such a help to me.i get so down and discouraged.i dont really know which book would help that problem.i know i have read alot about the ONE THOUSAND GIFTS. and the other one of RAIN ON ME. it sounded good for my problems. i do have so many health problems i face each kidneys are bad from sugar and they are afraid if not better i will have to go on kidney machine so i am trying to do everything possible to help that situation.please do pray for me.thanks so very much for you time and reading this and if i should be fornature to win a book,whatever will help me be just fine with me.God Bless You All. Carolyn

  154. Hi again… sorry about the length and typos and here I am again… I looked at how many want each book above me and I thought and asked God which one would help me and I’d like to choose a different one than I did… “RAIN ON ME” by Holley… I’ve just been reading so many good blog posts from her and decided that I need this one and it’s not available in Kindle for PC even though I’ve requested it and I have a sample of Angie’s there…ohhhhh, this is worse than a kid in a candy store… so any and so many …but I changed my mind… OK… so throw me out of the ANGIE “I WILL CARRY YOU” and give me some encouragement and hope through Holley’s “RAIN ON ME”…thanks!

  155. Would love to win One Thousand Gifts. I love Ann’s writing and know this is an excellent book. (Planning to buy it if I don’t win!)

  156. Organized Simplicity would be *great* for me. I grew up in a long line of pack rats and am working on setting up my own home to be simple and comfortable in a way that makes sense and works for us.

  157. I’m so wanting to read Ann’s “1000 gifts”. Her writing stirs my soul like few others do. Can’t wait to get my hands on that gift she has written for us to read.

  158. I’d have to go for “Organized Simplicity” because that’s the direction I’m struggling to take my life. I know I would be blessed by so many of those books, but this is where I am right now. Thank you for sharing.

  159. I would love Ann’s book, One Thousand Gifts. Sounds so interesting! And a perfect book to help me through my current valley.:) I follow her blog and have been trying to implement some of her principles into my life. Thanks for the opportunity.

  160. Oh dear, choices – sometimes a difficult thing! My home-schooling daughter, mother of three (one teenager!) would dearly love Organized Simplicity.

    Thanks ladies for your love and generosity. I’d just like to say, in-courage may seem like a site for young women, but I, a 65 year-old nana love the energy, the sharing and the love of this group. I’m also on oxygen 24/7 – I laugh, I cry and I learn from all of you. You are part of my ‘friend circle’. God bless you all for your ministry. With much love

  161. “Don’t make me come up there” looks like it might be the encouragement I am looking for. I own and have given away One thousand gifts and I am learning much from Organized Simplicity.

  162. I would like to have “Becoming More.” For years I’ve been told I am “too much.” Now that I am at a seasoned age, I love becoming even more of my too much! Living life outloud with the God who created me to be all HE calls me to be – and learning daily that he’s not just on my to-do list. He is the orchestrator of that list!

  163. I would love a copy of One Thousand Gifts! I have been wanting to get a copy and go through the chapter discussions on the incourage blog!

  164. Anyone of them would be an encouragement to me…although I own and have already read One Thousand Gifts…BEAUTIFUL book!
    If I were to win, I would love to get a copy of I Will Carry You by Angie Smith. I have been wanting to read this for quite some time!
    Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!

  165. i am visiting this site today for the very first time. it is very warm and inviting. i would love to dig into Becoming More. i struggle with making “meditate on this Word day and night” a constant in my life. work, kids, husband, physical fitness, PTA, bills, cleaning and organizing the house, carpools, gymnastics, kickboxing, counseling . . . . . . . . you get it.

  166. I’ve read Ann’s book and loved it so much that I’ve been praying for the means to give it away. I have given four copies so far and would love another copy to present to a friend who would also love it. Thanks for this opportunity!

  167. I can’t decide between “From Head to Foot” and “Organized Simplicity” – I guess that “Organized Simplicity” would be the best choice though – as I definitely need to de-clutter my heart & home this Lenten season. Thanks for fun give-aways to brighten my week! And thanks for the blogs….so often they speak right to me when I need it.

  168. I’d love to read From Head to Toe when it becomes available and Kristen’s sounds hilarious but my babies have all flown the coup 😉

  169. I am not a mother, but I know a mom that would just be so blessed by Kristen Welch’s new book. Ever since it came out, I have been wanting to give it to her. Thank you for this opportunity!

  170. I would really love to read Lysa TerKeurst’s book Made to Crave. I have struggled with the “ups and downs” of dealing with food and my weight for well over 15 years. I would love the encouragement and to see an end to the daily struggle.

  171. Would love to get Kristen’s book. My 30 year
    old niece just had her second daughter in August
    and I would gift her with this book…..of Mom’s
    moments of peace.

  172. I would love to have Made to Crave. I have battled issues with my weight for as long as I can remember and I have read just enough peaks of this book to know it would be life changing. Oh please!!

  173. Thank you for these blessed books….you are building the Kingdom!! I would love to have a copy of One Thousand Gifts or Organized Simplicity to share with two different relatives…I have both books and am being sooooo blessed as I read them and would love to share the inspiration…Blessings to you all!!! I love your daily messages in my inbox!! 🙂

  174. Made to Crave. I’m at a time where I want more of God but the circles I live in focus many on things, events, and people. God seems very absent.

  175. Organized Simplicity is the book of choice for me. Any of the books would be delightful both to read and give as gifts. Such an amazing collection to choose from! Thank you so much for this opportunity. May God Bless You richly, as He always does.

  176. I would like to read I Will Carry You by Angie Smith.
    I have been through a lot of personal struggles in the last 5 years & I know several other women who would appreciate the book.

  177. I’d love to read “Rain on Me”! The last 11 months have been the most trying and difficult of my entire life and I would love to read some hopeful and encouraging words! THANKS!

  178. Lysa’s book, “Becoming More than a Good Bible Study Girl” has been on my list for awhile, so I would LOVE to win this one! Great giveaway!!

  179. “Organized Simplicity”! It’s on my list to get – anything to help me simplifify my life is a must read for me 🙂

  180. Hi,
    I would love to have another of Ann Voskamp’s book, One Thousand Gifts. I will be running a Bible study in May and June and it would be lovely to be able to give someone a book for free who can’t afford one.

  181. I just finished (and LOVED) One Thousand Gifts and I already have Organized Simplicity, so I think I would enjoy Made to Crave. 🙂

  182. I would really love to read One Thousand Gifts! Organized Simplicity looks fun as well, really all of them look interesting!

  183. Oh, how to choose? OK. I would be thrilled with any of them. I will choose “Made to Crave”. I have read and own several of these. They are all winners!!

  184. I would love “Made to Crave” because from the title it sounds as if it would be a good book to research for the book I am writing!

  185. I have Spring fever sooo badly, I am wanting to clean out all the cobwebs of winter, and have a fresh new start . Organized Simplicity would be just the motivation , and help I need to do that !! Thanks bunches !! :}

  186. I would love to read “From Head to Foot”. I am a survivor of sexual abuse and have been pursuing healing for the last 3 yrs. I still struggle regularly with how to worship God with my body, how to view the body as a gift, how to use my body for good, and what it really means to BE beautiful. After reading a bit of the comments and descriptions, I think this book would help me BLOOM.

  187. I think Rain on Me would be great for me right now. And after I’ve read Holley’s encouraging words, I’m sure many I know who struggle at various times in life would benefit from it as well. Thanks for the chance to win!

  188. I would love to read Rain On Me. I love reading Holly’s blog, and I feel like her book would be such an encouragement to me right now. I suffer from a chronic illness, and we are struggling financially, as well as just became empty nesters… (I miss having a full house!) I know that God has such wonderful plans for me, but I would sure love the encouragement!

  189. I would love the organized simplicity book. I can be organized but have a hard time getting started, and keeping things organized. this book would be perfect.

    although angie’s book has caught my eye for quite a while now…

    hmm. i may have to flip a coin..

    thankyou for the giveaway opportunity!!

  190. I would love to read Kristen’s book and then pass along to a friend….I am in “that” stage of life right now! Thanks for the giveaway!

  191. I would just be bowled over if I had anything for free! And I would see it as a love gift from God of what He thought I would most benefit from:)

  192. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate what you women are doing for those of us reading your blogs. My eyes have been opened to a whole world of Christian women who love God, love their husband and love their families the way the Bible intends! It is so refreshing as a young newlywed without much Christian fellowship in the position my husband and I are in right now. So thank you!! I wanted to say that I would definitely love the book, “One Thousand Gifts.” I actually found your website through Ann’s blog and I just told my husband yesterday that I would like this book for my birthday. I want to learn what it means when Christ said, “I have come that they may have life and have it abundantly.” While I am sure my husband would try to buy me this book for my birthday in the middle of May, I am just itching with excitement to start reading it now! Thanks so much for considering me! : ) Keep up the good work!

  193. I would love to finally read One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. I followed the book club study and really enjoyed it, but wasn’t able to get a book in time, so I would love to read the book and go back and watch the videos all over again!

  194. Wow, that is a hard choice, but I would choose Angie’s, “I Will Carry You,” as I have loved listening to her and Jessica and Ann in the book club. God led me to Ann’s blog, and then to the book club right as it started, and I have loved it.

    Thanks for everything!

  195. Organized Simplicity.
    I have a 4 month old and it’s been an adventure to try to keep up with anything, and it has become incredibly obvious that I need to simplify a lot of things… or maybe just the way that I view and approach each day!

  196. I have SO been wanting to read Holly’s book. I am continuing to go through a difficult time and feel that reading her words daily would be refreshing!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  197. I’d love to read Kristen’s book. Quiet times are rare around here with 4 children from 9 to 2 in the house and I’ve already used that line “Don’t make me come up there!” today, since all four are home today. Spring time in Michigan = 12″ fresh snow = one more snow day- No School!

  198. I already have Made to Crave, I Will Carry You, and One Thousand Gifts. I think I would choose Organized Simplicity…….we are moving into a new house in 2 days, and I could use the help getting organized!!

  199. Argh! Only one?! Well, I already own a couple of them and love them, so I’m pretty sure any one is going to be great. Two that I would love to have are Kristin’s book, “Don’t Make Me Come Up There!” (I have several younger mom friends who would really benefit from this one OR “Organized Simplicity” because it looks so beautiful and would really be helpful for me. Either one. 🙂

  200. Ohhh I so want to read one thousand gifts. I’ve followed it some but haven’t gotten around to getting it. With 3 little ones I want to be an example of living fully!

  201. I keep eyeing Organized Simplicity, but I’ve also been wanting to read 1000 Gifts. I’d be thrilled with either 🙂


  202. Wow! They all sound fantastic….however, Organized Simplicity would meet my current needs of learning better the art of worshiping God through homemaking.

    Thank you for your generosity!

    Christi Griffith

  203. I would also love a copy of Organized Simplicity (but several others are on my to-read list too). Thanks for the nice giveaway!

  204. I would like to win Organized Simplicity because I have a huge amount of stuff in my house that needs to go somewhere else, and I need help!!!

  205. I would love to read “Crave”. I am currently reading 1000 Gifts…. Read “I will Carry You” last month. That is how I found this blog. What a blessing it has been to me – I am a pastor’s wife and friendship are hard to come by……..we are currently in between assignments and what I am calling a healing time for us. (in)courage has been a lifeline. Thank You.

  206. I would love to get the Made to Crave book and pass it around my Wednesday night Diet and Exercise group. We are a group of ladies that meet weekly while our kids are doing church club programs and we talk about our fitness goals and do a workout video. There are a couple ladies that are truly struggling with food issues and I think that this book would make a huge difference in their lives. Thanks!

  207. I’m already reading 1000 Gifts and loving it! I’d love to have either of Lysa’s book, but especially Made to Crave — I struggle with emotional eating and would love to overcome that problem.

    Blessings to everyone!

  208. Ohhhh I’m torn….either Made to Crave or One Thousand Gifts…I’d be thrilled with either one! Well, really, I’d be happy with any of those lovely books but those two have been calling my name =)

  209. I’d be thrilled with any of the books, but here’s a list of the ones I’m most interested in and why:

    One Thousand Gifts – I have several friends who want to get their hands on my copy!
    Rain on Me – to pass along to a friend who needs uplifted
    From Head to Foot – That’s my prayer right now!
    Becoming More – I love Lysa!!

  210. Hi
    I would love to win Organized Simplicity. Would like to finally organize my home with spring coming and the completion of eight years of homeschooling !!!

  211. Holley’s book intrigues me because I LOVE getting her emails every day and she is what led me to the rest of you.
    I love this place!!!! :0)

  212. “One Thousand Gifts” sounds like the one to win! So, I pick that one. Second, would be “I Will Carry You” because my sister lost her baby who was overdue and then stillborn. It would be a blessing to her. Third, I love devotionals so “Rain On Me” sounds good especially now. I am open to receive God’s blessings in my life and heart. Thank you! God Bless You, too!

  213. Made to Crave would be such a wonderful book for me to read right now! I’ve finally committed 100% to getting healthy, so this would be perfect.

  214. I Will Carry You would be my choice. It would be the perfect gift book for my daughter who had two miscarriages within 6 months. She is now expecting again but holding her breathe and not allowing herself to become excited due to fear that she could have another miscarriage.

  215. I would love to read “I Will Carry You.” I read an excerpt of the book and her blog – Angie is such an inspiration & her testimony is so heartfelt and awesome. I admire her greatly. Would love to win the the book. Thanks.

  216. Love reading along with One Thousand Gifts. I have been wanting to read I Will Carry You for quite a while now. I admire Angie & her husband and the strength of their faith. Thanks.

  217. I would definitely have to choose Organized Simplicity. It’s been on my heart and on my mind over the past few months to live a more simple life, and this book fits right into that.
    I also have a new home to decorate, and I am so excited!

  218. Hi All
    I would love Angies book as I have recently lost my partner to suicide and am reading all I can to help with all the conflicting emotions; to enable me to look at all of it from a Godly viewpoint. Thank you for the opportunity to win. C

  219. I’ve been eyeing “One Thousand Gifts” for quite some time now. That is my first choice.

    I’ve been hearing about “Made to Crave” and I think it’d be a good read considering I crave food way too much. So, this one would be my second choice.

    My third choice would be “Organized Simplicity” simply because I’m wanting to organize and living simply lately.

    Thanks for a chance to win!

  220. One Thousand Gifts would be my first pick right now…I have two babies (9mo, 29 mo) and am in the last year of my 30’s! I am so grateful and humbled to be a mother and I long to embrace fully the gifts God has given me in each moment of every day. I feel that each moment is even more of a gift than I have felt in the past because I almost lost my 9 mo old at birth in June, and went through two emergency surgeries when he was born (one of which was life threatening). I am also facing the challenge of barely scraping through my last month of grad school in Conflict Transformation when I hope to help other mom’s like me, as well as organizations and churches be better equipped at embracing the tranformational gifts that Christ can give us through struggle, conflict and the challenges we face this side of heaven. I would love to read this book for my own personal growth as well as to recommend it to those I work with currently and in the future. I am so thankful to be introduced to your blog and I look forward to staying connected to His life in and through you and your ministry. Blessings to you all! Thank you for your encouragement!

  221. What a fantastic give a way!!! I think I will carry you would be my choice @ the moment…..I have been on a journey filled with grief for many years and He has carried me. I’m in the middle of One Thousand Gifts right now and wouldn’t mind another copy of that one either to pass along because I know I can’t give my up for quite awhile…=)

  222. I met Angie at the Women of Faith All Access event in February. I bought her book there for myself, having lost my daughter 9 years ago at 3 days old. I have read it from cover to cover and get so much from it every page I turn. I am trying to help 2 friends in their grief journey after the loss of their daughters at very young ages. I don’t have the answers just the experience and would love to win a copy of “I WIll Carry You” to give to one of them. She has lost her 1st daughter to HLHS then had a miscarriage and now is awaiting her husband’s departure to Iraq to serve in the military. She’s had a tough road but has praised God through all of it. I know she would love this book!

  223. I would love to have “I Will Carry You” to give to my sister who lost a full term baby, my nephew Luke, 2 years ago. She is still grieving and I know she would be blessed by it. I would love to have “Organized Simplicity”… Because I need a little help in that department!

  224. I’d love to read them all but right now I would most enjoy Tsh Oxenreider’s Organized Simplicity, just saying the name of the book makes me feel peaceful. I believe this book would help me to create that atmosphere in my home to be enjoyed by my husband and all who enter!

  225. I would love to have “Rain on Me”. My husband has been unemployed for a year and a half and my business has suffered tremendously in this economy. We have had health issues and great vehicle expenses. Wondering if we will be able to keep our home. We know God is in control and will provide all we need, but would be wonderful to experience the Godly encouragement/hope I am sure is contained in this volume!

  226. I would really like to read one thousand gifts. I wanted to do the read along with you women. I think I would benefit from some reminding of what gifts I have been given and what gifts I need to give to others. Thank you so much for your blog I look forward to reading it daily and often forward them to friends. With Love Olivia

  227. What a great giveaway! I’m interested in all the books. I have and loved “One Thousand Gifts” and if another copy came my way, I’d have one to be selfish with and one to share! 🙂 Also very apropos to my life now would be “Made to Crave” and “Organized Simplicity.” (HELP!)

  228. I have already read I Will Carry You written by Angie Smith and right now I would love to read Organized Simplicity. I think that it is the book that meets the needs of my family and encourages us to get on a financial budget. I would love to rediscover what is important to us!

  229. I would love to win “I Will Carry You” by Angie Smith. I have wanted to read it since I heard about it. I hope I win:)

  230. I would love to read Organized Simplicity! I’m a stay at home mom with 2 girls under age three & a sweet, amazing husband that works long (very long) hours. Naturally, the house work falls on me right now. Although my girls are a great (but slow-ish) help! I feel so cluttered sometimes! I’ve had my eye on this book for awhile & I would love to see what it is all about! Thank you so much for this offer!

  231. Oh I would love ‘Organised simplicity’ – I’ve heard such wonderful things about it! The title describes how I want my life to be – organised, but simple! Thanks for the chance to win!

  232. Rain on Me would be just the thing to give me a little pick-me-up 🙂 What a thoughtful giveaway – you girls are too good to us!

  233. I have One Thousand Gifts and am really enjoying it, but as a stay-at-home mum to three children aged four and under, I would be so blessed by Organised Simplicity or Don’t Make Me Come Up There

  234. I’ve read 1000 gifts and it has so blessed my life. I have been learning to slow down which has led to a slightily more organized life, but . . . there is still much work to be done:) So I would love a copy of Organized Simplicity. Thanks so much for this give away!

  235. I would pick I Will Carry You. I lost my first baby and read half a friend’s copy on the way to Relevant and couldn’t stop crying.

  236. Oh, how to choose?! It’s so hard, but I think Organized Simplicity would be my top pick for my place in life. I read One Thousand Gifts along with Bloom, and would love to thank you for such a challenge, blessing, and new way of seeing!

  237. I would be so blessed to receive Made to Crave. I struggle with craving God above things of this world, whether food or otherwise. Thank you for this awesome chance!

  238. I’d like Ann Voskamp’s book because I have heard such wonderful things about this book. I want to know what all the fuss is about ;).

  239. Made to Crave would be wonderful. I’ve been wanting to read it for some time now.

  240. I’d love to win Made to Crave. It’s one of those books that I’d read myself and then pass on to my mom, who would pass it on to a friend.

  241. I think organized simplicity would mean the most right now with where I am at… I am trying to remove clutter and have Jesus, and what will bring Him in to my heart and nothing else…

  242. I’ve already read a few of the books and would love to read Organized Simplicity next. I’ve heard great things about it!

  243. At this time I would love to get Made To Crave. I could use that enriching push at this time. I hear it is a good book!

  244. I have been trying to develop the discipline of eucharisteo in my life and am looking forward to sharing it with my adult daughters. Your gift to me would be a gift to them!

  245. I would love to win a copy of Tsh’s book “Organized Simplicity”. I have recently become a stay at home mom and been overwhelmed by our home and life. Along with this, I have felt such a push to really live a simpler life all around, as we are so much more blessed than many others in the world. This would be an amazing start!!

  246. What a thoughtful give a way! Thank you!!

    I would certainly be blessed by “Made to Crave”. I’ve been struggling to lose weight for a few years now. I do great for a while then fall off the “wagon” and gain it all back.

  247. After a few moments of indecisive deliberation (a whole EIGHT choices?!), I must conclude that Organized Simplicity is my top pick. It’s a deep prayer of mine to live a life with plentiful room for all that is truly essential.

    Though I don’t know all you beautiful women who carry on the ministry of (in)courage, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for the authentic community you offer.

  248. I’d love to read Angie Smith’s book; I “met” her the 1000 Gifts videos and know just a small portion of her story, so it would be a privilege and blessing to be able to have this book. May God continue to bless this ministry.

  249. Either Made to Crave or I will Carry You I already have two of the other titles! 😉

    Thank you ladies for the wonderful job you are doing!!! Blessings!!! I REALLY enjoyed the Ann interview/videos review. Wow…


  250. I would LOVE to have Holley Gerth’s Rain on Me book!! I look forward to Holley’s posts every day in my e-mail. She always seems to know what is on my mind and touches my heart with her words of encouragement.

  251. “Becoming More Than a Good Bible Study Girl” sounds like something I need right now.

  252. I’d love to receive Rain On Me. I lead a grief support ministry and believe this book would be very helpful. The devotions would be a great resource to encourage those who are grieving.

  253. I’m torn between Made to Crave (I’m really hoping to lose weight this summer and get back to my pre-college weight) and Simply Organized. My husband and I live in a small one bedroom apartment and I LOVE crafting/sewing things like that but I’m not organized at all. I would love help in both of those areas. Thanks for giving away great books!

  254. Rain on Me – it’s going to be a gift for a beautiful woman going through some challenges right now. She’s staying close to God in all of it. Amazing!

  255. I’d pick Rain On Me because I love Holly’s blog and her encouraging posts. All of those books are wonderful – my current favourite is One Thousand Gifts! Thanks for sharing.

  256. I would love to read One Thousand Gifts. I have started a journal with my daughter, but haven’t read the book. It’s a long wait list for it at the library 🙂

  257. I would love Tsh’s book Organized Simplicity. We’re trying to put out house on the market and I’m constantly frustrated by too much stuff.

  258. “Made to Crave” and “Organized Simplicity” are at the top of my list. I will certainly be re-reading “One Thousand Gifts” many times!

  259. I would love to read Angie’s book or Organized Simplicity! They are both on my “next to read” list. So many books, too little time!

  260. I would love to read Angie’s book! She is an amazing person and such an awesome encouragement to me!

  261. I would love to win Ann’s book One Thousand Gifts. I wanted to read it along with the Bloom book club but didn’t get the chance to pick the book up.

  262. I would love to win the book “One Thousand Gifts” by Ann Voskamp. I have been following her blog off and on, and I’d love to read more about learning to appreciate the wonderful life I already have.

  263. I would love to get One Thousand Gifts so I could pass it around to the many, many people I know who would love it! 🙂

  264. Dear incourage girls,

    thank you SO MUCH for delivering amazing, life-changing words to my inbox every day for FREE! And to all you bloggers out there who give us your words for free too – a HUGE thank you xoxo

    I’d love to win 1000 gifts. I already have a couple of the other books and will eventually buy all of them. I have about 1000 people I want to give them away too as well!!

  265. I would love “Organized Simplicity”. I’ve been following her blog for a while and love all the tips and suggestions she has. She often alludes to her book for further tips and advice and I’ve been wanting to follow up with that!

  266. “I will carry you “by angie. Two friends in my online due date club lost their boys at term to stillbirth, the same time i was due with my secind child. This is the reason istarted my blog, to work through my grief for these babies I didn’t even know. I had no idea baby loss of that stage still existed, call me nieave. My world was open to the baby loss world and broken hearted love has encompass me. My heart cannot help but pour brokenhearted love for all who’ve lost a baby. I’ve not been there so I do what I don’t know their grief. I pray, I cry, I grieve, I listen, I send cards and candles, I break my heart to join in their grief, not even close though to what they feel, how deep their grief goes. I’d love to read this and then pass it onto my new friend who lost her first daughter a year ago to premature labor at 25 weeks.

  267. I would really like to have Organized Simplicity as life has overwhelmed me and I need a positive way out from under the debt my medical bills has created as well as the mess that my hobbies and crafts has put me in. I want to organize my space so I can then focus on what matters most in life. Sharing God’s word with others that are hurting and think they are without a hope.

  268. Rain On Me by Holley Gerth would be so nice to win! I follow her blog and am always timely, touched. It would be a joy to read her book!
    I hope I win! 🙂

  269. I have heard so many wonderful things about the book One Thousand Gifts and can’t wait to read it. I am already excited to begin looking at life in a different way – focusing on the many moments that God gives us daily as holy gifts to be cherished and realized. I would be thrilled to win a copy of the book to read and share with my friends and family. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  270. I would love to have a copy of One Thousand Gifts to give to my mom. I’ve already devoured my own copy and shared all about it with her so it would be great to surprise her on Mother’s Day with this treasure.

  271. I would love to have RAIN ON ME to give to son and his wife. We recently lost my husband and my beloved youngest brother to cancer and we are trying so hard to carry this sorrow with Christ’s help. Sometime we feel lost on our new road, we travel b faith and I know this book would be a blessing to my family. Thank you for this opportunity.

  272. Oh my, how could I choose…I want to read them all. I guess I would say I Will Carry You or Organized Simplicity.

  273. I would like Becoming More… These are amazing authors and any book would be appreciated… I just have this one on my “to read next” list… It fits where I am in my life right now….

  274. My first choice would be Angie’s book, because I started reading her blog one night and I just couldn’t stop and had read the entire thing, archives and all, within 4 days. Her story spoke to me in so many ways, and God really used it to deal with some unresolved stuff I had hanging around since my last miscarriage. So many valuable lessons she has taught me… and I think the book would be really beneficial to continue that process.

    Second choice – Lisa’s new book, because my friend read it and says it’s awesome and wants to do a study on it. 🙂

  275. Its hard to pick one so either Angie’s book “I Will Carry You” because I love reading books about people’s lives and how God got them through those hard times. The other one that sticks out is the “Organized Simplicity”– I always need help in this area.

  276. I would love to get “One thousand gifts”. This year i am reading all the books i can about how to help make the most out of your life, and to be more appriciative so that i can be a better wife and mommy! 🙂

  277. All the books look so good it is hard to choose. I am already enjoying Organized Simplicity and 1000 Gifts so I think I would have to choose “I Will Carry You” because it just seems like one you need to read.

  278. I just read about the book by Lysa Terkeurst, “Made to Crave.” It sounds like there’s wisdom in her words and thoughts about craving the Lord instead of the idols we have made in our lives. It would be a blessing to have her book.
    Thank you, ladies at (in) courage for always finding ways to bless us, your readers.

  279. I would love to read One Thousand Gifts. I think I need too. I tried to order on line but our order got cancelled and we haven’t got it yet.

  280. I’ve read (and loved) a borrowed copy of Angie’s book having experienced a stillbirth – I wouldn’t mind my own copy. Any of the other books would be well appreciated – have been reading much in various places about Organised Simplicity which also would be much appreciated.

  281. I would like the book ‘Made to Crave’ as I have put on lots of weight since I moved to a residential campus as Dean. I eat far more than I ever ate when I lived alone. My desire is also for more of God. I just don’t know what to do in my situation.

  282. Oh decisions, decisions…I think that “One Thousand Gifts” would be right up there at the top. I enjoyed watching the videos, even though I hadn’t read the book yet as it has been on my wish list for a long time now.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  283. I would love Holley’s book Rain on Me. I am going through difficult times lately with my husband health issues. Which the stress has caused my own health issues.

  284. Organized Simplicity would be just what I need 🙂 Thanks for the oppoertunity to win!

  285. I would love to read 1000 gifts. I have heard and read so many great comments about this book. I would read it then pass it on..

  286. So hard to pick just one : ) Right now I guess I’d choose Organized Simplicity. It looks so beautiful and I don’t have anything else like it.

  287. Organized Simplicity, yet reading the comments makes me curious about Head to Foot now

  288. I would love to have I Will Carry You…at our church we have had many families who have had to deal with the most difficult type of loss…the loss of a child and have found that most days the only way they can make it is if the Lord carries them through it. So very hard…but I would love to share this book with some of the moms.

  289. Oh my…I have read several already. Annie’s book is so good…I have reccomended to two different groups. I am in the middle of OneThousand Gifts and it is rocking my world…so good and speaks what my heart feels. Organized Simplicity is so practical…working my way through that and her cleaning projects now. Made to Crave is on my IPad to read next….would love to read Holly and Angie’s books. I can’t read fast enough! I marvel at you amazing women who can put into words what my heart feels. You are a blessing to me!

  290. I have two that come to my mind…Rain On Me for my husband. He enjoys reading daily devotions every night before he goes to bed. One Thousand Gifts would be my choice for my cousin. I have a copy of love it!
    Thank you for sharing your blessings with me and helping to keep everyone’s faith strong!

  291. I would love Angie Smith’s “I Will Carry You”! I had a miscarriage two and a half years ago and even though I’ve known her story my heart hasn’t been ready to actually read it yet. But is there any bigger sign that I need to read it than winning it on a blog give away?! 😉

  292. I would LOVE to read the book “Made to Crave.” I have struggled with weight just about all my life. 🙂 Saved by Jesus at 29, yet still struggling. I know this book would be “put to good use” in my library. 🙂

  293. In recent years, I have struggled with my weight and after hearing Lysa on a Focus on the Family broadcast, a LOT of things clicked for me. I realized I am approaching my goal of losing weight for the wrong reasons and I needed to examine how I looked at food. I signed up for the Made to Crave 21-day challenge, and would love to read the FULL story with Lysa’s book “Made to Crave”.


  294. I would LOVE Organized Simplicity. I have been encouraged by the little I have read and cannot wait to read more. My mom died two years ago at the age of 60 when I had a 3 & 6 nth old. Since then i have had a third child and until recently I have just been surviving. The Holy Spirit has been revealing things and lifting the scales into being the person I am meant to be. I have been searching for something to guide me to get my home back together and have come across this book and her website. I am loving it and can’t wait to get this book, thank you for this opportunity, love you all!!!

  295. If I am to choose for myself, I want the Don’t Make Me Come Up There, but I would rather choose the book I WILL CARRY YOU for my dear friend who had lost her baby early this year because of sepsis. we we’re supposed to have our baby’s 1st birthday together if it didn’t happen. Right now, she’s still mourning (and so as her husband). The only thing I can do now for her was to send her quote messages and pray for them, I can’t even talk about my growing up baby because it will just add up to their sorrow. thank you for this opportunity. If I will not will, I will very much appreciate a prayer help for them. Thank you 🙂

  296. I just ordered six more copies of “One Thousand Gifts” to give away to friends, but God keeps laying others on my heart, so I’d take another copy for sure!

    I look forward to reading some of these other books, too!

  297. I would just LOVE to read Angie’s book! I have been eying it for quite a while and was waiting for the right time to pick it up after One Thousand Gifts.

  298. I’ve already read Becoming More than a Good Bible Study Girl by Lysa Terkerurst and have heard nothing but wonderful things about her most recent project, Made to Crave. I’m in a women’s Bible Study and we’ve been pondering what book to take on for the summer. A lot of us in the group really struggle with our weight and just giving everything to God.. its been placed on my heart to really go forth with pursuing the Made to Crave study and getting this book would be a great financial help.

  299. I’d love to win, Don’t Make me Come Up There! Motherhood is the most joy-filled, yet puzzling/confusing journey.

  300. Wow! I don’t know if I can pick. Every single one of those books would be wonderful to have and read. But I really thing “One Thousand Gifts” would really be incredible to have. I have started writing my 1000 gifts even without reading the book. I would really love to read about Ann’s journey and why this is such an inspirational book.

  301. I would love Organized Simplicity. We are a military family and have moved every 2 years and I struggle with making things beautiful yet simple and getting it all in a place each move!
    But I would also love another copy of One Thousand Gifts to give away!

  302. I have been wanting “Organized Simplicity” since I have several of the others! We have been simplifying for the past couple of years, and I could use some encouragement and pointers as we go even simpler!!

  303. I would love to read “Don’t Make Me Come Up There”…somedays I think that is all I get done doing. As moms sometimes the more encouragement we have from other moms the better. Thanks for the opportunity for such great books.

  304. I just did the 1000 gifts study with you all. I loved it! Actually, I would take any of the books if my name was drawn because I would love to read them all! I am planning on gifting my 1000 gifts book next week, and will eventually buy another one to have for myself. So I would even take another copy of that one!

  305. I would love the book Organized Simplicity mainly because I’m an over-the-top organizer. 🙂 That book just seems to call my name!

  306. I would love to receive One Thousand Gifts. I saw it in the hands of a friend today at the gym and asked her about it. Once she told me what it was about I knew I had to get my hands on it but I can’t afford it right now. Recently, my husband lost his job. I stay at home with my two year old twin girls and I’m trying to rehabilitate a painful back injury. Life has been a challenge over the last year and God is teaching me to look to Him with gratitude. I’d love to read more about how to do that and learn to apply it to my life in the midst of this trial.

  307. Awesome giveaway! I would LOVE to have a One Thousand Gifts to give to a friend in a major struggle right now. I am devouring my copy and wanting to read and reread to gain all I can from it. I would also love to read I Will Carry You as this is a story that is close to my heart. Thank you for all you do. Watching the book club videos and LOVING them. Thanks!

  308. I’d love to have another copy of Ann’s book to give away. I purchased 3 to pass around to friends, and that hasn’t been enough to satisfy the demand. I’d love to be able to bless more folks with this awesome book.

  309. My choice would be “I will Carry You” not b/c I have miscarried or lost a child, but because when I THOUGHT I was miscarrying, as I was lying in the emergencty room bed a song came to mind. the song is talking about Jesus, when it says “Lay down your burdens, I will carry you, I will carry you, my child, my child”…..but god spoke this song to me in a new way when He made me realize He was saying to ME that I would carry this child inside of me….it would not die and i would carry it….it was very special to me and so i would LOVE a copy of this book! Thanks!

  310. I’d love any of the books you have listed. Organized Simplicity is on my list now that I’ve finished Ann’s book. I’ve been participating in Project Simplify and have gotten so much accomplished.

  311. All I can say is…Organized Simplicity…family came down with a horrible case of every kind of illness and had to return it to the library before I could devour it and let it change my home!

    P.S. Love the One Thousand Gifts book study!

  312. I just want to thank you for the One Thousand Gifts book study. It was amazing. I love that Ann was a part of the book study via viedo. I have been reading her blog for some time.

    Because I mentor young high school girls I would love a copy of Annie Downs book From Head to Foot. I just started reading her blog.

    Be Blessed! Beth

  313. I would love Made to Crave. I am at the end of my weight loss journey (minus 75!) and struggling to finish the last 16 lbs. I actually pre-ordered the book, was so excited when it arrived and put it with my stuff to take to work. On my way out, I grabbed it, my purse and a bag of garbage. Somehow the book ended up in the garbage, which was picked up during the day. I was so disappointed! So, not having to purchase it again would be awesome, but if not, I hope to read it eventually.

  314. I have really wanted to read I Will Carry You for a long while now.
    My baby nephew died of SIDS a year and a half ago… and I would like to help others as they deal with that kind of loss in their family.

  315. I would love any of these amazing books, but I think especially timely in my life right now is Organized Simplicity. As we prepare for the arrival of our 1st baby in May, we are learning to simplify our lives & I’m on a mission to simplify our home, too!

  316. I’d love to get Organized Simplicity. With 4 kids, 4 and under, I could use a dose of simplicity!!

  317. I would love to have One Thousand Gifts, as I am still on the waitlist for it at the library or Organized Simplicity because I could use all the help I can get. 🙂

  318. During this time in my life I really need the amazing words written in Ann’s book, One Thousand Gifts. It just isn’t in my budget at the moment so it would be awesome to win this gift!!!

  319. I already have Ann Voskamps book, and have been wishing for a way to get another copy, one that isn’t all written in and underlined, that I can share with others. I already have 3 very dear people who I would love to be able to loan it out to.
    Thanks ladies!

  320. I would love to read Lysa’s “Becoming More” book as I seem to just put God on my list of to do’s and don’t really spend the time to have a real relationship with Him even though I know I would benefit far more than I could imagine! Thank you!

  321. Would love to read Organized Simplicity! I try to stay organized, but somehow get unorganized easily! I’ve heard wonderful things about this book!

  322. The one I’m still missing that I really want is Organized Simplicity. I’ve heard so many wonderful things about it and think it could be a huge help as I continue working on eliminating clutter and making our home a place of peace & rest . Thanks!

  323. One Thousand Gifts, caught me in the chest when I read what it was about. Imagine, not trying to escape, but to enjoy. Beautiful.

  324. I would love to win the “Don’t Make Me Come Up There.” Am struggling with parenting woes of rebellion and would love the encouragement, a laugh, and the reassurance that I’m not alone.

  325. do i have to pick just one? ohhhhhhhhh the choices!!! can’t. do. it. can i have one of each? no? well… i suppose if i have to pick ONE i’d pick.. *biting nails* oh… man… prolly organized simplicity. man, that was TOUGH. i need a nap.

  326. I think I would choose “Don’t Make Me Come Up There”, I have 3 boys and feel like I am saying that a lot.

  327. Oh, to choose just one. So many amazing women and so much wisdom! I’d love to read “Organized Simplicity”. Homeschooling, working, and mothering boys in a small house – the stuff has really overwhelmed me. I could use the encouragement and ideas!

  328. A friend of mine recently lost her first baby and I’d love to send her a copy of “I Will Carry You”. I think it would be an amazing encouragement to her!

  329. I think any would be great, but I think at this point in my life one thousand gifts would be the most impactful on my character.

  330. All the books listed look great … I have been wishing for Organized Simplicity recently, so would choose that one if picked!

  331. Rain on Me is what’s speaking to me right now in my life and I’d love to get a chance to read it.

  332. I would love to win Made to Crave or Organized Simplicity. Either one deals with things that I’d like to work on.