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Thelma is wife, writer & relentless joy-seeker: a Canadian girl learning to love God, her best friend and the joys & sorrows of their life as two.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Oh, that is beautiful! A friend’s 8 year old son had his leg amputated at the knee a few days ago due to cancer. They will cherish your perspective. I will send them a link to your post. Thank you for your blessings.


  2. Gorgeous.

    Words like that can only come from the heart of a women who knows brokenness – yet also knows, and has experienced, the tender care of a Father who heals. Who comforts. Who councils.

    Thank you so much for sharing. Just beautiful.

    May you be blessed as you go about your weekend 🙂 And may He reveal Himself to you in new and refreshing ways!

    Kate 🙂

  3. Thelma!! You have such a wonderful way to say things…. I’m so blessed having you as my friend…

  4. beautiful writing. i was crying with you when you were crying. that bird IS beautiful, and so are you! so are all of us in His sight, covered by His blood, and we just can’t see it. Satan whispers in our ear and spreads lies. i, too, lost two babies, while in the womb. they are in Heaven waiting for me. i went on to have more children, so i cant say that i know your exact pain…but some of the feelings you described and the brokenness i know. God really is our Healer, isnt He, and He does heal all things. thank you for being such a blessing with your story! how you will touch the hearts of women who have lost and are broken!!!

    • Nacole, thank you for your note! Thank you for sharing here about your two precious babies that you weren’t able to hold on this side of grace. I am so grateful to read the hope and healing in your words.

      God is good!

  5. “Will you let Him set you free…”
    That is the question for my life right now. I know He can, never have doubted His ability. However at this point I’m not yet willing to stop fighting in order that He may free me.
    Thank you for sharing your heart, thank you for sharing your struggles. It is comforting to know that while our situations are usually all so different we can still relate and encourage one another. May He bless you for your openness.

    • Kat,
      I well understand ‘the fight’, truly I do. And most days are still a daily walk of surrender. Praying for you as you walk what is clearly a road of pain. May His nearness and love be a banner over you.

  6. Oh, Thelma…beautiful. The imagery, the brokenness, and the precious redemption. You’re gifted to write and thank you for sharing your words and encouragement in this space. I know it will reach those who need to hear.


  7. I really needed to hear this AGAIN today. my life was completely changed after a car accident/brain injury 10 years ago. Everything I knew of my self and the work and “ministry” I did was wiped out…i get to have a life again, and it is a reimagined one, very different from what I always thought I would be doing. I know that my Creator doesn’t expect me to be who I can’t be now, but I sure did need to hear those words ” Beautiful, though broken. Precious, though crushed.” and know that if we humans can respond with such love and compassion to a wounded bird, how much more can our God love us, broken or limping though we may be. Thank you for sharing…bless you.

    • Kathi, your words moved me. Especially where you wrote that our Creator doesn’t expect us to be who we can’t be now… I really need to pray about those words, because I think there is deep truth there that impacts the way we choose to view ourselves. Thank you so very much for posting this.

  8. “You are His. You are precious. He loves you.
    With Him, you can fly again. Will you let Him set you free?”…beautiful…Thelma, I praise GOD that as you let Him free you, He brings those who need what only you can give into your circle of flight.

    All for GOD,

  9. Thelma! So wonderful to see you here – shining your bright light for Him! Pointing us all back to the One who loves us in all of our broken and battered glory.

  10. This is wonderful and I wish I could print this up and hand this out to every person who doesn’t know how to respond to my husband and my acceptance of God’s will. Isn’t that what we are supposed to do?? Goodness!! I am exactly as God created me and so is my husband. Our bodies are doing and producing exactly as He created them. That means we haven’t gotten pregnant and I choose to joyfully accept God’s will. it’s tough and there are some days that it sucks but we aren’t called to only be happy when He gives us what we had been hoping for. This is only part of my life that is meant to be lived for His glory. Only part of it. Praise the Lord!!!