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Lisa-Jo is the best-selling author of Never Unfriended and Surprised by Motherhood. Her newest book, The Middle Matters: Why That (Extra)Ordinary Life Looks Really Good on You invites us to get a good look at our middles and gives us permission to embrace them.

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  1. Words of affirmation is the love language I understand best. When D proposed (and almost every day since then), he told me dozens of reasons why he loved me. My heart flutters every time I hear them. He knows that his appreciative words are not the only way, but certainly the quickest, to my heart.

  2. I took the assessment and words of affirmation scored the highest. I was a little surprised because I thought it would be acts of service. Would love to read the book to learn a little more about this!

  3. I took the assessment, and it showed that my love language is Quality Time. This is very much who I am. I love to spend quality time with close friends and family, and make every moment count. Love the Hugs too.

  4. Wow, I took the assessment and am pretty much tied between Words of Affirmation,
    Quality Time and Acts of Service. What does that mean? I can pretty much guarantee my husbands

  5. Wow, I took the assessment and am pretty much tied between Words of Affirmation,
    Quality Time and Acts of Service. What does that mean? I can pretty much guarantee my husband’s language is Physical Touch.

  6. My love language is acts of service – totally explains the things I get upset about. Would love a copy of this – I’m not good at explaining how I feel -this book would help me do that. It would also help me see where my husband is coming from.

  7. Took the test very interesting. Quality Time was mine. Maybe that is because I am now on my own since my husband passed away so I really miss having quality time with one special person. So quality time with my friends is really important to me.

  8. Mine was receiving gifts, but even more interesting to me is that my daughter’s are quality time and physical touch. Knowing that can really help me relate to her better and more directly meet her needs.

  9. I believe my #1 Love Language is physical touch and #2 is Words of Affirmation. I’m divorced now and while going through all the turmoil leading up to it and then the counseling after for a multitude of things, I craved hugs. I just needed to be touched by another human being, by a caring adult who understood me. My friend/counselor/mentor/encourager at church is that one person right now. Her hugs mean the world to me. She is who I want near me when I am at a low point, when I am scared. There have been weeks when her hugs on Sunday morning have been the only physical touch I would get besides from my children. She would also give me words of affirmation-she would tell me she was proud of me for doing x,y, or z. Something I craved to hear growing up but never did. She feels like a sister to me that is teaching me about life. I’ve learned alot about myself with her help and God. I’m learning alot of things that can be helpful for whenever there is a time I am in another relationship, things that would have helped my marriage before it crumbled. Now I am just waiting on God.

  10. I plan on going back to take the quiz, but looking at the 5 love languages briefly I would say physical touch and quality time.

  11. my love language is Quality time and my husband’s is physical touch. Tough to put these to use when separated by an ocean for 13 months. 🙁

  12. Mine is acts of service. I was lucky to hear Gary in person many years ago and this brought back to me how much I enjoyed what he had to say. I would love to have the book to revisit what I learned. Thank you for reminding me.
    Cheryl Sims

  13. Definitely affirmation. I would love to read the book, though. That way I could understand the needs of my hubby and kiddo’s.

  14. Sent a DaySpring e-card to a long-time friend i needed to touch bases with, and then really got into it, and sent three more! The price was right : ) The card i sent my friend was the one w/ the wonderful saying, “Friends are God’s way of giving us hugs” So true!

  15. I’ve found my language has changed since getting older (and the kids arrived). I used to be gifts… way out in front, with quality time & physical tied for a close second. Now, while my seconds haven’t changed, acts of service is my predominate language to receive. I still give gifts to show affection, but they don’t mean so much to receive anymore. Not that I’ll knock back flowers or aything, because they still mean a lot and I feel appreciated… but not having to mop the floor? *contented sigh* 🙂

    Oh, and this is the card I bought for the hubster… not a dayspring one, but I think you girls will get a kick out of it 😉

  16. I only had a 1 point difference between Gifts and Acts of Service. I’ve seen his video series for this book but would love to have the book to read.

  17. Words of Affirmation and Physical Touch were tied for me. How true it is! I definitely need to read this book to understand more about these love languages and how to approach others who have different love languages.

  18. I took the assessment and it was a tie between words of affirmation and quality time (9 each) and physical touch a close second (8). i would love to be able to read this book with my husband.

  19. Words of Affirmation and Physical Touch were just 2 points apart. Now I want to get my husband to take the test so I will know what his are. Thanks for posting this!

  20. 7 Words of Affirmation
    6 Quality Time
    4 Receiving Gifts
    6 Acts of Service
    7 Physical Touch

    Apparently I am a bit of a Jack-of-All-Trades in the love language department. This is from the singles test…I also took the children’s test since I am 18 so I wasn’t exactly sure what the cut-off was between child and single…on that one my top score by far was receiving gifts.

  21. My love language is Quality Time, which makes sense because I would rather spend the whole day with someone than have them buy me gifts.

  22. Personal touch was my love language….my hubby rarely gives gifts( he says I’m hard to shop for LOL) so yeah…I love lots of hugs and kisses!

  23. My love language is definitely “acts of service”, and I am grateful to have a husband who “gets” that and regularly fills my love tank by cleaning the kitchen and doing the dishes for me.

    I also sent three e-cards — one to my parents, my best friend, and my husband (using one of the Fireproof-inspired selections). : ) Happy Valentine’s Day to y’all too!

  24. Mine is receiving gifts and I totally agree that once my husband and I figured each others out that it made a huge difference, for the better, in our relationship!

  25. I have been wanting to read this book for years. My love language is words of affirmation and it seems as though my husband is acts of service. Thank you for the awesom reminder of this fabulous book! May your day be filled with love!

  26. THis was pretty much what I would have guessed 😉

    6 Words of Affirmation
    8 Quality Time
    9 Receiving Gifts
    5 Acts of Service
    2 Physical Touch

  27. I sent the “Faith, Hope, Love” card to my best friend. I sent her a package in the mail already, but you can never tell someone you love them too much. God tells me He loves me every day, and I always enjoy hearing His whispers.

    This morning I posted on my blog that Love is “More Than a Fairytale”. So thankful for the reality of His love in my life.

    Happy Valentine’s Day Blessings,

  28. My love language was words of affirmation with quality time as a runner-up. I don’t think I would have guessed that, so it was very helpful to complete the assessment. Once I finished it made sense. Thanks for posting this today. I needed to do it.

  29. I already knew that my love language was touch, but my secondary was a surprise…but not really. As a mother of seven, I guess I should have known that quality time ALONE was both coveted and RARE! We need to feed into one another as individuals outside of of practical matters. I am sending the survey to my dh for us to share…it’ll hopefully lead to a rewarding Valentine’s day dinner discussion. Thanks for sharing!

  30. I am a Physical Touch person! I very much am a ‘touchy’ person. Ready to give a hug at the most important and sometimes unexpected times. I hadn’t realized this about myself until recently. There have been times that it has created a little unconfortable situations for people who just meet me. But for ones who know me, it is a blessing, for myself and them!

  31. I am a Physical Touch person! I very much am a ‘touchy’ person. Ready to give a hug at the most important and sometimes unexpected times. I hadn’t realized this about myself until recently. There have been times that it has created a little unconfortable situations for people who just meet me. But for ones who know me, it is a blessing, for myself and them! Quality Time is second.

  32. I need to read this book. After 28 years of marriage, I have no idea what my “love
    language” is.

  33. I chose the “No one else” Fireproof Dayspring Valentine’s Day and sent it to my Hot Hubby. Thank you! I took the assessment for love languages and my love language is words of affirmation

  34. i love each of the “languages” but find that I am most the physical touch & acts of service combination!

  35. Mine is receiving gifts 🙂 So true too I am a big gift person 🙂

    I LOVE the fireproof card 🙂 awesome! 🙂

  36. I sent “Counting Stars” as that is something we have done every summer since we moved to the country. We grab a couple of lawn chairs and sit out in the middle of our back field and count the stars. I always count Him among the stars as I am so grateful for our love and our Marriage – soon to be 45 years.

    Hugs, Sunny

  37. Happy Valentines day!! I sent 2 e-cards. One to my son and his wife Valetine Divine and one to my granddauhter Valentine Humor. The cards are just wonderful! I do send them often as a quite reminder of Gods love.

  38. I actually had two that were an 8, quality time and acts of service. Thanks for the information, should be helpful to us both.

  39. I sent a Valentine Card to my best friend who lives far away.

    I also did the assessment. I LOVE words of appreciation. My husband LOVES acts of service. We are almost complete opposites with love languages. LOL. Except that we both enjoy quality time. Balancing our needs is interesting, but we are learning.

  40. I learned my love language is quality time. I totally agree! Sometimes just knowing my hubby is in the same room with me is so comforting.

  41. My Love Language is “Receiving Gifts” and honestly I did not expect that one to be my #1 but it is very true for me. The little things mean a lot. I sent the “For My Daughter” card to my daughter who I love a lot. I remember getting Valentines Day cards from my Mother as a child and I want her to have those memories too!

  42. This is a book that I’d really love for the sweetheart to read before we get married – sometimes I feel like he really doesn’t get that he doesn’t have to give me something expensive, but even small gifts thrill me. Recieving Gifts and Words of Affirmation are pretty much tied for me. 🙂

  43. My love language is physical touch, hands down, followed by words of affirmation. My lowest score was receiving gifts. I’d never thought about these things before, but I think the assessment is spot-on!

  44. I am all about words of affirmation and physical touch!!! Happy valentines day!!! Love isn’t just about your mate today!!! There r many “loves” in your life! Celebrate them all!!! God has blessed us with each other: parents, children, siblings, mates, boyfriends, girlfriends, special friends, extended family, even pets!!! Today is nationalized recognized day of love so shower those around you in a language they can hear!!

  45. Words of Affirmation. We are a very close couple & our marriage will be 24 years young this year! We love to cuddle & touch. It means more to me than any gift.

    Thank you for the chance to enter.

    D 🙂

  46. My love language is “Words of Affirmation”. It was almost tied with “Quality Time”. That makes total sense. Hoping to get my hubby to take the test..

  47. My love language has changed as I’ve grown and as God has developed me more into what He desires. Outside of my selfishness I desire the closeness of my husband – my companion. Without His touch, that I admit I sometimes take for granted, I am lost and wandering in our home.

  48. Mine is words of Affirmation and Acts of Service. This didn’t really surprise me, but when I read about words of Affirmation I really understood why my spirit is wounded or healed by the spoken word.

  49. My love language is physical touch. I already knew that before the test.

    Great post! It is hard to always verbalize what you need from a spouse. Gifts don’t really eman that much to me!

  50. my love language is “receiving gifts” for sure. it sounds shallow, but it doesn’t have to be expensive! just a flower picked from a garden would suffice. 🙂

  51. My love language is most definitely Quality Time. I love spending time with people and feel most appreciate when someone takes time out of their day to spend it with me.

  52. I have two languages of love: Words of Affirmation and Physical touch. There’s not a day that goes by that the word “I Love You” is spoken to each other on more than one occasion. Those three words were not used a lot in my house growing up. I changed that for my home. My husband and kids know they are loved. As for Physical touch, a hug in the kitchen when one of us is preparing dinner. Or a back rub, usually for me, while we lay in bed at night watching t.v. It’s the acknowledgement from the other partner whether it be touch, words, a gesture, that shows that there is love.

  53. I found out I am really a combination of all of the five! I sent the e-card of the keys in the heart! We have been married 28 years!

  54. My love language is words. I scored 0 on acts of service… which is my husband’s… so glad I know now! Looks like I’ll have some translating to do, but I’m excited to start 🙂

  55. I have a hard time picking just one love language, I think I need them all!! 🙂 But words of affirmation makes me feel the most loved. My (almost) fiance’ needs quality time, so even though I love buying him gifts he responds more to spending time with me.

  56. Mine was quality time with affirmation just one point behind. Both of these make sense, but it makes me curious how to interact in the midst of a very long-distance relationship right now… to not get that quality time that is evidently how I most enjoy feeling loved.

  57. I’ve always wanted to read this book – I don’t know why, 14 years in to our marriage – it’s yet to have been in my hands.

    Looking at the website – I think my love language is quality time.

  58. Affirmation….my husband is great with gifts and acts of service.
    I need to tune in to his offerings and give him positive feedback
    while expressing some needs for verbal affirmation.

  59. Mine was physical touch. Yet, I do like to get flowers even if they are picked out of the yard, hehe

  60. My top three (only 3 points apart) were: Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, and Receiving Gifts. Makes sense, since I’m a “word” person! Interestingly, hubs tends to lean more toward Service, Physical Touch & Quality Time 🙂 It’s been fun to learn how to respond to one another, knowing what we each prefer to receive and do!

  61. my love language is acts of service. I love when my husband jumps in and gets something done that I would have had to do!

  62. I have two equally high scores in “quality time” and “physical touch” with “words of affirmation” right behind; it wasn’t a surprise for the most part

  63. I took the assessment and was surprised to find that Quality Time is my primary love language, followed by Words of Affirmation. That’s funny, because of all the ways I express love to others, time together is certainly lacking. It is true, however, that if I could spend more time with those I really like and love, I surely would. Thanks.

  64. My love language was Acts of Service. No wonder I like it so much when my husband does the laundry! 🙂

  65. My love language is Acts of Service and my husband’s is Physical Touch. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  66. Quality time is my love language. Love it when my husband will drop what he’s doing to spend time with me. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

  67. I just took their online questionnaire and mine is “words of affirmation” and “acts of service” as they were both the high score. “Quality time” and “physical touch” were both tied for 2nd w/gifts being a 0.
    I always thought the words of affirmation was high, but I assumed physical touch/quality time were also high, not realizing that acts of service was that important. Now that I think about it and after reading and answering the questions, it helps. I’d really like to read this book w/my husband – I think it would/could help both of us understand each other better.

  68. Quality Time! Absolutely true. I would rather experience something with hubby than receiving kind words or gifts. His attention and the shared memories are what keep us bonded.

  69. Your book saved our marriage and I have given out both copies……I am currently working through the one for Teenagers……..Your concept is so easy to understand….Thank YOU !!!!
    I am gifts and acts of service…….

  70. I think I’m a blend of Gifts and Acts of Service because that’s how I show the people that I love that I care about them.

  71. my love language is definitely acts of service. if I am overwhelmed by house duties and receiving no help, I definitely feel withdrawn, unloved, etc etc etc

  72. I sent “We Belong to Each Other” to my husband! My #1 love language is Gifts, then it was a tie between Words of Affirmation and Quality Time.

  73. In college while training for the ministry we were taught to speak all 5 LL to our spouses, I don’t believe the book was written at the time. Its so much easier to know my husband’s love language because even though he tries hard to speak mine, I realize its an automatic act of love when he speaks his to me. This book stopped our divorce in its tracks and was the turning point in our marriage.

  74. My primary is gift giving. My secondary is words of affirmation. Sometimes it feels like it changes, but I know those are the core languages.

  75. I can’t decide between gifts and acts of service…both very important to me…I enjoy giving gifts and try to help as much as I can

  76. My Boyfriends Love Language is:
    Quality Time Followed very closely by Physical Touch.

    Since this is a Valentines Promotion I figure what better way then expressing love in your SO language. So that is why I am posting his also. He did the quiz weeks ago, is that cheating?

  77. My love language is quality time with words of affirmation a close second. I love this book and would love to send my niece who just got engaged a copy.

  78. mine results were neck and neck between
    Quality time and Physical touch with acts of service close behind…….

  79. Quality Time is number one…I need all of them but Gifts!! Funny I like to win/buy stuff….I’ve read the book and of course…made my husband take the test. His language is the one that is hardest for me to learn….Words! I am a doer!

  80. i already know mine…… and words of affirmation. My hubby’s are acts of service…which is why I am going to clean my side of the closet today for his valentine’s gift! Better that to him than candy anytime!!

  81. My love language is words of affirmation. I want my hubby to take the test & I think his will be receiving gifts. It would be great to read the book & learn about each love language in more detail. Fun Valentine’s Day giveaway!

  82. I learned that my top 2 love languages are Physical Touch and Quality Time.
    I am so loving this opportunity to learn about this! Thank you!

  83. I know that my husband is a quality time Love Language. I am Acts of Service, however. It is a great benefit that my husband is willing to do the dishes and the laundry as well as all the “man” chores!

  84. Receiving Gifts would be my love language. I read this book when I first got married 5 years ago and need to read it again. I also need to convince my husband to read it so I hope we win!

  85. Mine is eqaul parts of Touch and Acts of Service. I believe it comes from having grown up without material things and this is how my parents showed me love.

  86. My top one is Quality Time. But I am intrigued to be able to ascertain other family members and friends, in order to love them better.

  87. I sent “We belong to each other” card. I loved the pic of the keys and I loved the message of the “One” who brought us together.

  88. Wow – you took the words right out of my mouth! Why is it so hard to tell your hubby what you need? I know he’s not a mind reader but ….. C:

  89. I just sent the card, I love you to my husband. (inspired from the movie fireproof). My husband and I have been married 15 years and have been struggling thru several rough years lately. Prayers are needed that we will work together, that God will work thru us to heal our marriage.

  90. This book is life-changing for every marriage! I promise!
    My love languages are Acts of Service & Quality Time.
    My hubby’s are Words of Affirmation & Physical Touch!

    Sure wish I’d known way back when I was trying to force love both ways!

  91. I just a DaySpring E-Card sent one to my girlfriend. My love language is Quality Time & Physical touch.

  92. I learned that my Love Language is “Acts of Service” and is closely seconded by “Words of Affirmation”

  93. As with everything else about me, I don’t fall into any one category very gracefully. I am pretty evenly split between Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, and Physical Touch. Acts of Service is the antithesis of showing me love. I like Gifts as much as the next girl, but it also makes me feel like now I owe something, so that doesn’t quite achieve the desired results. You’d think having three love languages would make me pretty easy to love, eh? But take out any one of those for too long, and I start feeling a little deprived, lol. My poor husband.

  94. I sent the Precious Moments card and my love language is Quality Time! This book changed the way my wife and I look at each other because we know how to fill each others love tank! Great read!

  95. I have read a copy previously and am a duel language user.
    Primarily I’m a physical touch person though secondarily I like to be acknowledged with words of affirmation.

  96. My primary love language is TIME with gifts and touch at a close second. Face to face time is the best!

  97. I hate admitting that my love language is gifts, both giving and receiving, so I haven’t always been honest to my husband about what shows me love. So communication in this area is something we can work on! Thanks for the giveaway.

  98. My love languages are equally physical touch, quality time, and words of affirmation. Pretty demanding. 🙂

  99. Quality time!! I’m so surprised…it’s always been words or physical touch, but now quality time has passed them by one. Something to think about…

  100. Just as I suspected, Words of Affirmation is my primary love language. My secondary is actually a tie between Physical Touch and Quality Time. I am lucky to have finally found someone whose results are almost identical to mine. The connection that we have is amazing, and we both feel that we seem to speak the same “language”…this just confirms it!!

  101. My love language is Quality Time, followed by Words of Affirmation. What a great thing to know about your loved ones. I would love to read the book!

  102. I was surprised to see that my love language was actually quality time and not words of affirmation. But, after thinking about it, it’s so true!

  103. Well…not sure what my love language is!?!??! But I’d sure like a copy of the book to learn more. Thanks for the offer!

    7 Words of Affirmation
    6 Quality Time
    3 Receiving Gifts
    6 Acts of Service
    8 Physical Touch

  104. I’m not sure if I have just one love language, but I definitely identify with the “Words of Affirmation” language.

  105. Words of Affirmation. A hundred words of affirmation can all be undone in a moment with one word of criticism. Sticks and stones can break bones, words can break hearts.

  106. Mine is quality time.. but we did the checklist together in counseling and my numbers were pretty high in all the categories. 🙂

  107. I sent the Pugs and Fishes. We have almost been married 5 years and have been through a lot. I wish I would have known about this book years ago. But we never give up. We could really use this book

  108. this one is easy since my husband and I just ranked the 5 love languages the other night. turns out we both think that the other needs acts of service, when actually we are both craving words of affirmation!

  109. I think I have a mixture of all the love languages…hopefully that makes me a little more easy to communicate with rather than more difficult! I so enjoy quality time with my husband and cherish the gifts I receive from him whether it’s something he bought or something he did for me. And, there’s nothing better than a long lingering hug in the kitchen in the middle of chaos. 🙂

  110. Haha! We went through this before we were married, but, I don’t know that we were that much wiser after we were married:) Partly because I seem to want all of the love languages (I’m not even kidding) and speak them all too. However, since kids, acts of service which my husband does so, so well have shot way up. Physical touch is the lowest…unfortunately for him;) But we can be pretty lovie dovie–in new situations when we are together, I think I look for this more.

    My love languages with family and friends are different. Quality time and words of affirmation are probably the highest and gifts from family–a note, card, something little b/c my mom was so great with this and I feel the lack of her presence when I don’t get gifts, but you know, I feel the nudge to give them first before thinking about getting them!

    This is a very fun way to celebrate today!:)

  111. Kinda wierd but I was equally ballanced :
    words if affirmation……..
    Quality Time………
    Acts of Service………..
    Physical Touch………
    Only feel short in receiving gifts, which was very.

    Thanks thou it was rather fun taking this… kathy

  112. i believe my primary love language is Quality Time. Thanks Lisa-Jo for the offering the free gift . I am not sure what my other significant’s primary love language…have to let her take the assesment too.

  113. I am definitely Quality Time. Anybody out there that can help me to explain what that means in “guy speak”? My husband doesn’t understand what that means. I tried my best to tell him but it makes no sense to him. He thinks just being present is enough.

  114. I’m sure I’m a mix of several, but physical touch is prob’ly my #1. It means so much to me when my hubby grabs my hand, rubs my leg, or even better! my back after a long day!

  115. My primary love language is quality time. The assessment said my second one is touch and my third is acts of service. I think that’s backwards, but who cares? 🙂

  116. Mine is quality time 🙂 I’ve learned that it’s important to communicate love languages to people I have relationships with. They are not mind readers, lol.

  117. My love language was acts of service, although receiving gifts was a close second. I always thought my love language was quality time…guess it can change. My lowest one was Physical touch and that is my dh’s love language..which makes it hard sometimes.

  118. My love language is definitely quality time, with words of affirmation taking a close second. I have read this book once already, and have loved what my husband and I have put into practice from it, but would definitely benefit from having it on my own bookshelf! And anyone who hasn’t yet, check out the 5 love languages for kids too! Great reads!

  119. I was thrilled to be able to send “The Divine Valentine” DaySpring ecard to three dear friends. One of these ladies has recently separated from her husband and does not yet know Jesus, but I’m praying she will soon experience that joy.

    The background music for this particular card is beautiful and adds so much to its powerful message. Thank you for this wonderful free resource.


  120. I took the assessment and discovered that I am tied at 8’s for Acts of Service and Touch and tied at 7’s with Quality Time and Affirmation with 0 in Gifts. Guess there are lots of ways my husband can say he loves me?!

  121. Thanks I took the assessment, and it showed that my love language is Quality Time! Thanks so much for this giveaway I would love to win!! This would be a great devotional for my husband and me to read!

  122. I have heard so much about this book but haven’t had the chance to read it, I would LOVE to win this!

  123. Took the test and found out im a Quality time and acts of service kinda wiife. Interesting..hope i win a book so i can learn more..thanks

  124. My Love Language is Quality Time. I feel truly loved if people want to spend time with me. This seems a wonderful book, not just for romantic relationships, but to help understand how anyone you have a relationship with (friends, parents, co-workers) react with each other.

  125. Wow! Who knew?? This makes so much sense within my marriage! My husband deployed not too long after we were married and when he returned, despite being “prepared” for him coming home, things were just so “off.” This theory just hits home and makes sense of the way things have been lately. We know we love each other but I think both feeling somewhat disappointed on a daily basis with what isn’t happening in our marriage. I’m so used to being on my own with the baby that to give him the “Quality Time” he’s craving is hard…..not so much hard, almost like a foreign concept…. The physical touch & “acts of service” I want are maybe just a little hard for him right now, after the deployment and all. Thanks for shedding some light on our situation!!

  126. I think that I speak several languages when it come to love.
    Physical Touch would come first.
    Quality Time and Acts of Service would tie for second place.
    Affirmation is not critical, but nice none the less.
    Gifts are wonderful:-)

    Thanks for the great giveaway.

  127. My love language is acts of service, and that is TOUGH because my husband just became critically ill with a neurological disorder in the last nine months and has been confined to the bed. That makes me the equivalent of a single, working mom, with a crankster sitting in my bedroom. 🙁 How can this marriage work if he cannot speak my love language? It works because I swore before God that I would make it work, and because my kids deserve a father. That is all I can hold on to right now…

  128. I sent the “we belong to each other” to my loving husband cause we really do. God really blessed me with him and I love him more and more everyday.

  129. My love language is Receiving Gifts, and a little bit Acts of Service (which I understand since that’s sort of giving the gift of yourself and your time).

    I have my own copy, but I would love to win one for my sister!

  130. Mine Love language is a tie! Physical touch and words of affirmation. I have both and cannot imagine one without the other. To me, one always “leads” to the other for both of us. Reading this book together will serve as an enhancement to our already close relationship.

  131. My love languages are Quality time and Physical Touch which didn’t surprise me at all. I’ll have to have my husband complete the assessment to see how his turns out.

  132. I took the profile just yesterday! I scored highest on words of affirmation and quality time. Which fits me well. I can spend all day with hubby and even if we don’t do anything or talk much, I’m perfectly content.

    My lowest score (1) was receiving gifts. Which is so true. Gift giving to me seems so forced and fake – especially on holidays!

  133. I have heard Gary Chapman speak about this book. I would Love to have a copy to read then to share with others. No matter how long you have been married everyone one needs a little encouragement once in awhile. This would be a great gift for newlyweds too.

  134. I found out my love language is Acts of Service. It makes sense, when I have less on my to do list, I have more time to show love to others.

  135. My love language is “acts of service”. Thanks for the great post and the link to the quiz. Fun and informative.

  136. My love language is Affirmation. I have heard great things but have yet to read this book! What a wonderful opportunity on a day like Valentines!

  137. I learned my love language is quality time, which is very important to me and something I think I’ve realized all along. The quiz did help me affirm this, though. and help me understand what is most important to me.

  138. I had a tie. Gifts and quality time got the same highest score. One point below them was acts of service. :o)

  139. My husband and I read this before we got married. I’d love to read it again, 9 years and 4 kids later. 🙂 My love languages are Words of Affirmation and Gifts. My husband’s are Physical Touch and Quality Time.

  140. My love language is quality time, and my fiancee’s is acts of service – but even though we’ve listened to the audiobook, our relationship is falling apart. Neither of us are able to communicate anymore, because of all the stress from the outside world. We’re at a point where we’ve contemplated separating, and I really don’t want to do that. I wish, and hope, that somehow we could get the book – I’d have it sent directly to her, since I couldn’t afford more than a card for Valentine’s Day (I’m disabled and fighting for social security). Yeah, I know, it sounds like a sob story, but c’est la vie. Hopefully, even if we don’t get the book, somehow we’ll get through this and get married like we’ve planned and dreamed. Thank you for the opportunity.

  141. Number one is Quality Time. I scored equally on Physical Touch and Acts of Service. Followed by Affirmations. So as long as you clean my house and give me a kiss before you clean the toilets I am happy.

  142. Affirmation that makes sense, I do really feel insecure with my husband, I would like some attention. <

  143. I sent the “we belong to each other!” to my hubs. We’ve had favorite guests this weekend so had not had a chance to grab a card…Thanks Lisa-jo!

  144. Acts of Service is my #1. I have read the “God Speaks your Love Language” and I think the original book would have helped to understand it a bit better. But, Gary makes it easy to read and understand.

  145. I thought Act of service was my #1 – but I took the quiz and it said Word of affirmation! a little shocking…Showing I actually NEED the book :)!

  146. I sent the Precious Moments card to my husband from my girls and me:) The girls had just as much fun sending as they would have receiving:)

  147. I took the assessment and learned that my love language is Words of Affirmation. I learned that needing/wanting to hear words of affirmation is not a product of being selfish (as I have sometimes felt) but an actual “love language.” I also learned that some of the things my husband does to show his love for me, while they may not be the “language” I respond to the most, are actually love languages too and that I should recognize and appreciate them as expressions of his love just the same.

  148. My love language is Words of Affirmation…. but my husband is more of a Physical Touch kind of guy. 🙂

  149. Not surprisingly my love language is affirmation. I love being told I am loved and I express myself all the time by telling the folks around me that I love them. I fly high on a sweet text or email for days and I love when someone says my name with their voice full of love.

  150. I’m not sure about my love language…I think it’s different depending on who I’m interacting with. Physical touch is my language with my husband…but I don’t even like my friends to hug me.

  151. I sent the ecard My Happy Heart Thanks God For You to my in-laws from my children. They so love little bits of love like this from their only grandchildren (their love languages), and they are such a blessing to me and my children. I do thank God for my in-laws, I am blessed.

  152. I learned that more than anything, I am “Quality Time.” This isn’t surprising to me, as I very much appreciate and feel loved when I spent quality time with loved ones, however what surprised me was that this was my highest scoring area. I thought physical touch would be number 1, but I just learned something new about myself!

  153. Acts of Service. Kinda get slipped up here some times….my “doing” and not “saying” gets me into trouble some times. Thanks for the fun post.

  154. It looks like I have a couple of love languages:
    8 Words of Affirmation
    5 Quality Time
    3 Receiving Gifts
    5 Acts of Service
    9 Physical Touch
    I love hugging and cuddling with my husband though so “physical touch” makes sense.

  155. My love words are sending cards from Day Springs to my grandkids, kids and friends. I know they are all surprised because no one hardly ever sends cards anymore with email and cell phones. I love sending cards, it makes my heart feel good and therefore I feel sure it makes the people I share them with feel good as well.

  156. I took the assessment and I was so surprised to see how unimportant receiving gifts is to me! Quality time was my love language and it makes so much sense…..I’d much rather spend time with my husband and kids, and even my friends, than receive gifts from them. Their time is their gift to me!

  157. I love snuggles. Guess I like buying my own gifts ; )
    8 Words of Affirmation
    9 Quality Time
    3 Receiving Gifts
    1 Acts of Service
    9 Physical Touch

  158. Can it be a combination of all five?? Physical Touch and Words of Affirmation are definitely my top two; however, Acts of Service pulls a close third. Hmmmm….

    Prayers and blessings,

  159. Words of affirmation have always been my top love language. That’s why I love following (in)courage on Twitter because you are awesome at that LJ! : ) My physical touch score used to be higher…but gifts has moved up while that moved down. Weird! But interesting! 🙂

  160. Mine was quality time – which I knew since my mom knows about the love languages and told us what we were Hehe, but it was fun finding out for myself!

  161. My husband and I struggle sometimes because his love language is 100% Physical Touch and I’m a Gifts, Quality Time and Words of Affirmation gal!

  162. I’m an time-spent with/physical touch woman — what a wonderful reminder for Valentine’s!

  163. I also took the Language of Love assessment. Though I crave help and intuitive helping, my languages are words of affirmation, physical touch and quality time.

  164. Sent a Dayspring card to my Valentine — the one with the two keys! Loved being able to tell him that I would forever belong to him and that I love him — no matter what!

  165. I thought is was really interesting to have one for teenagers. I sent the link to my daughter to see if we communicate the same way.

  166. Mine was a tie – Physical Touch and Words of Affirmation. Very interesting, I had never taken this test before. I have heard of the book but have never read it. Not I am curious!

  167. Mine must be acts of service… When my husband vacuums & mops the floor, he is the sexiest person on the planet. Or taking the kids outside to give me a moment of silence – Sigh. Makes me feel like royalty.

  168. Mine turned out to be physical touch with words of affirmation only one behind! Sounds right to me!! Want my husband to take this test too!! 🙂

  169. My top language was Acts of Service (9) … luckily, I’m pretty sure that’s my hubby’s #1 way of giving love … he’s FOREVER doing things for me and helping around the house! 🙂

    Words of Affirmation and Quality Time tied with 8. Physical touch was 4, and Receiving Gifts was a 1. Not big on gifts, apparently. Ha.


    I think I’m going to see if I can get my hubby to take the quiz today. I’m positive his #1 way of receiving love is Words of Affirmation, but I’d be curious to see what else it shows. (And I desperately need to work on giving Words of Affirmation more often!!)

  170. Quality Time for me, baby! Means so much when someone calls me and makes time for me…or goes out of their way to clear a spot on their schedule. If I have to always be the one to take initiative, it communicates to me that I am not that important to them. Not that it is true, of course! Very helpful to know this.

  171. Although I already knew this, mine is quality time. I actually knew that would be mine before I even took the test the first time. It’s a great book!!

  172. My love language is Quality Time (which I totally agree with), followed closely by Words of Affirmation.

    Thank you for this kind opportunity!

    “We love because He first loved us.” – 1 John 4:19

  173. The assessment shows words of affirmation, well “spoken”! Maybe that’s why my mouth is always running. But seriously, I love to hear my husband’s words more than roses!

  174. Spot on in the love language; Physical Touch and Quality Time.
    This is so fitting as my man travels way too much and I miss him
    Thank you for the opportunity to send an e-card, I sent the #4 from
    Fireproof to my love. I pray that it blesses him on the road.

  175. My love language is quality time, followed by physical touch. What I learned is that I need to ask “What do you need…” and by telling what I need. … Which is probably how a conversation with the guy I’m dating right now is going to go tonight during our “where are we headed and what do we want” conversation…

  176. My #1 Love Language is Physical Touch. I am am so glad I took the test. If I had been asked I would probably have answered differently based on the descriptions but as I answered the questions, I could best sense my preferences and what is important to me.

  177. I’m in the middle of the personal profile questions but thought I’d go ahead and comment – I hardly ever take the time to enter giveaways, but I was just thinking of this book yesterday. Such a funny coincidence (though, since it’s Valentine’s Day maybe not so much!). I’ve heard so many great things about these books over the years I’ve sort of convinced myself that I have read and understood it. Yesterday I realized that maybe I should actually pick up the book. If I don’t win a copy, I’ll be looking for it at my library. Thanks!

  178. I sent a Valentine’s Day card to our friends in Argentina. I sent the card, “Friends are God’s Way of Giving Us Hugs.”

  179. Acts of Service. It’s important for me to not only tell someone I love them, but express my love in action as well. That goes for receiving love too. Don’t just tell me you love me, but show me. Lip service is appreciated but when back up with acts of kindness or help, that solidifies the intent to me.

  180. My love lanaguage is undeniably Quality Time!
    I never thought that acts of service would also be up there on the lists, but perhaps it’s because, as a mother, i notice it and appreciate more than almost anything else–even though it’s a rare treasure nowadays :).

  181. I am definitely a “Word of Affirmation” kind of gal 🙂 I need to hear those words and those reasons. This is how I love to be loved 🙂 Thanks for this chance! I’d love this book!

  182. I sent the Valentine “Your Friendship is a Gift to Me” to my best friend who I haven’t seen in 2 years. When we speak it’s as if we pick up right where we left off ~ with joy, kindness, understanding, respect, and love. I miss her so.

  183. After taking the assessment, I had a tie between words of affirmation and physical touch.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to my sweetheart Randy!

    —Gina <3

  184. I also sent the Valentine’s Day card from Dayspring with the keys!

    Love you sweetheart!


  185. Wow, I felt like I answered the same three questions 10 times!
    Not surprisingly, my top love language was words of affirmation (*grin*) followed by quality time.

  186. My love language is Physical Touch, which I definitely already knew! I’d never taken the assessment before, so it was interesting to see how I rated on the others. 🙂

  187. I recently did the love languages profile for the first time and my strongest were acts of service and physical touch. I hope to sit down with my husband to find out his. I used to like to receive gifts, but over the last 13 years, I’ve found that is not his strength, and I joy in giving gifts to myself now.

    5 Words of Affirmation
    5 Quality Time
    0 Receiving Gifts
    11 Acts of Service
    9 Physical Touch

  188. I sent the one daughter Valentine available from DaySpring e-cards to my daughter-in-love of four years and also to my youngest son’s bride, as of next month. He is the youngest of my three sons; before he was born I had a daughter who died at birth (I was 8 months along).
    When I saw the scripture on the card, I was stunned, as it’s the very verse I chose for my daughter’s grave marker: As for God, his way is perfect. (Psalm 18:30 KJV) Now, many years later, I can attest more than ever to the truth of those words!

  189. I’ve been told often by strangers over my 14 years of marriage that this book is a “must read” for couples. I adore my husband & thought I knew our love languages…until I took that quiz. (I’m a quality time/touch person.) It opened my eyes that I need to read this book. (And the kids book too!) What a fantastic Valentine’s Day gift!

  190. Quality time was a close second at 9 – I had already figured that one out but was surprised at acts of service being 10. Maybe cos this isn’t a way my husband shows his love at all. Fortunately for him gifts scored 0!
    Think I’ll have to look into this in more detail but my husband hates this sort of thing so I’ll have to figure his out by trial and error…

  191. My love language was Words of Affirmation. This is so true! I would love to win this book and read more about it!

  192. Mine for a long time was receiving gifts. I think because my husband never gave gifts. Anyway, we had a shift in our relationship a few years ago and its totally quality time 🙂

  193. Sent the Candy Box Game card for kids to hubby at work. Very appropriate as he always gets stuck eating their chocolates with one bite taken out of them.

  194. I sent the Close to My Heart to my grandma. This is her first year without grandpa and they were married for 62 years when he passed away last April. I am so thankful for the legacy of love they have given my husband and I.

  195. My love language is acts of service and gifts. It means so much to me when someone takes the time to step into my world to offer love via a helping hand or a little “somethin’ somethin'”. It doesn’t have to cost a lot or anything at all. It’s the thought behind it that matters to me.

  196. Valentine’s Give Away:
    My love language is Words of Affirmation & quality time with my husband. I’ll take both of those any day over a gift! I also sent an e-card, the one with the dove For My Daughter.

  197. My love language is spending time with another person, I learned a lot about my love language today! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  198. I sent a friend a friend Valentines. I think it is time to acknowledge everyone that means the world to us:)

  199. My love language is Quality Time. It was interesting to find out what I am listed as. I have read a little about the love languages before but I have not taken a test. Thanks

  200. Words of Affirmation are mine…it means everything to hear my wife share her belief in me and our ministry.

  201. I took the test and had 2 high scores! Words of affirmation and Quality time! My husband and I have been married for 17 years, most of which have been wonderful (just being honest). But after all those years, three kids, work, life, etc., I would have to say that quality time is for sure important to me. Without that quality time we can not connect in the Spirit or with eachother!

  202. I took the test and my highest was words of affirmation! Which I actually did not know that was it!! I loved the test I passed it on to my friends.Thanks.

  203. Mine was Affirmation, although I found some choices hard to make. I wonder if it changes depending on the day and situation.

  204. I just sent three ecards. One each to my mom and dad….the only mom and dad cards and then I sent one to my mother in law and that was a valentine prayer. I love the ecards. They are so easy to send!

  205. My love language has changed over the years. Words of Affirmation came through as my top one. They are important to me and communicate love and appreciation. Thank you for your offer of the book. I would love to have to pass on to one of the young women that I mentor. Thank you for your consideration!

  206. My love language is Quality Time ~ and I believe that to be true because I’d much rather be doing something together than anything else.

  207. I’d love one! 🙂 My love language is “words of affirmation”.
    It’s so true! And I definitely notice how easily my confidence can be torn down if my husband doesn’t speak words of affirmation. I’d love to win this book so my husband and I can read through it together and learn how to love one another in our own languages!

  208. Thank you for the give away – I took the quiz and my Love Language is Words of Affirmation, which actually kind of surprised me. Something to discuss with my hubs.

  209. Words of affirmation—overwhelmingly! I’ve heard about this book for years, but never read it. Hoping I win a copy!! What a fun contest!

  210. I know that my primary love language is physical touch with acts of service being a close second. I know that my husband’s primary love language is acts of service. That’s great seeing as how I can relate somewhat. I still have to stay in tune with the Holy Spirit, however, to be sure I’m staying in tune with what my husband’s wants and “needs” are rather than just creatively folding his underwear. 🙂
    I know that my oldest daughter’s primary love language is quality time and her secondary gifts. I know that my middle daughter’s love language is the same as her mama’s–physical touch.
    I know all of this because I read this amazing book a very long time ago. I would, however, like to bless someone else with this book should I win a copy. I’ll be sure to brush back up on the five languages first so I can peg my four-year-old. And maybe my grandson, too. But he’s only 14 months old. Perhaps that should wait just a while. 😉

  211. Quality time and words of affirmation are my top two. My husbands are, of course, different and it’s SO good to learn how to communicate this without fear! Now we can both be happy and enjoy one another more! Need to have this book in our lib rary!

  212. I discovered that my Primary Love Language is “Words of Affirmation”. This is certainly accurate as it is important to me to hear people verbalise their feelings for me. I love to hear “I love you” . I am interested to learn more about “The Five Love Languages” so I can communicate better with my loved ones who have different love languages as their primary love language.

  213. I am about to be married and this book I great. I read it once awhile ago nd would love to read it again ith my fance. I really learned that we are so different and we can’t just do for the other what we would want, we really need to figure out THEIR love language too!

  214. Been married for 9 years in March and I knew it was quality time when we first got married.. But it was fun to see how I scored so evenly with quality time being the most important.. EVEN STILL!

  215. I took the test and was surprised to find that my love language was Quality Time spent with my wife. I believe her love language is Words of Affirmation.

  216. very interesting – had heard about this book – no suprise – I need “acts of service” to feel loved – words of affirmation ran a close second – taking the test has got me thinking…

  217. My love language is Words of Affirmation – definitely true. This book has been on my “to read” list for quite some time.

  218. My love language is physical touch, which is really surprising because until I met my husband I wasn’t a fan of being touched by other people. I learned that it takes the right person to be comfortable and crave that attention.

  219. My love language is quality time! I had no idea! I’m curious to see what my husbands language is!

  220. I learned that my love language is Quality Time, and this sooo fits me! I have heard of the love language book and started it a few times without finishing, but I need to sit and finish it for sure with my husband. I’d much rather spend time with anyone than to receive gifts or anything like that…very interesting!

  221. Oh my…I am laughing and shaking my head in agreement. If only I, too, could go back and whack my newlywed self over the head as well.

    I am a “words of affirmation” girl through and through. Which is why this site speaks to me so…it is the best place on the ‘net for affirmation and encouragement!!

  222. Words of affirmation, which originate from the heart, is a language I understand. Once you read this book and take the time to figure out how those you love … perceive love, it can open up doors of possibilities and numerous ways to creatively say, I Love You!

  223. Hi Lisa, I went on to Dayspring, picked out my card “The Greatest of These”, wrote my message and tried to send it. But….It said I needed Flash Media and so I tried to load it and I think it did but it has now locked me out of the site. So, my sisters won’t get my card unless I can figure out how to undo what I’ve done. In the meantime a friend from Bible Study sent out cards to all of us and only got some of them out. We think Dayspring has been overwhelmed with users and at one point told her of other ecard sites to go to. But I’m trying to have a HAPPY HEART because Jesus is best valentine a person can have. Thanks for your “Incouragement”! I love Dayspring and all that it offers to us women. In love with Him, Elaine

  224. Quality time and physical touch although the more kids I have, the more I like acts of service. 🙂 Can’t recommend this book enough. My husband is words of affirmation and that was a really learning experience from my sarcastic but quality time family of origin. Thankfully someone put this in our hands early on before much damage had been done.

  225. My husband and I both took the quiz. I found out that both he and I share Words of Affirmation as our love language. Quality time and physical touch also seems to be improtant to both of us. I’m excited to know that instead of worrying about if I am giving him what he really needs. (:

  226. Acts of Service is my love language. It is soooo true. I love it when my husband helps me around the house! He is such a great help.

  227. My love language is “quality time”….no surprise to me as that’s the major thing I missed from my dad while growing up.

  228. Well this is a big surprise, NOT, physical touch. My parents need to read this book. I first heard of this book last summer by a good friend, and she surmised my love language was physical touch. Doesn’t surprise me at all, in fact, it affirms what I’ve experienced and not experienced from my family and friends. Most if not all of my friends know I need touch daily to cope, and my family, well, they’ve never understood me to begin with so its not sirprising that they wouldn’t understand this.

  229. All of a sudden, I cannot send a Valentine’s Day E-Card for some reason. However, I did send myself a Valentine’s Day E-Card on Friday to be sent today, does that still count? It was the Divine Valentine one.

  230. I tried the Dayspring e-cards. It shows up as empty — even all the other categories are empty. I wonder if my computer is the problem? or if others are having the same issue?

  231. Even though I got home from work too late to get a chance to win the book…it was fun learning that my love language is Quality Time. Blessings!

  232. My wife and I read this book over 12 years ago. It helped a ton! My love language that I need is quality time. The love language I speak is words of affirmation. My wife’s need is words of affirmation. She speaks acts of service. It took some time of understanding how it all fit together, but it has been an amazing dozen years and we look forward to decades to come!

  233. I guessed correctly! Quality time is indeed my most important love language but I think more importantly, I need to learn what my future partner’s love language is!

  234. My Love language is Gifts, but I always feel bad admitting that. Not expensive, just a sweet thoughful gift. Especially something hand made… Love that! 🙂

  235. 9 Quality Time
    7 Words of Affirmation
    6 Physical Touch

    The other two were pretty much tied and lower down. Hmmm. I think I might have missed the giveaway – but thank you for this, it helps sorting through myself and my questions in conversation with God 😀