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Rhodema lives the parenting adventure with her college sweetheart. She writes to encourage moms and wives. A mother of four, she wouldn't want the job without Jesus daily.

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  1. What a great St Valentine’s post. Amen to Hollywood distorting what true love actually looks like. My children and I were recently reading Ephesians. One of my girls said, “So if the chance came, daddy would give his life for you like the Scripture says?” I very quickly assured her that each morning her dad gets up to his alarm and leaves the house to go to work, no matter the weather, he is giving his life for me.

    • Jenny,
      I love the fact that you teach your children to recognize their daddy’s work each day as a choice to love his family. Amen.

      Have a great Valentine’s Day with your family.

  2. Oh me too! when my husband did something for me when I was sick, it was like THE most romantic thing ever :0) just such a sweet gesture… they make all the difference in the world.

    Although, I do like me some flowers too once and a while 🙂

  3. AMEN AMEN & AMEN Hollywood & romance novels distort what true love is!!!

    It is the willingness to be there for someone no matter what – sick or well, in-laws in hospital, etc. Just the being there & lending a hand or a hug.

    Now that’s true love!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Truly perfect Rhodema…I was like you and I think you helped me to see it more clearly…we are doing very well by God’s grace…

    This story made me cry. Yes, this is like my husband would do. This is love–true love. His love.

    Thank you so much for sharing today:)

  5. Rhodema- thank you for reminding a single lady to be vigilant to one day see my mate not as how I would like to see him, but for the unique man God has made him to be. Thank your for the wisdom you have imparted- I’ll store it away in my treasure chest of wisdom for future days 🙂 Please keep writing- your words change ungodly mindsets. Blessings!

  6. Oh, yes, real love is better than happily-ever-after in so many ways. We’ve been married ten years now and have experienced our share of life’s ups and downs, and there’s no one I’d rather share the ride with than my man. Where is he? I think it’s time for a hollywood kiss! 🙂 Thanks for the reminder, Rhodema!

  7. This should be mandatory reading for all newlyweds… Hollywood really has failed reality {again…} So often us silly humans stumble around mad with unannounced expectations. Very unhealthy and will not lead to a happy marriage. God is so good and kind, and I’m beyond grateful for his forgiveness. Lovely post!

  8. I am learning to do this. It has taken me 11 1/2 years. And there are times I still need to remind myself that he can’t read my mind. But he takes care of me when I am sick too.

  9. You made me cry this morning. I have a wonderful husband who may not fit all the movie star qualities of Hollywood, but he’s perfect for me and was sent to me by the Lord. There’s not a doubt in my mind about that!

  10. Thank you for writing this. As a single college student, I often get trapped in searching for the “Hollywood ideal” man, or when I am taken back to my childhood days, the “disney ideal” man. This was a wonderful reminder of what true love is, and honestly makes me more excited (or more honestly, afraid that I’ll never meet someone like this…) to someday marry a man like this than one hollywood has created.