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Robin is the author of For All Who Wander, her relatable memoir about wrestling with doubt that reads much like a conversation with a friend. She's as Southern as sugar-shocked tea, married to her college sweetheart, and has three children. An empty nester with a full life, she's determined to...

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    • Me, too, Bernice :). But I’ll have to BUY it ’cause I’m not eligible to win! I haven’t yet clicked thru to the links, but I’m looking forward to reading those shortly! Hopefully, I’ll find yours in the mix!

  1. I love that you pointed out that agape love is about actions not feelings. That is something the Lord convicted me of at the beginning of this year. I was allowing my love to be influenced by how I was feeling. I realized I am able to CHOOSE to love, even if I do not FEEL like it. A much needed lesson in my life. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

    • Erin,

      Yeah…tell me about it :/. So often we–I–act based on my FEELINGS! I wonder how much better this life would be if I just trusted TRUTH. I’m sure Jesus didn’t f e e l like loving us the way he did…his action was an unimaginable indication of unfathomable love.

      A choice to love in action…oh, how grateful I am that Jesus led by EXAMPLE :).

  2. I love how you gave the definitions… sometimes we think we can’t express love to others unless we are in a relationship with that “special someone” but God’s love is for everyone… We all have that longing inside us to be loved and appreciated… So you nailed it with saying love is verb… it has to be action…. We can tell our friends we love them everyday or we can show that love and express it so our friends feel the love we profess!!


    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Jules :). Don’t you think verbally expressing love is absolutely meaningless without attached ACTION? If I SAY it but everything else in my life contradicts it, wow…bitter lip service.

      When you think about it, it’s a wonderful thought that love is spoken best without words….


  3. How I love:

    I love the way Jesus loved, by doing things for others. My husband says I’m always thinking of others. I try to do small little missions around town for friends, family & even those I don’t kow.

    That way I’m showing God’s love to everyone and letting my “Little Light Shine”!

  4. There is a differance between LOVE and Love in actions. Its not enough to say I love you. Its my actions that follow the words. It is selfless love. Thinking of the feeling of others before your own. We choose to love. Its not easy but the rewards are great.

    • Dottie, I’ve already alluded to what you said here in my above reply; saying “I love you” without companion ACTION leaves painful void. The choice to ACT shouts from the mountaintops!

    • Rebecca,

      Your last two words have ME thinking now. I easily think about how Jesus demonstrated love to us, but acting as example of how to BE loved? I need to think on all the implications of that! Thank you :).

  5. There is an old song that talks about “My Fathers eyes, eyes of love compassion” I try to remember that song when I am dealing with other people. It reminds me to look at them thru my Father’s eyes.

    • Great point, Shawn! (And I know this song of which you speak…I’m old school Amy Grant!)

      To see people as God sees them? How can you NOT love in action when that’s your M.O.? Lovely….

  6. Not sure if I can link up, haven’t been able to do that, so I’ll just mention something here and then write more on my livejournal account (a baby blogger).

    We decided to make Valentine’s day a day of love and chocolate for everyone, so we host an annual chocolate fondue open house. Chocolate in warming pots, lots of things to dip, skewers for all, and welcome! Some neighbors bring extraordinary things to dip. But it’s our hope that folks who have no valentine date will consider this their valentine love in community, much like your second grade experience for adults: cards for all is chocolate for all!

  7. I was honored by friends and family when I was without a car to let me borrow theirs for my errands instead of trying to take the city bus. It was then that I took the opportunity to be able to do something for the car owner by washing the car, cleaning it out, or even paying the personal property taxes on it as a gift. It really gets fun to figure out ways to surprise people who bless me.

    As far as blessing the absolute stranger, sometimes there isn’t enough time more than a hello with a direct look and smile. These days it can be hard to find people not looking at the floor as they go about their day. Sometimes the “Hello” has to come first before the smile can be realized.

    • In a nutshell, Jennifer, you’ve nailed it. Thoughtfulness, generosity to others–and that doesn’t have to mean great expense! Creativity goes a LONG way! I love how you’ve gotten me thinking about new ways I can love others. 🙂

    • Love your creativity on surprising people who bless you. I’m not nearly creative – I just wash (inside and out) borrowed vehicles – though once and awhile when friends are over chatting with my husband I’ve been known to wash their car on the sneak. lol

  8. The Lord is teaching me so much about love lately. I am walking through a tough season of losing a longtime friend—not to death, but to a loss of relationship. What I have learned is that sometimes showing love is the act of letting someone go and truly releasing them to the Lord to let Him do the work in them. There is a love that never fails, and I’m realizing that it’s a love born in the heart of our Papa, who wants life and healing for all his kids. So, as my efforts to reach out in love are met with distance and silence, I continue to love her through the Lord’s heart, hoping that He heals her heart enough to receive all he has for her.

    Thanks for letting me add to this. New to the whole blogging/commenting world, but I love this blog. Totally life-giving, girls! 🙂 Thank you.

    • Jen,

      Right back atcha, friend…your words here are life and light!

      I do feel your pain, though; does it sound awful to say in some ways it’s “easier” to lose someone to death because of its finality; that can’t be reversed. Living with rejection hurts in a different way because the other person is still around. You sound so healthy in your response–I’m proud of you even though I don’t know you. It’s a sure sign of maturity to be able to see the God’s perspective when life hurts and I see this in you.

      Welcome to the blog/commenting world!! I’m SOOO happy to meet you! xo

  9. Reminds me of Andrew Peterson’s song,

    “Now, love is not a feeling in your chest
    It is bending down to wash another’s feet
    It is faithful when the sun is in the west
    And in the east

    It can hurt you as it holds you
    In its overwhelming flood
    Till only the unshakeable is left
    “This new command I give you,” He said,
    “Love as I have loved”
    So brother, love her better than yourself
    And give her your heart

    For the love of God
    In the name of Jesus
    The groom who gave his life
    To love his bride”

  10. Love is indeed a verb! “Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone. ~G.B. Stern ”
    Love LOUDLY!
    It has made all the difference in our marriage when I learned to love in DEED.

    • Rachel,

      I haven’t heard that Stern quote before but I **like** it (thanks for thinking to share it). As one who believes in living loudly, I like the spin to LOVE loudly.

      Gosh, y’all are awesome!


  11. I love my enemies. Whenever someone at school is the least bit rude to me, it’s my sign that I should be loving them MORE! It’s amazing what it does to their attitude. They just don’t expect it. But it’s not my idea, actually. I got the idea of this guy…what was his name? Jesus, yeah, that’s it. 🙂 Jesus =D He has good ideas. 😉

    • Darlingest comment I think I’ve ever seen. Darling and important. How wise to understand you should love ’em more when the natural response would be to love ’em less.

      Jesus has lots of good ideas…wonder why I don’t pay better attention sometimes!

  12. I teach third grade and I will have your sweet niece, Erin, in just two years! Thanks for the reminder of how I am impacting lives for the future. I do not have fond memories of my 2nd grade teacher… funny how those things stick with you. It is my greatest prayer that my students will remember me, fondly, as one who pointed them to the greatest of all lovers. I am looking forward to meeting you on Saturday at the tea party!

    • ALISA!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like I DO already know you kindasorta through Bebe :). OH MY–I have a vlog going live tomorrow and I talk about the Valentine Tea!!! I hope you get to see it (although as I say that, I’m wanting to duck for cover…!).

      I bet Erin will LOVE having you for a teacher; and your primary goal in teaching? Well, I wish my babies could’ve had you!

  13. I’m showing my son these definitions tomorrow – he thinks love is all about hearts and flowers and kisses. Which he is totally against. (He’s 10, what can I say?) But there’s much more to it than that, which I’ve been trying to teach him!

    And by the way, the title of this post made me bust out singing some old-school DC Talk. =)

    • Rachel,

      Don’t you think it’s easy for a child to misunderstand or flat out MISS ALL the subtleties of “love”? Heck, grown-ups miss ’em. I DO hope these simple definitions broaden his thinking; even at 10 I bet some lightbulbs come on :).

      hehe, gotta love old school DC Talk :)…I wondered if anyone would mention that.

      • “Come on people now, smile on your brother. Everybody get together try to love one another right now.“ The Youngbloods, 1967

        Sorry I’ve been out of town and just now catching up on my blog reading 😉

  14. If ever I needed something to hear, it was this. That plaque immediately grasped my attention and I wanted to know how to get it. My last month has been plaqued by a major depressive episode. I didn’t want to love, I didn’t want to pray, I didn’t want anything. But my dearest friend reminded me that love would carry me through if I could just find my center and love from my center. Sounds familiar, huh? I have finally broken out of the depressive episode and life is slowly returning to normal. Thanks for the post!

    • Oh…Bonnie…I wish I could reach through my laptop and hug you! I’m so thankful you’re on “this” side of “that” and that you sense normalcy.

      Whenever I write for (in)courage, I often wonder if my words reach anyone–if I’m really hearing direction from God or if I’m only imposing my own agenda–and then I am gifted with a comment like yours. I’m SO thankful for your friend who offered sweet encouragement.

      And if you’re interested, you can get this canvas 25% off this month; plus, there are two versions–a larger canvas and a smaller plaque. (See the code at tope of page. 🙂 )

  15. Hey Robin – I was just wondering when those who entered would find out about being selected to get the canvas. Only reason I ask is because, well, I’d still like time to purchase (maybe) if I’m not the lucky one before the month is up. 🙂

  16. The action part kinda trips me up at times… I would like it to be all warm fuzzies, honestly. and this reminds me that if we are willing ot pray for somebody, we ought to be willing to put action behind that too…

  17. I have linked my birthday post from my wonderful husband to show how he has beautifully expressed God’s love to me in such a special way.