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Paula’s on a mission to record her heritage on tablets of hearts, with the ink of love from her favorite pen – aunt. This shall be written for the generation to come . . . Psalm 102:18

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  1. Paula this is a precious story! One that so illustrates the story of redemption! Beautiful reminder of grace!

    Thanks for sharing it here,

  2. I don’t usually have time to reply – though I often read the daily blogs – but this one compelled me to sit down and say “WOW.” I felt like I was in your shoes for a moment and it was a great revelation into the heart of a Father who gives such grace . . .

  3. Paula, thank you for sharing your lovely story. What a legacy your parents left you! You and I are kindred spirits in sensing the importance of recording our stories for generations to come (Psalm 102:18). I teach memoir classes based on Deuteronomy 4:9, “Always remember what you’ve seen God do for you, and be sure to tell your children and grandchildren!”

    I’d like to learn more about you and your ministry, but I wonder if that link might be incorrect…. ???


    • I’ve been answering all these privately but have been told that others are wondering, so I will post this one. I have no ministry as such, this piece is from a book I wrote for my nieces and nephews. The link is correct, it is the only website I’m connected to – the artist is my late brother and my sister and I have a small business selling his work. The tab “Remembering Kerwin” has a little more information on me and my family. Thank you all for your beautiful, encouraging comments. I don’t blog or twitter or normally show my face, but welcome any emails.


  4. I loved this too…for so many reasons…

    First, just the story itself would bring any true heart to tears.

    Secondly, the only diamond I have had is my mother’s. She went Home to Jesus before I was married and gave me her diamond ring. Worth little to others, but priceless to me. Over forty years she wore it everywhere and when I look at it, my finger tingles at the remembrance of everywhere it was with her.

    Thirdly, I have just re-opened discussion with aunties and cousins from the incredible family and parents she came from. They worked with the Salvation Army during the Great Depression…Their legacy is brilliant and clear, but I fear, being forgotten in every generation that has come. We are praying about writing their story and I would write about the generation of the grandchildren and what we carry with us of this heritage. My aunt has the first hand from my 97 year-old Mor Mor and hers and her sister’s first hand memories…

    I love your mission!!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh, I loved this wonderful story. Your Mom gave up this beautiful, expensive ring so that other people could receive the greatest gift of all–God’s word which leads to salvation. What a wonderful story to read as we start off 2011 with our abundance. What can we give so others can receive? Your Mom left you such a heritage.

  6. wonderful story to wake up to this morning! I love the part about the marriage giving value tot he ring rather than the other way around. just lovely!

  7. Paula, what a great story about your mom! Thank you for sharing it and doing it so well. You have a great heritage…and a God-given talent to write.

  8. Paula, thank you for letting all of us read this wonderful story about your mom and dad and God’s provision of grace. You honor your parents’ memory daily with your life, and I feel honored to call you my friend.

  9. I love this, my sweet Aunt Paula. Thank you for sharing these stories with us. They mean so much!

  10. Paula,
    You truly have a gift in your writing. I remember reading the piece you wrote about Kerwin on your website with tears streaming down my face, you so captured the actions and words of your dear, dear family. Thank you for this story. I never knew Uncle Howard was a Gideon. Please continue your writing and let me know when you make something public again.

  11. ms. paula!
    i am printing your article right now to share with ms. nina and ms. nannette and whoever else wants to read it, im sure they will pass it along. 🙂 by the way, i think i may have some good news for you. im at work right now, have class at 2pm, a couple of meetings afterwards, and will be done with everything around 6 or so. So if you would like to give me a call…we can talk! or i will try to call you tomorrow. 🙂