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Sunny desires to glorify God as: His girl, wife to a godly man, mom of teens, friend; author of My Second Love; columnist @ - Dallas Christian Marriage.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. How is it that I never figured out my heart is God’s garden? I thought of Eden or eternity, but yes, it makes so much sense to think of our hearts that way–especially in Song of Solomon. So grateful for that new insight, Sunny!

    • Hi Holley,

      Thank you, you’re so kind. I never thought of my heart as Christ’s garden either until I read Spurgeon quote(in on of my devo books) that I shared in this post. I’m thankful to the Lord for showing me this to me as well. πŸ™‚ Our God is truly an awesome, kind and loving God! β™₯

  2. What a timely post! Just what I needed to har at this time!

    “The genuine Christian must seek to be more excellent in his life than the best moralist, because Christ’s garden ought to produce the best flowers in the world.”
    ~ Charles Haddon Spurgeon~

    He plants me where He knows I will grow best. He waters and feeds me as I specifically need. He plants me where I am able to bear fruit in every season.

    Two very good quotes. I want my heart to produce the best flowers ever – be the most “out there” Christian I can be just where he planted me!!

    • Oh, I’m right there with you Beth! I want to be “out there” too…all for the glory of our most magnificent Savior! β™₯

  3. Oh Sunny, God gave me the perfect Word I needed for my heart and soul this morning, right here, right now.

    These are the words that I need to trust my Jesus for today:
    “I want to be singularly focused and eternally inclined. I want to be like the flowers in my garden. I want to only face the Son. I want to stretch my faith and strain my efforts to have a leaning only towards the One who gave His life for mine.”

    Thank you for being faithful to communicate His Word in spirit and truth.

    • PRAISE THE LORD Laura! I’m so grateful that God has allowed me to participate in His eternal work today! What an honor and joy it is to serve the King of kings!

      Love you sis!

    • Wow Jenni,

      You have a beautiful testimony! Thank you for including the link in your comment! I really enjoyed reading your post as well as our story of invisible chronic illness. I’m so delighted you have a name for it now. But I know it doesn’t help much, does it?

      I too have an “invisible” chronic illness and have for the past 7 years which has included 2 surgeries (w/in 7 months of each other) countless procedures and more specialists than there are colors in the rainbow! πŸ™‚

      But the Lord has blessed all my doctors with much wisdom and they all work together well and I get my blood check at least every 3 months (if I last that long). The long and short of it is, they may finally have found a name for my illness as well, but that doesn’t change anything as there’s no cure. But my docs have all worked together and by God’s grace and mercy they’ve come up with a combination of large prescription dosages of vitamins and enzymes for me to take to help me live (literally) daily. Most of my organs no longer function properly so I have to daily take these vitamins and enzymes to “feed” my body to live.

      God is awesome! And I SO know what you mean!

      I’ll be praying for you sister! So glad to “meet” you! Oh, and btw, I “look” VERY healthy…some even say decades younger than I am (I’m nearly 42), but my insides function more like an 80 year old. πŸ™‚

      Bless you dear sister,

  4. What a great encouragement to begin the new year. After reading your beautiful exhortation I realize my garden needs some work and attention so that my Lord will be glorified and His light will shine more brightly on the fruit that He might produce in me. Thank you Sunny!

    • Brother Mike,

      Thank YOU so much for your encouragement today! We’re looking very forward to having you and Jane over for dinner soon!

      We continue to be encouraged by your ministry to help all Christians share the Gospel of our awesome Savior!

  5. Sunny, that was so beautifully said. It teaches me also to love those plants surrounding my space, that I won’t choke them out or cast shade upon them, but that we will grow together according to each his own purpose. I pray for love among those in Christ and for a deep understanding of God’s Word.

    • Hello sweet sister Darlene!

      I never thought of it that way. Yes, we should also be considerate of others and not “cast shade upon them”, but prayerfully consider what we can do to exhort them to live their utmost for God’s highest. Thank you for sharing this perspective. β™₯

      And I pray in agreement with you sister, that we may all love one another as Christ has loved us, so that the world may truly know that we are HIS disciples (John 13:34-35).

      Love you sis!

  6. That is the most beautiful poem. i love to garden alosi but never thought of it the way the poem reads. Thank you for the inspiration and God Bless You + + +

    • Thank you sweet Josy, I’m delighted to know the Lord inspired you through this post today. Bless you dear sister. πŸ™‚

  7. More beautiful words of wisdom from my beautiful bride, my ever-ready helper who is good to remind me when needed to be content, hard at work for the Lord, and trusting Him for all things. You are a blessing to me because you love Christ more than you love me, and that is a very, very good thing for a man. May God continue to be honored in all that you do.

    • Oh….wow, sweetheart. I don’t know what to say.

      I’m so blessed you love Christ more than you love me. That’s a good thing for any woman. πŸ˜‰ I love you so much my Favorite, Favorite!β™₯

  8. Here is a a poem I would like to share wih all of you, Its called the M&M poem
    Red is for the color of the blood that Jesus gave when he died for our sins so that we could be saved
    Brown is for the color of the cross on which he died
    Orange is for the color when Jesus came back alive
    Green is for the color of our new life
    Blue is for the color of the sky our new home up in heaven
    Yellow is for the color of the sun where Jesus God’s son rules from on high
    The color’s reminds us of God’s love and we’re forgiven and have a home up above
    Amen and God Bless
    For holidays I have typed this poem and bought bags of M&M’s and holiday decorated ziploc bags and given them out to our church and freinds.

    • Thank you for sharing this sweet sister Josey. May the Lord continue to bless you as you seek His face and share Christ’s love with others. β™₯

  9. Sunny, I visited your website for the first time and the first things that struck me was…Gosh! you are so beautiful…worth thousand poems. I am sorry..I had to say this. And your analogy of heart and garden was just brilliant.