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Kendra is a busy wife,mother,writer,and a National Board Certified teacher. Rising early,she meets God for coffee and quiet time. Visit her blog, A Busy Woman's Life, where she shares her heart and motherhood adventures.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. I understand what you mean. I heard his voice through my new 5lb 1oz grandson whom he held close and touched in wonderous way before giving him to us. It is a blessing and a reminder of who is in control.

  2. God has spoken to me many times through my children. What amazes me is the influence we have on those who are around us! Who is watching me and what am I saying to them? God bless you and your family.

  3. Kendra,
    This is SO touching, and true! It is amazing the things that come out of children’s mouths, how uncensored their thoughts are, and how often their ability to listen gives them the ability to speak so much truth. Thank you for this website, it touches me often.

  4. Beautiful. The kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these!
    “Do you hear what these children are saying?” they asked him.
    “Yes,” replied Jesus, “have you never read,

    “‘From the lips of children and infants
    you, Lord, have called forth your praise?”

    • Willowsprite,

      Thank you for taking the time to read my post today. I do hope you will stop by my blog often or even subscribe.


  5. Perfect timing! I just got back from a walk on a beautiful day in January. Just being out in the warm sunshine helps you hear the voice of God. Thanks for your encouraging words.

  6. Kids can say the most profound things. I appreciate the reminder to look and listen for God in unexpected situations.

  7. I have had similar situations with my children. I am a Christian and we say our prayer and go to church and I even direct VBS, but I guess until you actually hear your children say something so profound; its hard to realize what an influence we are.

    Children are innocent and have open hearts and minds. I praise the Lord for my Christian parents and the way I was raised. I try to follow in their footsteps and always praise our Lord and speak of Him. Recently my 8 year old started praying “by himself” instead of a prayer we taught him. Ever since he got saved at our VBS last year, he has so many questions and answers about the Bible and its stories. But that night, he just opened up his heart the Lord. Without him seeing me, I just had tears running down my face. Later, I said “Lord, how could you entrust such a sweet soul in my care? I know that he is going to do great things for God! He already does.” I pray everyday that the Lord uses my children and family for His glory!

  8. I love this story. God has been speaking to me often through the mouth of my 4 year old son. It is amazing what he picks up about God and the Bible from church and from WEE school and from home. He amazes me everyday.

  9. I have recently been trying to pick out what piece of music to play this coming Sunday at church. After I read this blog, it really reminded me of the whole reason that I should be playing a song at church, and that is to hear God speak to me and to others through me! Thank you so much for reminding me that God really does talk to us!!

  10. What a blessing Anna Grace is. There is no greater validation than moments like these. What a wonderful foundation you have modeled for her young heart.

  11. What is so precious as a Mother, Grandmother and a great grandmother is see the fruits of your labor take place in your children and grand children lives! What a blessing to hear the words that you shared with them as little ones, coming out of their mouths to their children. God has been so faithful to us and all that we went through for our children is worth it all. Keep sharing Jesus with them and keep going to Church. Keep reading the word of God to them. Keep your home a Holy place for your children to come home to as a place of peace and rest for them. Play the Christian music in your home and in your car and where ever you go. Let the word of God become precious to them. Your articles are wonderful Kendra! Keep it up. Love you Aunt Sue

    • I love you Aunt Sue! You have been an inspiration to me-the way you love God and show God’s love to others. Thank you for your love and never-ending support!


  12. Kendra,
    I work at a daycare and there is this one little boy that it seems like everytime im in a bad mood he comes up to me and says “Miss Nicole Miss Nicole sing Jesus Loves Me” at that point i know God is trying to tell me that if i stay positive i will have a better day.


  13. Anna Grace- what a beautiful name:) “The Bible is a story of how Jesus loves us.” I love it! … truth… A wise two year old who will no doubt grow into a wise young woman who loves the Lord;)

  14. Kendra,

    What a wonderful reminder that God is always speaking, but are we really listening. This reminds me of that song “What if its God speaking.” Also, do we allow God to use us to speak to others? We should always be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

  15. WOW! Great story Kendra, I LOVED it. Everywhere I look ,I see, I feel & I believe! GOD speaks! I am very blessed that my five amazing children also believe.

  16. Kendra,
    Thank you for sharing that story and to remind me that God is always speaking, even though I sometimes choose not to hear.