I am His beloved
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My given name is Julie Busby but to Jesus I am His beloved. I am on a journey to discover His true heart of love and grace. I am fought for, accepted and loved beyond measure- and so are YOU!

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Thank you Julie for this post, just this morning this echoed the prayers in my journal today. The LORD JESUS used your post to speak to me, may you be blessed in knowing that. Jean

  2. WOW. That was AMAZING!! I know to Jesus I am his beloved masterpiece created to do good work, but it is SO HARD to wrap my mind around that he is able to still love me and choose me and not just throw me away when I have messed up so bad. It’s hard to believe he still wants me.

    • Oh beautiful “just me”…it IS truth, even when our minds would believe otherwise. You are remade, new, a beautiful, unique masterpiece of His love.
      You are loved.
      Thank you for your words.

  3. I was talking with my friend this morning about Jesus loving us, and how hard it is for us to rest in Him, to accept His love
    Thank-you for these words.

    • Jill… it is within our nature to want to “do” something. We know that salvation comes by complete trust and faith and yet we somehow believe acceptance continues by works….
      ..we are loved because of Him. We didn’t receive His love because of what good things we do and we don’t lose His love by the wrong choices we make.
      We are loved. Period.
      Your comment brightened my day and is so very appreciated.
      Thank you.

  4. This seems like an echo of struggles that I go through lately have allowed these voices of lies to come through, yet ever there is Jesus telling me HIS truth…. thank you for this precious reminder and portrait that I will remember.

  5. Thank you for these words…….I am joyed….Thanks so much……I have been through great sufferings in my life…..especially these days….I have fell in love with a man that has a vocation of becoming a priest…he loves me so but chose his calling..and I too, have a calling………thanks for this…….God bless you

  6. Thank you for the post. I have been struggling for years to believe I am a lovable person. Many times throughout my day I wonder why God, Christ and the Holy Spirit would love me. I was told over and over how much I was hated, I searched for love in many ways and forms. My husband loves me and I wonder why. I did my morning devotion this evening and part of the devotion was to read Psalm 28. This with your blog lets me know know in my head God, Christ and the Holy Spirit love. I must go through the struggle to gain the ability to love myself too. Thank you so much for this inspirational blog.

  7. Lisa,
    There was a day when I took a gun and held it in my hands. My head said I was worthless, unlovable and beyond hope. The truth is that when God looks at me all He sees is Jesus.
    Lisa my beloved friend, when God sees YOU, He sees His son. You my child are His princess…you are accepted in Him. He gave His son to die so that you would live. What love! may His grace and that thought surround you today so powerfully.

  8. Well, Julie, I am probably old enough to be your grandmother, but I too have suffered for years trying to get back to the Jesus that I knew so well as a young child. I have one broken marriage, children that were smashed along with the divorce, relationships that found me begging for love and the security of being loved for myself. I fling myself at Jesus’ feet every single day. Thank you for finding the words hidden in my heart this morning…you have blessed me beyond belief.

  9. Lucia,
    Flinging ourselves at the feet of Jesus is an amazing place to be. Your life speaks of redemption and hope…after a journey searching for His love you’ve found it in His arms. Your words are powerful.
    Thank you for sharing them here my beloved friend.