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Melissa Jackson is blessed to know the love of a wonderful husband, a beautiful daughter, & a gracious Lord. She resides in Virginia & blogs at Breath of Life & Southern Baptist Girl.

(in)side DaySpring: things we love
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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. One of the most beautiful manifestations of Christ is when he redeems loss; in this case, your void of unconditional love. Beautifully written Melissa, your pain and its redemption.

  2. Yes!! He is our Shield and Defender, the Lover of our Souls. May His Truth penetrate and purge the deepest recesses of our spirits. May we readily identify the source of the whispers from the evil one and allow Him to plug our ears against the lies.

  3. Powerful: “And even though a man of clay shirked his identity as my dad, I have a perfect Father who delights in calling me His child. ” While I’ve always had full knowledge of who my dad is, his emotional detachment toward me has hurt me afresh since the death of my mother. Thank you for reminding me that my heavenly Father will never leave me, forsake me or deny me. I can rest in that truth – and be his daughter today. And He has not thrown away or forgotten a less than perfect dad either! We are all redeemed by the blood of the Lamb. Amazing Grace and Amazing Love flow.

  4. Beautiful imagery via word choice & transition, Melissa. You, too, are beautiful.

    fighting the evil one right alongside you.
    Your team-mate,

  5. Oh, sweet grace–such a gift. If not for grace, where would any of us be? Your words have made me grateful for it, for Him, all over again this morning…

  6. Oh how he loves to try to rip the scars back open! Some wounds still have scabs but are slowly healing but I hate when I let the imitator get to me and convince me I am something else, other than a beloved child of THE King! Your descriptions are spot on!