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Myquillyn Smith, The Nester, is a home stager, redesigner and design school drop-out. Her last home (a rental) was featured in Better Homes & Gardens, Cottages & Bungalows, Ladies' Home Journal and in her upcoming design philosphy book, The Nesting Place: It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful....

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  1. And there is the quote for my kitchen memo board for this next week – Let Earth receive her King. Everything I wanted to say, short and sweet. God Bless!!

  2. Great post. Last year was my first Christmas blogging. I was all excited to get my decorations up, post about them, join the tour!!! Not this year. I am slower then molasses and my view is less is more! I don’t care what anyone thinks. We are not even doing a big dinner, we ordered deep dish Chicago pizza. I want to enjoy the day too! Believe me, I have always gone all out. I have over 800 ornaments on my tree and maybe they will all get on the tree before Christmas Day, maybe not! I will do some baking next week, just for us! This Christmas will be quiet, simple and maybe the best ever.

    • US too! And we are having Lasagna for Christmas Day Dinner! I did not even put up a tree this year! But I did put out a few candles and lit the mantle and some small things to bring a little Christmas cheer!

      For several years I “did” Christmas in our home as a way to have some cheer in our blended family where sometimes cheer is hard to find. Well, this year we are empty nesters. and I guess I don’t feel as if I have to decorate to keep my spirits up. I also decluttered the house this year, and that has made me appreciate the cleanliness and open space in our home. I couldn’t stand the thought of bringing out the boxes of stuff! I’m glad I am not the only one enjoying Christmas in a new way!

  3. […] wrong way to laugh.  And I’m so glad there’s no wrong way to decorate for Christmas.  Join me at (in)courage today as we discuss this topic amongst ourselves. Like it? Print, email or […]

  4. Well said! It’s easy to start comparing yourself to other bloggers when you see all the fabulosity (I totally typed that) out in Blogland. I need to remember to keep my focus on the One we are celebrating and remember that this is a time to enjoy, not to stress. 🙂 Great post, Nester!

  5. We are decorated inside, outside, top-to-bottom, and the kids love it! I tend to not want to drag it all out again, but once it’s finished it is fun to enjoy it for a few weeks. We are so very blessed to be able to celebrate and adore Him in our nation. I’m thinking about an article I read this morning about the killing of Christians in the Middle East, and I just don’t ever want to take it for granted.

  6. Oh, I love this! I was looking one day at some of the simple, sophisticated decor that many bloggers are featuring this Christmas–something beautiful, awe-inspiring, and (let’s be honest) jealousy-producing. I showed it to my 17-year-old, who said, “It’s pretty, but it doesn’t look like Christmas to me.”


    Thank God for his comment. What looks like Christmas to him is what I do, here in our home, no matter whether it’s fashionable or trendy. In fact, a lot of it is considerably “out of date” in the world of fashionableness. But I’m not here to be fashionable, am I? I’m here to guide my family in celebrating the birth of the King. Quite a party, really.

    Maybe there IS one sort of wrong way to decorate for this big celebration; just one. Maybe the wrong way is the way that doesn’t really work for you and your family. Do you think?

  7. Thank you.

    A home decorated top to bottom brings in all the color of the season, and can make for a happy place.

    And sparse decorations in a house bedecked with love are more than enough.

    God decorated both ways:

    Remembering a simple manger
    a modest birth
    and love overflowing the bounds of heaven
    and sleeping on hay

    Remembering a host of heaven
    Trumpets blaring
    Angels singing
    A bright shiny star

    Merry Christmas

    And thank you

  8. As an Interior Designer, I usually have the most GORGEOUS tree with decorations all over my house in glitter. But I loved how you said that we are all in different seasons of our life. This year, with a 2 year old, an almost 1 year old and 3 months pregnant with my third, I didn’t have it in me this year to decorate the house while sick, having to clean glitter from little ones in every corner of the house… so I decided this year that our tree was going to be a “Charlie Brown” tree (decorated with my husbands childhood ornaments) and pull out the stockings and that is it. I didn’t even pull out my nativity this year because I didn’t want it broken and I had no where to put it where little hands couldn’t get it… but I am ok with it for this short season of my life!

  9. I wanted JUST a simple wreath on the door and white icicle lights. The husband and boys brought home a huge inflatable Santa riding a motorcycle with a snowman in the sidecar. That’s the way it goes sometimes…

  10. I’m with you…do what you love. BUT I think there is just 1 thing that you can do wrong in Christmas decorating…having more than one Santa on your lawn. It breaks the space/time continuum and could have dire consequences. 🙂

  11. Let earth receive her King.

    You know how sometimes all you need to change your day is one sentence? That is it for me today. I am smiling.

  12. I love decorating for Christmas and all the other seasons. It’s just that I am no longer on quite the same time table as everyone. Our house got done this week courtesy of my sweet husband. Once we decided to celebrate Epiphany it was very freeing! Christmas is not over till the wisemen come. So you have till January 7th to meet all deadlines.

  13. I think we are kind of inbetween, decorations go up early december and there are just enough. I get overwhelmed if there is to much xxx

  14. I read you post about not putting out much this year. I gave a huge box of decorations away to charity this year, don’t want it or need it. Let someone else enjoy it. A friend posted this on Facebook and I thought it was great:
    “Whenever Christmas begins to burden, it’s a sign that I’ve taken on something of the world and not of Christ” -Ann Voskamp

  15. Not yet! For the first time in years we did not put up our tree until December. I actually repacked some decorations and put them back on the shelves. It got to cold to hang lights outside so we are being minimalists this year. And that is just fine.

  16. Thank you for this, Nester! I want to decorate more… I think I should as a “mom”. But, for now with two kids 2 & 5, “this” is all I can do without losing my sanity. 😉 And that’s important for Christmas!

  17. Love your blog and what a great post…
    We decided, since we don’t have children, to forget the tree and we have so many other delightful decorations such as wreaths, candles, poinsettia’s etc. that the home is still quite festive. One single solitary candle in each window glowing at night makes the house feel cozy and somehow reminds me of the light of Christ during this wonderful season. Merry Christmas!

  18. I know I can’t be the only one that stumbles across posts written years ago that I just need to respond to.
    The 1st year you do something it is “different” same with 2nd, by the 3rd year it is a “tradition” and don’t let anyone argue you out of your tradition.