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I'm the mother of two little girls, the wife of an amazing husband who'd rather play the guitar than anything else and I love to write. I spend my weekends watching my daughters ride horses and play soccer. I blog daily and my greatest wish is to see women healed...

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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. Wow, through the tears I am laughing. Laughing because my family and I currently live in Turkey and I can relate to everything your post said. From the unfamilar temperatures on the too small oven to not having the familar “Thanksgiving” feast ingredients. We decided to throw caution to the wind and travel this Thanksgiving in our new home country. Maybe I will muster up enough courage to wrestle with a Turkish turkey!

  2. This is sweet, Sarah.
    This gift of jumping in with both feet…so sweet.
    The casting off of fear and inconvenience…
    Let’s have more of that –
    more letting go,
    more jumping in,
    more laughing in the rain…
    Yes. Let’s do it!

  3. I know God has been leading me to write from my heart this past year or more. Not only that but to be completely honest with my readers. The world could use more honesty and maybe we could kill some of the lies Satan feeds us if we knew others struggled with the same things.

  4. What an inspiring post!!! Thank you! I dream big and sometimes I get discouraged when a little thing goes wrong and sometimes I want to throw in the towel but we keep going into the unknown with hope! I love how you said not to be “too grown up”, I agree what is fun about that!!!

  5. Okay, you’ve got me fired up! I’m going to start training in earnest for my black belt in taekwondo. I will be 59 in January. Practicing taekwondo the last few years has been a great way to stay in shape and feel strong. The black belt test is quite demanding and I am a long way off from being ready. I reckon it will take me about a year of serious training. But you have inspired me. I’m going to do it!

    And no, I can’t beat anyone up, although my daughter’s boyfriend thinks I can and I let him think that!

    PS–Your post reminded me of my first Thanksgiving in Thailand. I think I will blog about that today. So see, you have inspired me in many ways. Thank you!

  6. What am I going to do today that fear has gotten in the way of me doing in the past?

    I did it already.

    I went to my last psychologist appointment. Should be a great experience right? Only its my last appointment because she is closing her practice Dec. 1st. She is moving to Alaska. The timing is perfect because God had us work through and ”resolve” a lot of issues and I just need to rest for a while where I am at. This was what she called for me a ‘good’ goodbye. None of the good that has been accomplished in our appointments can be tainted by this goodbye. This is not an abandonment, this is not a betrayal. This is simply a goodbye for now, a see you later, a we will meet again.

    I do not remember very many ‘good’ goodbyes in my life. I usually run the other way if I know its going to happen, I stick my head in the ground so I dont have to watch it happen and then hope I wont feel it either. I felt it today. But, I was there-sort of, I was quite detached during the appointment. Trying so hard not to feel it, trying so hard to ignore it but I cant.

    I am left with wondering what will I do now with my Wednesday afternoons? And I am left with knowing I didnt run away from it. And I am left with feeling the sadness.

    A very confusing place to be tonight.


  7. I made a homemade pie crust for our pumpkin pies. The last time I made one was 7 years ago and I was crying over it cause I couldn’t get it to work. Then my wonderful husband helped me finish it.

  8. I love this too…I have spent two Thanksgivings overseas, but without kids, but Lord willing next year and many in the future will be spent in Eastern Europe. I embrace all that you write and it is encouraging and inspiring…be blessed:):):)

  9. Oh, you, woman of courage, fellow leaper of faith, friend of my heart–thanks for always bringing us to the edge and yelling “jump!” in a way that replaces fear with joy and we SOAR. Missing you tonight…

  10. This has been once of my favourite blog posts all year! Much as it is important to stand shoulder to shoulder with those suffering, I love that you had fellowship in celebration too! Celebrating is the lost spiritual discipline. Hey, it says to “Laugh with those who laugh” as well as to “weep with those who weep!”. I like the bit about facing fear too but it was the purpose of your trip that really inspired me.

    I also loved it because we are a British family living just outside Cambridge. We celebrate Thanksgiving every year, not because e have any American connections but because we think saying thank you is a great excuse for a party. We had our Thanksgiving meal last weekend which explains why I’ve already blogged about it here:

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and thank you for your post on a day that’s all about giving thanks!