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Emily P. Freeman is a writer who creates space for souls to breathe. She is the author of four books, including her most recent release, Simply Tuesday: Small-Moment Living in a Fast-Moving World. She and her husband live in North Carolina with their twin daughters and twinless son.

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  1. Emily,

    Today I see a beautiful sunrise with frost on the ground. Quiet wooded area behind the house & of course my wonderful husband & 2 iguanas.

    God is always surpising me with glimpses of who he is – just take a step outside & look up.

  2. Emily,

    Those pictures are amazing! Bless you for including them!

    Nothing drives me straight to God–singing his praises and exclaiming his glory–like the miracles of nature. We live in an area with four seasons, and for that I am so grateful!

  3. Amen to that !

    I live in FL part of the year and I am constantly amazed by each new sunrise and sunset. They are different each time, if we are willing and able to stop long enough in our busy days to, as Emily said, take a step outside and look up!

    I love the colors He chooses to paint with each day. That He freely gives us so much variety in creation, all the time, is beyond my comprehension! So many different types of birds, bugs, animals, plants, fish…all of which give Him glory.

    He is amazing!

  4. I just came inside on this frosty morning where I sat with Him and savored a cup of chai. I saw Him in bird colors and rooster calls. In the tap-tap-tapping of the woodpecker making its way up. In the deer that danced just beyond the fence. In the sky–all pink and blue and lavender.

  5. I loved waking up this morning to rays of sunshine streaming in through my bedroom windows. As I read my bible this morning, I watched two birds playing in the bitter cold air of the morning. Small, simple reminders..


  6. Today I see God’s glory in the beautiful morning sunshine, but today it’s also in a comfortably-cluttered room…stuffed animals, dog toys, handprints & noseprints on the door -it’s all good! Signs of a loving, active family and countless blessings! Thank You, Lord!

  7. Emily,
    What a poignant reminder to “see” God and His purpose around us. Today, I see a 150 yr old tree in my front yard, which has died, and I see God in this too. A reminder that nothing lasts forever, except Himself, His plan, His purpose for each and every thing. I am reminded to “redeem the time”, and live in His presence to the completion of His purpose for my salvation. Hubby of 47 years died 21 months ago last night. Definitely easier to lose a tree, but still a reminder. Each minute left I long to “live” for HIM.
    God Bless You, my dear,

    • Bonnie – your words are heavy with meaning, knowing they come from the heart of a woman who has lost so much. Thank you for this reminder this morning…

  8. The Holy Spirit is never quiet in my heart. Even when I resist Him, He is declaring God’s glory. His place. His kindness. When my body is weak and sick, when my house is a mess and nothing’s going smoothly, when I can’t find something beautiful to look at, He is declaring in my heart that He sees me. He is telling me that I’m so terribly distracted by all that chaos and to look right at Him. He is declaring His contant, good, powerful work.

  9. Yes! He is in revealed everywhere we look! I love this quote from C. S. Lewis: In commanding us to glorify Him, He is inviting us to enjoy Him. (Steven Curtis Chapman shared that this morning)

  10. Today (on my birthday!) I feel thankful for this opportunity to remember that God is at work in my life… Warm sunshine; wonderful aromas from the kitchen, as my hubbie makes a sure to be wonderful feast to share with the family later tonight. I see beautiful thoughts written by Emily. Thanks for the birthday gift Emily!

  11. I see Him in the eyes of my children. I love to get down low at their eye level and listen to what they are trying to say. Their eyes light up as they speak and they realize with each word that they are actually getting to communicate with mommy, that mommy is interested and that my attention will make them or break them. God is in the purity and responsibility of all the details of my babies. He is glorious!

  12. I was noticing on our drive home from my parents last night the vastness of the night sky and all of the stars that He knows by name…innumerable! And how much more does He love me…unfathomable!

  13. “…to notice on purpose…”

    Yes…t h a t.

    (Sunrise EVERY day, and today, the beauty of Jesus in people.)

    Poignant and to the point; I need to learn this skill from you!


  14. Today, I see God in the blessing of my daughter…who 17 years ago today was born. I see His glory in the partnership He has been faithful to keep with me in parenting. There were days when it was just the two of us. And even though for many years now it’s been my husband and I parenting together, I KNOW that it is only because of my Savior being available each day in and day out that she is turning into such a beautiful young woman.

    “..being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”
    Philippians 1:5-7

  15. The beauty of God was present in my church this morning as we celebrated our 30 years of supporting a fellow member and his wife in their service in India. We did a service similar to the ones he would preach in India, how they would celebrate Jesus. The women wore brightly colored clothing and quite a few sari’s from a few folks. We sat men on one side, women on the other. Our choir which I am a part of sang a fitting song “Do it Lord” and the church was packed as we sang of God’s glory! Matthew (our missionary) started the mission with 0 churches and believers 30 yrs ago. Today there are 26 staff members, 6 churches that do 19 services each weekend. And the best number is almost 4000 Hindu’s becoming Christians and turning towards Jesus!

    It was absolutely beautiful! God was there with us.

  16. The Sunset, Butterflies and Fruit – really remind me of the glory of God. I’m serious. When I bit into a piece of fruit, juicy, sweet, tasty – I am amazed that God made this – it is sooo good! It’s like woah! He’s such a good creator and cook! Even seasonings like cilantro ;)! Butterflies are so intricate and beautiful – and He made that too – and the sunset – oh my – the colors – take my breath away = He is masterful in all he Does – and I am priviledged when I get to just take in what he does – everything he does is excellent – and he has made us in his image. And we, human beings are special to Him. I am humbled and intrigued to get to know this God a bit more. And it is amazing that thanks to Jesus – I can. Thank you Lord. Amen.

  17. What a perfect Sunday post…or any day, really.

    I was overcome with His presence while riding horses with my family earlier today. Experiencing the cool, crisp fall air drenched in sunshine while meandering down mountain trails…God and His love overwhelmed me! But, I’ll also get that feeling while looking at the pink-streaked morning sky before the busy rush-to-school begins. In the ordinary and special, His touch is everywhere!

  18. I had exactly this kind of day today. Overwhelmed by His glory in the midst of an early morning 5k, no less. I always see His glory out in nature, but today I also heard it in the words of a song…Somehow He turned my attention around and it felt as if He were the one saying the words to me, instead of the other way around. Glorious!

  19. I found your website by accident, I was on the Rufflez And Ribbonz blog because of a Tutorial for fabric Yo Yo’s and saw your button on the side, so of course I pressed it and was pleasantly surprised. I absolutely loved what you had to say about God and the Sunrise, may I please use it to send to my friends?

  20. Oh, how I love the 19th psalm. Those first two verses, and all the rest. They’re a shelter in the time of storm, an anchor in troubled seas, a lighthouse to the tempest-tossed. Ummm, the sea imagery–I guess your beautiful photos called all that to mind.

    Here in land-locked Durham, today was a cold and clear and beautiful day–the kind of chilly day that makes you want to gather with loved ones and count your blessings. Aha! A good description of worship.

  21. I am alone. However, i am not truly alone; I feel Him. I see the glory of God in my sweet lonliness I pray for other’s and I feel His Glory. Amen.

  22. My hubby and I recently got away for a weekend along the North Shore of MN…I found His presence so vivid in the landscape of beauty that is the nature He created. I just looked at the sky and the water and it was as if He was standing right next to me.

  23. His glory fills the earth…the seen and the unseen…all sin has an end…God’s work goes on eternally…all life has His stamp of glory…all creation…He makes all things beautiful in His time.

  24. Praying for comfort during a hard night. Seeking His Word. Being directed to the written word of God and soothed.