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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Oh I lov e this! Thank you for the reminder to be on the lookout for other princesses who need help slaying their dragons.

    (I am going to share this on my Princess Warrior Lessons FB page – other princesses need to read this!)

  2. Wow, did I need to hear this…crying as I read it I realize that I, too often, get stuck when I think I’ve come up against the dragons…turn tail and skeedadle the other way quick. How many princesses have been left in my wake 🙁
    Thanks for the encouragement and reminder to push past those dragons!

    God Bless!

  3. I am still a work in progress, but I am striving to not work so hard to fix things. My initial reaction is to fix-it. This response is universal. I pray for stillness in all my reactions & responses. Stillness makes me listen vs. act. Lord, help me to listen to you. and the cry of your “princesses.”

    Tiffany, your analogy rocks! Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Blessings Princess Tiffany… from one of the damsels in distress you offer your Light and Sword often… I love this too and you!.. goes so well with my study on “The Invisible War” by Chip Ingram that they’re doing online at Bible Cafe for Women… but I promise NOT to DRAG-ON this time; just want to serve NOTICE that Tiffany and other Princess Warriors will not be held back any longer. We’re MOVING FORWARD! ohh and as per your Q4U…I think you know that for me; on my knees in PRAYER seeking the DEFENDER, MY PRINCE of PEACE and the same for others… the problem is that my emotions hold me back from venturing out in His Kingdom with my Sword in hand, defending other damsels and leading them to Kingdom Truths! Sometimes the DRAG-ONS are way bigger than us, but we have a KING more powerful than them all! (sorry I couldn’t help myself… wrote alot again :0(
    Love and prayers my precious Princess,

  5. So glad the Lord got your attention to remind us that we slay the dragons by being His princesses. Thank you for pointing us to the right perspective, our Captain–and for reminding us to help other Princess Warriors!
    Great post.


  6. Funny thing…when I saw this yesterday I decided not to read it because dragons – well, they aren’t my “thing”. Today, it popped up again and I read it. I’m glad I read it. Powerful stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  7. “No thanks. I’m not wasting time on dragons.”
    I think that ought to become my new motto. *grin*

  8. “One princess matters to the Prince of Peace.” Wow, those are powerful words, Tiffany. Thanks for this shift in perspective, this pull toward courage and away from fear. So glad your words are with us!

  9. It seems like Satan can really use our fears to prevent us from doing God’s work. Thank you for motivating me to draw my attention away from my dragons and be a light to a fallen world!