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Stef Layton lives in Florida with her husband and their two boys. Stef is a homeschooling, thesaurus toting, knock knock joke connoisseur. Stef writes transparent experiences about her faith at Layton Family Joy . @laytonfamilyjoy

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  1. WOw. I am sitting here with tears in my eyes.

    This has been the lie i fight with every day too. This is the lie the enemy uses to twist everything in my life.

    All i can say is thank you x

  2. So good, Stef. It seems the enemy asks all of Eve’s Daughters what he did that day in the Garden, “Did God really say…(you’re enough, you’re wanted, you’re loved)?” I love that you’re hollerin’ back YES and helping us all do the same. XOXO

  3. Thank you for this breathtaking post! I battle the same feelings each day. Thank you for the reminder that “I am enough” for my Lord and Savior. Blessings!

  4. Precious Daughters of the King,
    The evil one uses our identity as his most effective weapon. We must, as Christ did, rebuke his lies with the Truth. Say it out loud! Look in the mirror and speak the Truth: Daugher, Beloved, Precious One, Chosen, Adored, Redeemed, Righteous, Covered!

    Dr. Neil T. Anderson, of Freedom in Christ Ministries, has a wonderful list I have used for years with so many others who hear the whispered lies. Some of them couldn’t even read it out loud at the beginning. But the Truth does set you free!! Completely free! (

    You can always identify the source of the whispering. If it causes separation, condemnation, or judgment, the evil one is doing the whispering. If it brings restoration, it is from HIM! Because everything He speaks is to draw us closer. Everything.

    Discern the speaker, and you are better armed to deal with the attacks.

    He Loves YOU madly!!!

  5. So blessed that in His eyes we are good enough. This is a wonderful post Stef! So glad that you were able to share it here on incourage. So blessed by your words today.

  6. My sis, Stef! I knew there was one more reason that I’m blessed to call you friend.

    You learn, then turn around and encourage each of us to see ourselves as God sees us; as He has designed us.

    God’s abundant blessings on you, beloved!

  7. Stef,

    I can whole heartedly agree with you! I constantly hear the devil saying “stupid, not smart enough, not pretty”. We must all fight the lies of the enemy & listen hard for the voice of our Lord – “perfect just the way I wanted you”!

    • Oh – I hate that one “stupid”. A college drop out hears it over and over and over – let the enemy’s lies be fuzzy noise we can tune out from this day on!
      Thank you for commenting today!

  8. So many times we feel that exact way because others have a way of making us feel that way, too.
    Thanks so much for the Reminder!

  9. I sit here and I read, and I nod and I cry and I pray. And I re-stack the signs – the ones that I see and the ones I need to see and the ones I should put away. I’m thankful for the beauty of your words and the love of your heart! Thank you! Bright blessings, always and in all ways!

    • Oh please don’t put them away – BURN ‘EM! =) Never look back at them again! Continue to stack up the good signs, the TRUE signs – and planted them every 2feet so you can see them always!! I pray the signs you need to see Shanyn are ALL that you can see ONLY the ones you can focus on and make out. All others look like graffiti !!
      Blessings –

  10. Love that you are taking down that lie and putting Truth in its place. Such a needed real- life, post friend!

    Keep sharing from that place where He is working in your life. It is beautiful.

  11. Not good enough. What a lie that is often whispered in our ears! The (not so) funny thing is that if we were to speak some of these lies OUT LOUD, there are so many people that would jump up and tell us that it is simply not true. Maybe we would realize it ourselves! Instead, we keep them in the recesses of our mind and heart, hidden but ever present.

    One thing I know for sure, I am a sinner saved by the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ! And I am a new creature– more than “good enough”– a child of the King!

    • it’s amazing how many people say “but you are good enough” and yet it’s so hard to believe. REALLY?! Is it safe to believe it! I think that’s why we don’t even bother to speak it out loud. Or at least that is why I hesitate to share – and wear the burden around.

      Yes – a child of the King – MORE than “good enough” – so beautiful, thank you!

  12. Thank you. This came at a perfect time for me. Last week I had a complete breakdown over the feelings of not being good enough and it quickly went from those feelings to feelings of what’s the point of even trying anymore because nothing I do is good enough. Thankfully, I am blessed with a few amazing friends and God has shown me opportunities where I am enough, but I’m still struggling with dismissing these lies and not letting them own me anymore.

    • Kristin – I am lifting you up and the ability to dismiss those lies. To stomp on them and kick them out of ear & eye shot .. heart shot! I pray that you are refreshed and you allow that breakdown to be the point of God’s refilling! I am asking those friends to speak louder and longer and carry you thru the roof to Jesus – so He can heal these hurts of yours and make a new start for you!! May you feel that sunshine of renewal and feel it deep in your bones!


  13. This reminds me of the John and Staci Eldredge concept of agreements. When we start to believe we are not good enough, not pretty, not important, not… not… not… we set up an agreement with the enemy that this is ‘truth’ rather than the lie that it really is.

    You inspired me and the others reading. Bless you as you continue to press forward in your writing, be encouraged by your ‘Incourage’ submission.
    a reader from Oregon

  14. Wow Stef! All I can say is that I know without a doubt I was meant to read this today. I recently went through a divorce and it has rocked my world of “not good enough”! I just downloaded the dayspring app as I was sitting on my couch taking a much needed “spiritual renewal” day off from work. Thank you for this. I have battled with the not good enough my whole life. Whether it be on relationships, work, whatever the situation. The devil has lied to me time and time again. The glorious thing I know now is that “the King is enthralled with my beauty”. The Lord is wild about us. He longs to fill that void of “not good enough”. Thanks again for this. It is exactly what I needed to hear. God bless you and your ministry.
    “weary and heavy laden” 😉

    • I am wrapping your name deep in my heart and lifting you up! Thank you for sharing about your divorce – I am praying that your world is only “rocked” by Jesus Christ’s love for you!! Let that be so overwhelming and satisfying because – yes – He is enthralled with your beauty!!

      I just love God’s timing – because this submission was done over the summer, and I had to wait it out until it posted today! So – excited Tracy it was for YOU!

      Joyfully –

      • Thank you Stef for your prayers. My divorce was final only a month ago so everything is still very fresh. I am clinging to Romans8:28 and we know God works for the good of those who love Him and are called according to his purpose. I know and believe that everything in our lives, no matter how devastating is being worked out for the good.
        Again, you have made my day! Isn’t it amazing how God uses us when we least expect it. I consider it pure joy. 🙂

  15. Thank you for speaking much needed words of truth into my heart today, Stef! I am continuously amazed at God’s timing… although you penned these words some time ago, God knew how much they would be needed TODAY! You – your honesty, your encouragement, your strength – are such a tremendous blessing to me!

  16. Whew. You really got to me, gal. What a great piece. Thank you for sharing your heart so candidly, and for bareing your soul so we can all relate, because we all do. I sure do. The verse you quoted “Close to the brokenhearted” nailed me. I am so heart broken right now. I needed to be reminded how close He is. Thank you for your courage and for encouraging me. Love, Kathryn

    • Kathryn – I lift you up in prayers tonight (finally reunited with my laptop) to pray for that brokenheartedness you have been feeling. I ask Him to bind you up tightly! I adore Isaiah 61:1-3, “The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me, because the LORD has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners, to proclaim the year of the LORD’s favor and the day of vengeance of our God, to comfort all who mourn, and provide for those who grieve in Zion— to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the LORD for the display of his splendor”.

      God Bless – Happy Thanksgiving!

    • ha – oh no – best? The dread of writing something again! Thank you friend for the encouragement and reading me for so very long (which has felt probably longer than it has been – huh)?

      Happy Thanksgiving!!

  17. So beautiful!

    I too carry that same “Not good enough” sign around too often. I’m right there with you trying to carry the new one. And I absolutely love that it says “I am enough”.

    Thank you for such a wonderful post. Just what I needed to hear.

  18. Like so many others, this sign is one I wear well. Problem was I didn’t realize just how well until recently when I realized that I have a PROFOUND sense of unworthiness. I’m working through that trying to figure out the root cause so I can uproot it and get it out of there. I don’t doubt I will always have to remember to wear the new sign of truth but definitely want to identify the times when the lie finds a way in so I can block that path with truth. Thank you for these words today. They lifted my heart.

    • I just hate that it IS like so many others! I pray God starts to open our eyes to truth and close our ears to those insecure thoughts and feelings that have NO right to take root in our hearts! YOU ARE WORTHY! Isn’t that beautiful – musical, divine! I pray that is the sign you pick up every morning and proudly wear! I AM WORTHY! Lets kick “unworthy” to the curb!?!

      Happy Thanksgiving!!

  19. You friend, you are not alone. My sign reads the same, when instead it should read, “my grace is sufficient for you”.

    Grace is something I’m learning to receive all over again. I’ve been saved 14 years, and somewhere along the way, I stopped receiving grace. My story will be shared here in the near future as well. 🙂 ((hugs))

    I really liked the illustration you used with the signs.

  20. I swear, I think you read my mind. If it helps illustrate the point, I graduated college and couldn’t keep a job. “Not good enough no matter what you do to be like others” Had a child out of wedlock and now 13 years later still never been married. “Not good enough to be loved”. I could go on but at the moment I can barely see through my tears. Thank you for letting our Father bless me through your own struggles. Thank you.

    • Kandice – thank you for sharing your hurts with me. YOU ARE MORE THAN GOOD ENOUGH! God saves us from some things to protect us! I pray you see how He has been protecting you – because you ARE good enough! Today I am asking Him to open your heart to accept His loving guidance and show you how much He truly does love you!!

      Happy Thanksgiving!

  21. this resonates so deeply with me… i have fought the “i am not enough” life my entire life. the past year or two, God’s been bumping this truth around inside my heart:

    i am enough because I AM is enough.

    but it’s like i know it and i don’t all at the same time. i definitely don’t KNOW it like i’ve constantly known my not-enoughness. i don’t know that i’ll ever fully replace that broken record inside me, but i so want to.

    i so want Him to.

    • oh I deplore the habitual broken record playing the not-enoughness song. How we are 1st aware of that lie of a song than a new ENOUGH song. I am praying Psalm 40:3 over you right now – “He put a new song in my mouth” – let us know the words to that record – a top hit on repeat!!

      I so want Him to – too!!

  22. This lie has lived in my heart my whole life. I really want to believe the truth. Praying God will show me how. Thank you for your transparency. It ministered to me.

  23. Thank you Stef! THANK YOU! I am giving my testimony at my church’s mom’s group next month and rather than talk about what I thought I should talk about, God wants me to talk about how I never feel good enough. And I keep telling God, “But I’m not good enough to talk about that!” It plagues every decision I make, every triumph I have, and every struggle He leads me through.

    Thank you for sharing this.

    • Oh Kristy – how exciting! I pray your church comes seeking every ounce of His Word and He delivers such grace and truth thru you!! Let His love just pour out of your heart and mouth and touch each woman there attending! I am praying He fills each soul full! I pray your church hears Him and walks home changed! Full – satisfied with Him! Best of luck – please let me know how it goes!!


  24. Dearest Stef, thank you for this wonderful, real post. I appreciate you and your beautiful honesty. I struggle too with feeling so insufficient. A few years ago, I came across 2 Corinthians 3:5 and it has been a cornerstone for me. “Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think any thing as of ourselves; but our sufficiency is of God;”

    Love you!

  25. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

    “Not good enough” has been the heavy, wooden sign I have dragged around for years, chained and solid.

    He is breaking my chains. He is good enough.

    “Beloved.” That’s the sign I want to wear around my neck, repeat in my mind, scratch on my heart.

    I pick up that sign, I put it down. Too good be true, I think. Slowly I feel Him carving it into my heart. Relieving me of the effort. Making it, simply, part of who I am.

    Thank you, Stef. Beautiful.

    • Yes Beloved – it is YOUR sign, and you are good enough to pick it up. You are good enough to wear it around. And you should NEVER put it down because it is FOR YOU! Wear it with JOY friend – He loves you so completely!!


  26. Wow! What an image that creates! How amazing it would be if we all carried around signs of truth for all to see. And yet, I think we can, through encouraging words, loving actions, and lived-out faith.

    Add to it that I can completely see myself in this post. I frequently have those terrible “not enough” feelings. I’m thankful that God’s truth shows otherwise! Thank you for this beautiful post!

    • Yes Caroline – “lived out faith” – yes. If we really believed and felt His Words were for us, now .. today! What mighty women we would be – what mighty daughters we would raise! It all starts here with us – to carry around those signs of truth.

      thank you!

  27. Dear Stef, while reading this, I cried because of the great sense of love and acceptance I could feel coming from God thru your post. So many times I have felt exactly this way. Actually, I was feeling like this today, but God has been so good to me sending “angels” to remind me what I am for Him and that this is what really matters. I struggle with all these lies very often, and I try to keep in mind that I am His beloved daugther, and that He loves me as I am, so I don´t have to pretend being what I am not to be accepted by Him. His grace is enough for me and I am enough in Him. Blessings for you and for all you do in His name.

  28. Thank you Evie – I pray the struggle ends and you are more than confident in His love. We believe such nonsense too often and I know it breaks His heart that we walk around with our head down in the mud. Not feeling good enough. Let’s walk like daughter’s of the King. Let’s dance like beloved daughters!

    Let’s live like we are enough!

    Blessing to you this Thanksgiving!/