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Arianne is a mom of three boys and a baby girl. She lives in Phoenix, AZ, and sifts through the Legos and fluffy cloth diapers hoping to one day catch up on sleep. Her heart is healing and thriving from living life as a mom of kids with autism and...

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  1. This is precious. “Jesus whispering sweet nothings.” I love that picture because without His sweet nothings of grace we’d be nowhere and nothing. It’s how I make it through each day. Thank you Arianne.

    • Olive this thought if Gid watching me, even when all of my trying falls short, and HE sends HIS Son to tell me that I am enough!

  2. I love the image of “dressing to the nines in truth”. I have a friend who used to say that, “Truth is slippery,” and isn’t it the truth? Truth IS slippery. It’s hard to hang on to in the midst of kids and failures and bills to be paid and schedules to keep . . .

    Thanks for the reminder that what Jesus says to us and about us is always, always,
    the most important thing.

    Thanks for this piece.

  3. Arianne,
    You saw me when you wrote this?
    sitting here
    fighting to stay sane, to hang on, to believe?

    Yes those voices….
    I am on an enforced rest because I got burned out.
    from doing the really hard thing that God gave to do
    that some people don’t understand
    not only burn out
    but the thing ‘looks’ like it failed
    and the lives that need to be safe don’t appear to be
    and now I am shut out
    don’t know whats happening
    have to let go and trust Him that He knows

    The voices…
    the voices are my inner voices
    they assume what others will say….
    -you always screw up in the end
    -How do you know it was God?
    -you said the wrong thing
    -you should have tried harder
    -you did not love enough
    -was that major decison you and husband made really the right one?

    So this is one more day of getting out of bed with pain in my heart,
    wondering what is happening,
    if they are safe…
    and fighting to trust and turn to Him
    fighting to remember that yes, I did what He called me to do and it is all up to Him fighting to shut out the voices…
    One more day of seeing the work that has not been done
    and accepting, it is okay….

    The Voice…
    He welcomes me to Him all the time
    He is gentle, yet I see Him fighting for me too
    Interceding before the Father in all this
    and when I call …
    I have seen how …
    He interrupts the prayers to run to me and care about me.

    Still, even knowing this, it has been hard to hang on.

    I know that you did not see me when you wrote this,
    but He did
    and He knew that I needed
    another encouragement to:
    shake off the lies and dress to the nines in Truth and His Love and to know that I am enough.
    Thank-you so much

    • Sweet Jill…

      Yes He saw you. He holds you through this, wants you to remember His promises.

      Surrender. That is the key to endurance.


  4. Hi Arianne

    that is beautiful and so much the truth! thank you for sharing and the reminder that we are enough!


  5. Thank you.

    I’m struggling right now with not knowing if I am in the midst of sacrificing or being selfish? Hiding behind what I am doing now when it’s really a fear-comfort, what might be out there? Truth? Exposure of my ugly parts? Or afraid my intentions will be mis-read and I might be accused of only showing off the beauty parts? Is there a chance to fail? Or even more scary- a chance I might succeed? I can not find my footing.

    Those are my crazy thoughts. But yes, thank you.


    • I think so often when we are wondering something like you describe – we really do know the answer. You know the answer deep in your heart gut. You do. Dealing with the fear is the tricky part.


  6. Oh, I love this! Conquering woman, victorious daughter, princess, warrior. What a powerful image. I will carry this with me today!

    What is it in our culture that fosters such self-criticism? When the Dalai Lama was asked about self-hatred, he did not even understand the concept. He went around to all the Westerners in the room, asking if they experienced this. Most said yes. Having lived and traveled in other cultures, I can attest to the fact that this is not universal. How sad that it is so ingrained in our culture, and especially so deeply ingrained in women.

    It doesn’t come from the Bible. Isaiah 43 says “I have called you by name, you are mine…. Because you are precious in my eyes, and honored, and I love you.”

    If we are enough for God, why aren’t we enough for ourselves? Let’s go forth today as beloved daughters of the covenant, children of God, blessed beyond belief.

    Thank you so much, Arianne, for this rousing call to joy!

    • You bring up such a great point – where does our self-hatred come from, if this isn’t a universal issue w/humanity? Why is it worse here? I’ll be thinking on this!

      We have this inability to accept love, too. Some of us are better at it, but I think most of us are often forgetting, pushing away, or diminishing the epic power of Jesus’ love.

  7. I have been needing to hear that for the past year.. needing desperatly to just see words written just for me, its like i know this stuff but when i see it infront of me, speaking to my heart i actually KNOW it, you know?

    Thank you again, arianne, for moving me deeply with your beautiful ways.

    Grace x

    • Grace, God speaks to us through so many things, and I’m humbled He used me for you with this piece. Tucking you in my heart…

  8. Isn’t it true that Grace is Sufficient? We ought to be walking around in such gratitude. I think those who do are the ones who emanate undeniable light. Nobody cares about dust bunnies, and everybody’s looking for the light.

    • Walking around in gratitude – YES!! We ultimately are so selfish. We (I) pout because the here, now, is never enough. I’m not enough. But He draws me into the nook of his side, spirit-hearts beating as one and reminds me that He sees Jesus when He looks at me. And that’s more than enough.

      • I was just praying about the “I am enough” but really “I am not enough” thing today. Thank you for the reminder that God sees Jesus when he looks at me and that’s more than enough.

  9. Oh. my. goodness….this is EXACTLY what I needed to read, right this very moment…
    THANK YOU so very, very much!!!
    God Bless you!

  10. Not only what I needed to hear today…everyday…but I know many others who needed to and I shared your words (His Words) with them.

    This is a reminder that pierces throught the thick yuck of this world…thank you.


  11. Many years ago, my mother told me that when I’m feeling down, when I don’t feel God’s love, when I feel alone and forgotten and not redeemed, to repeat a simple phrase to myself: I am the daughter of the King. She told me to put it on a Post-It note on my mirror, on a card in my wallet, wherever I would see it often and remember that simple phrase’s truth. I’m struggling with believing my sacrifices are enough, that they’re even seen. That I AM the daughter of the King. But your post reminded me of what I am in Him, what I am called to do in His name. Thank you, Arianne. Again. You are lovely and light and a conduit of His love…and you give me hope.

    • I am goofy…because I tell myself, remind myself, I am the daughter of the King. His princess. What would I do if I was a medieval type princess? How did they hold themselves? Back when monarchy was a Big Deal. What did they know about their own personal royalty? I literally picture the heaven-kingdom and try to be heart-behaving the right way. I see the beauty in my mind and then can no longer feel gray and battered.

  12. Dressing to the Nines in Truth is something that I need to do more often.

    I need to stop listening to all of ‘them’ and focus on Him.

    thanks for the reminder because as of late I was filling my mind with so much that I didn’t have the ability to listen even if He was shouting right in my ear.

    • yes yes yes – tune out the lies! sometimes they can walk so closely to the truth that they seem real…until we see they’re really just cheap knock offs.

  13. This is absolutely beautifully written. I have felt so overwhelmed the last few weeks with all that I haven’t gotten done, and this has made me feel better. Thank you for sharing your wise words.