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Sara Sophia grew up in a log cabin and sometimes hides in her laundry room to pray. She thinks you are lovely. Find her wonderings and wanderings at her blog, Tout-Est-Des-Roses.

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  1. Sara Sophia, girl, meeting you in person at Relevant was so wonderful. I’m so glad your powerful words are here with us today and seeing your lovely face at the bottom of the post started my day with a smile.

  2. Sara Sophia!!! Early this morning (when it was very stormy!), I read Kristen’s post here and was getting ready to read the guest poster of the day (not knowing it was YOU) but a child needed me and I was off to see about his concern and left my laptop…and forgot to come back here.

    And then I see Lisa-Jo’s tweet, and I read your painful-at-times (and for many reasons) post, and my breath is stolen in moments. Oh, how grateful I am your hand was steadied and grace-filled at precisely the moment it needed to be; and that this ended up being a learning lesson you’d never ask for.

    Beautiful words from a lovely deliverer.


  3. Sara – I can not even tell you how this post has touched me today. I have had these same anxious feelings over the last few weeks – the questioning, the doubting my abilities – and then the mid-September eye injury of my 5-year old at school. He took a bungee cord to the eye while on the playground. Thankfully, God spared him from the hook end, and just the back portion hit his lower eye lid where it then did damage to the eyeball itself. Somehow, in the midst of my own extreme panic, the Holy Spirit filled me with the calm to drive to the pediatrician’s, then to the ER without wrecking my car or being totally hysterical in front of my son. He has filled me with hope when I doubted the healing of his eye. He has comforted me when I experienced anger with the school for their negligence. He has filled me with patience as we waited for the eye to heal and while my son spent TWO weeks at home recovering! God has helped me accomplish MANY things that I never thought I could be capable of…..He is DEFINITELY enough! Thanks for these words today!

  4. Thank you for this powerful testimony to the power of God in our everyday lives. It brings to mind John Waller’s song, “Identity.” You are Love, so I am love. You are Joy, and so I am joy. You are Peace, so I am peace. Lord everything you are now becomes me…..I’m in You, I know who I am……I’m not the one I used to be ’cause now there is no separating You from who I am. You are Strong, so I am strong. You are Power and so I am powerful. You are Mercy, so I am mercy….anything else is not who we are. “

  5. This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing it. So lovely.

    How often, I wonder, does my Father say to me, “THIS has to come out NOW”? And how often do I cringe in fear of worse pain or shame of having gotten into this place instead of holding still and trusting Him to fix it before it gets any worse?

    Too often. Thanks for showing me one of my specks.

  6. I could feel both the panic and calm in this beautiful post. Thank you for sharing…and know you are not alone in feeling this way! May we all be so guided by God in times like this!

    PS: Stupid spirals!

  7. So thankful your little one is okay. I understand that feeling of panic in the face of “accidents”. Our second child needed stitches three times before she turned two years old. Between all seven children, I don’t know how many emergency room visits, stitches, broken bones, near misses we have been through. I still carry butterfly bandages in my wallet even though that second born child is now 20.

    The Lord is so very faithful to provide everything we need at the exact moment we need it! I am extremely grateful for His Provision and Protection.