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Laura lives in a residence hall with her husband, their kitty cat, and 400 of their closet college student friends. She blogs at Along for the Ride: Along for the Ride

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  1. This is a WONDERFUL post – as someone who lives in a University town, I can relate to what you’re saying. I’m in 24th grade myself, and not affiliated with the university, but those kids can be SO FRUSTRATING! In fact, a lot of the world can be frustrating. To approach them with grace is such a needed reminder. Thanks!

  2. (laughing) I can relate to this post on some many levels – not only do I work at a University, but my two-turning-three year old is determined to prove he can do it all himself. (Like most college freshman I know) Thank you so much for your wisdom – the bible verse is going up in my kitchen this week!!

  3. Thanks for including “talking with our spouses” in your message today. I have to really watch myself when I get angry with my husband because it is all too easy to spout off “in the moment” just to make myself feel better.

  4. I hope to restore my daughter, a prodigal , gently, but she will not even talk to us at all, or see us at all. So all we can do is pray. She is 26 yrs old and walked away from us and God almost 2 yrs ago.
    It is a painful experience for us and I am sure it must be for her, yet she is rebellious and stubborn to the point of no repentance yet.
    I pray that God brings her to see His love for her and she submits to Him and He brings her back to the fold. Then we can restore her gently. We love her and have tried to show her love since she has been gone, but she rejects it. Yes, we have gotten angry with her and she has us as well, and we’ve all said unkind things, but we have apologized for our harshness, and she still remains bitter and chooses the world over God and her godly parents.
    Please pray for her and us.
    I appreciate your post. It is beautiful and I pray that someday soon God will gift us the opportunity to restore her gently.

  5. Laura,
    I can completely relate to your story. I, too work at a University – in the Student Health Clinic. It is a nurse-managed clinic run by NPs (nurse practitioners).

    You are right on with praying for students. Some patients can be nice & Easy going, while others not so. It helps to know that God is on this ride with me giving me the strength to encourage some of these students.

  6. I appreciate this post so much as a student going through a higher ed & student affairs program currently. Sometimes I get super frustrated with student affairs in general, especially as a Christian, so I really enjoy reading about other Christians in higher ed.

  7. College is such a hard and pivotal time…I know I took the wrong path and how I wish someone would’ve been there to guide me! We had the honor of volunteering at Passion 2010 (Louie Giglio/ Chris Tomlin) last year and are eagerly awaiting this year. It’s awesome to see studnts lives transformed by Him…

  8. Love this word of grace and I relate to it as a former student affairs professional. 🙂 Definitely something I think of often when disciplining my own children. My mother always restored me gently. I never felt condemned even as a prodigal daughter. It showed how great her trust was in the Lord for my life!

    Thanks for sharing today.

  9. This is true: “And as we all know, the path to adulthood is paved with more than a few poor decisions and silly mistakes.” I so wish that wasn’t the case. Especially as a mother, I’d prefer my children to bypass those mistakes, but I know they need to grow.

    This is a great post. I love that Galatians verse (and have been studying it recently, too!), and love that you keep it in your drawer to refer to before talking with students.