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Jessica Turner is the author of Stretched Too Thin: How Working Moms Can Lose the Guilt, Work Smarter and Thrive, and blogs on The Mom Creative. Every day is a juggling act as she balances working full-time, making memories with her family, photographing the every day and trying to be...

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  1. Ohhh yes I love receiving a personalized letter or card!! Thank you for the reminder! I’d so love to win one of the card packages esp to be able to encourage others of how thankful I am for them!!

    • I love to receive a card with loving words of encouragement. I also would like to win this box of cards so that I might be an encouragement to someone else!

  2. I love seeing those enveopes in the mail and knowing that someone cares enough to send me a note. I would love to send that box of cards out to those I love. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Simple and a thoughtful reminder. Thank you. Do you mind if I repost this on my blog? I’ll link it to your blog.

    I love receiving anything handwritten from a loved one. Even just a piece of paper that says a few words..

  4. …I love being on the receiving end of this type of thoughtfulness – but truthfully, I stink at doing it myself! I’m encouraged to try though – to be intentional and to be a blessing!

  5. Thank you for including prayer in your list – listening to the Father heart of God for the right words is so much more effective than our own! Great post!

  6. I agree! Letter/card writing seems to be a lost art. I have some in mind I should send out this week. Thanks for the nudge.

  7. this is really cool because i have been really burdened to start doing this again. i used to be so good at sending out cards but then i had kids. ha! i need to make the time. there is nothing like getting a card from someone in the mail. it is a blessing!

  8. I love sending and receiving real letters! In fact, I just wrote my best friend a very long letter yesterday. We use our letters to each other to tell each other “secrets” that are sometimes difficult to say out loud. That way, we trust each other with the “information”, but we don’t have to speak the words… It feels wonderful!

  9. Sending cards is my personal ministry. I send them to my 2 “kids” living away from home, my Bible Study buddies after hearing their prayer requests, and to anyone else who needs encouragement and the reminder that God loves and cares for them. Thank you for the opportunity to win the boxed Thanksgiving cards.

  10. Love, love to get a card in the mail. I am one of a few of my friends/family left that still send a card on birthdays and holidays!

  11. What a great post. I’ve started setting aside Mondays as my “card day” and sending snail mail or ecards to people I know who have a lot going on that week. It’s definitely blessed me as much as it has the people I write to. Thanks for sharing!

  12. I LOVE receiving stuff like that…but I tend to not reciprocate because I am afraid that what I say is not good enough…I need to get better about that.

  13. I love to send cards it is like a personal conversation between you and them. I also try and add a bible verse in my card. I know when I receive cards that have bible verses in them it as if its God’s seal of approval and usually its what I need at that exact moment!

  14. Ever since I was a child, my favorite chore has been going to the mailbox just in case there was a handwritten card for me. I also love dropping an unexpected “thinking of you” note in the mail for someone else.

  15. I love to send people cards and notes for no reason other than I care. I think those are the ones people appreciate the most. I haven’t done that for quite some time, but you’ve inspired me to start doing that again. It also does my heart good to bring joy to someone I love. Thanks!!

  16. I love love LOVE sending cards! They are such a blessing to people – it means a lot. Thanks for this post – a great reminder to send a couple soon!

  17. Well I think your post just confirmed something God put on my heart—that I need to get out my paper and pen and write to the world vision girls I sponser. I so often let life get in the way of taking the time to write to them. Thank you for the reminder/confirmation since that came up with God in my quiet time this morning.

  18. Often letter writing and letter receiving soothes and comforts; encourages and strengthens in a different way than other written words- perhaps its the slow process, the lengthened pace that makes it different.
    appreciate the encouragement of this place on-line.
    brightens my cool rainy autumn morning this Wed.- eM

  19. There is nothing better than receiving real mail! I try to send a few notes or cards at least once a month to friends I think need a little “pick me up” – it’s a blessing for me to do, and a nice reminder for them that someone cares 🙂

  20. I’ve gotten 3 pieces of real mail this week – and each one has made my day! I think it is partly in the knowing that someone deliberately took time to think of you in it’s writing and mailing.

  21. I love writing but really fall short when it comes to cards and letters. The letter writing tips are great, my brain really “gets” the step-by-step approach. I am going to challenge myself to write one this week.

  22. You’re right! Handwritten notes are so precious! I think that’s why I love birthdays and other holidays. The first thing I read on those cards is the personal note written inside! Thanks for the reminder to write notes of blessing and encouragement throughout the year! My daughter hand makes cards that are blank inside – that way the givers can write their own special thoughts inside. (Kayla Shelby Designs on Facebook)

  23. So true! There’s nothing like the joy of getting a letter in the mail….. specially when you live overseas away from friends/family 🙂

  24. My grandmother is 91 years old and I make a conscience effort to send her a handwritten card at least every month. She loves them and shows them to everyone. I just moved so it would be good to send cards to my friends I left to let them know I am thinking of them!

  25. I’ve received so many nice cards from Dayspring as a result of this (in)courage site that I’m trying to develop a card ministry- being mindful to send one out every day to someone in my life. Currently, I think I’ll be concentrating on sending them to my son at school as he’s going through a difficult time. I think I will also write him an old-fashioned letter- I remember getting letters from my mom at college and how special that was. In these days of emails and texts and constant communication, the longhand letter on lined paper is an antiquated relic from days gone by! It can still work its magic, though.

  26. Snail mail always makes my day! It is definitely becoming a lost art though which is very sad. Here’s to trying to revive this art and hopefully bless my family and friends in a small way!

  27. I love cards….giving and receiving! And agree, shopping and finding the perfect cards is part of the fun. If only I could always remember to have stamps!!

  28. wow! so simple yet so true…in this era of “now” technology and instant gratification there is something so precious about receiving the unexpected! a card or letter by snail mail! handwritten and intentional – heartwarming and “in”couraging! All the more reason to get to it! thank you for this gentle reminder!

  29. I Love to receive a hand written letter, a hand made letter too… They bring such a sweet feeling to receive… To actually think someone though of you and took the time to send a sentiment…. I also enjoy sending them out…. Through the years I’ve sent out far more than I have ever received, but I would do it all again just for the feeling it brings… Thanks

  30. I work with the sweetest lady and she just had back surgery. She lives alone and has blessed my children so much with her love and care.
    I will be sending her something special today!

  31. I love sending cards! That is definitely one comment people consistently make about me is that they love when they receive a card or letter in the mail from me (and FYI it is contagious for others!). I have one friend in my life that I am praying to come to know the Lord. He jokes with me each year around his birthday that he knows a card is coming from me and only me because even his own mother has stopped sending them. I am consistently his only card each birthday and I think it is a wonderful reminder filled with scripture that it is not I that haven’t forgotten him, but our Lord.

  32. Oh yes! Being such a technology oriented society, I think we tend to forget the older ones among us for whom the written card/letter has held such meaning through the years. My aunt is in her 80s and although she does email, receiving a snail mail card or letter brings her such joy. During a recent health scare of hers, through the act of sending cards, I was reminded that through the act of choosing or creating the card I was also blessed. Two blessings in one act…doesn’t get much better than that!

  33. I love receiving handwritten cards and I also love sending them. Thanks for this reminder. It is so much nicer to get a card in the mail.

  34. Thanks for the reminder… There are people who need my words, my prayers, or just my “Hello’s” and yet most of the time I neglect to give it to them. Thanks again for this easy way to get it to them, it could make all the difference.

  35. I love getting handwritten cards. I struggle with finding the right words to say when sending cards. I need to take the advice to pray before writing! Excited about a box of cards.

  36. I try very hard to remember the big stuff for people and send cards – birthdays, anniversaries, loss of loved ones – but I also try to remember things that maybe either aren’t as big or aren’t as “remembered” – Spiritual birthdays (when a person gave their life to Christ), anniversaries of loss, big test coming up, hard week taking care of a sick loved one, etc. I think this post nailed it, people love to feel cared about, and knowing someone took a moment out of their day to purposefully and intentionally think of you, it means something. I am looking at the Thanksgiving pack of cards right now, and I must say, if I don’t win I may have to just get them anyways! Thanks for the opportunity!

  37. Great reminder! Especially with colder weather approaching and our favorite elderly loved ones are stuck indoors more. I never thought of it as a blessing before…. that is even more motivating!

  38. i love receiving and sending letters and cards.
    and i plan to do it again, soon, especially with the holidays approaching! 🙂

  39. I just wrote on a recycled sympathy card I bought at the store. This card is for the sister of a professional acquaintance of mine and my husband who died . She had taken the time to send out letters to all of her brother’s customers as he was a computer repair person who would come to your home to do what was needed to keep your computer up and running…it was a shocking letter for us, so I could only begin to imagine how she must be feeling, as well as the rest of the family. I just wanted to let her know that we were thinking about her as well as the rest of the family, even though we didn’t know them. Cards are definitely an art…email is fine, but hand written is, well, personal…you have to take the time to think about what you are writing…and it was a bit hard to do that with not knowing the family, but we did it. Thanks for the reminder of handwritten…I like doing that too.

  40. I would love to win these! I LOVE getting and sending cards, but have slacked off a little since my son was born. This could be the boost I need!

  41. I know I feel so blessed receiving “snail mail” from a certain few friends who are so good at not just thinking about sending cards but who actually do! I want to strive to be a person who blesses others the same way! Thank you for the reminder (:

  42. I remember during college that getting cards from home always made my day!! Thanks for a reminding us of this simple way to make someone’s day!!

  43. I do this from time to time, but it has been a really long time since my last time. I like to cut out comics from the newspaper, things like Family Circle and send them to my mom. To remind her that I am still her litttle girl… This is the push I needed to get back to blessing my friends and family! Thanks Incourage….

  44. I do remember how nice it is to get a letter. I confess it’s been a longtime for either sending one or receiving one. Seems ol’ technology keeps getting in the way. But there is no way an email can be handles and hugged many times over, Thanks for the inspiration

  45. It is a complete joy for me to receive a card/letter in the mail! I LOVE it! And you are right…it doesn’t take too much time to write a little something special and send it to a loved one. Especially a grandparent who doesn’t have email–phone calls are nice, but they will hold a letter and read it over and over again!

    Prayers and blessings,

  46. One of my fondest memories of high school was the “letter exchange” I used to have with someone who later became one of my best friends.

    I used to love Duran Duran. One afternoon, in French class, I noticed that someone had written on the desk that I sat at “I (heart) Duran Duran”. I don’t know what came over me, but I wrote “me too! :-)” underneath.

    The next day, there was another drawing on the desk of an arrow pointing down to the desk leg. Turns out that there was a hole in the leg of the desk where the rubber cap used to be, and inside that leg was a letter!

    Thus began my correspondence with a girl that I had never met. We wrote letters back and forth for most of the school year. It wasn’t until the school year was almost over that we actually made plans to meet each other. And 24 years later, we are still friends and we continue to send each other “snail mail”. And my heart smiles every time I open my mailbox and see an envelope addressed to me in her handwriting!

    Letter writing is a lost art. We as a society have gotten used to the conveniences that technology has brought to our lives. Letter writing is such a lovely way to take time for yourself out of your busy day. You actually have to stop, sit down, and thoughtfully think about the person you are writing to.

    What a wonderful way to reflect and share the blessings that life has to give.

  47. I love to give/receive cards. Usually I try and make them–but somehow I always seem to run out of time.


  48. This was exactly the kick in the butt I needed to send a note to my grandparents. I thought of it yesterday and kind of dismissed the idea….thanks. 🙂

  49. Sometimes the old ways are the best ways…
    I did something this morning for my Mom, her birthday is this weekend.
    I made her a LOVE JAR, a little decorated glass jar filled with LOVE notes…75 of them, one for each year she’s blessed me, Such a simple idea, but such a blessing to make and receive.
    Well, better go get all that LOVE mailed….
    stay blessed!

  50. I’m a big “thank you note” writer.
    And my grandchildren all enjoy getting cards and small packages in the mail.
    I’m now in the process mailing Christmas Cards to a group that distributes them to
    our service men and women, overseas.
    I LOVE to shop for cards, stationary, cardstock, stickers, and embellishments. I would rather go to an office supply store, than to a jewelry store:-)

  51. This is actually on my to do list today! I’ve been thinking about a few friends who I haven’t talked to in awhile and thought I’d send them a note of encouragement. I know how good I feel for the rest of the day when I receive a handwritten note or card in the mail. I also have a friend who just lost a best friend in a car accident. I want to send her a note of sympathy and encouragement as well. It’s a simple act of kindness that I want to do more often!

  52. I LOVE receiving handwritten things in the mail! My birthday is the best time (and one of the only times) I ever really get handwritten things now, but it means so much. I have so many people that I should send a card to…….my grandmother, my best friend, my mom. Such a simple way to make someone’s day a little better!

  53. Sounds like a great way to spend some time this evening! I think I know where my stash of cards is…

    Thanks for the inspiration. The step by step list helps a lot!

  54. I like the assorted Thanksgiving cards that you pictured. I love to send/receive letters, cards, postcards, packages!

  55. I always say I’m going to be someone who sends sweet cards for no reasons and writes letters to friends far away. But life gets in the way and I’m left with a huge stack of unwritten, unsent cards. There are so many people who would be blessed if I took the time to send them a card. My friend who’s struggling in law school, my old roommate who hates her job, my sweet little cousins who just love getting mail, my aunt who needs something to make her smile.

    I guess it’s just about making it a priority and actually doing it. Easier said than done, right?

  56. I LOVELOVELOVE to receive & send cards!! I have been sending out the Encouragement Cards to the many I know hurting right now. I have gotten many hugs & shared tears with them. It’s a hug with a fold in the middle. I also make greeting cards with several groups in my area and we always talk about who NEEDS that cards right then. Cards are a glorious tiny blessing that surprises the recipient!

    D 🙂

  57. I love to recieve letters as well as send them. It is a simple gesture that can brighten ones day! I am sending one to my parents as a thank you for all they do.

  58. I agree! Letter/card has become a lost art. I love to receive letters or cards in the mail. Why don’t I send them more often? Thanks for the nudge.

  59. My mother-in-law wrote letters, sent cards, etc. every Sunday afternoon. I have tried to do this as well. I have a 9 month old grandaughter, I write a letter to her every Sunday and have since the day she was born. Her mom has a special box she keeps them in and makes it a special occasion each time the weekly letter arrives.

  60. Considering that i am in LOVE with everything DaySpring, I would love the Thanksgiving Day cards!! I try to send out cards often to friends and family of mine who I think could use an extra dose of love and to let them know someone is always thinking of them. And like to get creative with the cards!

  61. I love to write and I would love to be able to send more cards!!! I think real old fashioned mail means sooooo much. THANKS!

  62. I was raised by generations of “card writers”, and am raising my children to be card/note/letter writers as well! I love sending and receiving handwritten *hugs*!

  63. There is nothing better than “real” mail. I’ve been trying to do this more. Thanks for the encouragement.

  64. Well, there certain are a lot of people I should be doing this for! I have cards addressed and everything, just have to sit down and write. Thanks for the reminder!

  65. What an excellent idea and reminder! My 93 year old Grandmother is the queen of cards, always blessing others in this way. She is the one I really want to bless by sending a card since she has such a hard time hearing phone conversations. Thank you for the gentle encouragement and push.

  66. I love cards and love to send them to friends and family! Its soooooo much more personal then a text, email or tweet!

  67. this was a good reminder because there’s a girl i’ve been meaning to write a card to and keep forgetting – actually 4 girls. i went to a women’s conference two weekends ago with my church and helped lead a small group. our last night, we went around naming at least one thing we liked about each other (going deeper than “i like your hair” or “you wear cute shoes). it was almost midnight and i was tired so when it came to one girl, i couldn’t readily come up with something. i told her i’d write her a card, naming all of the awesome things i love about her. and then i have three 6th grade girls in my normal small group that i want to send a card to, just letting them know i’m thinking about them and that i think they’re super cool 🙂

  68. I love love love writing and receiving cards. I know that it has the power to change a day. And Thanksgiving is my favorite. It is such a wonderful holiday. I thank God for incourage today – who help me through my work day. It’s needed, Praying for Good things ahead for you and me!

  69. I love to send cards even more than I love to receive them. I love writing and the beauty of good penmanship and beautiful words. Nothing is more fun than to sit down at the dining room table with a new box of note cards or a few greeting cards, select the perfect pen and writing what is in my heart.

  70. As the granddaughter of a Post Master this makes me happy. Letters are so beautiful and a resource we shouldn’t use. I always try to drop at least one handwritten note in the mail a week, usually on Saturday, because I don’t want to see delivery cut to 5 days. 🙂

  71. im currently teaching overseas, and i love receiving letters from my greatly missed friends and family, but this is a great reminder that it’s a two way street and i should let them know im thinking of them too. this will be my first holiday season apart from my family, and i think sending snail mail is a classic way to remind them that i miss them. there’s just something special and exciting about getting a letter! thanks for this post!

  72. A card in the mail makes me smile. I try to spread some of that to other people, too. To think that someone took a little bit of time out of their day to send me a card is so special. I can tell other people feel that way, too.

  73. You are absolutely right! This is something I *LOVE* to do! Going to the mailbox is no fun anymore. How many times have I myself gone there expecting to see something besides bills, coupons, and ads. So you’re right on – it’s nice to surprise people with something handmade or hand-written! You never know what kind of blessings, hope, and encouragement that envelope may hold for it’s opener.

  74. I love to send cards. It makes me smile as I think about the person receiving it. It is such a small thing to do. I keep cards in a card organizer so I can have them on hand. But I also love getting them. I think Wow! someone took to time to think of me. It really does brighten the day.

  75. I’m sending out two cards today to friends who live out of town. A “new home” card to a friend from college who just got married and moved into a new home. Then another “thinking of you” card to my close friend who moved a few states away this summer after getting married. I love getting cards in the mail…just to know that someone is thinking about me and has taken the time to write a few words of encouragement down to send my way. I enjoy doing the same for my friends!
    I would love to win these cards!!! Thanks.

  76. I LOVE cards, both receiving and writing them! I sent out a few after I received the encouragement package from Dayspring as a part of the September giveaway – and I would love to get some of the Thanksgiving cards and send those out, too.

    Sadly, I’m not nearly as consistent with this as I’d like – I have several friends who adore writing snail mail, and I always mean to write to them, but rarely get around to it. But this post inspired me to actually make it a priority and write a little note!

  77. I just bought some beautiful tulip pop-up cards to bless and encourage some friends. Thanks for the inspiration!

  78. I’m so glad you chose to write about this! I read a magazine article last year about a gal whose New Year’s Resolution was to send more snail mail. She resolved to write to someone every day. I took that to heart. Because my schedule is a little crazy though, it’s difficult to commit to the daily thing. So instead, I try to send off a letter or card weekly. If it’s food for my soul, can you imagine the recipient? (I’m off to write a postcard!)

  79. that’s a great idea..with email and all the technology we forget how to send cards and letters…there is something totally personal about receiving a note, letter, card…

  80. My new year resolution once was to do a better job at writing cards. For about 1.5 years I did really really well at it, but I have since slacked again. These cards sure would help! 🙂

  81. I agree that sending and receiving personal “snail mail” is sooo wonderful….and somewhat a lost art. Great tips for being a blessing to others thru written correspondence. Thanks for the opportunity to win some Thanksgiving cards!!

  82. I love to receive cards in the mail…its like a little surprise blessing! I would love to win these cards too! 🙂

  83. It’s been FOREVER since I’ve sent a card “just because!” I really need to get on that. Great post and thanks for the reminder!

  84. My sister-in-law, Betty, is definitely the best example of someone who still sends handwritten letters — that is definitely a gift, and somewhat of a rarity, in today’s world. On the other hand, I’m pretty much known as the card sender of our extended family — being somewhat limited due to illness at present, it is still a way to connect by sending a card appropriate for the occasion of the receiver. I find great joy in doing this and am thankful there are so many beautiful cards out there. I use e-cards a lot as well since that helps out financially and allows me to send to more than I would be able to otherwise. Whoever thought up greeting cards way back when is to be commended!

  85. I love receiving cards and I am just now starting to send them on a regular basis. I know how much of a blessing they are to me and I hope I can provide just a little pick-me-up for unsuspecting friends.

  86. I started writing 2 letters a week and i’ve been incredibly blessed by blessing others. God is amazing!

  87. Dear Jessica,

    How funny that you wrote about this subject today. Just the other day I was talking to someone from church about how things are so unpersonal today. That people don’t send handwritten letters or cards , it’s all done on the computer.

    I have always Loved cards. Whenever my Mother , my Sister and my self would go to the store together that would have cards they would try their hardest to keep me away from them. I will stand there and read one after another and with the humerous ones I start laughing out loud! They would walk away and act like they didn’t know me.

    I Love receiving cards and Letters. So when I get the very rare occasion of receiving a card,(I never get hand written letters anymore) I get all excited! Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate the E-cards and e-mails, but there’s just something special about receiving them in the mail and being handwritten.

    Good Luck Everyone!

    In Christ’s Love & Prayers
    Sis in Christ

  88. Awesome reminder! Corresponding with and encouraging others through “snail mail” was a goal for me this year. I am going to keep it up in 2011!

  89. Received a card in the mail last week from someone who is so very faithful to do this…just a reminder of what a blessing a note can be!

  90. I just gave my husband some blank note cards to write Thank You messages to family and friends who attended and sent him gifts for graduating from grad school last week.
    There is nothing like getting a note/card in the mail from a loved one.

    I would love to send out Thanksgiving messages to family and friends.


  91. As a single mom I don’t have as much interaction with adults as I would like to, outside of work. So when I come home to find a letter or card in my mailbox with all those bills and junk mail, it really makes my day. When I was a kid my grandmother used to send me a card for every little holiday and it was so much fun to get them, that I try to do that for my nephews as well. I want to make more time in my life to start blessing others with snail mail as well. Thanks for this nice reminder!

  92. Snail mail is the best. I have been trying to instill the values of handwritten notes in my children. Notes of thanks are great this time of year.

  93. Cards can be such a day-brightener and encourager. And as much as I love to get them, I love to send them even more. I am blessed trying to bless others:)

  94. So fun !!! Hope to win.

    I had so much fun with the encouragement cards from Dayspring.
    I got a few of my girlfriends together and had them write to each other then included them in the card. I presented them to each as we met met for breakfast one morning. Lots and tears and smiles and what a wonderful time.

    It has sparked through our small congregation and we are just having the most awesome time blessing one another with cards and notes. It has been amazing !!

  95. Thank you for the reminder that snail mail does make a person feel special. With all the technology today we tend to use email, facebook or twitter to tell someone they are special but a good old fashion card means a whole lot more.

  96. This was so up my alley as I am trying to make the effort to reach out more to those around me! I have been writing little notes, and people really do seem to respond so warmly! I should have done more of this sooner in my life! Thanks for your post!!

  97. I think I love writing letters just as much as I enjoy receiving letters! It was a great reminder to spend a few minutes in prayer before you begin writing. Thank you for this post!

  98. I love to send cards/letters to people. I know how I feel when I get one in the mail, can’t wait to open it and see what is written there. I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t enjoy getting a handwritten letter or card in the mail. There is just something about someone taking the time to write a brief note.

  99. Oh, how I have always loved to write letters and little notes to the special people in my life!

  100. I got a card in the mail last week from a new friend and it totally made my day! I felt so loved and blessed by the fact she took a moment to think of me AND tell me. I’ve been enjoying send out the dayspring cards I recieved for national encouragment day as the Lord brings the right friend to mind for each specific card. Thanks for reminding us all again of how important are words are!

  101. As I university student most peers send notes through facebook, texting, etc. which can often lack meaning. Sometimes I will type out a message on facebook, but then stop and think how much nicer it would be to get the message in a letter. So I grab a nearby card and write it out and put it in the mail. An extra 10 seconds, 50 cents and delivery time can make the message 10x more meaningful. I think hand written notes in our technological society are even more needed. Everyone needs a letter in their day.

  102. We lost our almost 4 year old daughter in February, and the cards we received were such a blessing. I love receiving cards. I need to get better at sending them too. Maybe I’ll win and have a good excuse to get some cards out for Thanksgiving. Thanks for the reminder!

  103. Received a handwritten note just today! Actually brought tears to my eyes to read it. Such an easy way to be a blessing to others. Thank you for the chance to win the cards.

  104. I was recently blessed with a gift. The gift just so happend to be a heartfelt Thank You to a recent Dayspring encouragement card I sent to a friend. It’s amazing how something as simple as a card, or a hand written note can make such a huge difference in someones life. Thanks for the reminder of how easy it is to bless someone, and in the process don’t be surprised if YOU are the one who is BLESSED in return!

  105. I really enjoy sending cards and notes to others. I’d love to have these very nice Thanksgiving cards.

  106. I received a card from a friend at church Sunday that was such an encouragement to me and a reminder of how just a few sentences can make a big difference to someone.

  107. I am a writer. I have thought for some time now that writing should be part of my service to the Master. Whether online or with paper and ink, this is a gift I have that can bless others. This posting about writing a letter has helped confirm my thoughts. Thank you for reminding me to get my cards done for Thanksgiving.

  108. This post really blessed me! I sent someone specail and encouragement card– please pray that the Lord will bless the card!

  109. I think it such a wonderful to keep in touch, reach out and be real with people. so much technology has lessen the ways we touch people. A hand note or letter is such a pleasure and blessing. I love getting a note in my mail. I would love a box of cards.

  110. I looove sending real mail!!! Any excuse I can think of I will send some. I especially love to send pictures of my daughter to friends and family, it’s a good excuse to send something and then they have a picture to put up too if they want! My aunts especially love it. 🙂

  111. I love getting cards and emails – any contact from a friend. One of my New Year resolutions has been to keep in touch better, reaching at least one friend every week with a card or a call.
    Cards are a great way of showing someone you care without having to write reams and reams – a boon in a busy life.